Black Lightning (2018) s03e13 Episode Script

The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four: Grab the Strap

Previously on Black Lightning Besides Gravedigger, how many metas are stable enough to fight? None, I'm afraid.
Lynn's been kidnapped by the Markovians.
There is a substance that Tobias' body produces that is key to making the stabilization serum.
I know that you have developed a meta stabilization serum in America.
You will prepare it for us here.
So there's a chip in him.
Why don't we just take it out? [GAMBI.]
The chip is connected to Khalil's brain.
Removing it would kill him.
After everything that's happened, how could you possibly work with them? Because getting her back is the only thing that matters.
Listen up.
We're going on to foreign soil to engage a ruthless enemy who knows we're coming.
So the ASA support is our best chance of getting in and out alive.
Let's get to work.
Black Lightning.
"Black Lightning"! Never particularly cared for that name.
The news News called me that, twenty-two years ago and it stuck.
Twenty-two years.
Feels like a thousand and then some.
All the blood, broken bones, [CHUCKLES.]
broken hearts and death.
All the death.
There was Lynn, witness to it all.
We tried to balance a normal life, you know, kids, career.
But nothing Nothing mixes well with Black Lightning.
So, we fought.
We made up got divorced, got back together.
Just couldn't stop loving each other.
I grew up around drug dealers and drug addicts.
You know all that.
Man I've seen drugs devastate people, families I know the depth of addiction.
I also know that Black Lightning's powers are useless in that fight.
But they are not useless in the fight in front of me right now.
This war for Freeland This war for Freeland took her from me.
If I have to break bones, burn skin, draw blood If I have to kill, I will.
I'm getting her back.
You're right, Jeff, we'll get her back.
Big day tomorrow.
You should get some sleep.
- Well, you've got nowhere to go but up.
- [SIGHS.]
Why don't we just reduce the difficulty until they get the hang of it? This isn't a damn video game.
We're training for a mission we cannot fail.
Run it again.
Pierce, a word.
Major, I'm busy.
Everything we have on Painkiller.
As agreed.
And you'll provide amnesty for my entire team? As agreed.
Although your use of the word "team" is a joke.
It takes weeks for seasoned professionals to train for a rescue op.
We have to launch this op before the Markovians find a way to force Dr.
Stewart to stabilize their metas, and half your people can't fight their way out of a paper bag.
Let me worry about that.
Say the word, and I will give you my best ASA commandos.
They'll get you to the target, you can do the rest.
My mission.
My team.
Good luck with that.
This spectrometer is in dire need of an upgrade.
You haven't said anything all morning.
Are you not talking to me? My research shows that friendly human connections start with a salutation of some sort.
So, good morning.
I'm a prisoner, miles from home.
So no, it isn't.
Greetings, doctors.
- Any progress? - I'm afraid not.
You will make the stabilization serum.
Kiss my ass.
If you kill her, she can't help us.
Then, I'm just in time.
Heard about Dr.
I'll take it from here.
This is my operation, Gravedigger.
I have things well in hand.
No, you don't.
Note the presidential signature.
This is my operation now.
You are under my command.
I want a full briefing of this facility.
You have an hour to get it together.
Now, get the hell out of my face.
You've still not aged.
Don't analyze me.
I'm not one of your subjects anymore, Jace.
I won't say it's good to see you, because it isn't.
Your reputation precedes you.
Welcome to Markovia.
You sound American.
I was.
But that's a long story for later, after you've cured my people.
Your people? There are 94 meta-humans here in pods who could live healthy lives with your stabilization cure.
You think I'm stupid? You're weaponizing them! Freedom ain't free.
Spare me the rationalization.
I'm not open to persuasion.
It's It's interesting that you'd say that.
Make the cure as fast as you can.
What are you staring at? [FROM TV.]
ASA troops continue to patrol the streets [JENNIFER.]
protecting the citizens from the Markovian just outside our city.
How you doing? Perfect.
Just catching up with what's going on in the world.
I feel like I've been in a bubble for years.
I know the timing's really bad but our rescue team ain't looking so good.
- I need to ask you a favor.
- No.
No, the last thing I need to do is go on another kill mission again.
Khalil, you know I'm not asking you to kill anybody.
This is to get my mom back.
You have more training than all of us put together.
J, I want you to get your mother back.
Really, I do.
But I am more of a liability than I am an asset.
- What are you talking about? - He's still in my head, Jen.
I can't be trusted.
We've both killed for the ASA.
But I lied to my family about it.
They've lied to me, Odell lied to you, at least you've been honest.
So, as far as I'm concerned, I trust you.
I killed my own mother, Jen.
Then help me save mine.
Are you experiencing discomfort? A migraine, perhaps? Headache.
Whole head or part? Front.
You know what happened.
Tell me.
That was Gravedigger.
A meta-human with enhanced strength and speed, with the power to push whoever is in earshot.
- "Push"? - Mental domination.
Auditory stimulation overrides the frontal lobe.
That's why I can't stop working, even though I don't want to.
Give me the Glimmer.
- What? Lynn, you're not - Just give it to me! Careful, or you'll OD.
Lynn? Lynn! [GRUNTING.]
I don't have to finish.
The Glimmer causes hyperactivity in the frontal lobe.
An antidote to being pushed.
Which means while he thinks we're making the cure, we can make something else.
Perhaps best not to test it.
Allow me to suggest a man does not get the name "Gravedigger" because he's kind and gentle.
Then you better hope we don't get caught.
"We"? So we're bonding now? We're in the same boat for now, but it has a major leak in it.
Resisting Gravedigger's push isn't enough.
We're gonna have to use it to get out of here.
not eating nothing.
- Hey.
- Hey, Jen.
Really? You're still holding on to this? All I was trying to do was protect you.
Well, since you're gonna bring it up in front of your girlfriend, I don't need protecting.
All those times you watched me break down over Khalil, it never dawned on you to tell me he's alive? Jen, I was about to, okay? But Painkiller damn near killed me, he killed Tavon, the damn thing killed Khalil's mom.
So, in my mind, Jen, he was not alive.
Look, I just figured you were better off just not knowing.
And you think that's up to you to decide for me? You're just like Dad.
Hey, Jen.
You better dig deep, dude.
You've turned down joining the fight in every simulation we've run.
Man, get out of my face.
Every team is as good as its weakest link.
Just have the pride to not consistently be it.
Coming at me with that pride stuff.
I know what the ASA is about.
I'm not trying to get killed for you.
Then why bother to go? I don't have to explain nothing to you.
I will grant you the ASA has been doing wrong.
But that's why I'm here, to use my experience to help.
Oh, so now you wanna help? Okay, so, how many kids have you killed? Helped kill? Exactly.
Come on, man! Do something.
I dare you.
Really? Does Jen know you're leaving? No.
I'm not too good with goodbyes.
I think you owe her more than that.
I do, too.
Where are you gonna go? I don't know, but I gotta get out of Freeland, for good this time.
Why? Why would I stay? I wanna apologize to you.
- You wanna apologize to me? - Yeah.
I feel like I didn't do enough for you.
Look, it's like I said at the hospital the night I died.
You did what you could.
So, apology not accepted.
You won't be hunted.
I had your name removed from the ASA register.
You'll have a chance at somewhat of a normal life, free from them.
That means a lot.
But I'll never actually be free and clear from Painkiller.
I can't even trust myself.
What good would I be to anybody? Well, you You'd be a lot of good to us in Markovia.
There is enough blood on my hands, Mr.
Look, Khalil.
We can't We can't undo our past mistakes.
All we can do is just move forward and try to do better.
Look, I just want you to know that you would be a big help.
But I respect your desire to To take off.
If you ever find yourself this way again, you'll find our door open.
How many? I didn't hear you come in.
I know.
How many cures have you created? Uh Two, so far.
That's all? [VOICE DISTORTS.]
Work faster.
To work faster, I'm gonna need your blood.
My blood? I took a look at your medical files.
Your blood has a property that can supercharge serum production.
Why were you looking at my medical files? You're a stable meta.
All right.
She's likely being held in one of three labs.
There's a notable concentration of energy consumption in Lab A.
That's probably our best bet.
Closest entrance is here.
Recommended egress, here.
Tough fight to get there.
Let's just go out the way we came in.
That's generally considered a no-no in special operations.
So, they won't be expecting it.
Anything else? Yes.
We also need Tobias Whale.
No, my mission is to get my wife back, that's it.
The Markovians can do whatever they want with his evil albino ass.
He's the only one with the unique bone marrow needed for the stabilization cure.
If you leave him there, we won't be able to stabilize our metas, and they'll all die.
If you're all right with that, by all means, leave him there.
What do you want now? I just wanted to give you these.
I snagged them from one of the other rooms.
I figured you could use them.
- Thanks.
- Right.
No problem.
The boots will enhance your speed, and the vambraces I know what vambraces do.
Um I appreciate it.
Hey! What the hell? Get out! Now.
Freakin' weirdo.
Now the whole team is here.
We can go.
Whose idea was it for Painkiller to come? Mine.
Why? You know we can't trust him.
Don't worry about it.
If he gets out of pocket, there's a way to shut him down.
Yeah, y'all sure better hope so.
I feel like I should tell you something.
What? Major Grey had Erica chipped and programmed with a kill order.
I was given the same order.
Kill me? Dr.
If she can't be saved, Erica and I are to terminate.
- I won't, but - But she will.
I'm sorry, I would've told you in the Pit, but Major Grey would've known.
Actually, you don't have to worry about it.
I kinda already deactivated the chip in Erica.
What? When you were watching us on your phone.
How did you know I was watching you? Your phone told me.
Remember when I touched her hair? I do remember that.
It was kind of creepy.
She thought so, too.
But when I touched her hair, I wasn't trying to be romantic.
I mean, she's not really my type.
I love a woman who Get on with it, son.
Well, I'd seen the chip.
I figured it was bad, so I deactivated it.
You're welcome.
Gambi's teaching you well.
Thank you.
Now I got some business to take care of.
I know it was a tough decision for you, but I'm glad you decided to come.
My mom, she always liked and respected your mom.
She'd want me to be here.
Plus, I wanna be the guy that saves people not the one that kills them.
Hey, you okay? Nobody's okay in here.
The plane was one thing, but this? People weren't meant to fly.
If we were, we'd be born with wings.
- You've never flown before? Hey.
Brandon, what's going on? His powers are earth-based.
Makes sense that his body would rebel against air travel.
All right, everything's gonna be fine.
You just need to calm down, okay? Brandon.
Khalil, did you just poison him? I can't poison.
Only Painkiller can.
That was Kyushu Jitsu.
Talk to me.
I should be the one to go after Lynn.
Under any other circumstances, I would agree.
But they can find another Lynn.
They can't find another Tobias Whale.
Besides, as strong as the girls are, tactically, they're still inexperienced.
Tobias is far too dangerous for them to handle by themselves.
I just want to get there already, know that she's safe, and bring her home.
I'm proud of you, you know that? I haven't done anything for you to be proud of.
But you have.
Over, and over, and over again, ever since you were 12 years old.
And now you're not only a hero, you have the stature to lead other heroes.
I am proud of you, and Alvin would be, too.
What is a hero these days? You are.
Thanks, old man.
We're landing in 30.
We'll be blacked out from Markovian air defense for the next two hours.
If this doesn't work, they'll kill me.
It's working already.
Then, can I have some? No.
Jace, you're wanted in Lab B.
TC and I will navigate you through the compound, alert you to any threats.
Let you know as soon as we get eyes on Lynn.
Grace, hold your position as long as you can.
I'll drop down and take out the first wave.
Thunder and Erica, you're with me.
We're going after Tobias.
Jennifer, Khalil, Brandon, Grayle, you're going after Lynn.
Stay focused, be ready.
We're not going home empty-handed.
Let's do this.
I'm in.
About 30 meters, then make a left.
Wait, we got a door.
It's not on my schematics.
I just hit it with 100 million volts.
It didn't even heat up.
My guess is it's grounded to diffuse energy blasts into the earth.
It can ground this.
I found Dr.
- Where? - She's in Lab A.
What about Dr.
Jace? Jace, Jace uh, Lab B.
Okay, look - Brandon, wait.
- I'm on it.
Stay on mission.
Come on.
I'll take point.
Stand down! Stand down! - [GUNS FIRING.]
- Stop! - What's going on? Sounds like the cavalry is here.
Quiet, squid.
Whoever it is, they will regret this.
You, you, take it to the bunker.
Damn! Come on, same time.
What are we gonna do? Can we find another way around? [GAMBI.]
Wait, Erica, get ready to absorb.
Thunder, hit her.
- Wait, what? - Hit her! [GRUNTING.]
Yeah, again.
Hard as you can.
Wait, wait, wait.
We're just wasting time.
We're gonna get caught.
Wait, no, I think I get it.
Her power's organic like photosynthesis.
So, it'll follow the Fibonacci sequence? [GAMBI.]
Every blow Erica absorbs creates exponential growth in her powers.
Load her up.
Tell us when you've had enough.
I can't hold anymore.
Then don't.
Handle that door.
Well, okay then.
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
They're moving Tobias.
Probably to a more secure location.
We can't let them get there.
And you got Markovians coming your way.
- Go.
We got this.
- Move! - [GUN FIRING.]
Stewart, we are moving you.
Take what you need to keep working, and be quick about it.
Get rid of your detail.
No! I didn't mean [VOICE DISTORTS.]
Stand still.
Now, you're gonna lead me out of here.
You're almost there.
Twenty meters away, but But we have company.
I feel them.
"Feel them"? Excuse me.
There's more closing in from behind.
He's right.
Now, Dr.
Stewart is on the move.
Hey, go.
I'll hold them off.
- You'll be all right? - Why wouldn't I be? Never mind.
Just take care.
Stand down, son.
Yeah, I'm not your son.
By the way you're standing, your respiration you're not all there.
Bionics, lots of them.
Not enough nervous system for me to push.
Not enough sense to run.
Clearly, you're what they call a "millennial.
" You talk too much.
Not bad.
You don't wanna do this.
Like I said you talk too much.
Heads up.
The security detail moving Tobias is around the next corner.
We gotta go.
You stand a better chance of getting out of here if I'm not carrying your ass.
This way.
It's actually nice to see you, Jefferson.
Even if that was my name we're not on a first-name basis, bruh.
Negro, stop lying.
You don't want your cover blown, don't keep coming out the woodwork to save the Pierce girls.
And now you've come all this way to save that fine-ass ex-wife of yours.
I get it.
I've had a lot of quality time with her myself.
What, she didn't tell you? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, it actually is, "ex-wife.
" She's quite charming for being a dope fiend.
Maybe, I should just barbecue your ass.
- Come on now, Jeff.
You could've just blasted those soldiers.
Look, you and I both know your black ass used hand-to-hand combat to avoid hitting me.
Is your name Jace? It is.
What can I do for you? You can die, bitch.
Stop! Brandon, stop! Stop! [DR.
Who the hell was that? Keep up.
I'm impressed.
You're fast, strong, well taught.
But experience is the best teacher.
Look, I got your measure, kid.
Stay down if you wanna live.
Heard a lot about you, Black Lightning.
Hate we had to meet like this.
- Mom.
- Jen! No, no, no.
Stand still.
Is he with you? [IN NORMAL VOICE.]
Not at all.
- We need to go.
- No, no.
Wait, wait.
Shock yourself, and don't stop until you pass out.
Oh, harsh.
You have powers now? [IN NORMAL VOICE.]
For another 20 minutes.
Which way? Come on, there's a chopper waiting.
Your sister has your mother.
- What about Grace? - Erica got to her.
She's on the chopper.
Get out of there, Anissa.
We have to go.
All right.
I'm on my way.
Where's Black Lightning and Thunder? She's on her way.
Black Lightning's not answering his comms.
All right.
I'm going after him.
Hold on! You can't chase your tail in an op like this, otherwise, nobody goes home.
Hey, what's going on? Dad's missing, and this fool wants me to stay put.
He's right.
Just give him a minute.
Everybody, stand still.
Walk away.
That doesn't work on me, Dr.
Look, I'm not a murderer.
If you come with me, everybody gets to go back where they came from.
You don't, everybody dies.
No, Khalil.
It's too late.
I'll go.
Close the door and take off.
Brother, you are everything they said you were! But so am I.
Nobody touches my wife! [LYNN.]
I love you! [BLACK LIGHTNING.]
I love you.
Let's go home.

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