Black Butler (2008) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

You don’t need to know the target’s name.
There is only one thing for you to do.
You’re in the way.
Your eyes,
which bring doom to any prey they see, regardless of the distance;
you have no choice but to live with them.
That’s right.
There is only one thing for you to do.
I want to offer you a job,
putting those wonderful eyes of yours to use.
We will provide food, clothing and shelter.
Welcome, freshman.
I will teach you everything about the job.
What kind of job is it?
I hired a maid.
This way, please.
This is the first time I’ve ever worn a skirt.
The young master has sent these.
The young master?
His Butler, Recruiting
His Butler, Recruiting
His Butler, Recruiting
Good morning, Young Master!
Good morning.
Young Master?
H–He looks dispirited.
He does.
Oh, you can tell?
Yes. He may look the same as usual at first glance,
but we can see it clearly.
We should cheer him up at once!
Th–That’s what we should do.
A spontaneous party!
You mean, we should act the same as usual?
We should let him have another relaxing day, right?
I get it!
I will transform the mansion into a sparkling haven of well-being!
Seems like it’s finally time to present my special menu.
And I’ll make all the trees in the garden look amazingly cool!
Let’s go!
Stop it, Plu-Plu!
Plu-Plu, you’re so lively today.
No! You can’t eat them,
I am sorry, little birds.
Sorry, Plu-Plu.
Before I came here, birds were my only friends.
But since coming to this mansion, I can go out like this every day.
It’s so much fun!
Young Master…
What was this mansion like before I came, I wonder?
This year is the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
It seems the World Fair will be quite grand.
They are constructing a tower to mark the occasion, rising high into the Parisian sky.
It is called the Eiffel Tower, I believe.
Does it not resemble the Tower of Babel that was built to reach the sky and ended up incurring the wrath of God?
Mr. Ash told me that even Her Majesty the Queen may go sightseeing in Paris, incognito.
Would you like some Earl Grey?
Once upon a time, in a country far away, there was an elderly couple.
What are you talking about?
So you are listening.
Of course.
Have we received instructions from Her Majesty concerning that day’s incident?
No. Nothing.
I see.
Good thing, too.
I will make it clean!
I will make it shine!
What are you doing?
What do you mean?
I’m making the handrail all shiny.
I mistook the shoe polish for wax!
Those glasses do not match your prescription anymore, do they?
It is time to exchange them for a new pair.
I can’t!
These are a precious gift from the young master!
At any rate,
please remove these stains quickly.
I will!
I should prepare lunch before it is too la–
How many times have I told you not to use dynamite for cooking?
I thought it would be faster this way.
There is plenty of time.
Why are you in such a hurry?
I know that, but somehow…
I was never able to cook at my leisure until coming here,
so I always unconsciously rush, and end up making a blunder.
I ought to be used to it by now;
this feeling of peace.
Leave the dinner preparations to me.
You should put this room in order.
Got it.
Our conversation ends here.
Well, then…
Why are you so intent on fighting alone?
Why won’t you ask for anyone’s assistance?
I don’t need allies.
I am the one playing this game.
All I need are pawns at my disposal.
I will be your ally!
What’s wrong with me?
The mansion as it was before we came?
Well, the only one who knows that would be Tanaka-san.
It’s no use. Even asking would be hopeless.
There is one other person who would know.
The old Phantomhive residence?
Yes. What was the mansion like before we came?
Let me see…
Ciel’s father and mother, his aunt and Ciel himself were always laughing.
The Phantomhive residence was filled with smiling faces.
That’s it!
We will fill the mansion with smiling faces.
If we do that, it should cheer the young master up.
Ah! That would be marvellous!
As if I would laugh at something so unamusing…
This is for the young master’s sake!
Smile, Bard.
That hurts!
I get it! I get it!
I’m going to help, too.
What are you doing?
Just what is the meaning of this?
There is still some time left until dinner.
Lady Elizabeth, you should sit back and relax in your room.
What’s wrong, Sebastian?
Lady Elizabeth.
I know. I should smile.
This way, please.
Well then, everyone. I am counting on you.
Well, now…
How are you?
Elizabeth? When did you arrive?
If you’re visiting, send a messenger in advance.
Send a messenger every time I want to see my fiancé?
Teach me chess.
That’s right.
“It is only natural for a lady to know how to play chess,” is what my mother says.
But I just can’t remember it all.
Paula is no use, either.
You are the only one who can help me.
Pretty please?
Excuse me.
Prepare a chess board.
Yes, my Lord.
The object of the game is to be the first to checkmate the opponent’s king
by moving the pieces at your disposal, one after another, on this board of 64 squares.
What is this for?
Oh, isn’t it lovely?
What is it?
It has been a long time since we spent time together like this.
Here I go.
Very well.
Is something the matter?
No. Nothing.
What did I tell you?
Their defences are weak at this point.
This is where we will break through and advance into their territory.
Wait! It’s a trap!
What’s the matter, Sergeant?
Have you lost your nerve?
That’s not it!
I mean, there must be some other way!
Be quiet! It is decided!
There. What did I tell you?
This has become a most profound mess.
This job surpasses the capabilities of the Death Gods themselves.
A most formidable combat ability.
Innate intuition, enabling you to bypass any trap, no matter how lethal.
You certainly show promise.
Are you an enemy, or an ally?
I am neither.
I am merely one hell of a butler.
Get home quickly and have your injury treated, or you’ll die for real.
I will ensure that dog boy pays me back properly.
Besides, it would be much easier to do business in this country without that brat around.
An evil noble like him is obsolete these days.
We will protect this mansion.
I have to smile!
Smiling faces are the foundation of the young master’s happiness!
Let’s see… Knight, rook, pawn, bishop…
I remembered them!
Stop it!
Let me go!
This will give birth to a power surpassing human limits!
You’re still fine, even after I bumped into you?
I want to offer you a job, putting this strength of yours to use.
A salary plus special allowance, and furthermore a bonus payment twice a year.
I don’t need all this.
I just…
I want to go outside!
Oh, so beautiful…
Take this!
Let’s see… That is the king.
And this is the queen.
Chess is adorable!
Your beloved Queen intends to rush Europe…
No, the world headlong into a war
beginning with an invasion of France through opium… or rather “Lady Bran”.
Yes, in the same manner your country once invaded mine through opium.
Are you going to stay the Queen’s Guard Dog all the same?
Yes. I will be your ally, Ciel.
You still have a chance to take back your future.
Don’t forget that.
What is wrong with this mansion’s employees?
It is only natural for the employees of the Phantomhive household
to be able to do this much.
Young Master. Lady Elizabeth.
Please excuse me, but I must make the dinner preparations.
All right.
Thank you, Sebastian.
Let’s leave it there for today.
Thank you for your hard work, everyone.
Paris it is, then.
In due course, the true Doomsday will come.
You have had a relaxing day for the first time in a long while.
Were you able to mope to your heart’s content?
I am not moping!
What shape you lot are in.
Go and change your clothes at once!
Yes, my Lord!
Today’s main dish
is Filet de Boeuf a la Parisienne.
A grilled filet of beef, Parisian style.
The gorgeous truth adorning the World Fair in Paris.
Young Master is essentially a gentle, good child.
It makes you sick, does it not?
Next time: His Butler, Dissolute.
His Butler, Dissolute.
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
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