Black Butler (2008) s01e25 Episode Script

Episode 25

“On the night of the Funtom Company’s third anniversary,
a charity play is to be performed for poor children.”
“The programme: Hamlet.”
Quite a big write-up, isn’t it?
Indulging in charitable work?
I am full of admiration for my young master’s love of mankind.
Love of mankind?
In this day and age, love gives rise to money.
“The Funtom Company shows love to poor children.”
There is fiscal value in such a label.
This is making me weep. “Showing love to poor children,” he says…
Our young master, who lost his parents, surely understands how these children feel.
You lot! Have you even been listening to me?
One should expect no less from our young master.
Or should I say, from his little lordship?
That said, it is Hamlet.
A prince who swore to avenge his father’s murder,
even at the cost of his own life.
This drama could almost have been written specifically for the young master.
The theatrical company I arranged just happens to perform this play.
I don’t care about contents.
Young Master!
What? An accident?
Yes. It seems that the ship carrying the actors had an accident.
They will probably not reach London before next week.
The performance is in three days.
Besides, it has been widely advertised.
Reporters will flock to see it.
It’s impossible to alter the programme now.
How shall we proceed?
We have no other choice.
Sebastian, this is an order:
make this performance a success, and do not allow the Phantomhive name to fall into disrepute.
Yes, my Lord.
His Butler, On Stage.
His Butler, On Stage
His Butler, Onquent
His Butler, On Stage
Note: Lan Mao pronounces “dunno” like the vegetable “wakame”.
Say, Lan Mao, which role would you like to play?
If I were to act, then it would most certainly be in the role of Ramakrishna!
Oh, what a sublime figure that will be, Lord Soma!
I want to be a beautiful princess,
gracefully floating above the ground in a frilly dress!
This is such a rare occasion… Should I try to cash in?
What? You as a princess?
That’s not cute at all!
A vegetable, a mystic and two princesses…
Didn’t I tell you we’re performing Hamlet?
Sebastian, why did you gather all these foolish amateurs? Are you trying to produce a school play?
Originally, charity plays were personally performed by the benefactor at his house.
It is not something you let a theatrical company do.
Besides, the lively company assembled here
is likely to eagerly accept drama training, even if it proves somewhat rough.
It goes without saying that you, Young Master, will also perform.
Surely you understand how vital it is for everyone to give their best in this state of emergency.
You are an adult, after all.
[Sign: Vocal exercises]
Well then, let us make a start.
Vocal exercises come first.
No flirting.
Ah! Here goes! Here goes!
No curry eating.
It’s good.
There is still plenty left. Would you like some?
No, thank you.
Drama training comes next.
[Sign: Drama training]
To be or not to be – that is the question…
Young Master, put some emotion into this.
T–To be or not to be…
Obviously it is not to be!
What a terrible, worn out performance!
You should die without a moment’s delay and put us out of our misery, useless Hamlet.
Greil? What are you doing here?
Who is he? I have a feeling I’ve seen him before.
You definitely lack heart. You need heart.
The silent cries of Hamlet’s soul are not being conveyed at all.
They must reverberate with pain.
Listen, it should be like this:
To be or not to be – that is the question… No!
Something like this is not a question at all.
Not at all!
I have changed since encountering you.
The really important thing is lo–
No. I will kill you without a second thought.
Love and death always walk side by side.
Take me higher! Take me higher, Sebastian!
Still, it might be worthwhile allowing this shady character with such theatrical affectations to live a while longer.
Anyway, you all lack tension.
You need to show some determination.
As I said: you there, stop eating curry!
It’s good.
Here. See, when it comes to hats, nothing beats pink.
Yes. That’s good, Lan Mao. Just great! Keep it up…
which possesses a plot without hope of salvation,
stands alongside Othello, King Lear and Macbeth
as one of Shakespeare’s four major tragedies.
In order to truly understand Hamlet,
I will first give you a taste of the Phantomhives’ tragedy.
S–Sebastian! What a frightening look…
Ah! Viscount Druitt!
We have quite a few guests today!
I’m getting really excited!
Ah. I feel like I was born to be an actress.
I don’t like this. The costume is not cute at all!
Where is the young master?
Um, it would seem he’s gone to the washroom.
So, this is where you are, Young Master.
If you are not content with the allocation of roles,
it is too late now.
A young prince, who is burning with revenge after having lost his father.
You knew that when you gave me the role.
For my clumsy young master, who, on top of having no acting experience, cannot even fasten a button by himself,
it would be difficult to play a role too dissimilar from his true self. That was my reasoning.
Is it not for the best, Young Master?
Let us have a preliminary battle with blood-smeared vengeance here.
Young Master, are you prepared?
Finally. Curtain up for the tragedy of revenge!
In the Kingdom of Denmark, the King dies,
and his younger brother Claudius succeeds to the crown.
The Queen, who was deeply loved by the former King,
becomes the new ruler’s spouse.
Well, my brother’s death was an awfully sad occurrence,
however, we who are still alive should enjoy ourselves.
Yes, you are right.
Ah, you are so lovely! So splendidly flat-chested!
Flat, flat, flat…
So flat. So flat…
Stop it. I can’t remember my lines when I’m laughing like this.
Flat, flat, flat…
Hamlet, the late King’s son, meets the ghost of his father.
Father, why do you appear before me in this form?
I see. You were killed by the hand of that detestable Claudius,
who had poison poured into your ear.
I see. I see. I must carry out revenge in your stead.
Of course I will, Father!
Do you think they will understand?
Look, he recites everything! What a great actor he is!
More importantly, can’t you do something? Why do I have to be backstage personnel?
Because you are eating curry.
My father, while burning in the flames of Hell,
is possessed by endless hatred.
I swear it here: I will avenge my father!
Oh! He is truly fired up.
Turn the light somewhat to the right. Come on!
Again, why do I have to be backstage personnel?
As I said, because you are eating curry.
Well then, how is the audience reacting?
As I feared. It seems that Hamlet is somewhat difficult for children.
In order to deceive his uncle, Hamlet pretends to have lost his mind
due to his unrequited love for the Lord Chamberlain’s daughter, Ophelia.
Ah, I am so… My sin… Oh.
There you are, Ophelia.
Ah, when I see you like this, you are quite an attractive man.
Rather than someone like Hamlet, I want Father!
Modern love gives off a fragrance of honey–
How disgraceful! For father and child to do something like this…
Not even Brahman will forgive such a deed!
In this way, Ophelia met her end.
N–No way. The death scene of Ophelia is yet to co–
Her dead body was never retrieved.
Then, let it be carried away by the river!
Wakame. Like it, like it.
Wakame. Like it, like it.
Oh, such a favourable reaction.
Wakame. Like it, like it.
Wakame. Like it, like it.
It seems they like the vegetable.
I just do not understand children.
And now that the audience is warmed up,
Young Master’s climactic scene finally arrives.
To be or not to be – that is the question!
My opponent is that cunning uncle of mine.
Even if I succeed in carrying out my revenge, my life will probably be finished.
Yes. The truth is,
I do not want to die.
Ah! It’s not the right time to show weakness, Hamlet!
Chase that foolish, petty soul of yours away immediately!
My oath is written in blood.
There is no way back!
I should be going now, before the morning sun rises to dye the world crimson.
Young Master! He does it wonderfully.
As expected, he is absolutely convincing.
Such gorgeous expression would make a lion tremble.
His burning, crimson rage is like a ruby.
Oops. Sorry.
Oh. It would seem the children were moved by his acting.
Well, then.
It is my turn.
In a fencing match arranged by the King,
Hamlet and Ophelia’s brother Laertes cross their swords.
This sword has been soaked with deadly poison, capable of killing a person even through a scratch.
I’m scared.
So, you are Ophelia’s brother?
I’ve heard you are a formidable swordsman.
You yourself are most skilled. Please go easy on me.
Let us end the chatter there. The match goes to ten points.
Well, then.
Let the contest begin!
Hamlet, don’t!
That old man’s sword is poisoned!
Old man?
That’s right! The fencing match is a lie!
They want to kill you, Hamlet!
Stop it! Don’t go through with your revenge!
I don’t like revenge!
Hamlet, don’t die!
Don’t die?
Young Master! Your line, your line!
My line?
It’s all lost now.
Come, drop the curtain!
No. Wait!
Do not look the other way!
Let us end the farce. I will tell you the truth.
My beloved sister lost her life because of you!
Wait! There’s nothing like this in the script!
By murdering you, I will enact my revenge.
My beloved Ophelia…
Let us put an end to the hatred.
Without discord, my…
What is he doing?
Where did he get that gondola?
It’s not fair if you’re the only one having fun! I’m going to–
Wait a second! If you go out now…
That’s not fair! Not fair!
…and embrace.
Gre… O–Ophelia! You should be dead!
The warm rain of my brother’s love has made the flower of life bloom again.
Brother, after all, you are the only one I truly–
So, this is where you idle around,
Greil Sutcliffe!
Isn’t it time to close the curtain on a charity play starring a fool who leaves his workplace,
and a vile demon like him?
Ah, I am encircled by three men who all seem to have spare time…
Wait! Wait!
It is not the right time to fight!
You can leave everything to the incarnation of sun, Ramakrishna.
Lord Soma!
A hero appeared!
Go Rama-something, go!
This is getting absurd. How unbelievably foolish.
Yes, it is foolish.
Revenge is foolish.
There is nothing but confusion and temporary excitement there.
If you close the curtain of an imaginary stage, nothing will remain.
Am I right, Lord Hamlet?
Se… No… For you to say something like that…
Revenge is meaningless.
I, the incarnation of the sun, Ramakrishna, guarantee that!
It is only natural for a demon’s master to permit some ad-lib jokes.
That’s right.
I will abandon revenge and live.
I will fulfill my duty of living to the end!
It doesn’t suffice to call this a revenge tragedy.
This is the true Hamlet!
I want to chomp up this tender Hamlet.
Chomp, chomp, chomp.
Thank you!
All the world’s a stage,
and all the men and women merely players.
Our meeting has also been a play,
and it is time to lower the curtain.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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