Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

His Butler, Final Match

The predecessor was in the Blue House?
The blood of that
genius playmaker runs in you too.
So do your best.
You can count on me
Crimson Tornado!
That's a boundary six!
Do you have a plan?
I promise that I will turn the tables.
Oh? What happened to
the meat pie that was there?
Batting isn't the only way
to turn the tables.
My stomach
How did you like
the meat pie infused with
super-strong laxatives?
The final match is between
the Green House and Blue House, huh?
It's just like the Miracle of Sapphires.
Let's begin the first song,
the "Radetzky March".
He's closing his eyes?
Right when you should swing,
you will hear a signal.
The batsman just has to
swing at the signal.
Such wily tactics are unfitting
of a gentleman.
I will not allow it!
Purple Burnout!
Hey, look at that!
It's the headmaster!
If we can catch him,
everything will be solved.
Go, Sebastian!
What? Where is our signal?
The music stopped! Where is Mr. Michaelis?
-Probably in the bathroom.
Ten outs! Switch sides!
As expected,
we can't hit the ball without help.
From here, we have to compete on our own.
He's gone.
Where did he go?
When did he end up there?
Focus on hitting the ball!
We have to catch up!
I don't really want to,
but I guess
we'll have to use "that" strategy.
What a lame delivery.
All right!
The Blue House got him out!
The batsman froze for a second, didn't he?
How could he mess up on such a weak ball?
I'll show them!
What is going on, you guys?
Um well
I'm sorry.
Inviting Lau on June 4th?
Yes. I am sure that their
support will prove to be useful.
Useful? In what way?
That is
The thing they most interested in
arousing is
I can't imagine that
being very effective, though.
It is far from sophisticated,
but it should work like magic on people
who are cut off from the outside world.
It may have been
a little too advanced for you, I guess.
Is everyone tense because it's the finals?
I have to show them a good example.
Bring it on!
There is nothing special about
his bowling. How could this be so hard
You too? That was such an easy ball!
I I'm sorry!
What is happening
to the Green House?
You're not even trying!
Damn it!
What in the world is that
shameless bunch of people?!
So this is why everyone was distracted!
How How How could a lady
show her legs like that?!
They They should be ashamed!
Oh no! I have to focus!
It's working like magic!
But will it have
any effect on Greenhill, though?
Bring it on!
It's working on him more than anyone.
I should've known. This plan came from
a devil who's an expert on human desires.
Hopefully we can keep them
from scoring any runs
I told you to leave!
You cannot observe the match
in such promiscuous attire!
Oh! I no understand English!
They were stopped earlier than expected.
Who tattled on them?
I know how cowards like you think,
Look at everyone drooling over them.
What idiots!
I agree.
He's gone again.
He's already over there?
We will keep them from scoring
during the second innings!
Yes, sir!
What is that stance?
Hey, you! Hold your bat properly.
No, this is fine.
That's enough for the orchestra batting.
Let's practice the next one.
Next? There is more to practice?
Of course.
We must prepare contingency plans
just in case something unexpected happens.
But what else can
powerless people like us do on our own?
It's simple.
You don't hit.
The safest form of batting
is protecting the wicket with the bat
without swinging at all.
That is safe, indeed.
But then we can't hit the ball back.
Don't worry.
We're up against the Green House's
powerful bowlers.
I did it!
We use the bowler's power
to send the ball flying.
What's important is instantly discerning
the least protected areas
and rebounding the ball
in the most ideal direction.
Just as Phantomhive said,
we do not have power.
But even then,
there are ways to fight!
We are not kings
but we can pave our own path!
Unremovable holy sword,
the Sword in the Stone!
Three runs!
Two runs!
Switch sides!
We scored a few runs,
but we still can't let our guard down.
The strategy itself was a success.
Do you think we can win?
It's not impossible
with this score difference.
As long as
Bluewer and I have "that" trick.
But our trick will only work one time.
Everyone, I need you all
to hold out until then!
I'm sorry. He got a hit.
Don't worry about it. You did good.
We have 12 more balls.
We can't let them earn anymore runs.
I'm counting on you, Phantomhive.
Ciel is the bowler!
-Young master!
-You can do it!
Come on They're sending that shorty
at the most crucial point?
What in the world?
What kind of defense is that?
The other side is totally open.
What if the ball
rolls into the open areas?
Are you joking?
This is strange
How have I not caught him yet,
when I'm actively chasing him down?
What's more is that he's moving
like he's evading me.
Can it be that he senses my presence?
If that's the case
I won't hold back anymore, either.
He disappeared?
The headmaster disappeared.
I don't even sense his presence.
The only one capable
of doing such a thing is
I guess I'll return to the field for now.
What is the Blue House up to?
Here I go.
But those skinny little arms
are no match for me.
That's dangerous! Do it again!
I'm sorry.
Well then, let me try again.
-I'm sorry.
All I did was dodge a dangerous ball!
First of all,
how can you miss two times in a row
Something's not right
This strange defense formation
Don't tell me
This was their plan all along?
-It was on purpose!
-How cowardly!
You'd do foul play just to win?
"Foul play"?
When? Who?
Excuse me?
I happened to bowl a bad delivery
and the batsman happened to
dodge it unsuccessfully.
It happened to hit his bat
and my teammates happened to
catch the ball that bounced away.
In other words, it's just a regular "out."
It may not be against the rules per se,
but that kind of bowling
It's not cricket!
It's not cricket!
I will not allow any jeering
during this sacred match!
And did you call Phantomhive "cowardly"?
Do you guys not see this?
His hands are enough to prove
his hard work and tenacity.
The Blue House, who is not good at sports,
is going this far
Do you know what that means?
The owl is going all out
to hunt the lion!
I'm glad that we got to go all out
with each other before we graduated.
Thank you. Me too.
-Let's resume the match!
It's easy, now we know their aim.
I'll pull this high inside ball
like it's nothing!
A low and outside ball?
Whether you dodge or attack,
what awaits you is death.
There is no way out. This is what I call
"cliff tactics."
I only have one more ball to bowl.
It's you against me, Ciel!
Here I go!
That's slow!
That's a boundary six!
Oh! As expected, he was able to hit it.
Should I be happy
Or should I be sad?
What? But is the young master smiling?
I knew that with Edward's mental strength
and dynamic vision,
I wouldn't be able to
keep him from scoring.
This was within expectation.
You did well, Phantomhive.
Leave the rest to me.
It's been a year, hasn't it, Midford?
That time, I scored 28 runs against you.
This year
I will win!
Did that
Slip out?
The Blue House will always be
the Blue House after all!
They're only good at studying!
It's been six years
since I enrolled in Weston College.
The Blue House has only
ever been last place.
As the Blue House, we prioritize studying,
so we accepted that as "normal."
one student was different from the rest.
He was more petite
and more powerless than anyone,
but he was intent on winning.
And he kept on working hard
in order to do that.
I want to win
the last tournament
I will compete in as a prefect.
What I can do is detailed calculations,
thorough planning,
and training to make those work.
That is all!
-Are you serious?
-Is that even possible?
It's a simple trajectory calculation.
What kind of delivery is that?
How are we supposed to hit that!
With perfect accuracy,
he nosedives from the sky
to hunt his prey
He's basically
An owl in the dark night,
Hunter in the Dark!
He took out Edward with a single bowl?
What was that?
Your meticulously calculated bowling
is very characteristic of you,
there is no ball that I can't hit.
The final batsman is Greenhill
It's a P4 showdown.
Muscle versus brains
Which will win?
Here I go!
Boundary six!
-We caught up!
-Here we go!
I've overcome your bowling.
He swings his bat down like a sword
and smashes the ball into the stands.
Only Greenhill
can make this style of batting possible.
An ability that is only bestowed upon
the chosen one.
An invincible swing
that destroys everything.
The king's holy sword, Excalibur!
They made a comeback!
We're done for
We're going to lose for sure.
I can't believe the fruit of my hard work
was overcome this easily.
We're out of options
Let's try again.
That ball won't work on him anymore.
Are you going to let him score?
You know, I am grateful to you.
Because you went all-in on this,
the Blue House was able to work as a team.
That's why
I don't want you to have any regrets.
Even if that means we lose
I'm sure everyone feels the same way.
Please show us your best bowling.
The outcome of this game will depend
on this delivery.
The last delivery of my school life.
I will bet the honor of the Blue House
and myself
on this delivery!
Not so fast!
Out! End of game!
Blue House won!
Good job!
We did it! We really did it!
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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