Black Butler (2008) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

Young Master, it is going to shake a little.
His Butler, Eloquent
His Butler, Eloquent
His Butler, Eloquent
Where are we heading?
In England, there exist a number of “Devil Bridges” constructed by demons.
Tower Bridge, on the other side, is a “Sacred Bridge”, which an angel had the Queen build.
Human sacrifices?
Something like this is considered a Sacred Bridge?
Exaggerated saintliness is by far more sinister than evil itself.
Young Master, please wait here for a while.
I’m going, too!
Let me make this clear:
you will hold me back.
I see. Would it really be beyond you to defeat this foe with me tying you down?
I see your point. You may be seated in the lodge, if you wish.
They are ablaze;
both the Queen’s dream and the human world.
At last, the grand and brilliant day of our Father is at hand.
Blood, flame and smoke are the heralds of its coming.
Don’t you agree, demon?
Why did you even kill the Queen?
Because She was fish-eyed.
Her gaze, which should have been fixed on the future,
was drawn to the past and had begun to decay, utterly stagnant.
I had no choice but to purge Her.
The seat may be somewhat uncomfortable,
but it is the best I can offer.
I see.
Well then, what are your orders?
Kill that man, the angel!
Yes, my Lord.
At dawn, when this bridge is completed,
it will become the eastern barrier, protecting London from uncleanliness.
Should a demon ever set foot inside this gate,
as an angel, I will have to purge him
until he becomes a white being without stain, without feelings,
without life!
Even though I gather and gather and gather…
Wasting effort is surely a privilege of youth.
What do you mean by “wasting”?
This black fog is the deceased ones’ joy, pain and jealousy.
Yes. It is what one refers to as feelings.
A soul that is completely devoid of feelings cannot be called a soul anymore.
It cannot be stored in the Library of Death Gods.
What are you talking about? How can feelings go missing?
There’s nothing recorded on this!
What is this fog?
Ah. It feels wonderful.
It feels wonderful.
A comfortable sensation of warm slime, surpassing the most excellent fur.
An angel clad in uncleanliness?
A fallen one.
The joy of the impure is unbearably disagreeable to me,
and still…
The despair of the impure gives me power.
Ah! My power is rapidly increasing.
What should I do?
I still
haven’t given up on you.
Women who couple with dogs are not to my taste.
If you cannot accept me as a woman,
then as a man, I will become a ray of light
that will penetrate you down to the deepest depths of your core.
Distasteful through and through.
The final judgement draws near.
Demon, your chest shall be my sword’s sheath!
Accept my sword!
So, this is soul robbery.
Usurping a Death God’s right is something that can hardly be approved.
Let us resolutely accept unpaid overtime, just this once.
Greil Sutcliffe!
I feel just great!
Everybody, please burn your candles at both ends.
You can claim the wax on expenses.
You are a demon.
This pain is auspicious.
It is the greatest of pleasures,
a climax that can only be savoured by experiencing one’s body being ripped apart.
I see.
Ah, Young Master.
Yes. Even though the enemy’s queen has been destroyed, the game still goes on.
Until the final call reaches my ears, I will…
To look aside in the midst of a beautiful battle spoils the fun!
Here I go!
Death Gods!
They dare interfere with this sublime and holy ceremony?
How disappointing.
It would appear that climax of yours was not to be.
Shall I launch a counterattack?
Even though I wanted to enjoy this further,
under the circumstances…
The demon dog is…
So, you did it, everyone.
Every, every, every, every, every single one of them!
Young Master!
Be consumed by Hellfire!
Young Master, may I ask you a favour?
Please keep your eyes closed.
I am a butler.
I cannot let my unseemly form be seen.
It could damage my master’s reputation.
Until I tell you otherwise, please keep your eyes…
I understand.
Now I can show you my true nature.
My true form.
Young Master,
can you survive until I count down from ten?
Well then, here I go.
Unclean. Barren.
Useless. Impotent.
Stagnant! Illegal!
Filth! Filth, filth, filth…
It is over, Young Master.
You certainly are a liar.
Even though you promised to stay alive until I reached one…
I tell lies.
I will not let you die just yet.
Of course. You don’t lie.
There’s something I’d like to ask you.
What would that be?
Who are you now?
What a silly question.
When standing before my young master’s eyes, I am at all times
one hell of a butler!
Completed with an angel’s body,
it is indeed a Sacred Gate.
Lend me a hand!
Carry it over there!
Line up! Line up! I’ve still got some water.
There! It’s two pieces per person.
What are these?
Curry bread.
With this, not only can you move around while eating,
your heart will also be soothed.
Please eat a lot. It brings smiles back.
Okay! Thank you!
This is probably an ordeal inflicted on us by God
in order to test our hearts.
Without yielding to the calamity,
we will rise up by using even the sadness as a source of strength.
In view of the new century, we will give birth to a new Great Britain.
A false Queen standing in the midst of burned-down London.
Chief Superintendent?
As long as the masses believe in her, it makes no difference whether she is false or not.
It is something he could not comprehend.
Let’s go.
My Lady!
It seems that the fire in London has been extinguished.
We can now return to the mansion, my Lady.
What happened to the messengers sent to Ciel’s mansion?
I am very sorry. There is no news yet.
I see.
Those flowers are beautiful.
Yes. I thought they were so blue, just like Ciel’s ring.
My Lady, may I have one of those?
Shall I make you another one, my Lady?
Whether it is another one, two or three…
Plenty of flowers are still blooming here!
I will make however many are needed. However many.
However many…
Young Master,
are you awake now?
Where am I?
Do you want to know?
I’m asking because I want to know.
Well, actually, even not knowing,
I feel comfortable.
Looks like I’ve been sleeping for quite a while.
What is this?
Your Cinematic Record.
It seems to have drifted all the way down here.
Is that so?
Then, this is all of my life so far.
I am
already dead.
Not yet.
I will deliver death unto you before long.
I will see it through to the end
as your devoted butler.
Elizabeth is probably crying like a baby.
Yes. Lady Elizabeth’s love for you is very deep.
When Madam Red died,
her ceaseless sobbing was surely tiresome…
Perhaps because she also cried in the stead of my warped young master.
Did they die?
Who knows?
Though they did seem to be breathing at the time.
Their tenaciousness is surely far greater than that of an average person.
And Pluto?
Shall I recover the bones later?
No need.
What meaning do bones have?
Everything is…
Everything is?
On second thought, this talk of everything
is surely somewhat premature.
What is this light?
The feelings those who came to know you have for you.
Feelings for me?
They’re beautiful.
This farewell doesn’t bring me loneliness or sadness.
I think it is simply beautiful.
What is this?
I brought this to stave off the boredom of a long journey.
It is the diary Tanaka-san left behind when he left the mansion.
I can convey the truth to you, Young Master.
That is…
Her Majesty the Queen intends to bury the Phantomhives…
To bury me in the darkness.
My Master…
I do not hate Her Majesty. This is also part of the flow of time.
However, I want you to keep silent about this to Ciel.
Even if I am killed,
his loyalty to the Queen must remain unchanged.
But my Lord…
Nothing can ever be born from hatred.
So, the illusion shown to me by that angel the other day
was not altogether wrong.
What will you do, Young Master?
There is nothing I can do.
The people I ought to have taken revenge on are already gone,
even I am gone.
A ring?
A blue ring, is it not?
May I?
It is difficult with just one hand.
I wanted to be a perfect butler until the very end.
It would appear that it is hopeless.
Do not worry about such a small thing.
It suits you perfectly, Young Master.
I am Ciel Phantomhive.
Yes. I am just Ciel Phantomhive.
Well then, Young Master.
Is this the place where I will meet my end?
The birds are awaiting their chance.
Give them the remnants, when you have taken the soul.
As I expect from my young master, you are most kind.
Will it hurt?
Yes, a little.
I will be as gentle as possible, though.
No. Make it painful to your heart’s content.
Engrave the pain of being alive into my soul.
Yes, my Lord.
Well then, Young Master…
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