Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

His Butler, at School

We are a prestigious public school
that has been
conserved by tradition and discipline.
As an enrollee,
you must abide by the rules.
Ciel Phantomhive,
do you vow to protect
the laws of our school and adhere
to its traditions and discipline?
Oh no! I'm going to be late!
Wait, please!
I made it
Weston College,
located by the River Thames,
is one of Britain's
most renowned public schools.
Its vast property hosts
a complex network of school buildings,
a Gothic chapel,
and four dormitories with rich history.
Students are bound by
strict rules that uphold tradition.
Life in the all-boys dormitories
and their high-level education
based on a unique curriculum
are said to raise them
into true gentlemen.
In order to obtain that status,
members of nobility
all try to enroll their sons
despite the extremely high tuition fees.
First impressions are important.
I'd better brace myself.
Look at that.
-He stepped on the lawn.
He's not even one of the P4.
What is he thinking?
-He's getting a Y for sure.
-What is
They're here.
It's the Prefect Four!
Oh no!
-That's what he gets.
He's going to hit me!
Your tie is crooked.
-What is your name?
That doesn't sound familiar.
The headmaster mentioned that
a new student will be joining
the Blue House from today. Is that you?
Article 48 of the Weston College
code of conduct states that
only prefects
and those granted permission by one
are allowed to cross the lawn.
Memorize the code of conduct
before enrolling.
-I am sorry
-Let's go inside already.
It's too sunny outside.
You'd better be careful next time,
You sure are lucky!
You're off the hook
even after entering the lawn!
Here. I'm McMillan.
I'm a first-year in the Blue House,
like you.
Oh, thank you.
By the way, everybody is talking about
"P4" and "Y," but what is that about?
Y is how they measure penalties.
For every Y you earn, you have to
transcribe a Latin poem 100 times.
What is P4?
Those four people from earlier.
Did you notice they were wearing
colored waistcoats?
At this school, only the prefects can wear
waistcoats made from
whatever fabric they like.
-They're basically the head of the dorm.
The one in a red waistcoat
is the prefect of Scarlet Fox
where students
of particularly noble birth go.
His name is Edgar Redmond.
The one in a blue waistcoat
is the prefect of Sapphire Owl
where students who excel at studying go.
His name is Lawrence Bluewer.
The one in a green waistcoat is
the prefect of Green Lion, where students
who excel in martial arts and sports go.
His name is Herman Greenhill.
The one in a purple waistcoat
is the prefect of Violet Wolf
where students with artistic talent go.
His name is Gregory Violet.
They are the prefects of Weston College's
four historical dorms.
They're called P4 for short!
Oh, I admire them so much.
One day, I'll become a prefect myself
Just kidding!
Forbidding people from crossing the lawn
is such a counterproductive rule.
But it's tradition.
Oh no! We'll be late to class!
-Hurry! I don't want a Y!
I can't believe Collett took
a leave of absence out of the blue.
It must've been hectic for you,
being enrolled at such an unusual time.
I've been on the waiting list,
so I gladly got my things ready.
Whoever's last to react to that order
has to run errands for the upper-years.
-The last one was the newbie, huh?
Well then, once you finish polishing
the prefects' shoes, return to your dorm.
We will have a welcome party for you.
Congratulations on joining our dorm,
I hope you enjoy yourself.
Up you go!
-Up you go!
-How do you like
our dormitory's traditional welcome party?
Now that you are a member
of the Sapphire Owl,
you'd better further
devote yourself to studying.
-Throw him higher!
What is all this ruckus?
Don't make me give you a Y.
It's the housemaster!
Clayton, an upperclassman like you
should know better.
This is a tradition of our dormitory
My goodness
Tradition or not,
learn to do things in moderation.
You must be Phantomhive, the new student.
Welcome to Sapphire Owl.
I am Michaelis, the housemaster.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Michaelis.
I'm sorry you had to go through that
so soon after joining.
Are you hurt?
Thank you for your concern.
Although, I would have
appreciated it even more
if you had stopped them earlier.
It seems to be an initiation ritual,
so I didn't want to dampen the mood
by being too strict with them.
I am simply a housemaster.
By the way, Phantomhive.
You have been called
to the headmaster's office.
Your first day at school
is coming to an end.
How are you holding up, Phantomhive?
If you don't fit in at the Blue House,
you can always come to the Red House.
A person of your status is always welcome.
Only the headmaster has the authority
to decide a student's dorm.
There are no exceptions.
It doesn't make
much of a difference anyway.
We are a prestigious public school
that has been
conserved by tradition and discipline.
As an enrollee,
you must abide by the rules.
Normally, the headmaster
would give you some words of advice.
But as he is busy, I will instead.
I am Johann Agares, the vice headmaster.
The headmaster makes all the decisions
involving the school.
Those decisions have supremacy
over everything in this school.
And we, the prefects,
are entrusted with the duty of
self-governing the school.
We end up having to
do everyone's dirty work.
This school has been upholding
this tradition since its founding.
Tradition is absolute!
Ciel Phantomhive,
do you vow to protect the laws
of our school and adhere
to its traditions and discipline?
Well then, sign here.
-Mr. Agares!
-Mr. Agares!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sign here.
Welcome to Weston College, Phantomhive.
We're glad to have you.
Well then, enjoy your school life.
Um! When will I be able to
meet the headmaster?
The headmaster is a busy man,
so he doesn't meet regular students.
The only ones who can
speak to the headmaster
are us, the prefects.
Regular students can't meet
the headmaster?
I guess the headmaster
is equivalent to an absolute monarch
in this school.
At public schools, boys,
usually between the ages of 13 and 18
live together in dormitories
and focus on academics.
Their entire lives are
regulated by the sound of bells.
A fag?
Yeah, they're like apprentices
or younger brothers within the dorm.
After breakfast,
it's time to do your fag duties.
It's a tradition unique to Weston,
where every underclassman is assigned
to care for one upper-year.
-Care for them?
-You clean their room.
Iron their uniforms,
prepare hot water bottles at night,
and stuff like that.
So you act like their butler?
Here's another bothersome tradition
Do prefects have fags too?
Of course! Clayton is the fag
of Bluewer, the prefect of the Blue House.
Clayton? That guy, huh?
Unlike butlers,
fags are taken care of
by their upper-years at times too.
The closest thing I can compare it to
is an on-campus brotherhood.
-Brothers, huh?
-Oh, and also this.
The fags of prefects are a little special.
They can wear
the same dormitory flower as the P4
and receive permission to cross the lawn.
I heard they can also accompany the P4
to the midnight tea party
organized by the headmaster.
The midnight tea party
If I can attend that,
I can meet the headmaster.
But if only the P4
and their fags can attend,
it won't be easy.
I hope I can attend one day.
Just kidding!
I have no choice
I'll start by
asking him directly about
that student who won't come home.
Sorry to change the subject,
but do you know Derrick Arden,
the son of Duke Clemens?
I believe he's a student
of the Scarlet Fox.
Becoming too close to people
from other dorms is frowned upon.
What? You sound like women
fighting over cliques.
Well, the dorms end up having to compete
with each other in one way or another.
But if I remember correctly,
that student was transferred from
the Red House to the Purple House
as a special case.
-I don't know the details.
But I heard the headmaster ordered it.
The headmaster?
Anyway, you shouldn't stick your nose
into other dorms' businesses.
Especially the Violet Wolf.
What do you
-McMillan! It's fag time.
He's my upper-year.
See you, Phantomhive!
What's up with that pose?
Anyway, I can't believe
Derrick's dormitory was changed.
For sure, something is up.
You clean the dining hall
until we assign you an upperclassman.
Huh? The dining hall?
This entire place?
That's right. And no cutting corners!
At your service.
Apparently, Derrick transferred dorms.
I checked the directory,
and his name was, indeed,
under Violet Wolf.
He should be in the dorm now.
I will go, so you clean this place up.
Well, then
Let's get to work.
What an exterior
They're not called the "eccentric dorm"
for nothing.
An outsider
-That's the Blue House emblem
Where did they come from?
Hey, what does a guy from that nerdy dorm
want from the Purple House?
This is no place for those
who can't do anything but study!
-Get out!
-Yeah, get out.
Get out, you outsider.
-Get out!
-Get out!
-Get out of the Purple House!
Get out!
Next time, bring a thick dictionary
to protect your head, you nerd!
What is up with them?
What's all this fuss?
Someone from the nerdy dorm came.
The newbie, huh?
That was a disaster.
My goodness, their hostility towards
other dorms is stronger than I thought.
Not only can I not meet the headmaster,
but I can't even meet Derrick.
Social ranks and money
have no power in this school.
Something as simple as gathering
information is hard for a regular student.
Which means, there is only
one way to get to the heart of the matter.
I must win the favor of the Prefect Four.
But how?
-All by himself? Wow
Oh no! He knows I slacked off!
I prefer not to praise people that easily.
But I don't mind praising you today.
Our old I mean,
our traditional dormitory dining hall
is unrecognizable.
Well done, Phantomhive!
Oh, it was nothing
He totally went overboard!
Mr. Michaelis!
What is the matter?
Please look at this dining hall!
Phantomhive cleaned it up!
My, my
Good work, Phantomhive.
What have you done?
It was nothing
Wait a second
That guy is Bluewer's fag, isn't he?
I can use this to my advantage!
Who'd have thought?
In order to get closer to the prefects,
I'll use him.
I'm glad you approve of it.
Actually, I am quite good at housework.
Please ask me whenever you need help,
To my dear little boy,
what happened on the Campania
was very unfortunate.
I hope you are feeling better now
and enjoying your Easter.
As for me, I am not able to fully enjoy
my Easter holiday
from the heart,
because of something very concerning.
The object of my concern
is the son of my cousin, Duke Clemens.
His name is Derrick.
Derrick is a fifth-year student
at Weston College,
but for some reason, he hasn't
come home since last summer break.
He used to write letters every day,
but those stopped coming too.
his mother visited his dormitory,
but he refuses to come home.
If it was just him, we could dismiss it
as a rebellious phase.
But apparently, multiple other students
have not been coming home either.
What has happened to them?
With his only son acting like this,
Duke Clemens has been in low spirits.
I am terribly worried.
I hope that
all of those dear to me
will be able to enjoy Easter in peace,
as soon as possible.
Sincerely, Victoria.
"Investigate the reason why students
are not coming home from Weston College."
That is the order?
Public schools are independent
institutions that do not allow
any governmental intervention,
so they're hard to handle.
But more than that,
she probably just doesn't want
family matters to become public.
Worrying about public image
at a time like this
My goodness, humans will always be humans.
I would have liked to send in a spy,
but Weston is known to be a school
where sons of nobility attend.
Those of the peerage are few,
and they practically all know each other.
It'll be dangerous to infiltrate
in disguise.
Then you will go yourself?
I have no choice.
Well, it's not a bad idea
to have the queen owe me one.
The problem is whether there's
a spot open in Weston.
If there isn't one,
you just have to make one.
It'll be better
if I investigate inside the school.
You stay under the radar and assist me.
How you do that is up to you.
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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