Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

His Butler, Scheming

Hey, wake up, Mole.
Prefects are not allowed onto the grass
just to take naps on it!
Don't get so angry, Diedrich.
Plus, my name isn't "Mole."
It's Vincent Phantomhive.
Don't call me by my first name!
Obey the rules.
Everything from Germany
is so rigid,
whether it's the bread or the people.
You little
-I will not stand for your insults!
That's one big bookmark.
Why did you skip out on preparations?
Oh, was that today?
-What? You've got to be kidding!
-I'm sorry.
Thanks to you,
I ended up having to do everything!
You did it for me? What a nice guy.
How is someone like you a prefect?
I'd like to know too.
If the prefect is like this,
I can't imagine what the dorm is like.
You can say what you want about me.
But don't talk badly about other students
from the Blue House, all right?
A captain represents his troop.
I don't expect much from
the kind of people who follow you.
Well then, how about I challenge you?
Let's see which of our dorms will win
the cricket tournament on June 4th.
The loser must listen to one request
given by the winner, whatever it may be.
How about it?
There's no way the Green House will lose
to the dorm who's always last place!
If I win, I will have you
step down as prefect.
That's all?
You don't ask for much, do you?
Well then, I'll think of something too.
-You'd better keep your promise.
-Right back at you.
We did it!
No way How could someone like me
How could the Green House
lose to the Blue House!
We did it!
It's the very first victory
in the history of the Blue House!
You finally remembered my name, Diedrich?
I accept my defeat.
As promised, I'll listen to one request.
I forgot about that.
Well then, I have one request.
Become my fag.
Huh? Wh What are you saying!
I'm in the Green House,
and a prefect at that!
Tradition is tradition,
a promise is a promise.
I'm the winner, right?
From now on, when I call you,
you must rush to me from wherever you are.
No matter what.
Do you realize how many months
we have until graduation?
Oh, please.
Who said it's until graduation?
Huh? What does that mean
Hey, wait! We're not done talking!
I have nothing more to say!
Hey! Phantomhive!
At last, it's mine
I've always wanted
a loyal German dog.
Look at how close they've become
Wait, you bastard!
The predecessor was in the Blue House?
I can't believe your dad played
a key role in the Miracle of Sapphires!
I see You didn't know about that, Ciel?
What? Father was a fag?
He was younger than Uncle Vincent?
It was a brilliant game.
I hate to say it,
but we were utterly defeated.
The blood of that
genius playmaker runs in you too.
So do your best.
Thank you for your patience, everyone.
I will now announce
the tournament bracket.
The Miracle of Sapphires
Don't make me laugh.
I don't believe in miracles.
So I will use force to seize my victory!
Now then,
the first match of the cricket tournament
between the Sapphire Owl dorm
and the Scarlet Fox dorm
will begin!
It's a pity that you were put up against
the Red House from the get-go, Lawrence.
I may lose to you at chess,
but not cricket.
We'll see about that.
The Red House will go first. Play!
Here I go!
That's fast!
-He was bowled already!
As expected, we suck at sports
Well I guess he wasn't lying
when he said he's good at cricket.
I'm ready, Kadar!
It went flying!
He made me hit it!
Nice fly ball.
-Master Redmond!
-You're amazing!
-Run out!
-My goodness!
This is not looking good.
Everyone was taken out in an instant!
Is the Blue House a bunch of
frail kids or what?
That maid is really mean!
That's right! We have to
do our best and cheer them on!
Ciel! You can do it!
She's right You can do it, young master!
We're rooting for you!
The young master isn't even playing yet.
My goodness
What a happy-go-lucky bunch of people.
Ten overs!
Oh, it's already time to switch.
Catch it, Clayton!
You can count on me
-Three runs!
-Damn it!
I guess it's my turn.
I'm ready, anytime.
There you are, Redmond!
-Focus, Coward!
A slow ball? No, this is a trick.
He purposely bowled a slow ball
to prevent a long hit.
But the speed of the ball
makes no difference to me.
Dance, crimson roses! And form a tornado!
Crimson Tornado!
That's a boundary six!
I wouldn't expect anything less
from my nephew!
By spinning, he uses centrifugal force
to boost his long hit.
He's good
Come on, show me what you've got.
The game has just begun.
My, my
It's quite the one-sided match, isn't it?
But you still have
"that" card up your sleeve.
Isn't that right, my earl?
Hey, you
Give me a red card.
Well, aren't you the cautious type!
All right!
My goodness He doesn't change, does he?
I'll be the bowler
in the second half of the match.
Wait a second.
Didn't we agree on saving that
until the finals?
But if we lose here, there's no point!
Is that all right, coach?
Where did Mr. Michaelis go?
Maybe the restroom.
At a time like this?
Anyway, we shouldn't change
our strategy without the coach's approval.
I'm the next bowler.
Will you please trust me?
Do you have a plan?
I promise that I will turn the tables!
This is going to be an easy win for us.
We all knew this would happen.
Enough chatting, you guys.
Hurry and get ready Oh?
What happened to the meat pie
that was there?
Did someone misplace it?
That can't be
Oh, isn't this it?
Who moved it over there?
Whatever, let's just serve it.
This is so easy,
it's literally like a walk in the park.
Sorry for the wait, everyone.
Oh, that looks delicious!
Oh, but is it beef? If so, I can't eat it.
No, it's supposedly chicken.
How thoughtful!
I'll take the biggest piece then.
Really? Was it chicken?
Oh, coach! Where were you?
I'm sorry, I was using the restroom.
You were gone for so long!
Break time is already over!
Let's give it our all, Phantomhive.
Of course, Harcourt.
Oh, what an adorable showdown!
But I feel like I've seen
that boy with an eyepatch somewhere
A spin ball?
He's a good bowler.
He's my fag, after all.
All he can do is defend!
No, wait. The look on his face
says he hasn't given up yet!
He's starting to react faster.
Finish him off, Harcourt.
I'm sorry, Phantomhive.
This is the end for you!
What's wrong, Harcourt?
What? What is going on?
My stomach
I guess it's time.
This is going to be an easy win for us.
We all knew this would happen.
Enough chatting, you guys.
Hurry and get ready Oh?
What happened to the meat pie
that was there?
Batting isn't the only way
to turn the tables.
How did you like the meat pie
infused with super-strong laxatives?
I can't disgrace myself out here.
Retreat! Retreat!
Wait! We've left one behind!
Ah no
If I move
Harcourt! I'm coming to save you!
Not so fast!
You're a prefect, remember!
How tragic! But
that boy I like him!
Scarlet Fox dorm will forfeit the game,
as they are unable to finish the match.
So the winner of the first match
is Sapphire Owl dorm!
Well, if it isn't Mr. Michaelis.
What perfect timing.
Please have this for lunch.
Oh, thank you. Is this a beef meat pie?
But I need to confirm one thing.
We won't get a stomachache
after eating this, will we?
Of course, not.
I'm looking forward to seeing
the Miracle of Sapphires once again.
I have no interest in boring bowls.
Burn, my fingertips!
Accelerating smoke, Purple Burnout!
Violet, what do you think about my
He's not even looking!
He imparted the ball
with a powerful top spin.
His "magical fingers,"
which allow him to master
any instrument instantly,
make that delivery possible.
Another bowled out!
Even the Green House
is no match for him, huh?
Boundary six!
As expected of Greenhill!
He's known as the best cricket player
since this school was founded!
There is no ball that I cannot hit!
There's no stopping Greenhill!
How long will his streak last?
The winner is Green Lion dorm!
We completely dominated them!
I would expect no less.
-Violet! What are you doing?
-I'm done.
Don't step on it.
The final match is between
the Green House and Blue House, huh?
It's just like the Miracle of Sapphires.
How exciting is that!
Yes It sure is.
The final match
between the Sapphire Owl dorm
and Green Lion dorm
will now begin!
We will give it our all.
I'm honored.
Ciel! You can do it!
Keep it together, Midford.
I will utterly defeat you!
Go easy on me.
The Blue House will go first. Play!
Well then, how about I cheer them on too,
as their coach?
Here we go, everyone.
Cheering with music?
What is Mr. Michaelis thinking?
It seems the Green House is so desperate
they can't even enjoy music.
Let's begin the first song,
the Radetzky March.
-He hit it!
-He scored four runs!
Three runs!
He looks so wimpy
but he's managing Heinz's fast bowling.
He's closing his eyes?
What is going on?
How is he able to hit the ball like that?
Let me be frank with you.
Being forever last place in both
physical strength and athletic ability,
I can't imagine us being able to
handle the Green House's fast bowling.
Watch your words!
And I came to the conclusion
We shouldn't look at the ball.
Because the bowler's goal
is to aim at the wicket,
their target is relatively small.
Which means, you can hit the ball
as long as you get the timing right.
If we can't see,
we won't know when to swing, though.
You will know. You just have to listen.
Right when you should swing,
you will hear a signal.
The batsman just has to
swing at the signal.
Is that really possible?
-Yes, I've already
Are you implying that it's
"not gentlemanly"?
Is that really true?
We're competing against other dorms
with our pride on the line.
Then the polite thing to do is
to put everything we've got into it.
What we have is "wisdom."
The Green House has "power."
Isn't it much more ungentlemanly
to make the Blue House
go head-to-head with
the Green House using "power"?
The Blue House is weak!
So we must come up with a plan that is
just barely in compliance with the rules
and face our opponents
with all that we've got!
All right.
So, what will our signal be?
The way they are swinging
the bat is messy,
but their timing is spot-on.
What kind of trick are they using
I see.
You noticed too?
They must have worked really hard!
Yes, I can't believe they're using music
This man trusts others way too easily.
I don't have the heart
to tell him about their tactic.
There you are, Edward.
Such wily tactics are unfitting
of a gentleman.
I will not allow it!
Burn, my fingertips!
Accelerating smoke, Purple Burnout!
Bowled! Out!
Since when did he?
I'm ordinary.
When I was about ten years old,
I was utterly defeated by my little sister
who had just started learning the sword.
I'd be lying if I said that
it wasn't frustrating.
But I didn't give up on myself.
After all,
a real genius was right in front of me.
A genius little sister was the best
role model for an ordinary big brother.
It's the same way at this school.
People with various talents refine
each other through friendly rivalry.
That's why I work hard
to become more like
the geniuses that I look up to!
Right now, I bet he's thinking
that he's "ordinary."
Genuinely admiring other people's talents
without any jealousy
and working tirelessly
to imitate them and reach the same level
as such geniuses
"Full respect."
That is, indeed, your talent.
You're a genius.
The speed and height of the ball
changes drastically after it bounces.
It's impossible to hit this ball
if the signal comes before the bounce.
I've defeated the orchestra batting!
Who knew they'd catch on this quickly.
I'm impressed.
Then I shall move onto the next tactic.
Hey, look at that!
It's the headmaster!
That's the headmaster?
McMillan, I'll leave the rest to you.
Huh? What?!
You've finally shown yourself, Headmaster!
If we can catch him,
everything will be solved.
Go, Sebastian!
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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