Black Butler (2008) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

After that incident, Ciel disappeared.
He finally returned to the mansion,
but he wasn’t able to laugh anymore.
I… love Ciel.
I love Ciel’s smile.
Why is it, though, that we always seem to end up going in circles?
How can I bring back his smile?
His Butler,
You lost your mansion, your parents,
and this time, will you lose Lady Elizabeth?
Take it back, Sebastian!
Your impudence before!
Young Master, you said you had minor business to take care of, did you not?
Does that business involve indulging yourself in the serenity of despair
in order to escape your pitiful past?
Did you not say at the Ice Top Market that both your body
and that ring were things that had shattered once already,
and now things have come to this, you have no fear of them shattering again?
Exactly. Stop repeating everything I say.
Make them out of iron and steel, iron and steel, iron and steel.
Make them out of iron and steel, my fair lady.
Greil was beaten?
I see. So, they’re manipulated through rhythm?
In that case…
Spin around from iron and steel,
iron and steel, iron and steel.
Spin around from iron and steel, my fair lady.
Spin around from iron and steel, iron and steel, iron and steel.
Spin around from iron and steel, my fair lady.
Who is this lady, anyway?
We’ll get out through here, Young Master.
Ciel Phantomhive is already the master’s property.
Property? Who do you think—
The proof is that ring you have on your finger.
I can see
the Shard of Hope is something the master presents to those who will become dolls.
Ciel Phantomhive will become a doll;
a doll made out of gold and silver.
Gold and silver both get snatched, both get snatched, both get snatched.
He snatched him.
However, I reason
that Ciel Phantomhive will return.
My, my.
What about Lizzy?
Have you still not rescued her?
I ordered you to solve the kidnapping case.
Saving Lizzy, who has been caught up in it, should have been the first prio—
Orders and my contract are matters of different standing.
Just as you prioritise the Queen’s doctrine at all times,
I must prioritise your safety.
You are my young master, whom I have protected and served so sincerely for all this time.
I would never allow someone to take you after so long.
Young Master?
This seems to be the sign of who will be attacked next.
Protecting me with two of these will be back-breaking work.
Even so, I will…
I searched the mansion high and low, but I was unable to find Lady Elizabeth.
All that remains is that sealed tower.
Hey! Hey! What’s wrong with you?
You two are still alive?
What’s with you?
Ah, wait. Is he a demon dog?
Now you notice?
Oh, no!
A feverish night with a beast! How immoral!
You really have no standards.
Pluto, I was waiting for you.
Doors sealed with unearthly power can only be opened by a guard dog of Hell.
His collar is shining.
So’s the door.
He’s so big!
Again, he’s…
It’s quite all right.
We will have him guide us through here.
It seems we’re a bit late!
Lizzy! Lizzy!
Lizzy! Thank God.
The ring?
You liked it, right, Ciel?
That must have been the present she had for you.
How foolish. Why, for me…
Why, I wonder.
Why is my body moving all by itself?
why is it trying to hurt the one I love?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
You can see it as well, right?
Yeah, I guess,
but that blade might cut me.
Oh, my, Sebastian! Are you asking me for a favour?
Then, when we kiss, it will be with… With tongue!
I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I tie cherry stalks with my tongue.
Oh, yes!
To have a bigger weapon than I do when you’re nothing but a little girl…
I can’t forgive that.
Stop it, Greil!
A puppet string.
Only a death-scythe’s edge could be this sharp.
How was it, Sebastian? I’m great, aren’t I?
Praise me! Praise me!
We shall await you next time…
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