Black Lightning (2018) s03e12 Episode Script

The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID

Previously on Black Lightning The Markovians want to capture or kill as many metas as possible.
This occupation won't end until they stabilize the meta gene itself.
And once she does, we will acquire that information and use it to stabilize our own army of metas.
They need Tobias for the cure.
I'll get him out.
I'm with you.
He should be here by now.
You're not that smart after all.
Always so damn tricky.
I'm rescinding the immunity for the Pierce family.
Kill the Pierces.
Khalil? Jennifer Pierce, you are a pain in the ass.
Khalil, stop.
Khalil, are you okay? He's still alive.
- Who's Jen? - That's me.
He loves you.
Helga Jace.
Scientific Log.
Day 97 of Markovian captivity.
An old colleague of mine, Dr.
Lynn Stewart, will be arriving soon.
Colonel Mosin wants her to create the meta stabilization cure for Markovia.
Unfortunately, if Dr.
Stewart is successful, my usefulness to Mosin will vanish and I'll be Dead.
But to keep things light and cheery, and since Dr.
Stewart will be reluctant to share her formula, I'll be forced to engage in various bonding rituals to gain her trust.
Human connection is such a puzzling subject, so I did my research and I created this handy checklist.
I am very confident that Dr.
St Oh, correction.
Lynn and I are destined to be besties.
Bitch! I'm going to kill you this time! You're the reason they brought me here.
I had nothing to do with it.
- You lying little bitch! - Surely you can see I am also a prisoner here.
I'm not on the Markovian's side.
In fact, I've been trying to help you.
Didn't you get my message? - Shut up.
- I knew it.
Because of the data I embedded in Cyclotronic, you were able to create the meta stabilization formula.
Your message contained a virus that killed several metas.
A minor oversight.
You just remember who you have to thank for creating the greatest medical breakthrough in the history of mankind.
Me! You are quite welcome, Dr.
Stewar I mean Lynn.
Stewart, I am Colonel Yuri Mosin.
I know that you have developed a meta stabilization serum in America.
Now that you are a guest of Markovia, you will prepare it for us here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There's We both know that you are lying, but that is to be expected from someone who is a drug addict.
What? I know that you have heard horrible things about Markovians.
But Odell is the devil on this Earth.
You think it was your idea to try Green Light? Odell conditioned you.
The ASA sprayed your wine glass with Green Light and they put subliminal messages on your tablet so that you would get hooked.
You're lying! I had human intelligence inside the ASA.
Perhaps you know Nurse Allen.
I need your brain in optimum condition.
Who the hell are you? And what do you mean he told you he loves me? He's unconscious.
I I I ta Spit it out! Easy, Jen.
This is TC.
He's a meta-human who can communicate with machines.
Khalil is not a machine.
He kinda is.
He does have a quantum chip in his brain.
Super advanced If you don't watch what you say, I'm really gonna Jen.
You all want to give up on Khalil, but I'm telling you he's still in there.
We don't know that for sure.
Your mother thought the same thing.
She's been trying to save Khalil ever since we found him in the Pit.
Hold up.
Mom knew, too? So everybody in my family knew Khalil was alive but me.
So there's a chip in him.
Why don't we just take it out? You can't.
The chip is connected to Khalil's brain.
Removing it would kill him.
Come on, you look like you're about to pass out.
Let's go get some air.
No, Anissa, leave me alone.
If we can't remove the chip, what else can we do? I'm not sure yet.
It's like TC said, the chip is a complex piece of technology.
So TC is gonna need to use his powers to go inside and see what we're dealing with.
Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you, all right.
My entire family covered this up, so it's a lot to process.
My bad for almost lighting you up.
Go ahead, do your thing.
So now there are two outsiders in the sanctum.
Are you sure about this? I don't know much about the kid with long hair, but TC's solid.
You think TC's powers can help Khalil? If Jen has to lose that boy all over again I think if anyone can help him, he can.
Your mother needs our help.
We gotta go.
What's wrong? I can't go into it now, we just gotta go.
Lynn? Lynn, I got your message.
I sent the message.
My name is Sergeant Gardner Grayle.
Lynn's been kidnapped by the Markovians.
You did what? Now why would you break Tobias out of the Pit? Lynn said it was the only way to stop the ASA from weaponizing those kids.
That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
Look, I don't quite understand the science mumbo jumbo, but there is a substance that Tobias' body produces that is key to making the stabilization serum.
So you're saying, without Tobias, there is ASA's plan is dead in the water.
And why should we trust you? You seem to be playing both sides.
I know who you both are.
You're two powerful meta-humans that could squash me like a bug without breaking a sweat.
It's a huge risk for me to be here.
But that's how far I'm willing to go to set things right for Lynn, for all those kids, and for Freeland.
Well, lucky for you, Sergeant Grayle, I've always believed in second chances.
All right, look, how do we get my mom back? Does the ASA know where the Markovians are keeping Lynn? Major Grey has the best people on it.
Since Markovia has meta-humans, I expect Major Grey will want Black Lightning's help in reacquiring Lynn.
She will need to make that request in person at a place of Black Lightning's choosing.
I'll see what I can do to arrange it.
I think it's a trap.
Okay, look, Anissa Something else you need to know about your mom.
I always say, you can't trust a big lip, barrel chest, nappy headed, bug eyed, slue-footed negro as far as you can throw him.
You know I can't stand a self-hating black man.
But then again, you ain't that black.
You should just take the pill.
How long since your last fix? It doesn't matter.
Nothing does.
You know what would be nice, my friend? If before your withdrawal symptoms begin to incapacitate you and you begin drooling on the floor, would you be so kind as to share the formula? You have something to take notes? The formula is one cup flour One egg - Half cup of brown sugar.
- What is this? My aunt's peanut butter cookie recipe.
Whether I help you with the formula or not, I'm dead either way.
And I would rather die than help Mosin weaponize those metas.
Khalil, I know you can hear me.
Just hang in there, okay? Please.
You good? Before my mom died, I used to say goodbye to her every single day because I didn't know if that was gonna be her last.
I know that was hard.
This chip is bad, man.
It's a hybrid of carbon nanotubes and biological material.
It's faster than anything I've ever seen before.
I've got it.
Move aside.
I've found the root directory file for the Painkiller operating system.
Uncle Gambi, can you translate, please? Think of Khalil's brain like a computer and the Painkiller program like the operating system that enables the computer to function.
Why don't we just press the "off" button on the Painkiller program.
That program is the only thing running Khalil's cerebrum.
It controls his memories, language, emotion, reasoning.
If we were to shut it down now Khalil would be brain dead.
TC's trying to find another option.
I'm VRing into the chip inside Khalil.
It's a long, dark hallway.
Doors on each side.
Like in an apartment.
The Painkiller system treated TC like a virus and forced him out.
I know where TC was when he went in.
It sounded like Khalil's old apartment building.
He must've gotten close to the Khalil we know, otherwise the Painkiller system wouldn't have been so bothered by the intrusion.
Oh, God.
How do we get rid of him? Firewall.
That's a good idea, kid.
A firewall would create a barrier between the Painkiller operating system and Khalil's brain.
But we'd still need a way to push Painkiller behind the firewall and trap him.
Electric current.
Man, I can't believe Mom's been taking Green Light.
She claims she removed the addictive properties.
Not based on what I saw, though.
When did you find all this out? I caught her taking it right before we moved the kids from the detainment center to Garfield.
Wait, hold up.
You discovered Mom was taking drugs and you still came with the Resistance? Dad, the Resistance would've managed just fine without you.
I just don't Your priority was to make sure that she was taken care of.
Why did you not stay behind and look after her? Henderson called me, told me the kids were in trouble.
Your mom stormed out.
Look, Anissa, this this thing going on with your mom is not going to solve itself in a moment, or a day.
It's gonna take time to heal.
I thought I had that time to help her work through it and now this.
It's not a thing, Dad.
This is an illness.
I know.
I know.
Why do you think this is your problem to solve on your own? We'll deal with mom's addiction together, okay? As a family.
You know, in hindsight, there were so many signs.
I should have known No, no, it's not your fault.
But look We gotta focus on how to bring Mom back.
Wait for my signal.
Yeah, all right.
Now, what the hell are you doing here? Don't bother.
I'll just beat it out of you.
Now! Keep firing! Yeah.
We got him behind the firewall! No! Brains over brawn, bitch.
We found looped security footage of Tobias' cell and believe the Markovians had someone inside the Pit.
A male nurse has conveniently gone MIA.
Do you know where Lynn's being held? Not yet.
When you do, let me know, I'll handle it.
Meeting over.
Hold on.
There's no way you're going on a mission to Markovia all alone.
You might crush it with the thugs on the streets of Freeland, but a foreign invasion is way over your head.
Well, yeah.
Kind of especially against a country full of metas.
Listen to your daughter.
We need to build a team on this one.
We? Oh, let me guess, you want some of your people on this team.
Of course.
If we combine our resources, we stand the best chance of bringing your wife back home and preventing the Markovians from Yeah, creating a meta army.
Yeah, yeah.
After everything the ASA has put me through, you have the nerve to walk in this house, and suggest that we work together? You must be crazy.
Whoa, Dad.
Let's think about this.
I can't hop on my motorcycle and ride over to Markovia.
It's way too far for you to fly.
We're gonna need intel and communication.
Let's think about this.
One condition.
Everyone I bring on this mission is off-limits to the ASA forever.
Their information wiped from your files.
Shouldn't dude be waking up or something? I don't know.
TC said we should just wait, see if his system reboots.
Jennifer? I need to speak with you.
Excuse me.
Your mother The Markovians Kidnapped your mother just outside the Pit.
Where did they take her? We're narrowing in on some possible locations.
Anissa and I are putting together an extraction team, so I'll keep you posted.
You don't need to do that.
You know I'm coming with you.
Jen, we have no idea what we could be walking into Which is why you need me.
So I'm coming with you.
And so is he.
- What? - Coming where? Markovia.
They kidnapped my mom and that's where Jace is.
- Jen, I might be okay with you coming, but - I Trust me, Dad, Brandon can take care of himself.
And he's got my back.
Look, Mr.
Pierce, no disrespect, but I'm either going with you or by myself.
Jace killed my mom.
So, if that's where she is, then that's where I need to be.
After everything that's happened, how could you possibly work with them? Because it's Lynn, Gambi.
Because getting her back is the only thing that matters.
So, when do we leave? Well, actually, I thought you could just monitor things from here.
You're joking, right? You don't know Markovia.
I've had business there.
Believe me, you're going to want me there.
What Business? I have many stories, my friend.
Most of which I'd rather forget.
Pack a bag.
This is about my family.
This is about my family.
We have to handle this on our own.
Anissa, I'm not a child.
Grace, sometimes you are.
- Oh, low blow.
- I'm just saying.
I've managed to survive most people's worst nightmares.
Besides, I'm pretty sure the one and only time we fought, you got your ass kicked.
Oh, woman, please.
Please, do not get too far ahead of yourself, okay? The last time we fought, I didn't wanna beat down an old man.
I didn't even use my powers.
This conversation is over and done.
You're not going.
Oh, what the hell is wrong with you? No blood, no powers? Okay.
You just make sure you leave the leopard out of this.
What, is Thunder afraid of a little pussycat? - Huh? - Yeah.
Come on.
Look, all I'm trying to say is I love you and I would be devastated if something were to happen to you because of me.
This is my fight.
Your fight is my fight, babe.
That's very nice of you to say, but this is very dangerous.
People might die and I don't I don't want that to be you.
It won't be me.
I'm going.
And I thought you said, "No powers.
" - Oh.
- Yeah, okay.
Why am I not surprised? I assure you, I'm every bit the prisoner that you are.
I'm merely doing Dr.
Stewart a favor and extracting your bone marrow.
Bitch, you've never done anyone a favor in your life.
You're merely a cockroach, doing whatever it takes to survive.
Well, I'd suggest you do the same.
What are they gonna do? If they want stable metas around here, the Markovians aren't going to touch a hair on my chinny, chin, chin.
This isn't Agent Odell and the ASA.
No, but they do know my value.
But you, on the other hand, now that Dr.
Stewart is here, you're beginning to look awfully expendable.
Your arrogance is off the charts as usual, Tobias.
How safe you think you are.
But because we're old friends, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
Colonel Mosin is making plans to lobotomize you.
Vitals still good? Yes.
The chip's working perfectly.
Even her response time has improved.
Have you programmed the kill order? I don't appreciate having to give an order more than once.
If we can't reacquire this asset, we have to deny it from the Markovians.
Here, have a seat before you fall flat on your ass.
Careful, or someone might mistake you for having compassion.
No, I don't foresee that being a problem.
Actually, I prefer you on the Glimmer.
That obsessive need for answers.
It's not unlike how I see the world.
I am nothing like you.
Honestly, you may be the only person I've ever met as smart as me.
I know I'm not easy to work with, but I really am trying to help you.
All right.
I need medication to help me deal with withdrawal.
My hands aren't steady enough to finish it.
Lynn, this is the formula for methadone.
It won't do anything for a Green Light derivative.
You're not thinking straight.
No, you you're wrong! You know I'm right.
It's the Glimmer or you'll probably die.
I I can't die in here.
Any progress? I've successfully earned her trust.
Trust does not strengthen my numbers, does it? Besides Gravedigger, how many metas are stable enough to fight? None, I'm afraid.
If they exceed 50 or 60 percent output, they'll experience sudden death.
I need that stabilization serum.
And you'll have it.
I better, or else you'll end up being the subject of the experiments, and not the doctor.
Peter Esposito, aka Peter Gambi, aka The Tailor.
You look pretty good for a dead man.
Thank you, Major.
As agreed, all members of my team will be removed from the ASA system, and will receive full pardons and/or immunity, including Gambi.
All right, everyone, I need your full attention.
Gather around.
As you know, I've assembled you here for a reason.
I didn't come here for you.
Yeah, me neither.
Nobody's here for you, actually.
- I don't like working with the ASA.
- Guys, guys.
All right, that's enough.
Listen up.
We're going on to foreign soil to engage a ruthless enemy who knows we're coming.
We're gonna be outnumbered and outgunned, so the ASA support is our best chance of getting in and out alive.
Look, we got a lot to do, all right? In a short time.
So let's get to work.
I thought you said once we locked Painkiller behind the firewall, Khalil would gain back control of his brain.
In theory, he should have.
It doesn't make sense.
Even a machine this sophisticated - TC, he's not a machine.
- I know.
But tech this advanced still needs an operating system.
What if Painkiller got out from behind the firewall? Maybe it wasn't strong enough.
That would explain why Khalil hasn't regained consciousness.
Why don't you go back in there and find out? Whether it's Painkiller or not, we still need to identify the problem, TC.
All right, fine.
You did this to me.
Hello? Is anybody here? Oh.
I know this looks weird, but I kind of, sort of need you to come with me.
How did you It doesn't matter.
I I can't.
I've tried.
You you actually can.
Um If you want.
Leave, that is.
Look, man, I don't know who you are, or how you got into my bedroom, but if he finds us This actually isn't your I mean, it's sort of, kind of is But it's sort of, kind of not your bedroom.
Then what is it? Tell me.
It's a figurative construct of your imagination, some type of projected memory from your subconscious.
Or more likely, I'm just dead.
You should go.
The Painkiller OS isn't the problem.
It's Khalil.
He created this safe harbor inside of what he thinks is his bedroom.
Now he won't come out.
But if he's in there, it'll at least keep him alive, right? Unfortunately, no.
Unless Khalil reclaims control of his brain, his most basic body functions, including breathing, will soon stop working.
Okay, you know what? TC, you need to go back in there, okay? Do whatever you have to.
Tell him I'm here.
Tell him I love him.
I don't care what you tell him, just get him out here.
Hey, hey, I've tried.
But talking to people isn't exactly my strong suit.
Why can't Jen do it? She's already zapped the dude's brain with electricity, right? It's not that simple.
For her to do this, she would have to channel herself into pure energy.
All I know is, I've seen her make bullets go through her body.
It sounded like pure energy to me.
Is that true, Jen? Have you learned to control your powers to that extent? Yeah.
If I concentrate.
Then Brandon's right.
As pure energy, you could become a current directly into the chip.
And I can guide that current to Khalil.
All right, cool, let's do it.
Whoa, not so fast.
Not so fast, Jen.
There's a There's a danger here.
You see, TC's not actually in there, he's just virtual.
But if you become energy and go inside, you're actually inside Khalil's mind.
And if he shuts down with you in there Then you're dead, too.
It's too risky, Jen.
I won't allow you to put yourself into that kind of danger.
- Look, Uncle Gambi - Listen to me, Jen.
The realization of the things he's done would depress anybody.
He killed his own mother.
What? Odell put that chip in his head and programmed him to take out his own mom.
So you're saying he's suicidal? He very well could be.
Uncle Gambi, I know you're worried about me and I appreciate it, but I can and I will take care of myself.
If I see any sign there's no hope, I'll get out.
Khalil would do the same thing for me.
So, you're dead, too, huh? I'm not dead, Khalil.
And neither are you.
Not yet.
But Tobias, he ripped my spine out.
Yeah, I thought that killed you, too, but apparently, the ASA saved you.
Like they did with my legs, huh? That's right.
Except this time they put a chip in your brain with some sort of operating system.
So None of this is real.
Look, Khalil.
Khalil, look at me.
All of this is real.
Thing is It may not seem like it, but this place is a prison.
If you don't come with me right now, you will die.
Maybe I'm supposed to.
Did you ever think of that? I thought you had.
Now that I know you're still alive, I'm not sure my heart could take losing you again.
So, please.
Take my hand.
It's okay.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come on, go.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come on.
Where the hell do you think you're going? Get your ass back over here.
Hey, if we stay here Khalil, just come with me, okay? Don't listen to him.
Please! Without me, you're nothing but a victim.
What, you want to get shot? Have your spine ripped out again? You're soft.
- You're nothing without me.
- Uh-oh.
Jen Tell me that I didn't kill my No, you didn't, Khalil.
You didn't do any of those things, okay? He did.
He's me.
Hey, it's now or never.
Khalil, listen, you gotta come with me.
Khalil, just come with me, please.
Don't do it.
You won't survive without me.
Khalil, listen to me! You know it.
Khalil, please don't make me go through losing you all over again! Khalil! Khalil, you can't die in here.
But it's time for you to make a choice.
Gotta make a choice.
Hey! You always listen to her! Hey, come back! One step, then another.
You got it.
Come on.
Come on.
You should've just left me there to die alone.
Just relax.
Remember not to touch his bare skin, Jen.
Especially his hands.
The ASA elevated the toxin levels in your bloodstream, essentially creating a poison touch.
This poison can be delivered at varying increments, ranging from stun, to paralysis, to death.
How did I know this? It's because the ASA They programmed you with a database of knowledge, skills and abilities.
Not only fighting and weapons, but a bunch of random things like anatomy, philosophy, biomechanics Wait, wait, wait.
They programmed me? What? Like a computer? They programmed a chip, inside your brain.
Can you get it out? Not without killing you.
We have the Painkiller operating system firewalled.
- For now - But it's always gonna be inside you.
But it's okay, Khalil, - because together we - Stop it! Just stop.
Jen, we We can't be together.
I mean, there's a monster inside of me.
I'm Khalil.
I'm literally poison.

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