Black Butler: Public School Arc (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

His Butler, Having a Laugh

The Miracle of Sapphires, once again!
I am so happy that
we all won this match together!
We were able to prove
that we can do it,
if we put our minds to it.
Your Majesty,
I promise that I will
present the truth to you.
To Her Majesty The Queen
we salute!
The Blue House never disappoints!
It's so bright
my eyes are burning.
No way! This is amazing!
You were invited
to the midnight tea party!
We welcome you, Phantomhive
To the midnight tea party.
So that's
the absolute monarch of Weston College,
the headmaster.
They are obviously hiding something.
It's about Derrick Arden and his friends.
I cannot toast until I see them.
Five students have disappeared
from a public school where
students are strictly supervised
every day.
This is obviously an abnormal situation.
let's ask Scotland Yard for help.
There is no need to do that.
That is because they are in this school.
Derrick Arden?
He was alive and well?
Then why has he been hiding?
What was all that about? He's here.
Are you really?
I smell the sweet fragrance of tea.
Hey, you!
What are you doing?!
That scar!
It's the same as the ones we saw
on the Campania.
I summon you, Sebastian!
Mr. Michaelis?
I order you to capture Derrick!
Yes, my lord.
As an English gentleman,
you must follow
the rules of etiquette at a tea party!
-My arm
Let me tend to his wound.
He bit off quite a bit of your arm.
-Raise his arm up.
Why is Mr. Michaelis here?
What in the world is going on?
I guess his episode
was insufficient, after all.
What do you mean by that?
Mr. Michaelis
Or rather, Sebastian, is my butler.
-Mr. Michaelis is a butler?
And I enrolled into this school to
investigate about Derrick and his friends.
No wonder Sebastian
wasn't able to find them.
Derrick was already dead.
What are you saying?
He's moving as we speak.
I smell the sweet fragrance of tea.
Well then,
why don't you explain what is going on
Phantomhive! What are you doing
Ciel is I mean,
the Earl of Phantomhive
is not to be messed with.
Damn it! What is going on?
I've seen other humans
who have ended up like Derrick.
Tell me what you did to Derrick!
just wanted to protect
The saint who symbolizes this school,
Saint George,
defeated a dragon who was
disrupting the peace
and protected the nation,
according to legend.
In other words, the root of evil
must be removed to escape disaster.
All we did was follow that principle.
That is why
killed Derrick.
He's not breathing.
It's all my fault
What have I done?
Calm down, Greenhill.
It was meant to be.
Actually There was no other option.
That's right But what should we do?
At this rate,
Greenhill will take the blame.
I have an idea.
Will you let me handle this?
They're coming
as soon as they can tomorrow.
That's good.
It'll all be okay now.
Everything will work out.
Hey! So you're the nephew
of the Viscount of Druitt, huh?
Both your social status
and your looks are quite impressive!
The Phoenix!
I am Rian Stoker.
Outwardly, I work as
the director of Karnstein Hospital.
H Hello.
And this is my research partner
D Don't tell me
And so we entered a contract
with him.
Interesting. Now I see the connection.
Derrick Arden,
the student whose entire soul disappeared.
The headmaster,
who was able to evade my pursuit.
The Aurora Society,
a secret society whose goal is
to revive the dead.
What started out as
an insignificant and small incident
turned into such a complicated mystery
all because of
The headmaster has nothing to do with it!
We, the prefects, did everything
I never said it was the headmaster.
Isn't it time for both of us to stop
pretending to be teachers?
I was rather fond of this job too
Watching you struggle
from the grand tier was so amusing.
It provided me with an exceptional laugh.
This man, who makes a living
as an undertaker,
has been assisting the Phantomhive house,
who are the Queen's Watchdogs,
since my predecessor's time.
He used to be a slightly troublesome
but useful informant to me.
Welcome, my earl.
Have you finally decided to enter
the coffin I made specially for you?
Come on, give me an exceptional laugh.
If you do, I will tell you anything.
I guess I have no choice.
I will tell you anything.
I knew I couldn't save them.
I knew, and I still let them die.
Even my own relative
-Do you regret it?
-I do not.
This is the karma
our family must live with.
That ring is almost like a collar.
It ties you to the queen
with a chain called "karma."
I pray that you do not
end up hanging yourself
with that collar one day.
The Aurora Society
has a specified greeting.
-What kind of greeting?
-That is
-The Phoenix!
-The Phoenix!
I will show you
the army of the dead grovel at my feet!
I haven't laughed this much in a while.
How sad would it be
for laughter to disappear from this place.
Those yellow-green eyes
are definitely that of
a Grim Reaper!
Undertaker is a Grim Reaper?
Well then, shall I hunt you all now?
My earl,
I will leave that in your hands for now.
Take good care of it, will you?
It's my treasure.
Wait, Undertaker!
Goodbye, my earl.
Until we meet again.
Hello, my earl.
I was worried, ever since you were thrown
into the sea in the middle of winter.
I'm glad that you seem to be doing well.
Long time no see.
Don't even try!
It's all your fault to begin with!
I was wondering where you went off to
after closing up shop.
Who knew you found a job at a school?
It's just a temporary position though.
My goodness
Our search for a runaway
has taken a dramatic turn of events.
The four of you killed Master Derrick
and asked the Aurora Society
to resurrect him.
You went to this much trouble
to protect what exactly?
Derrick Arden had no place in our school.
What does that mean?
We will announce
the prefects for this year.
Scarlet Fox dormitory, Edgar Redmond.
Sapphire Owl dormitory, Lawrence Bluewer.
Green Lion dormitory, Herman Greenhill.
Violet Wolf dormitory, Gregory Violet.
The four of us
As prefects
of the long-standing Weston College
Will endeavor to govern
the school with pride
This we swear.
We've finally made it here!
Here we go
It's been five years since we enrolled.
We've finally become prefects!
That's right!
I'm sorry
I can't put it into words
Yeah, we got an anonymous note
in the suggestion box.
It said,
"Please pay more careful attention."
Article five of the school code of conduct
says, "All students must be treated
equally under the headmaster."
That's just unacceptable!
Please let me patrol.
How admirable, Derrick.
I'll leave that to you then.
He's so dependable.
He's the captain
of his local cricket team.
He has professional-level
embroidery skills.
His papers always get great scores.
He's a genius at writing poetry too.
He was the son of a duke,
he had a cheerful personality,
and he had abundant talents.
Derrick Arden was dazzling.
That is why we failed to notice
the dark shadow
that his light was producing.
Leaving campus without permission
is against the rules.
And you were drinking on top of that?
Disrupting order tarnishes
the school and your family's reputation!
I'm sorry!
You get three Ys. Turn it in by next week.
That reminds me
Is there any update
regarding the issue with bullying?
The thing is,
there was nothing out of the ordinary.
A lot of those notes are fake, after all.
I see
We received two notes today.
"Please increase the amount of water
for face washing in the morning."
And then What's this?
"A poem for the prefects"?
"Thor is by a peaceful lakeside
With a torch beside him
Listening to the gracious apostle
Playing the harp made of baroque pearls
A mischievous fairy appears
and drops the torch into the lake
The torch's flame dies
And the lake becomes filled with stars
The beautiful lake goes on to become
A legendary healing lake
But the god who was robbed of his light
Continues to wander in the night"
A poem dedicated to the prefects, huh?
People really look up to you, don't they?
Why did you call us here out of the blue?
I'm sleepy.
That poem from the other day
was a message to us.
Thor, the god of thunder,
is the origin of the word "Thursday."
The gracious apostle refers to
the apostle John whose name means
"God is gracious" in Hebrew.
The harp made of baroque pearls
must mean Baroque music.
The "John" of Baroque music must refer to
Johann Sebastian Bach.
And the Bach statue is in the music room.
The "dying torch flame" points to
when the lights go out in the dorm.
That poem
had a date and time
cleverly hidden inside it.
And as to who it's for
The poem was dedicated to us prefects.
So in other words,
they're telling us to go to
the music room on Thursday,
after the lights go out in the dorm?
Yes. It's a well-thought-out poem
that was made to
tell us, and only us, something.
But the poem itself
is a beautiful piece on its own.
how did you figure out its true meaning?
It's probably easier to see under a lamp.
At first glance, it's all black ink.
But actually, words with a double meaning
are written in dark blue ink.
Other than that, anybody who has
knowledge of poetry
would notice the message.
I can't decipher the last part
about him being "robbed of his light."
Come on! Get up!
What are you doing?!
That's right
What they meant by
"robbed of his light" was
Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita
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