Black Butler (2008) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Tomorrow it’s his… you know. Why can’t we celebrate it?
It’s a rare occasion, so why can’t we make it fantastic and lovely?
I’m here!
Lady Elizabeth!
His Butler, Whatever Needs Be.
His Butler,
Here! This is for you.
Open it! Quick, quick!
Wh—What? I thought I broke that!
Ah, Sebastian repaired it.
No way! It was all cracked!
I don’t even see any flaws!
Such skill is only natural for one…
Who serves as a butler for the Phantomhives.
Exactly as you say.
I see. Sebastian…
My Lady…
Lady Elizabeth, what is in that little box?
Ah, this is just, uh…
A secret!
Didn’t you just say you were going to give it to me?
That was a feint!
A feint?
A lady who tries to catch a man with gifts is no lady.
It’s unseemly!
Now, Paula, ring your bells!
Yes, my Lady!
Jingle jingle jingle!
Well then, good day to you!
So what did she come over for, then?
Tomorrow is your birthday, Young Master.
Perhaps that was the reason?
How about it, Young Master?
Shall we hold a party?
It looks as if there are others who are hoping to celebrate, too.
My birthday…
Um, you know, it’s my birthday today!
Oh, Ciel, please…
I’m so sorry. Please forgive him.
It’s fine. He’s such a cute little lad.
Mummy said that ’cause today is special, I can sleep with her tonight!
She’s also going to read me a story,
and then…
On my birthday…
Daddy! Mummy!
I was going to sleep with Mother.
Father was going to give me a present.
We will place the seal of the sublime beast upon you.
I was so looking forward to it…
To my birthday.
Young Master?
Ridiculous. Bring me tea in my room.
Straight away.
I wonder if it’s because of work on the Underground.
My Lady, please look! Jingle jingle jingle!
Yes? Jingle jingle!
You always look so happy.
I—I’m sorry!
Oh, I’m not criticising you.
I’m just envious. You’re so radiant, and you never seem to worry.
My Lady, you’re normally quite carefree yourself…
That aside, we really aren’t getting anywhere, are we?
If we get stuck here until nightfall, what on earth will we do?
Ah, but that might be kind of like camping, so it could be fun, my L—
My Lady?
My Lady!
That ring…
How unfortunate. It has not chosen you as its master.
However, your eyes…
Ciel is the only man I…
Your eyes have such tremendous depth and sadness in them.
I can tell.
They’re incredibly melancholic.
I see. A birthday present.
I wanted to cheer Ciel up.
There are many wares here, and they are all wonderfully fantastic items.
I shall give you whichever one you wish.
Please choose whatever you will.
I understand.
To you, these are all the same.
Therefore, I reason
for a superior present, to be given to a very dear person,
the most suitable thing would be…
Your very self.
Elizabeth has disappeared?
I heard from her maid, who said she lost sight of her around Islington.
We’ll move out immediately.
For Heaven’s sake. What was she thinking?
Before that, I have this for you.
Scotland Yard is frantically continuing their search
in the case where only young girls are kidnapped.
The bodies of the girls have not been found, but most likely…
The culprit sends out the Shard of Hope to those who would become targets.
The mysterious gem that brings ill fortune to its owner.
To return to the tale of this treasure, having previously failed to acquire it…
What shall we do?
We shall ease the Queen’s gloom.
That is our highest priority.
No matter what happens.
Pardon the intrusion.
I have made my master wait.
Master, what should the doll be this time?
Make it out of wax and stone, wax and stone, wax and stone.
Make it out of wax and stone, my fair lady.
Young Master?
Open the carriage door.
Go and question the victims’ families and make a list of suspects.
We need names and addresses. Sneak into the crime scenes.
You should be able to achieve all that within three hours, no?
In the meantime, I will take care of some minor business.
That is all.
I see.
Hurry up and get on with it.
Yes, my Lord.
Here it comes! I can feel it coming!
My Hunk Radar is going off!
She said she lost sight of her around here, but…
Why do I have to be with this guy?
Take this.
Hopefully it will be of some use to you.
Such as?
If necessary, use it as bait and run away.
You’re a dog, right? You should be able to track scents, then.
This ribbon from Lizzy’s present has her scent on it.
The little… Won’t he listen to anything but what Sebastian tells him?
Stop being in heat at a time like this!
Oh, my. Men in heat make my heart thump!
I am the hunter of love!
This heart of mine burns up any prey I set my eyes on.
It scatters deep crimson sparks!
Hunk sighted!
Even like this, I’m a butler to die for!
Well, right now, I am not in active employment.
Because of the Madam Red incident, I was demoted, and have nothing to do but boring, lowly jobs.
That bastard Will told me I can’t return to work until I’ve retrieved some troublesome souls.
That rotten sadist!
Well, food is best just as it’s about to go rotten,
and those cold eyes send chills up my spine.
However, this one’s wildness is hard to ignore.
You’re not about to tell me you’re going to take revenge for your beloved aunt, are you?
Shut up.
It looks like Sebastian isn’t around, either. What can a brat like you do?
Shut up!
Your knight tonight is him?
Why does this kid steal all the good men?
Oh, I’m being assaulted!
Please be gentle!
Hey! What is this?
Grim Reaper Death Note:
#403: Mandalay Family Puppeteer,
Drozell Keinz.
This is…
There’s no doubt that Lizzy is in there.
My, isn’t that a welcoming mansion?
This man laid hands on Madam Red,
but right now…
Greil, protect me.
I’ll listen to whatever your wish is.
Don’t insult me.
I’m not the kind of cheap woman who performs for mone—
I’ll let you do whatever you want with Sebastian for one day.
Whatever I want with Sebastian meaning… I can kiss him?
Whatever you like.
W—With tongue?
That depends on how you play it.
Motivation Meter at Maximum Death!
Make it out of wax and stone, wax and stone, wax and stone.
Make it out of wax and stone, my fair lady.
Now, then! Let’s get a move on!
Oh, that’s quite similar to the ring you have on.
The Hope Diamond?
This doll is…
You stupid mutt!
Now, now! Don’t mistake which name you should be calling out.
Reapers have tools to hunt souls with.
Yes! Their death-scythes!
Those are just normal scissors, right?
I had no choice in the matter!
Will took my custom death-scythe away!
I long for those vibrations again!
I’ll cut her to shreds!
Wait! Don’t kill her! This isn’t a doll.
Kiss in Heaven!
It was just a doll after all, then?
Mould it out of wood and clay, wood and clay, wood and clay.
This doll was a failure.
I had thought
they needed to be made much, much stronger.
Make it out of iron and steel, iron and steel, iron and steel.
Make it out of iron and steel, my fair lady.
Those girls are…
Those who interfere in the love between Sebastian and me…
Will end up like this!
So hard!
Greil! This is an order.
You and Pluto are to play with the dolls here
Do you plan to leave me here? How inhuman!
Can a Reaper say that?
The dolls look exactly like the kidnapped girls.
No. Those are the girls themselves.
Elizabeth is…
Ciel Phantomhive.
You are incredibly beautiful.
I will have to make you into a doll that befits such beauty.
Where’s Elizabeth?
Now then, what to make it out of?
Clay flows too much, iron is too brash,
therefore I think…
Make it out of gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and silver.
Make it out of gold and silver, my fair lady.
Make it out of gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and silver.
Make it out of gold and silver, my fair lady.
Make it out of gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and silver.
Make it out of gold and silver, my fair lady.
Make it out of gold and silver…
Let me out of here!
From that day, my birthday, my life changed.
I would never again have a happy birthday.
Nothing good ever seems to happen on your birthday, does it?
You lose your mansion, your parents,
and this time, will you lose Lady Elizabeth?
Nothing I say comes out right.
I can't love without a fight.
No one ever knows my name.
When I pray for sun, it rains.
I'm so sick of wasting time,
but nothing's moving in my mind.
Inspiration can't be found.
I get up and fall, but
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my life!
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my hard life!
I live my life! I'm alive!
A heart manipulated by horrid memories, just like a puppet.
Young Master, I have no interest in such a measly soul.
Stand proud, look at the sky, and now, together:
London Bridge is falling down!
Next time on Kuroshitsuji:
His Butler, Desolate.
His Butler, Desolate
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
We shall await you next time…
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