Black Butler (2008) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

The Phantomhive residence, in which I serve, is burning for the second time.
I can do little but record the tragedy that has befallen this mansion.
That is my duty. However…
My duty is also coming to an end.
The wind is pretty strong today.
Yeah, and troublingly warm. Looks like a storm tonight.
I hope we reach London soon.
Found you, Earl.
Well, I was pinned down by that fault-finder Will, or whatever his name is.
He said they were short-handed in the London area,
so I was roped into dealing with the delayed Cinematic Records.
The London area?
Yes. It appears that a large number of souls must be collected in London this night.
Look at that! What is it?
Oh. It seems to have started already.
What on Earth?
Oh, this is quite a show.
It is about time for me to go.
Why did you come here?
Because some manner of fateful bond exists between us, Earl.
For the time being, I think I should tell you one thing:
very soon now, Earl,
you will die.
His Butler, Burning
His Butler, Burning
His Butler, Burning
What do you mean?
You will die.
Sebastian isn’t around anymore.
That being the case, the death that awaits me has become
It burns.
My pain and hatred will burn away in this red flame.
It burns.
It must be painful. It must be hard.
Sorry. I am not in a position to hasten your death.
How hectic.
That doesn’t bode well.
Your Majesty, the salvation of the Earth through hallowed fire has begun.
Oh. I see.
It is high time, too.
The England of the new century, so full of pure pride…
Are you feeling unwell?
Your body hasn’t been doing very well since we returned from Paris.
Ash, would you please look at this?
It hurts.
It hurts.
Please excuse my improper behaviour.
It has begun to fester.
Please allow me to purify you.
Please let his body stay where it is.
Save him the same way you did on that day.
He does not need to be purified.
What you did that day was wonderful.
Please do something, Ash. Save hi–
You stink.
You are unclean, are you not?
Even though She is Queen, She is human after all.
How foolish,
and how sad.
This corrupted Earth was filled with tears when humans were divided into men and women.
No matter how much compassion I show,
humans still prove to be failures.
Albert is falling down,
falling down, falling down.
Albert is falling down,
my dear darling.
I will
Will it happen aboard this ship, or…
What are you doing?
We can’t return to London under these circumstances.
We’ll wait a while and see what–
What are talking about? London is right there!
Forget it.
I’ll change to that. Prepare a boat!
You want us to do all that for one kid?
It would be different if you had money…
Be serious, man! I have to return to London, no matter…
What if I do not return?
I didn’t finish Her Majesty off.
No. I couldn’t do it.
If I were to cast off my hatred,
my self from that day would cease to exist.
I wouldn’t be me anymore!
I won’t give it up.
I won’t give this hatred up!
If I were to do that, I would cease to exist.
If so…
If that is so…
Who is standing here right now?
Hey, kid. I’m busy, so go to…
Wh–What is it?
Take this.
W–Wow! The way it glitters…
A blue diamond.
Someone like you can hardly ever lay eyes on one.
Why does a kid like you have something like this?
It doesn’t matter. Prepare a boat!
Hey, there he is.
Are you a Frenchman?
Take off your clothes!
Let go! What are you doing?
This fire is the work of the French!
They want to start a war with England!
Your beloved Queen intends to rush Europe…
No, the world headlong into a war.
Wait! That’s a–
There he is, that Frog bastard!
Stop it, please! Stop it!
What on Earth is going on?
This is…
Let go!
Give it to me!
Is this Hell?
Ah, there he is.
Who would have expected the boy to actually return to London?
How perfectly splendid.
How is it? Do you like the view?
Look out!
What are you doing?
Y–Young Master?
Why are you here?
I am awfully sorry.
Even though it is my job to protect the mansion…
But… But… How should I…
Pull yourself together!
I wasn’t reproaching you. Tell me what happened.
It’s Plu-Plu…
What do you think of it?
Compared to the Great Fire of London in 1666, the fire is spreading rather slowly.
I see. Once the dirt and vice get stuck to something,
it requires quite an effort to eradicate them.
However, when these flames have burned everything down,
a long-awaited gate will appear on this ordinary Earth.
I will open the gate to the next century.
Checkmate is drawing near.
What will your next move be,
Young Master?
Damn! The tranquilliser gun had no effect.
Say, was chasing after Pluto really the right thing to do?
After all, we were hired to protect the mansion.
If we’re at our wits’ end anyway…
What I want to protect is not just the mansion.
I want to protect the smiling faces,
and those happy days spent in the mansion.
That is why not a single one of us can be lost.
Not even Plu-Plu!
Young Master!
Meirin! Why did you bring the young master here?
He wanted to come, no matter what.
You, who challenged me to a duel for your master’s sake,
are now watching that very master’s tragic spectacle standing here at my side.
I do not act without my master’s orders.
at present, I do not have a master whom I should obey.
I’ve been thinking:
living in this newly born, pure world as its ruler,
I could become one with you.
Even though I am the very origin of the impurity you so despise?
If you look closely, all things radiate intense light.
Dawn and dusk. Man and woman. Light and dark.
Should all of this be honed and united into one,
the pristine being blessed with Father’s love will come into existence.
You want me to become one of your vulgar, patched-together dolls?
If you wish it,
I can take you in as a woman.
What are you doing?
Well, we want Plu-Plu to go back to normal…
I’m very sorry.
But we’re out of tranquilliser darts…
What are you talking about?
You should still have live ammunition!
Are you telling us to shoot Plu-Plu, Young Master?
Look at his eyes.
He has already lost himself.
What you see there is not the Pluto you know, but a mere beast.
A beast…
What a wretched thing it is to live deprived of one’s pride and having lost sight of one’s goal.
You should know that best of all!
This is an order: Bard, Meirin, Finny,
kill the demon dog with your own hands!
Yes, sir!
One should expect no more from someone who once had a demon in his service;
a cruel, cold-hearted soul that cannot be saved.
You and I should really…
So, this is your answer?
It seems that angels and demons are fated to oppose each other for eternity.
Yes. All I can do now is move forward.
If I am going to die anyway,
then I want to die as a soul he desires,
in order to salvage my own pride.
I am Earl Phantomhive, Ciel Phantomhive.
I would like to see the Queen…
Time has stopped.
A trap?
As if I care!
Your Majesty!
What is it?
An intruder!
What are you…
Ah! Her Majesty!
The Queen has been murdered!
The culprit… Who is the culprit?
What is the culprit’s name?
I am Earl Phantomhive, Ciel Phantomhive.
Phantomhive? Did the Queen’s Guard Dog bare its fangs at its master?
I have already forfeited that name.
Besides, it wasn’t me who killed the Queen.
Do you think you can talk your way out of this?
True, I probably can’t. However,
I cannot stop here!
My blood…
Your wish to enter the realm of God can no longer be fulfilled.
So, you desire a contract with me?
My death…
My soul…
Don’t make me laugh.
It will not
end here!
So, you have awoken, Young Master.
It is exactly as you said.
You will not end here.
Young Master, please excuse me for leaving your side without permission.
What have you been doing?
Making preparations for the last supper.
At times, it is sweet, hot, and sour.
One must use different spices and let it mature.
Thanks to that, it looks like I will be able to enjoy the rarest soul, the rarest supper.
This is an order:
take me to that barbarous angel!
As you command.
He is not human…
Indeed. After all,
I am one hell of a butler.
Those guys…
Should the employees go all out,
their chances against Pluto should amount to around 50 percent.
Whatever may come,
I will meet the losing side again in Hell,
very soon now.
I will gather it all.
The unclean despair passing from one person to another will change into sacred hope.
It feels amazing.
The flow of time is that of a river.
Everything will arrive at a preordained destination eventually.
I will take you there, to the promised place.
Next Time: His Butler, Eloquent.
His Butler, Eloquent
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
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