Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

His Butler, in Disguise

A public school that
values tradition and rules.
An on-campus brotherhood known as fagging.
An elusive headmaster
who wields absolute authority.
Four dormitories who hate each other
and the four prefects who rule over them.
The many peculiar rules
that exist in the school
were slowing down my investigation.
It's come to the point where I must
make a cruel decision for the sake of
gaining freedom in this little bubble.
Housemasters are teachers who live
in public school dormitories
and supervise the students.
-Hello, Mr. Michaelis.
The four dormitories of Weston College
employ a few other staff
aside from housemasters.
A housemother who manages the dorm,
a cook who prepares meals,
and a footman who serves the meals.
But out of all the staff,
the housemasters are the only teachers.
In the morning, we go
to the classroom with the students
and teach our respective subjects.
At night, we return to the dormitory.
During our free time, we provide
lessons for students who request it.
In other words, housemasters
devote most of their day to the students.
It is a grueling job.
And yet, look at the young master
Organize Clayton's bookshelves!
Clayton's tailcoat is missing a button,
mend it!
Serve golden syrup pudding
with Clayton's tea today!
And mine too.
He's carelessly accepting these tasks,
expecting me to do them.
I am also very busy, you know!
That should do.
Well then, now I must go
teach a first-year class.
So busy
You must be busy
doing so many chores for your upper-year.
It takes me all of fag time
just to sew on
one button for my upper-year.
Don't you think Clayton is asking you
to do too much,
just because he hasn't chosen a fag yet?
It's nothing.
There's a trick
to getting it done quickly.
What? Teach me next time!
You really are amazing.
You even scored well
on the short test, didn't you?
I just happened to study that topic.
I heard the upper-years are all talking
about who will get you as their fag.
You might get an offer from someone soon.
I think it will be from Clayton.
That would be an honor.
Class is about to begin, all of you.
That better be the case.
I'm going to become Clayton's fag
no matter what.
Redmond, would you like some more tea?
Sure, I will have some.
You make the best tea, Maurice.
Thank you very much.
That reminds me
I heard that new student
from the other day is quite capable.
That cutie-pie from Lawrence's dorm?
I'm interested in him as well.
Don't call people by their first name.
It's against the rules.
You're so uptight, Bluewer.
Only prefects can enter this Swan Gazebo.
Nobody is going to judge what I say.
Clayton, what is your take
on the new student?
He is very capable.
He works fast, and yet he is thorough.
What's more,
the tea and snacks he prepares
are so superb, it's as if
a French chef has prepared them.
Isn't he an earl?
How can he do all that?
He said it was his hobby.
He's more like a butler than an earl.
How eccentric
Did he come to my dormitory the other day
because he is eccentric?
The other day, he came to the Purple House
alone during fag time.
That must be a mistake.
He couldn't have walked around
with all that work to do.
He had an eye patch,
so I'm pretty sure it was him.
did he visit Violet Wolf?
If he is that capable,
I wish I'd gotten him.
Even his social status befits my dorm.
After all, he is already an earl
at such a young age.
May I have permission to speak, Greenhill?
I can't hear you! Say it again!
Yes! May I have
permission to speak, please!
Very well!
I give Edward Midford permission to speak!
Thank you very much!
This new student whom you are speaking of
Is his name Ciel Phantomhive,
by any chance?
Oh, do you know him?
Yes, he is my cousin,
and Lizzie's my younger sister's fiancé.
Who knew he had enrolled in this school
Well, rich kids
from all over Britain come here,
so it's not surprising.
We were on the Campania together
when it capsized the other day.
That luxury passenger ship that sank?
I would love to invite him here
and hear stories.
Considering how many people died,
that statement is a bit inappropriate.
All I'm saying
is that I want to ask that cutie
about his trip.
I was just getting tired of seeing
the same dreary faces every day.
Aren't all of you curious about
his famous tea and snacks as well?
I had no idea
that he was such an amazing kid.
Oh, but
suddenly inviting a new student to a place
with so many upperclassmen
might make him nervous.
I think that's fine.
I try to be strict with him,
especially because he is family.
despite his age,
he's managing his household well,
and I respect him for that.
If you vouch for him that much,
I'm up for it.
What about you, Violet?
It seems interesting, so why not?
Then that's settled!
You don't mind, right, Lawrence?
As long as you stop calling me
by my first name.
So, when should we invite him?
How about tomorrow?
Well then, 2 p.m. tomorrow.
As they say, strike while the iron is hot.
I will go let him know now.
For 2 p.m. tomorrow, right?
Ph Phantomhive!
Cole, the upper-year, is asking for you!
I spoke to him for the first time!
Huh? Who is that?
He's Maurice Cole,
the fag of the prefect for Scarlet Fox.
You don't know him?
-He's the prettiest boy in school!
-I've never met him before.
Are you Phantomhive?
Nice to meet you.
I'm Maurice Cole, Redmond's fag.
I'm Ciel Phantomhive.
Um How can I help you?
Oh, that's right!
The thing is, the prefects and their fags
hang out at the Swan Gazebo all the time.
And we got to talking about
a very capable new student.
And we concluded that
we'd love to have a chat with him.
And so, Phantomhive,
will you come visit
the Swan Gazebo tomorrow?
This could be my chance
to get to know the P4!
Of course, I accept the invitation!
Really? Thank goodness!
We'll be waiting for you tomorrow,
at 4 p.m. at the Swan Gazebo.
See you then!
Wow! Phantomhive!
-I'm so jealous! I want to go too!
-It's just the P4.
-Only they can enter the Swan Gazebo!
-Tell us about it later!
It would be better to translate this part
to "from back then"
rather than "from the start."
It's easy to mistake those two,
so be careful.
Do you understand everything else?
The way you teach is so easy
to understand, Mr. Michaelis.
Thank you very much.
Good night.
Good night to you too.
Mr. Michaelis.
There is a problem I am stuck on.
Will you please help me?
Come in.
You seem to be quite popular,
Mr. Michaelis.
Yes, everyone praises
my teaching style as being
easy-to-understand and kind.
I wish I could tell them
your true teaching methods.
I was invited to a P4 gathering
at 4 p.m. tomorrow.
I have heard.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
I have to get on the good side
of the P4 and their cronies.
First of all, I guess I need teacakes.
I agree.
I can't believe I have to
prepare teacakes for kids.
It doesn't get more innocent than that.
You get to win them over with real sweets,
and not bribes disguised as sweets.
However, at 4 p.m. tomorrow,
I will be out teaching cricket lessons.
It's not like we're going to
have a fistfight.
I'll be fine on my own.
More than that
I order you, Sebastian,
to prepare teacakes that will
blow the minds of the P4.
Yes, my lord.
Mr. Michaelis.
There is something I need help with.
Come in.
-Thank you for helping me.
-My pleasure.
Well then, Mr. Michaelis
-Good night.
-Good night.
You are two hours late!
What are you thinking, Phantomhive!
What? I was told it was at four o'clock
What? I'm sure I told you that it was
at two o'clock.
I see what you did, you bastard!
I don't want to hear
excuses from you, Ciel!
I knew he went to this school,
but who knew he was a prefect's fag?
I was an idiot for believing in you
even for just a moment.
Not only did you betray my expectations,
but also that of the upper-years!
Get out!
Damn it! He got me!
This is why I hate verbal promises!
My, my, young master
It seems you underestimated the students
and let your guard down.
People envy others with talent.
You should have known that
from personal experience.
Did you explain yourself to Edward?
Knowing how he is,
it'll only be a waste of time.
The fact that I was late
is true, either way.
So are you going to just accept defeat?
As if!
I will get on the prefects' good side,
no matter what.
And I will make sure to pay him back.
You will regret that you made me waste
my time and energy,
Maurice Cole.
Maurice Cole.
I'm pretty sure he lies all the time.
Why do you think so?
-Have you seen his hands?
The fags in this school tend to have
rough hands due to the chores
the upperclassmen push on them.
But his hands were white and dainty.
Which means
He is using dirty tricks, just like you?
You don't have to say, "just like me."
But seeing how he didn't hesitate at all
and kept the lie subtle enough
to not raise suspicion,
I'm sure I'm right.
I guess you can tell,
as someone who uses the same tricks.
It'll be easy to prove that
he told me the wrong time.
But I won't let him go that easily.
Sebastian, go find others
who were tricked by him, as I was.
And thoroughly look into
Maurice's lifestyle.
Did you hear?
He was invited by the P4
and stood them up.
No way How is he still okay?
The P4 are a lot more influential
than I expected.
It'll be hard to get the people
who were there to testify on my behalf.
We finished that thing.
Thank you. What a lifesaver.
There is just so much work
that goes into being a prefect's fag.
-But keep this a secret, okay?
-We know!
Thank you for letting us help you.
I have to choose a fag for myself soon.
I need someone capable, like you two.
See you!
-It'll be me!
-No, it'll be me!
You and your stupid hair!
You straight-hair!
Excuse me.
I organized the data, as you asked.
That was fast.
As always, it's neatly done.
You're so helpful.
It's nothing.
Oh, that reminds me!
Do you have any requests
for today's snack?
Let's see
It's been a while
since I had your
lemon myrtle soufflé glacé.
I would like to eat that.
Good work.
They hire gate guards
just for a student dormitory?
What is this, Buckingham Palace?
As per Redmond's request,
here is the lemon myrtle soufflé glacé.
For your tea, I've used Uva tea leaves.
It goes well with milk.
How can he make such
time-consuming things day after day?
Redmond deserves to enjoy only the best.
Please have some if you'd like, Gregory.
Good defense!
You read such difficult books.
What year are you in?
I'm Harcourt, a second-year student.
A second-year? That's impressive.
You are able to read the Science of Logic
in its original language, at your age?
You must be very popular in your class.
That's not true.
I just have nothing else to do
other than read.
Your face
Is something troubling you?
If you want to talk,
I am willing to listen.
Cole says
that he certainly handed me
an invitation to the Swan Gazebo.
But I never received anything.
And yet,
the invitation came out of my desk.
I really am not lying!
But everyone calls me a liar.
That must have been saddening.
That must have been painful.
To have nobody believe in you
However, I do not think you are a liar.
Mr. Michaelis!
This misunderstanding
will surely be cleared up soon enough.
And so,
there were about four students who were
victims of Maurice Cole.
I knew it.
That's not all.
There is a high chance he is making others
do most of the duties
assigned to him as a fag.
For example, making soufflé glacé requires
several hours for the freezing process.
There is no way he can make it
all within fag time.
I want to know what he's doing
inside the dorm,
but you're busy doing my tasks
during fag time.
If only I had another pawn inside
the Red House, where Maurice is.
That's where Derrick was, as well
However, I don't recommend forcing open
another vacancy.
It will cause suspicion.
And even if we are able to enroll someone,
we can't choose
which dormitory he goes to.
The dorm you are assigned to depends on
your status and your personality.
I know that.
We need someone with enough
status and wealth to be assigned to
the Scarlet Fox, where people of
particularly noble birth go.
he needs to be admitted as a special case,
even if there's no vacancy
One person comes to mind.
But he's the last person I want to call.
he is a particularly special person
who meets all of the requirements.
Damn it! I have no other choice!
Wow, this is the school, huh?
It's pretty huge!
It's almost as big as my home!
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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