Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

His Butler, Gaining Admittance

The school is
tightly protected by its own rules
and it's impossible to investigate.
The students are basically prisoners.
Anyway, I finally made it
into the "P4 group" or whatever.
So I'll try to get information
on Derrick myself.
I also have a friend in the Purple House.
His name is Derrick Arden.
Derrick you said?
his transfer was
decided by the headmaster.
The headmaster's judgement
is always right.
The headmaster's decisions are absolute.
It's not like Arden
was the only one who moved.
-What are their names?
-I don't know!
It was the headmaster's decision.
I see
Even Edward is saying that
So, how are you going to
meet up with Master Derrick?
If you get caught,
it will become a big problem.
That's easy. If I can't get inside,
we'll have him come out!
We finally get to meet, Derrick Arden.
All of you, evacuate now!
Find Derrick
and the other students, Sebastian.
-They're coming out.
-He's not here yet.
What's going on? Hurry up and come out!
Room leaders, take roll call
and report to the prefect!
-Not yet.
We have no choice.
Sebastian, go and rescue them
One moment, please.
As I thought
I don't detect any souls
within the Purple House.
From this distance,
I am able to find living human beings
by detecting their souls.
However, I do not detect
any humans in there anymore.
So everyone
is out of the building already?
None of the five students who are
cooped up in the Purple House are here.
Which means
Derrick was never
in the Purple House to begin with?
Is everyone safe?
Everyone's here.
-Things aren't that simple anymore.
As we thought, the P4 are hiding something
about Master Derrick.
If Derrick isn't here,
there's no point in prolonging this.
-Put out the fire.
Everyone in the Green House,
hurry and bring water!
Blue House!
Bring water before the other dorms!
Red House! Don't fall behind!
Call the teachers!
I have water.
Mr. Michaelis!
Hey, my elephant!
Quickly put out the fire
before it spreads.
Good job!
All right, Green House! Follow me!
-Let's go, Blue House!
Don't enter the Purple House!
This is not the time
to be saying that, you fool!
You're the leader
of the Purple House, aren't you?
Worthless pride cannot save your people!
If you can't protect your people,
you're no leader!
You bastard!
Who do you think you're talking to!
It's fine. Let's accept their help.
Cover your mouth with a cloth.
Don't breathe in the smoke.
Don't open up doors unnecessarily.
It'll reignite the fire.
Come this way, if you're injured!
You guys Just you wait
I will pay you back, I swear!
Come on, Purple House! Pick up the pace!
Derrick and the other students
have disappeared
and the P4 are tight-lipped
The only option left
is to get in contact with the headmaster.
But the only ones who can meet
the headmaster at the midnight tea party
are the P4 and their fags.
Should I just kill Clayton,
who is a prefect's fag,
and take his place? No, no
Thank goodness yesterday's fire
was put out quickly.
I heard a rumor that it was arson.
How scary.
I wonder if the cricket tournament
on June 4th will be canceled?
It's a time-honored
Weston College tournament.
They'll do it for sure.
Not that the Blue House
has any chance of winning.
They say the headmaster
will be at the tournament too.
We have to go all out and root for them.
What? The headmaster
is coming to the tournament?
And even if the Blue House
is last place every year,
we all have a chance to be invited
to the midnight tea party.
W Wait a second!
Is that true?
Huh? That the Blue House
is last place every year?
No, after that.
Despite being very busy,
I heard the headmaster
comes to the tournament without fail.
And every year, one student who
played in the tournament
is invited to the midnight tea party.
I found a way that I can attend!
Do you have to be the top scorer
of the winning dorm or something?
The thing is,
the reason is different each year.
Some years,
it's the top scorer of the winning dorm.
At times, a player from the lowest
ranking dorm is recognized for fair play.
The headmaster chooses
the one whose playing style is the most
befitting of a gentleman that year.
What the heck?
Getting chosen is way harder
than simply winning!
For example, the person who was
invited two years ago,
put himself in harm's way
to protect a spectator
who was about to get hit by a ball.
So, to the headmaster,
his actions were the most
befitting of a gentleman?
But the cricket team has 11 players,
so it's hard to even
become a representative of your dorm.
First-years are out of the question.
I hate to admit it,
but I am not good at sports.
I can't expect to be chosen.
What shall I do
I need to talk to you.
You've been chosen as a player for
the dormitory competition on June 4th.
What? Is that true?
I'm so honored! But why me?
Our dormitory
is unlike other dormitories
and their muscle-brains.
We specialize in strategizing.
You don't have the physique,
but you have brains and guts
that exposed Maurice Cole's dishonesty.
You will surely be useful to the team.
That is what one person said
as he strongly recommended you.
-It was Mr. Michaelis.
Really? He said that?
Good job, Sebastian.
I don't want to praise you,
but that was an amazing assist.
-You'd better thank him.
-Yes! I will go now!
There are people around
I guess I have no choice.
Mr. Michaelis!
Thank you for recommending me
to be on the team.
Now, now, Phantomhive. You must not run.
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't wait to say thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
I am sure that you will play wonderfully.
Yes! Now I have to get ready
in time for the tournament.
If you'd like, I can help you.
-Of course.
But only after I check
that you have done your homework.
I am simply a teacher, after all.
Winning, losing, individual performance,
gentlemanlike play
Which of those will be prioritized
is up to the headmaster.
With such unclear criteria,
it'll be difficult to be chosen
among all the students.
If I score points
and bring my dorm victory,
while also creating a tear-jerking story,
it'll be perfect!
I will do anything
to win my ticket
to the midnight tea party.
I can't wait for June 4th to come around.
The opening event
is as lively as I had heard it would be.
Please excuse the interruption.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we welcome you to the opening ceremony
of the time-honored
June 4th cricket tournament.
We are so happy to be able to
hold this tournament
this year, as always.
We hope you fully enjoy
the opening event today.
Well then
All dorms, assemble your players here!
-What is this?
-Is the ground rumbling?
Here they come!
No other dorm can match their
outstanding physical ability and teamwork.
The undisputed champions,
"Top of the World."
Green Lion dormitory!
You look so cool, my brother!
Last year's runners-up who cornered
the Green House until the last minute!
They mesmerize spectators
with their elegant play
The garden of marvelous skill,
"Brilliant Eden."
Scarlet Fox dormitory!
Can this be?
The ones who throw their opponents
into confusion
with their unpredictable trick play
The swarming phantoms, "Ghost Legion."
Violet Wolf dormitory!
They're so unpredictable,
they don't even enter through the door.
Those birds must be from that dorm
They lack physical ability,
but they aim for victory
with their strategic playmaking.
The attack of the cornered mice,
"God Only Knows." Sapphire Owl dormitory!
How lackluster
As expected of the last place players.
Both our entrance
and the audience's reaction are so dull.
Ciel, you're so cute!
Good luck!
Light the flame of Saint George!
We, the players
In accordance with
Weston College's tradition
Promise to be fair
And fight until the end.
I now declare the start
of the 1889 cricket tournament
between dormitories!
Tomorrow's tournament will
no doubt become very intense.
So please enjoy tonight's opening event
to your heart's content.
Vice headmaster!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
We can't make it to the finals
unless we eat! So eat up!
Yes, sir!
That's wonderful!
What a careless bunch.
We will have a meeting
to perfect our plan.
-We don't have a moment to waste!
Don't be so boring.
Why don't you have some fun too?
My sister
Have some fun!
Look at you being all bossy.
You're never like that at home.
I can't believe the boy who was always
playing house with me, is now a prefect.
Hey, Sis!
Please stop saying unnecessary things
and just go over there!
Hey, what do you mean by "unnecessary"?
What do you mean?!
Thank you for taking care of our brother.
Hey, where is Master Edgar?
This is exactly what Violet was drawing.
Come on, it's crooked.
How intimidating
Oh, you must be Phantomhive.
In my younger brother's letters,
he called you a very capable first-year.
Thank you very much.
Oh, he's pretty cute!
He's a bit small,
but he has good looks,
brains, and social standing.
What do you think about
marrying our little sister?
Oh, stop it!
What are you blushing for?
That's not very ladylike, Adela.
No, um
Nice to meet you, everyone.
I am Elizabeth, Ciel's fiancée.
Ciel! How dare you?!
You know you have Lizzie!
Hey wait
-How dare you?!
-Of course, he already has one.
-All good catches are taken.
Stop it!
The Blue House is as noisy as always.
Ciel, you look good in that weird hat!
Oh, they must be the infamous
Who knew you would be
chosen as a representative.
Of course!
Kadar is really good at playing cricket.
Cricket became very popular in India too,
after the British introduced it.
I even made my own team
in the royal palace.
Oh, Master Edgar!
When are you going to escort me?
Maybe when you stop stepping on my feet?
You're so mean!
How could you say that to a lady, Edgar?
Did you forget everything
that I taught you, my nephew?
The Viscount of Druitt!
Uncle Aleister!
Non! Don't call me "uncle."
I knew Redmond looked familiar!
It was him!
This school brings back memories!
It feels like just yesterday,
that I was a fresh-faced youth,
like a rose coated in morning dew!
And who knew he was an alumnus!
I don't like those kinds of shallow men!
My goodness
That seems like
a bunch of troublesome characters.
I'd better not get too close.
Hey, you lewd butler.
What are you doing here?
Oh my
Marchioness of Midford,
how did you catch me?
What is up with this getup?
Real teachers don't look this indecent!
Well, whatever.
The fact that you are here must mean
Ciel's enrollment is
It is exactly what you are thinking,
Your Ladyship.
You're Sebas
Oh, who is that?
You know my mother, Mr. Michaelis?
What are you two talking about? He is
It's nice to see you both again.
Oh! I had no clue!
Me neither!
I thought you knew
but were just keeping quiet!
Why would I pay attention to anyone else
when Lizzie is around?
Don't say that like it's common sense!
Is tomorrow's game part of your job?
It's not irrelevant,
but you don't need to hold back.
Then I won't.
I will be rooting for you a lot, okay?
You have to win, okay?
The Blue House is
last place every year! They can't win!
Actually, you never know.
While I went to this school,
the Blue House won one time.
Although, it was their one and only time
Are you perhaps talking about
the "Miracle of Sapphires"?
Oh, I am Phantomhive's best friend.
-My name is McMillan.
-"Best friend"?
Please tell me more about that story,
Marquess of Midford!
Very well.
That was back when I was a prefect's fag
in the Green House, just like Ed is now.
Today was the last straw!
Please, calm down!
How can I calm down, Midford?
What kind of prefect skips out
on preparations for June 4th!
First of all, that guy
Hey, wake up, Mole.
I only needed three more minutes
to finish this book.
Prefects are not allowed onto the grass
just to take naps on it!
Don't get so angry, Diedrich.
And plus, my name isn't "Mole."
It's Vincent Phantomhive.
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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