Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

His Butler, Plotting

They're here! It's the Prefect Four!
They're basically the heads of the dorms.
"Investigate the reason why students
are not coming home from Weston College."
That is the order?
You stay under the radar and assist me.
A fag?
The closest thing I can compare it to
is an on-campus brotherhood.
Oh, and also,
the fags of prefects are a little special.
I heard they can
also accompany the P4 to the midnight
tea party organized by the headmaster.
I'm Maurice Cole, Redmond's fag.
We got to talking about
a very capable new student.
We'll be waiting for you tomorrow,
at 2 p.m. at the Swan Gazebo.
How dare you come two hours late!
I was told it was at four o'clock
What? I'm sure I told you that it was
at two o'clock.
Not only did you betray my expectations,
but also that of the upper-years!
Get out!
Damn it!
If only I had another pawn inside
the Red House, where Maurice is.
That's where Derrick was, as well
We need someone with enough
status and wealth to be assigned to
the Scarlet Fox, where people of
particularly noble birth go.
Damn it! I have no other choice!
Phantomhive are you asleep?
Hey, can I come over there
and talk to you?
I'm sorry I couldn't
stand up for you at school.
It's fine.
We have to survive six years here.
Anybody would do the same.
But why did you do such a thing?
Why would you ignore the P4's invitation?
I didn't mean to do that.
I was told to be there at four o'clock,
-but it was really two o'clock.
-But we heard "four o'clock" too.
But what's done is done.
Hey, I will testify on your behalf.
If my word alone isn't credible enough,
I can gather a few others for you.
Everyone was eavesdropping,
so I'm sure it'll work out.
After all, you aren't in the wrong.
That would be helpful. Thanks, McMillan.
It's nothing!
-What is that?
-Look at that!
Wow, this is the school, huh?
It's pretty huge!
It's almost as big as my home!
That's an elephant?
So he was actually
put in the Red House, huh?
The status and wealth of the Indian
royal family isn't just for show.
How interesting!
I did not expect him to
come to school on an elephant though.
Hey, Ciel! I'm here, as promised!
That idiot!
I specifically asked him to act like
he doesn't know me!
I was so surprised to receive
your letter out of the blue!
You should've told me you were lonely.
I would've come with you!
Ciel! Hey! Are you listening?
Might as well go together!
Don't be ridiculous! Put me down, now!
I knew I shouldn't have called you over!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
You're doing better than I imagined.
Agni made a fuss
about wanting to come too,
but I guess you're not allowed to bring
servants to public schools.
That's the general rule.
Your Highness!
Soma, there's a reason
why I called you over.
Oh, what? Tell me.
The truth is,
I had a fight with Maurice Cole,
an upper-year in the Red House,
where you're assigned.
I see.
As you know, I don't have many friends.
So I don't know how to make amends.
So I want your help in
Okay, I understand!
I will help you,
my introverted and pessimistic friend!
Hey, that's going too far.
Who knew you had
that kind of self-awareness.
For starters, why don't we all
enjoy a curry dinner?
No, we can't do that.
Why not?
It seems he's so mad at me
that he doesn't want to see my face.
That's why I want to get to
know him better before talking to him.
I want you to observe Maurice
and tell me about him.
Especially what he's like
in the Red House, where I can't see him.
Every detail counts.
And keep it a secret.
All right. I'll keep it a secret.
Don't worry.
Leave it to me, your best friend.
Yeah I'm counting on you.
Hey, you. Be nice to Ciel.
He dishonored the prefects.
As one of their fags,
there is no way I can forgive him.
Hey, is there really no way?
You know,
there are good things about him too.
Hey, you just need to talk it out.
Hey, are you listening?
What is your problem?!
Stop following me around!
He kind of reminds me of Ciel.
I'm bored! Let me go visit Ciel!
All right, go elephant!
Not that way!
Finally, it's nice and quiet.
Huh? Wait No way!
Kadar, you get five Ys.
You're not allowed to
ride your elephant on campus.
-My bad.
-Say, "I am sorry"!
What should we do?
We don't have extra rooms right now.
Want to stay in my room for now?
No, please use my bed!
Huh? What are you saying?
Why would I stay in your
I am a man who takes responsibility.
That's admirable, Kadar.
-I'll leave it to you, then.
-Wait, Redmond
All right! I'll show you the way.
Use this bed.
What is he doing this late at night?
The post room?
Oh, he's
Welcome, Prince Soma.
The young master is waiting inside.
I thought we weren't allowed
to bring our servants!
There were unavoidable circumstances.
Prince Soma.
Please keep it a secret
that I am the young master's butler.
If you let it slip
I I won't!
So, did you find out anything?
Yeah, actually,
he was secretly delivering cards
to his fellow dormmates
in the middle of the night.
And a whole bunch at that.
Cards, you say?
Don't know why he doesn't
talk to them directly.
We may be able to find evidence.
All I need to do now is figure out
how to repair our friendship
Oh, one more thing
Young master
Yeah, now I have all that I need.
Thank you. I owe you one.
Bye! You can always rely on me!
It's time for a strategy meeting,
We'll settle this tomorrow.
So, what do you want?
Why did you call me here?
I have to go to the Swan Gazebo, you know?
This won't take long.
I just want to confirm something.
Cole, as I thought, it seems as though
you misinformed me about
the invitation the other day.
You're still saying that?
It's not good to blame others.
My friend confirmed
with my classmates for me.
You are the prettiest boy in school,
so there were many bystanders.
I have 18 witnesses that can testify
to hearing you mistakenly say,
"four o'clock."
"mistakenly" isn't the right word.
You purposely
said the wrong time, after all.
What an absurd accusation.
Then what about the other four cases,
including Joanne Harcourt?
Cole says that
he certainly handed me
an invitation to the Swan Gazebo.
But I never received anything.
Of the students who were invited
to the Swan Gazebo by the prefects,
all of those who were no-shows
report your misinformation as the reason.
You use your position as a prefect's fag
to discredit the weak.
That's exactly the kind of cowardly,
sly thing a big fat liar would do!
Not just that,
you even depend on others to do
your work as a prefect's fag.
I don't know what you're talking about.
When Redmond asked you
to organize the data,
iron his clothes, polish his shoes,
and make snacks,
you didn't do a single thing yourself!
Your "capableness" is all a lie!
Wow, that's quite the imagination.
How can you say that without any proof?
I have it.
Th That's
You know, right?
It's the card you use to delegate
work to your cronies.
This is from when you asked them
to organize data.
This is for ironing.
This is for shoe polishing.
This is from when you asked
the Red House cook to prepare a snack.
Would you like me to continue?
I have lots more.
Every single one even has
the date and time written
in your handwriting.
I strictly told them to discard those!
They did discard them.
Thank goodness it was
before the garbage pickup.
You know, it was a lot of work
finding these small cards
out of the mountain of garbage
collected from the entire school.
On top of that,
they were torn into tiny pieces.
Restoring them was a difficult process.
What would Redmond think
if he finds out about this?
Are you not embarrassed with yourself,
as a student at this long-established
Weston College?
At this point,
I don't mind forgiving you
for tricking us.
But you should tell Redmond the truth.
You share a brotherhood founded on trust,
don't you?
You're right.
I'll tell him everything.
As if I'd actually say that!
Did you really think
I'd come here unprepared?
You must be stupid.
There, destruction of evidence.
You finally found these,
but that's too bad.
You're so annoying. What is your problem?
Just because
the upper-years like you a little,
you think you're all that.
Using others is just another
aspect of being capable.
I'm graciously making good use
of unremarkable people.
Me, the most beautiful person
in this school.
Whether or not you become
a prefect in this school
will change your life completely.
You don't even know
how much I've been sucking up
to the prefects for that reason.
An earl like you
wouldn't know what it's like
for the younger son
who can't inherit a title.
I don't see any value in victory
that is won through fake power.
You goody-two-shoes.
You're so irritating!
The next prefect of the Red House
will be me!
Redmond's favorite will also be me!
The most beautiful person here
is also me!
What are you
You're an idiot for choosing
such a secluded place.
Nobody is going to save you.
All right, let's take a photo.
One that's so humiliating,
it would make you want to die.
Okay, go ahead.
Please stop!
What are you doing, you bastards!
You are guilty of making me break my oath
to never use violence again.
Please, Greenhill, don't tell Redmond
Don't you have to tell us
to stay quiet too?
Bluewer? Violet?
Why are you here?
Who wouldn't rush over upon hearing
the capable and brilliant
Maurice Cole is resorting to violence?
But the Swan Gazebo where
all the prefects are is so far away.
-They can't hear
-You know.
Sound isn't transmitted by volume,
but by vibrations.
As long as you can transmit vibrations,
you can theoretically transmit sound
no matter how far the distance.
For example, if you connect
thin and flat surfaces with
a tense thread,
which carries vibrations easily,
you can create a device
to transmit sound to a distant place.
That's right
Just like this.
No way
No way
No way!
I heard everything.
Re Redmond
I can't believe you betrayed me as well.
I'm disappointed in myself
for being a terrible judge of character.
-N No!
-I don't want to hear excuses.
You've let me down, Cole!
I am terminating our brotherhood.
as long as you deal with others
as your true self from now on,
I'm sure you will regain their trust.
With that in mind,
I shared your "true self"
with everyone for you.
You should be proud.
Your makeup skills are legitimate.
I'm sorry for falsely accusing you.
Please forgive me.
No matter what the reason was,
it doesn't change that I was late.
You don't have to apologize, Edward.
But man, I didn't think you were
the type to take action like this.
No wonder Midford respects you.
You are really interesting.
That was courageous of you, Phantomhive.
He smiled
Th Thank you.
When I thought about those
who experienced similar hardships,
I couldn't help myself.
I've always been this way.
I can't stand injustice.
You adhere to tradition,
are free of deceit,
and are pure and virtuous.
That is exactly how
a student of this school should be.
I vow to Saint George that I will neither
betray nor become proud,
and that I will continue
to build a relationship
of mutual enhancement
until the day I leave this sacred school.
I propose that we enter a fag contract,
Ciel Phantomhive.
I gladly accept.
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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