Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

His Butler, Locking Up

He's gone. Where did he go?
When did he end up there?
I don't really want to,
but I guess
we'll have to use "that" strategy.
Bring it on!
It's working on him more than anyone.
He's gone again.
We have 12 more balls.
We can't let them earn any more runs.
I'm counting on you, Phantomhive.
How have I not caught him yet,
when I'm actively chasing him down?
Can it be that he senses my presence?
If that's the case
I won't hold back anymore, either.
He disappeared?
Whether you dodge or attack,
what awaits you is death.
There is no way out.
This is what I call "cliff tactics."
What I can do
is make detailed calculations,
thorough planning,
and training to make those work.
That is all!
He's basically
An owl in the dark night,
Hunter in the Dark!
BLUE 105
The outcome of this game will depend
on this delivery.
Not so fast!
Out! End of game!
Blue House won!
-Way to go, Ciel!
The Miracle of Sapphires, once again!
-Up we go!
How reckless
You need to get medical attention first.
Mr. Michaelis
I was so happy that
we all won this match together,
that I forgot about the pain.
We were able to prove that
we can do it, if we put our minds to it.
You really are
a bad boy.
Ow Ouch!
Be more gentle!
Well, well I thought your joy made you
forget about the pain?
Yeah, right! What hurts, hurts!
The game went exactly according to plan.
That was very impressive.
it seems you received
a bigger mark of honor than expected.
Darn that Greenhill
I retrieved the ball, as you ordered.
Although, I highly doubt
Bluewer will notice that it's rigged.
After all,
the weight is just slightly different.
Bluewer bowled this ball
like he always does.
But the small difference in weight
created a large shift in its trajectory.
When Greenhill moved
to follow that trajectory,
the end of his bat,
which he forcefully swung,
reached the wicket-keeper.
At that moment,
the wicket-keeper lost the ball.
Naturally, the Green House's
non-striker ran to score a run.
But this is where things went wrong.
The striker prioritized being a gentleman
over the competition.
The wicket-keeper
went after the ball despite his injury
and took the wicket.
And that just so happened to be
the tenth out.
The wicket-keeper's efforts led to
the miraculous victory of the Blue House,
who are reputedly forever last place.
Yes, everything went according to plan.
Our dorm won the match score-wise,
and we even had a tear-jerking ending.
But still
I can't understand why people like them
still pitch when they know they'll lose.
The concept of a "beautiful defeat"
that humans value
is incomprehensible to me too.
So, how did things go on your end?
The headmaster is
I apologize.
I did my best to chase after him,
but this is all I got when I caught him.
He got away? From him?
He managed to escape a devil?
What kind of person is the headmaster?
This makes this case even more mysterious.
I should have
had you make dessert instead then.
I'm hungry.
I thought you would say that.
So I prepared this for you.
However, you will have to eat it later.
Hey, keep your voice down
in the infirmary.
Oh, Mr. Michaelis! I'm sorry!
-Are you feeling okay?
-Bluewer was crying! Did you see?
Clayton was praising you like crazy!
I can't believe we got to witness
the Miracle of Sapphires firsthand.
Thank you, Phantomhive.
I can't take credit for it.
Here you go!
It's your hat for the boat parade.
You're the cox!
-It looks great on you!
-It suits you!
-Looks good.
-Thank you.
Okay, let's go!
To the boat parade
for the winning dormitory!
Weston College's famous
June 4th cricket tournament
has a closing event.
The main attraction is
the winning dormitory's boat parade.
So this is the cox costume
that's been passed down
within the Blue House?
Oh my
It looks even more ridiculous on you
than I had imagined.
Shut up!
The boat parade is normally
done by upperclassmen.
It's not my fault.
And I don't know why it's so tattered
when it's only been used once.
Sebastian, quickly hem this
That won't be necessary.
You said that you were going to win.
So I came prepared, as any butler should.
Ciel! You're so cute!
It looks so good on you!
Not too shabby!
Phantomhive! Hurry up!
Here we go! Smile!
All right, let me explain
the procedure of the parade.
We will set out from the bank
and go down the River Thames.
When we approach Windsor Castle,
we will all take off our hats
and salute the queen.
Then we will drop the flowers on our hats
into the river and return.
We cannot afford to make any mistakes.
Stay focused until the very end.
The sun has set.
Light the lanterns
with the flame of Saint George!
Ready, go!
-How pretty
Look at the bridge!
The queen is here!
I I'm getting nervous!
Idiot! Don't ruin our pace!
The cox stood up!
It's time to salute Her Majesty.
-Her Majesty The Queen!
-Her Majesty The Queen!
-Long live the Queen!
-Long live the Queen!
-Your Majesty!
-Her Majesty The Queen!
Your Majesty,
I promise that I will
present the truth to you.
To Her Majesty The Queen
we salute!
-Good job!
we won this tournament
through thorough calculations.
we've made one fatal mistake.
We didn't think we would really win,
so we never practiced
the parade sequence even once
Hey, they fell!
What happened?
Honestly, I was hoping this would happen.
Way to go, Ciel!
The Blue House never disappoints!
Oh no.
Come on
How beautiful
It's so bright.
It's so bright
my eyes are burning.
-That was so much fun!
-I'm stuffed.
I'm ready to sleep.
What's wrong?
What's this?
No way! This is amazing!
You were invited
to the midnight tea party!
I finally get to meet the headmaster!
Someone will pick you up at midnight
when the Queen of the Night flower blooms,
so you're supposed to attend
wearing that as a boutonnière.
It is your turn to take a bath, everyone.
The whereabouts of the missing students
and the headmaster's identity
I will unlock all these mysteries
at the tea party!
On the night of June 4th,
the daytime hustle and bustle
dies down and Weston College
falls into silence.
All the doors are locked tight,
and no one is allowed out.
Only a handful of people
are allowed to walk about.
Only those attending
the midnight tea party.
It's time.
We welcome you, Phantomhive.
To the elegant
Midnight tea party.
So that's
the absolute monarch of Weston College,
the headmaster.
Good to see you, everyone.
Have a seat.
Is everyone's cup full?
It's a bit lackluster,
but shall we make a toast with tea?
Well then,
here's to the fact that we were able to
uphold tradition
and end June 4th successfully.
To Weston College. Cheers
One moment, please.
At this rate,
I cannot say "cheers" from the heart.
What's wrong?
Something is bothering me.
It's about Derrick Arden and his friends.
I cannot toast until I see them.
Headmaster, will you listen to
what I have to say?
Phantomhive! You're being rude.
I understand that I am.
However, according to article 15
of the school code of conduct,
we are to "be considerate
of our schoolmates at all times
and help them lovingly."
Derrick Arden,
Richard Gleason,
Hans Hardy, Robert Isaac,
Wayne Thewlis.
I heard they have not returned home
a single time for about a year
and have been cooped up in the dorm.
When I was accepted into this school,
their parents actually asked me
to persuade them
to come back home.
But the more I tried to see them,
the more strange things I discovered.
Like how I can't even catch
a glimpse of them.
How they suddenly transferred
from the Red House to Purple House.
But the strangest thing of all
was the fire from the other day.
All of the students
in the Purple House should have evacuated,
but they weren't there.
And yet, Violet said,
"Everyone is safe."
Violet must have been shaken up.
Would a prefect who is entrusted with
self-governing the famous Weston College
make such a grave mistake?
Who knows?
Either way!
The fact is that they were not
in the Purple House.
Five students have disappeared
from a public school where
students are strictly supervised
every day.
This is obviously an abnormal situation.
Judging from my investigations
up until now,
Derrick and his friends are most likely
no longer in this school.
They've either escaped,
or even worse, died.
The headmaster,
who made them transfer dorms,
and the P4, who are in charge
of self-governing the school
are obviously hiding something.
Before, they were able to pass it off
as "the headmaster's decision."
But they can't do that here,
where both parties are present.
I will dredge up whatever you are hiding.
There is a possibility that they are
caught up in some kind of trouble.
let's ask Scotland Yard for help.
There is no need to do that.
Because they are in this school.
I smell the sweet fragrance of tea.
Derrick Arden!?
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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