Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

His Butler, Colluding

This is the school, huh?
I want you to observe Maurice
and tell me about him.
Especially what he's like
in the Red House, where I can't see him.
When Redmond asked you to
organize the data,
iron his clothes, polish his shoes,
and make snacks,
you didn't do a single thing yourself!
Your "capableness" is all a lie!
You goody two-shoes. You're so irritating!
What are you doing, you bastards?!
I am terminating our brotherhood.
You adhere to tradition, are free
of deceit, and are pure and virtuous.
That is exactly how
a student of this school should be.
I vow to Saint George that I will neither
betray nor become proud,
and that I will continue
to build a relationship
of mutual enhancement
until the day I leave this sacred school.
I propose that we enter a fag contract,
Ciel Phantomhive.
I gladly accept.
-He's coming out.
-There he is!
You're amazing!
-He has the dormitory flower!
-I'm so jealous!
Look, he's the one who joined the P4 group
even though he just enrolled.
Look at you, Ciel. You're so popular!
I'm happy to see that
an introvert like you made friends!
It's as if I became
an opera singer or something.
These days, you have been putting on
quite the performance, after all.
Why don't you become an actor?
Are you picking a fight?
Of course, not.
I am genuinely praising you.
That's even worse.
You got rid of
the troublemaking Maurice Cole
and acquired the position you wanted
in one sweep.
Things are going smoothly, right?
But we're far from
fulfilling our ultimate goal.
The order from the queen
is to investigate the reason why
her blood relative, Derrick Arden,
and a few other students have
cooped themselves up in the school
and cut off contact with the world.
But we haven't even
seen their faces around
Not a single one of them.
This obviously is not normal.
I was thinking of
sending him back home by force,
but the queen specifically
asked us to find the reason.
She most likely
No, she definitely
knows that this is not
just a rebellious phase.
She knows something serious
is happening within this school.
But the school is
tightly protected by its own rules
and it's impossible to investigate.
They're basically prisoners.
And that is why you are trying to
get close to the prefects
who are the guards
enforcing the rules, right?
In a much more peaceful way than usual.
That's right.
But I'm still just a fag
of a prefect's fag.
I can't attend the midnight tea party
held by the headmaster.
We still have a long way to go, it seems.
I want to go back to the manor
and relax while taking a bath.
Because of the scar on my back,
I have to go last and rush in and out.
Anyway, I finally made it into
the "P4 group" or whatever.
So I'll try to get information
on Derrick myself.
All right. We can probably expect
valuable information from
the prefect of the Violet Wolf,
where Master Derrick was transferred to.
How long do I have to keep this pose?
Don't move until I finish drawing.
I'm asking when that's going to be!
What's the harm?
This is a form of training, isn't it?
Every year, whenever June 4th approaches,
people from the Green House
become so restless.
So it's good
to stay still once in a while.
The Red House too!
Whenever June 4th approaches,
the students start to lose focus
and their grades drop.
Um, what is happening on June 4th?
The dormitories compete
in a cricket tournament.
It's a traditional school tournament
that's been around for 100 years.
Remember the annual events, at least.
I I'm sorry.
I didn't think I was
going to be here for this long.
It's a grand event
that happens once a year.
Even the queen watches
the winning dormitory's boat parade
from Windsor Castle across the river.
The dormitories of this school have
always had a strong sense of rivalry.
So during this time of year,
everyone is on edge.
I couldn't care less about that though.
I hate everyone in other dormitories,
so I want to obliterate them!
More than that, I don't like having
so many people come to the school.
What? I thought outsiders
were not allowed to enter?
The tournament has
an opening event and closing event.
On those days only,
we are allowed to invite
family and relatives to
the main building's large dining hall.
Even women are allowed inside.
Escorting a beautiful woman is a way
to establish your status.
Although, I've never seen
Redmond do that before.
Having one fixed partner is not my style.
He's making him pose like that,
but he's not even drawing him.
Are you done?
-Not yet.
Lawrence walks around with
a bunch of women every year.
Those are not considered "women"!
If I remember correctly,
you have quite a few sisters, don't you?
I also have two older sisters.
How many do you have?
Three older sisters
and four younger sisters.
By the way, I'm the only boy.
Even having one younger sister
is so annoying.
My younger sister
is graceful and sensible,
so she doesn't cause any trouble!
Who is he talking about?
Honestly, I don't want to invite them.
-Something's not right.
But they insist on coming.
Violet I'm at my limit.
Just a little bit more. Don't move.
He's still not drawing Greenhill.
That reminds me, Phantomhive,
wasn't Midford's younger sister
your fiancée?
-Will you invite her?
She will definitely come!
But to root for me!
She will not be rooting for this guy!
Well, it will be interesting to see
which team Elizabeth will sit by.
So, how far have you two gone?
-Have you at least kissed?
You're a man, after all.
You must have done something, right?
-No, um
Lizzie is an angel,
so she will not do anything like that!
Don't disrespect my sister!
Why are you teary-eyed?
You're freaking me out!
-I am not!
-You are!
How stupid
People in closed environments
all turn out the same.
You're slacking off!
The opening event and closing event
are solely meant to boost the morale
of the players for the cricket tournament!
-It's not to dance with women Ouch!
-Don't move.
-What was that for?!
-I was so close to getting it right.
You ruined my masterpiece.
I'm sorry
He didn't draw his model even once.
But his art skills are genius-level.
Why is he so weird?
Normally, I would never want to
get involved with this type.
But I have to try to
be friendly and talk to him.
Do you dance too, Violet?
I hate it.
I get dizzy.
I see
End of conversation.
Oh, well. I have to change my strategy.
It might sound a bit forced but
I'm excited for June 4th now.
But it must be hard to compete against
friends you made in other dorms.
If you hold back during a serious match,
you are not a real friend.
That may be true
but it'll be hard for me
to fight against Phantomhive.
Me too, Harcourt.
I also have a friend in the Purple House.
Oh, is that why you came to our place?
Yes! His name is Derrick Arden.
Derrick you said?
Wasn't Derrick Arden
the son of Duke Clemens?
I didn't know you knew him.
We played together a few times
when we were small.
The moment I mentioned Derrick's name,
the P4 were obviously shaken up.
But the fags are unfazed?
-Stop that.
-I should dig a little deeper.
In his letter, Derrick said that
he is in the Red House.
So I was surprised to find out
that he moved to the Purple House.
It was not until a while later
that we realized
his true personality.
At one point, he was my fag.
He was a capable guy.
Yes, he was capable indeed.
He was very eccentric.
The queen didn't mention
anything like that in her letter.
I see. The Purple House is where weirdo
students with specific talents
are gathered, after all.
What talent does Derrick have?
It's hard to say specifically,
but most likely it's that.
-Writing lyrics.
Huh? Um
Anyway, his transfer was
decided by the headmaster.
The headmaster's judgement
is always right.
The headmaster's decisions are absolute.
By the way, for the ceremony on June 4th
Something's not right.
Even if it's tradition,
how could the prefects
not know the reason?
Seeing how they reacted,
I am certain
that the P4 are trying to hide something.
But it'll draw suspicion
if I try to get more information now.
I shouldn't take it too far.
You brought me to
the back of the school building
to talk about Derrick Arden again?
I didn't think you were the type
to be so fixated on someone.
It just doesn't make sense.
Why would someone move dorms
when the dorms
are so hostile to each other?
Yeah, but it's not like Arden
was the only one who moved.
I don't know much about other dorms,
but I know that a few people moved
from the Red House
to Purple House around the same time.
-What are their names?
-I don't know!
I said I don't know much.
Why did so many move at the same time?
Did they cause a problem?
I didn't hear about anything like that.
It's the headmaster's decision though.
I see
Even Edward is saying that
Sorry for taking your time. Thanks.
What did you come to this school for?
Are you here as a Watchdog
You don't have to worry about that.
See you.
Gleason, Hardy, Isaac, and Thewlis?
They were transferred to the Purple House
about half a year ago.
I should've just asked him
from the beginning.
Hey, why are you so curious
about other dormitories?
I'd actually like to know why you aren't.
Because the headmaster made the decision.
Even he brings up the headmaster
They're probably trying to
balance out the numbers.
The Purple House
has a lot of eccentric people,
so they have a lot of dropouts.
More than that, I want to know
what you talk about with the P4.
-I want to know!
-Me too!
Sorry, I was asked to do some stuff
for an upper-year.
-Let's talk about that another time.
-Do your best!
-Do your best!
I don't have time for this.
Um, can I ask you something?
Derrick Arden?
I remember him being a fast runner
The one who was an excellent dancer?
I heard his painting won an award.
Wasn't he an expert on manuscripts?
So, why was he transferred?
Who knows?
It was the headmaster's decision.
When I ask about Derrick,
everyone has a different answer.
What kind of person was Derrick at school?
What's more is that not a single person
finds his transfer strange.
They've completely given up on thinking.
You're not with your friends today?
The "elites of a prestigious school," huh?
Don't make me laugh.
You're worse than a sheep on a farm.
Huh? Did I do something to make you mad?
-Derrick Arden, huh?
I'm worried,
because he hasn't been attending class.
I'm surprised you care so much
about students from other dormitories.
What's important
is not what dorm they are in.
He was a very capable student.
I see. Then why was he assigned to
a different dormitory?
Who knows? The headmaster
is the one who decided that.
Maybe he stopped attending class
because he was upset about the transfer?
Who knows? The headmaster
is the one who decided that.
Mr. Agares!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Are you all right?
Shall I take you to the infirmary?
No, it's fine. Thank you.
"The spirit does indeed exist.
Death does not end everything.
The pale soul"
What does he want to see me for?
Hey, Se
Oh, what are you doing here
this late at night?
Are you searching for something?
Mr. Michaelis.
I apologize for being rough.
It seemed like you were being watched.
I attracted too much attention.
But all that snooping around
was for nothing.
No matter what I ask, they end with,
"It's the headmaster's decision."
All of the staff are the same way.
You too? We are getting nowhere with this.
If this is how it's going to be,
I will use
any means possible
to get in contact with Derrick.
Come with me, Sebastian.
However, young master,
walking around at this hour
will earn you two Y for sure.
Isn't punishing students
a teacher's job, Mr. Michaelis?
Oh, that's right.
So, how are you going to
meet up with Master Derrick?
If you get caught,
it will become a big problem.
That's easy. If I can't get inside,
we'll have him come out!
Do you know Article 87 of
the Weston College code of conduct?
In the event that an emergency,
such as a fire
occurs in the school or dormitory,
all students must evacuate
to the schoolyard immediately
and have the prefects take roll call.
This is a horrible deed that can get you
expelled if you're found out, Phantomhive.
But as Queen's Watchdog,
it is an impressive plan, young master.
Bluewer was right.
It's good to memorize the code of conduct.
-It's a fire!
-Report to the head of the dorm!
We finally get to meet Derrick Arden.
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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