Black Butler (2008) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

Maria! Maria, are you there?
Aunt Luisa.
I’ve cooked too much of this stewed knuckle of veal,
so I thought, why not share it with you?
By the way, what are those?
Oh my, isn’t that a baby’s rattle?
Who would do such a thing?
Finny, carry this down!
All right!
Where are the young master’s undergarments?
how did it go?
Everything has been done according to your instructions.
Young Master,
I have booked a hotel in Paris.
I see.
By the way, Young Master,
where are you heading?
You were packing without even knowing that much?
His Butler, Gone
His Butler, Gone
His Butler, Gone
Her Majesty the Queen should have arrived in Paris about three days ago,
and is probably inspecting the World Fair’s grounds at present.
The hotel is heavily guarded, and we…
Young Master.
What is it?
Your attention seems to be elsewhere.
Lau said something:
“Her Majesty intends to rush Europe… No, the world headlong into a war.”
Is that the reason you are seeking an audience with Her Majesty?
was your heart shaken by Aberlain’s death?
You’re wrong.
After all, they are mere pawns to me.
Don’t come any closer.
You will die.
Even so, that pawn ignored my orders and insisted on getting involved.
Even Lau did the same.
There’s no way I can play the game if I don’t understand my pawns’ thoughts and strategies.
That’s all.
With the Eiffel Tower as its entrance gate,
the Champ-de-Mars park is bristling with art galleries and exhibition pavilions from diverse countries.
Comprised of lavish amounts of steel and glass, the Galerie des Machines contains the finest technology.
An agricultural exhibition can be seen in Palais du Trocadéro.
A colonial exhibition has been opened at the Hôtel des Invalides, the second fair site.
It contains a reproduction of the Angkor Wat ruins,
folk dances, a Negro village…
Peculiarly, “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” is visiting from America.
It really is an excellent World Fair.
Let us walk around a while longer, if for no other reason than to search out ideas for our own product development.
Yes. Looks like there’s a stuffed angel in the Hall of Wonders.
Let’s go and see it.
A stuffed angel?
What? It’s just a monkey.
Boring. Let’s go to the next hall.
What’s happening?
This is…
Young Master, please calm down.
Such twilight should mean nothing to one who has experienced impenetrable darkness.
Leave this to me.
You should escape outside the fair’s grounds.
Running in the dark doesn’t bother me at all.
My soul has been running in the dark ever since…
Since that day…
In the darkness…
So dazzling.
Is this really the world I live in?
My goodness, you certainly are in a hurry.
You are…
Ciel, it has been a long time.
Your Majesty!
Please, behold the view from here.
Before the new century’s dawn, we are going to change Europe.
there is a stain over there.
There is stagnation over there.
There is uncleanliness here.
Everything must be destroyed.
Without destruction, there can be no creation.
In order to welcome the pure new century,
we have purged the Phantomhive household that came to embody
all of the negative traits of our country.
How tasteless.
This is…
London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down,
Here she is.
my fair lady.
The one I have always been searching for.
May I ask you something?
What is it?
Why didn’t you just murder us?
Why did you disguise it in such a wretched manner?
Do not put things in such an ominous way, Ciel.
That was purification.
Do you call looking down on the deceased “purification”?
We looked down on them?
Looking down… We…
We should at least have personally visited the graves of the Phantomhives, who always rendered us such devoted service.
What are you…
She looks like a young girl, sweet as fresh grass, does she not?
Her Majesty
lost Her beloved husband in the midst of truly happy days.
Out of grief over his death, Her Majesty decided to close the curtain of Her life.
She wished to be by Her dearly loved husband’s side for all eternity.
I joined Her Majesty’s body with that of Her husband.
The body…
Our spouse is pleased with our efforts. This we know.
When we do this, his body leaps for joy.
A throbbing pulse…
The energy of life.
If only we could convey this feeling of utmost joy to the Phantomhives,
of becoming one with your beloved in the truest of senses,
death would certainly not be something horrible.
This is what we thought.
Her Majesty and Her husband are strongly determined to lead England into a world full of untainted light.
On this course, She freed Herself from any impurity and became this young girl of spotless integrity.
What a sublime resolution.
Remarkably appropriate for an angel’s master.
Did you say angel? Could it be that you are–
Ash, would you please end Ciel with that blade of yours?
Ash’s blade is incredibly beautiful,
just like the brilliance of the new century’s rising sun.
Let me unsheathe this sword, proud with wisdom,
and send the beast within you all the way to kingdom come.
May your afterlife be white as snow, Ciel Phantomhive!
Even that sword you are so proud of has no meaning if you cannot hit.
Young Master, this may be the end.
Now, give me the order.
Kill Ash.
Is that all?
Kill the Queen!
As you command.
How terrible.
Please, Ciel, stop that man!
What is this?
It’s dangerous!
Stop, Sebastian!
You’ve been noticed.
The disturbance will only increase now.
They are just humans.
Why should we care about them?
No! We shall withdraw!
The wings of an angel…
Why did you stop me?
I have already explained.
We were noticed. That is all.
What do you want to say?
Your wish is to take revenge on those who dragged you to Hell.
Just what was that day’s oath?
You have summoned me.
This is a truth that will stay unaltered for all eternity.
The price you have paid can never be undone,
so choose!
This is an order:
By becoming your sword, I will carry out your revenge.
As a consideration, I will take…
My soul? You can have as much as you want.
Is your mind made up?
You did not hesitate on that day.
Will you pledge your loyalty to the Queen, even after learning the truth?
I was never loyal to Her in the first place.
I was just acting as the head of the Phantomhive household should.
So, your soul has become dear to you?
As if something like a soul could exist. Such nonsense.
What are you…
You look tired today.
Perhaps you should return to the hotel and get some rest.
This city is disgusting.
Ever since that day, it has been your duty to button my shirt.
Though I thought it was just a demon’s imitation of a butler,
you always played your role superbly.
That is only natural for a butler of the Phantomhive household.
Let us end our talk there.
It is time for you to rest, Young Master.
May you forget everything and have a happy dream.
You still have a chance to take back your future and start anew.
Start anew?
Give up your position as the Queen’s Guard Dog,
cast off the hatred that has been possessing you,
and start anew.
Sebastian, where are you? Your morning…
Can’t you hear my voice?
I am Phantomhive from Room 702.
Do you know where my companion might have gone?
Wait a minute, please.
The mark hasn’t disappeared,
and yet…
May you forget everything and have a happy dream.
He shouldn’t be thinking about my happiness.
Besides, telling me to forget everything…
That was
a farewell.
Going back to London is something I can do alone.
Take me to the port of Calais.
What? Is this how you behave when asking a favour, brat?
How much do you want?
Here we are.
What? Didn’t I tell you to take me to the port of Calais?
Sorry, but unfortunately my home is in the opposite direction.
Wh… Hey, let me go!
The port of Boulogne is right in that direction.
Well, if you make no turns and don’t stray, you should arrive there eventually.
Wait, you bastard!
Do a job that reflects the pay you’ve received!
I want to stay overnight.
None, as of now.
However, I will send it to you later from London.
Stop this nonsense!
Who do you think I am?
Ciel Phantomhive!
And you call yourself a professional?
Don’t you know the Funtom Company?
Look at this ring!
It has been passed down to the head of the Phantomhive household for generations.
Now that’s good.
I will let you stay in exchange for that ring.
The stone is rather impressive.
I will even offer you breakfast.
What did you say?
Don’t make fun of me! For such a cheap hotel…
I’m starving.
It’s cold. Come here.
Hey! Even you’re making fun of me?
There was a port nearby?
I was just wandering about,
unable to find it,
even though it was this close.
How terrible!
Water! We need water! Fetch some water!
I will run through redly-burning London.
I will run… For what purpose?
I will run to end everything with this soul that he seeks.
Next time:
His Butler, Burning.
His Butler, Burning
After all, I am one hell of a butler…’s master.
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