Black Butler (2008) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Kuro Shitsuji Ep 10
TL By Pada
Damn. Don’t let him get away!
That bastard Tim! He knows how much trouble we had to go through to steal it!
It’s mine now.
I won’t give it to anyone.
That ring does not suit you.
The Shard of Hope is searching for someone suitable to be its master.
He jumped off!
Damn. The idiot.
His Butler,
His Butler,
Round up! Round up! It’s been 80 years since the last time!
Don’t let this chance go! Step right through!
I see.
The Ice Top Market is quite something.
The Frost Fayre takes place next to London Bridge on the frozen River Thames.
The last time it was this grand was back in 1814, apparently.
My Lady, please slow down!
Paula, if you stomp along like that, the ice will crack.
Please, my Lady, if anyone finds out we’re taking a detour like this, I’ll be scolded.
But Harrods and Liberty were absolutely useless!
I was joking when I said it would crack.
Um, Miss,
you seem to have been looking for something all this time.
Just what is it?
It’s Ciel’s birthday soon.
I bet he wants to be cheered up with a nice present!
No. I have to make sure he is cheered up with a nice present!
Oh! My, my, my! How utterly adorable!
I understand!
I, the humble Paula, will give my all in assisting you.
Thank you, Paula !
So, what about that idiot Tim?
His body was found, but it appears the ring wasn’t on him at the time.
So then, it really must be…
Yeah. The ring is in the river.
Now, then! Come by and see!
We’ve got bargains great enough to send Jack Frost flying! How about it for Christmas?
What is the matter?
All the wares they have lined up here are shoddy.
If the ice freezes over like this next year,
we could clean up with a stall here.
That, for example.
Oh! Young Mr. Nobleman, I see you have quite the eye.
That is an item made by the now hugely popular Phantom Company when it was still a small craft shop.
What a total fake.
The Phantom Ark, enjoyed by the last generation, was made by the most skilled craftsmen,
and it was an extremely rare and valuable item because only three were made.
Since the mansion burned down, even the current company doesn’t have the real item anymore.
There’s no way there would be a real one here.
Noah’s Ark
is a lot like this country.
A ship steered by a single boatman.
The only ones who will be saved are the select few.
It is a most arrogant tale.
To see one of Scotland Yard’s detectives has enough free time to dawdle around here, I suppose London must really be at peace.
Today, at any rate.
I don’t! I’m on duty right now!
Well then, work hard enough to earn your keep on behalf of Her Majesty and the people who employ you,
Wait, I have something to ask you!
Master Ciel!
Pardon me. As you can see, our master is quite frail… I mean delicate,
so I would ask you not to lay your hands on him too roughly.
So, then. What is a Scotland Yard detective doing here,
Inspector Aberlain?
This morning, a man’s corpse was found under the ice of the market.
The man was a member of a specific criminal organisation.
At present, we are chasing after the culprit who killed that man,
as well as the ring he stole
embedded with a blue diamond worth around £2,000.
Diamond: the stone that radiates exquisiteness for all eternity.
All that awaits those mesmerised by its shine is destruction.
However, even knowing that, it is said that it is impossible to resist.
How do you know about the Shard of Hope?
The Shard of Hope?
Huh? What? What?
There’s really a gem like that?
Huh? But just now, you…
He was just joining in. Don’t pay any attention to him.
More importantly, Lau, why are you here?
Because this is my restaurant, Your Excellency.
I see.
By the way, it seems you’re having a rather interesting conversation, Young Earl.
Will you please fill me in on the details?
Have you heard anything?
It’s part of Lord Henry Hope’s collection; a blue diamond that has become known as the Hope Diamond.
Nope. Nothing.
It is a devilish stone that is rumoured to have brought all its owners an unfortunate fate, from Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette on.
After disappearing from the world, the stone was divided in order to hide its past. It was cut, and a small shard was taken off.
Consequently, one of the two shards of the Hope Diamond is what you are searching for. Correct, Aberlain?
The carriage was attacked while it was being transported as evidence, and it was stolen.
This is quite intriguing. Tell me more.
I’ll participate in this matter, too.
I won’t force you to tell me.
However, if you refuse,
your superior, Lord Randall, might end up in quite a predicament.
My Lady, aren’t these just wonderful?
No! They’re not cute at all!
Oh, r—really?
I think they’re rather cute.
Jingle jingle!
Paula, you don’t get it at all! Fine. I’ll just search on my own.
Please wait, my Lady!
My Lady!
Is it really here?
Yeah. Apparently, quite a few people have died of frostbite, so he decided to set up a shop.
Earl, the name of this shop… It can’t be…
Since I especially permitted you to tag along, please wait here, outside.
How reckless.
That is but a privilege of youth.
So, where is this?
The Undertaker’s shop! We met him during the Jack the Ripper incident, remember?
He’ll be in tears in a moment.
Sebastian, get ready to—
You’re amazing. You have definitely chosen the wrong profession.
As a comic, you could be world-renowned.
Just what did you do?
I—I just started talking as I normally do,
but then this guy suddenly…
Aberlain, what a fearsome person…
It seems you are quite skilled, Mr. Inspector.
No, I’m just…
Tell us about the ring, Undertaker;
the one that the body you disposed of this morning was supposed to have.
There’s a possibility that it was buried around the area he was found in.
I implore you on behalf of all the good citizens of London, such as yourself,
please assist us with the investigation.
I have been highly impressed by you, Inspector.
I’ll tell you. The ring is…
See? Over there.
I guess one of the ice sculptors here just happened to come across the frozen ring,
and in order to take advantage of it, they made it into a statue.
Get it out! Right now!
What are you doing, you ignorant whelp?
That holy maiden is something that will be presented to the winner.
You mustn’t touch it.
Viscount Druitt!
The contest’s judges?
Why is he one of them?
Wasn’t he taken in by Scotland Yard for people trafficking?
He was released a few days ago.
Money, huh?
I’m sorry. Scotland Yard will have to take this statue into its possession now.
No! Even if you are from Scotland Yard,
we will not permit anyone to have their own way at the Frost Fayre, the peak of excitement for all the townsfolk.
Beauty is something to be adored.
Are you people trying to force shame on this beautiful maiden?
Like you’re one to talk.
If you really want her, then just bring out enough beauty to satisfy her.
As expected of one who loves fine art, beauty and cuisine.
It’s as Viscount Druitt says.
If you want this statue, win the contest.
I see. I can agree with that.
The ring will belong to the one who wins the contest.
It’s simple and clean.
Master Ciel?
I will obtain that ring.
That’s a stolen object!
It’s also important evidence in the serial kidnappings of several young girls!
I see. So, that’s why Scotland Yard is in such a frenzy searching for it.
Even so, it is true that those in possession of the ring have met ill fates, one after the other.
It really does fit its name of the cursed stone, and yet you still…
Cursed, huh?
Then, it really does fit me.
That reminds me. Your ring also has a beautiful blue stone set in it, doesn’t it, Earl?
You should be careful.
Diamonds are hard, but for all their hardness, they’re fragile.
If you overexert yourself too much, it may shatter.
What of it?
This body and this ring are both things that have shattered and been revived.
As if I would fear them shattering after everything I’ve been through.
Win the contest, Sebastian.
Yes, my Lord!
I guess we have no choice. Go fill in the application form.
Are you serious?
We’re Irish!
Like we’d lose to those English ponces when it comes to ice and snow!
And if it comes down to it…
And now we will commence the traditional Frost Fayre Ice Sculpture contest.
The time limit is three p.m.!
Well, then! Please begin!
My Lady, it seems there is some kind of event taking place!
I hate this ring!
That ring was something incredibly important to our master.
It was one of a kind, passed down through generations of Phantomhive family heads.
I’m sorry, Ciel. I am so sorry.
In exchange, I’ll definitely find you the most amazing present!
Show me that!
Well then, we shall now commence the judging!
First up is the “Joyful Scotland Yard” Team with their
“Guardian of London”!
Please give your marks!
One. Two. One. One. Zero.
A total of five points!
Next is the “A Chinese Dress is Best in Miniskirt Form” Team, but…
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to judge it here.
There’s no way they could show that in public!
I think hiding it like that is more perverted.
You can win, right, Sebastian?
Of course. Once you have given an order, I exist but to fulfil it.
Next up is the “Queen’s Woof Woof” Team with
“Noah’s Ark”.
What magnificent proportions.
This is precisely what ice art is!
This is amazing!
Well then, please give your results.
Please wait one moment.
You have not seen everything yet.
It’s like it’s alive!
I see! He made the joints in the roof weak on purpose so that, in time, they would melt and fall off!
Oh! Oh!
God’s rage! The only one to escape unscathed in the blazing storm was Noah!
Leading his paired animals, waiting for the time of regeneration,
as they drift upon the waves.
Young man, I am completely astounded!
To be able to see such a high class ice sculptor…
No, I am just one hell of a butler.
Boss, we can’t win against that.
Damn. Then, we have no choice but to…
Well then, let’s go to the grading.
Wait right there!
This ring was originally ours. Sorry, but I’ll have you return it.
What? You people aren’t the…
That’s right. We’re the bombing thief ring that’s been the talk of the town lately.
I’ll count down from ten.
If you don’t want to die, then get lost!
Young Master?
My orders haven’t changed.
Do it, Sebastian.
Yes, my Lord!
What are you doing? Get out of there this minute, Master Ciel!
If you want to run, then do so!
Don’t pay any attention to me.
Like I could do that!
I became a police officer to protect the people.
In order to protect everyone!
What an idiot.
Don’t get one step closer!
I’m down to the last three. Are you really not gonna run, little nobleman?
I have no need to,
That’s the legendary quadruple spin jump!
It’s the gallant blackbird dancing upon a world of white and silver!
Enchanted by that smirking face,
being overcome with delight, maidens reach for those wings!
Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten!
It’s a full score!
Damn. You brat.
Be blown to smithereens, then!
Damn. That monster.
Stop it, Boss! Have you forgotten?
We’re standing on ice!
Master Ciel…
It really is quite sturdy.
The ship sails, leaving behind people’s despair!
The ship sails, along with the world’s future,
carrying the chosen hope with it.
Onward, to a winding, dreamlike journey,
the ship sails!
It’s Noah!
It is the living incarnation of Noah!
A biblical miracle has occurred on the Thames!
That was rather a rough method.
I apologise. I only thought that ridding myself of the baggage weighing me down was the most appropriate course of action.
And so the Shard of Hope will sleep at the bottom of the Thames.
I suppose that is amusing in its own way.
It will curse London.
If it ended like that, then it would show that was all there was to this town and country.
After all, we Phantomhives have always…
Here. Grab on!
Sebastian, you said Noah was arrogant,
but isn’t wishing and striving to save everyone even more arrogant and foolish?
It appears so.
However, every so often, an idiot like that isn’t so bad.
Master Ciel, just what are you…
My Lady!
Father said this was clearly a fake.
How horrible!
Just when I thought I’d found something to cheer Ciel up!
Please, my Lady, don’t be so glum!
Jingle jingle jin—
Leave me alone!
Ciel, I’m sorry.
I wanted to give you a wonderful present.
I thought the Shard of Hope would find its own master by itself,
Nothing I say comes out right.
I can't love without a fight.
No one ever knows my name.
When I pray for sun, it rains.
I'm so sick of wasting time,
but nothing's moving in my mind.
Inspiration can't be found.
I get up and fall, but
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my life!
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my hard life!
I live my life! I'm alive!
The ring which flickers in the blue abyss
is the unescapable oath of death.
The tone of the readied organ starts to strike a broken melody.
Young Master, listen closely, please. Take care not to follow bad… No, red adults.
Next time on Kuroshitsuji:
His Butler, Whatever Needs Be
His Butler, Whatever Needs Be.
His Butler, Whatever Needs Be
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
We shall await you next time…
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