Black Lightning (2018) s03e14 Episode Script

The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming

Previously Black Lightning I unraveled that Bitcoin chain.
This is who had you killed.
I like this little hustle that you got goin' on here.
As of right now, you work for me.
The case belongs to Tobias Whale.
I can't turn it on.
He'll find me if I got his.
So, there's a chip in him.
Why don't we just take it out? The chip is connected to Khalil's brain.
Removing it would kill him.
He's still in my head, Jen.
- I can't be trusted.
- I trust you.
We're going on to foreign soil to engage a ruthless enemy who knows we're coming.
We're gonna be outnumbered and outgunned.
I'm looking for Dr.
Jace killed my mother.
Stop! Nobody touches my wife! - I love you.
- I love you.
Let's go home.
You know me by another name from another life.
I go by Peter Gambi now, but no matter how hard I try to escape, my past is determined to haunt me.
This war between the ASA and Markovia should've could've been prevented, if I had only disobeyed one order.
I should've killed you 40 years ago, Dr.
But you didn't, did you? I was forced to work for both sides, and let me tell you, if Markovia wins this meta arms race, we and everything we know will cease to exist.
So, whether you understand that or not, we're fighting on the same side now.
You were their prisoner for months.
Tell me about their leader.
I believe you've met him.
He answers to the name Gravedigger.
And what does Gravedigger want here in Freeland? Your stable metas.
All of them.
The mission was a success.
My team managed to retrieve Dr.
Stewart and Dr.
Jace from Markovia.
Jace, how fortunate.
I do look forward to debriefing her.
No, not a chance.
I'm holding you to our deal.
All members of my team are to be erased from the ASA records, including Dr.
Under whose authority? I noticed you failed to mention you let Tobias Whale escape.
There was an audible in play.
This was supposed to be a covert mission.
Your team botched it so completely, the Markovians now have Freeland surrounded.
Sounds like an ASA problem to me.
Major Grey you are dismissed.
Erica Moran's been returned to her family.
Her identity, as well as those of every member of your team will be excised, including that of Dr.
There's more.
We came across an American meta in Markovia.
Now, my intel says he's heading to Freeland, leading the Markovian invasion.
Calls himself Gravedigger? I'm not familiar with that name but rest assured, I will perform the due diligence.
Am I to assume I can count on you in the coming war? No.
Freeland can.
Okay, here I come.
Okay, okay, that's enough, Anissa.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Dad said it'll help after the fight in Markovia.
I really wish I had your abilities right now.
God, who thought ice would hurt more than a punch? Maybe you can ask Painkiller to take your pain away.
Please don't call him that.
His name's Khalil.
Plus, we're not talkin' about him.
You lost those privileges when you conveniently forgot to tell me he's alive.
Yeah, well, he has an assassin trapped in that chip in his head.
He's a ticking time bomb.
He still needs my help.
No one should have to face what he went through by themselves.
You know that.
Jen, what happens if Painkiller gets loose? He is a killer.
He helped protect all of us in Markovia.
He seems like he's in control to me.
Look I know you love him, Jen, but the two of you are not the same people you were when you fell in love.
You have never met Painkiller.
I'm telling you, he is a wild animal.
- He's a wild animal? - Yes.
Whose girlfriend spends most of their time roaming Freeland as a leopard? Oh.
That was a low blow.
It's true.
The difference? Grace knows who I am in all of her forms and she never hurt me.
Can you say the same about Khalil? That looks light.
You're not holdin' out on Lala, are you, Lady Eve? Now, you know you gotta kick out 30% to keep operating in Freeland.
That's exactly what Lala and I agreed upon.
Count it.
Devonte, isn't it? We're gonna be seeing a lot of each other.
I prefer our interactions be pleasant.
Did any of my girls happen to catch your eye? You know you can take your pick.
This is about business.
I ain't here for pleasure.
Lala and I are business partners, and he should know the quality of our product.
And since he feels it beneath him, that duty falls squarely upon his lieutenant.
Right here.
Excellent choice.
Shalon will fulfill your every desire.
Your firewall's holding up, Khalil.
Is there anything else I can do for you? No, thanks, TC.
I don't need anything.
Yes, you do.
Okay, what am I supposed to do with that? Idle hands are the devil's playground.
Jen told me that you are an accomplished artist.
The world needs more artists.
No, the world doesn't need me.
Listen, Khalil, I've had my own struggles with PTSD.
What helped me was finding a safe emotional structure.
I found that in tailoring.
I'd lose myself for hours in the stitching and fabrics.
And seeing that I could create something of value helped me get out of the dark places that my mind would get trapped in.
Thanks, but I'll be okay.
I can take care of myself.
You're one tough cookie, kid, no doubt about that, but PTSD is not an enemy anyone should handle by themselves.
Would you be willing to talk with someone about it? Right, and what therapist is gonna take a patient who murdered his own mother? Once this occupation's over, I'm gonna get you the help you need.
I have a friend, Perenna.
She's used to tough cases.
She helped Jennifer through a rough patch.
But until then express yourself.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got you.
I got you.
Come on.
Baby baby, you're sweating, but you're cold as ice.
It's the withdrawals.
I'm surprised it's taken this long to manifest.
Is there anything else I can do for you? Jeff I'm an addict.
I never truly knew, all those years, what it was like for you being Black Lightning.
The weight of the world on your shoulders.
Knowing you could fix it.
I understand that lure and why you couldn't stop.
I should've seen that I was forcing you to be something that you weren't, and I am sorry.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry.
If I'd gone after you instead of helping Henderson, then the Markovians wouldn't have gotten you.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Brandon, please, just sit down and chill for one second.
Not until you take me to Dr.
Have you ever taken a life? It changes you forever.
Look at Khalil.
Look, I know you wanna even the score with Jace for killing your mom, I get that, but we're in Freeland now.
It seems more like an execution than justice.
Is that really what you want? Just let me talk to her.
I've heard the rumors about your boss, Lala.
Is it true he's a meta? No.
I think it got something to do with this briefcase.
What briefcase? He said it belonged to Tobias Whale.
As soon as he comes to collect it's over with.
Set up a sit-down with Lala.
Mom, how you feelin'? This too shall pass.
I wanna thank you for coming for family dinner.
I appreciate it.
I'm looking forward to getting to know Grace.
Next time.
After Markovia, she really needed some rest.
Turns out that shapeshifting is quite taxing.
- Here - Hey, I got it! Okay.
I can do it myself.
I'm an adult.
Thank you.
Forgive me.
It's the withdrawals.
I'm so ashamed.
I know.
Come here.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Addiction is a disease and it can happen to anybody.
We're here to support you and we will get through this.
You'll see.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Never have to thank me, Mom.
All right, well, I'll let you freshen up.
- Dinner's ready.
- Okay.
That's exactly why I told Odell that I would lead the defense of Freeland if the Markovians attack.
Someone has to keep an eye on that, yeah? Well, Dad, I don't understand why it has to be you.
Well, actually, I was hoping it would be all of us.
Okay, look, I understand your hesitation, but if anyone has a better idea, I'm listening.
Mmm, well, yeah, Odell needs to go.
Like, for real.
I'm with Jen on this one.
Well, sometimes it's easier to work with the devil you know.
Odell fractured us and nearly destroyed our family, so Your mother and I discussed that we need a reset.
A do-over.
But in order for that to happen We need a clean slate.
No more secrets.
I, um I found my last hidden stash of glimmer.
I tried to flush it, but I couldn't.
Look, no one survives addiction without support, okay? We're here for you.
I got you, Mom.
Okay, I guess it's my turn.
All right, guys, I think I think Grace might be the one.
We see that in your eyes every time you look at her.
- You still owe us a secret.
- What you mean? I ain't got nothin' to say! I'm open book! What about you? Like I said, clean slate, honey.
No judgement.
All right.
Um Dad already knows, but I've been working with Odell.
He groomed me as an ASA asset and he tricked me into killin' a bunch of Markovians.
He didn't tell me that they were Markovian soldiers in the data farm he had me nuke.
I'm so sorry.
Odell tricked me into using glimmer without my knowledge as well.
Look at me.
You did what you thought was right.
But it wasn't, though.
Well, I witnessed the erasing of multiple universes.
And I helped save the universe that we all live in now, so, you know, I just had that little tidbit.
Oh, come on, Dad.
Why do you always gotta one-up us? I mean Yeah.
Okay, on that note, do you wanna bless this mess? This food we're about to receive, we are truly, truly thankful for.
All right, let's eat.
Fall back.
I'm not changin' our terms of agreement, if this is what this is about, Lady Eve.
Our agreement is quite satisfactory.
I've asked you here for a personal matter.
Well, look at you gettin' all familiar.
Maybe I raise the fee for you wastin' my time.
Say another 5%? I understand you have a certain briefcase in your possession.
One you can't open.
I don't know nothin' about no briefcase.
Oh, Lala you know these streets.
They talk.
And you know what a good listener I am.
If I had such a thing why would I hand it over to you? Because I can give you what you truly want.
That briefcase is the only thing that will bring Tobias Whale to me.
And when he comes to collect, I'll have my revenge come hell or high water.
Oh, Lala what will you do when you catch the white whale? Oh, right.
You can't harm him.
Tobias programmed you.
How you know that? E pluribus unum.
Sit your ass down! You never worked for Tobias Whale.
You worked for me.
I ran the Shadow Board.
Tobias used my technology to keep you on his leash.
I can undo that for you, baby.
Imperium in Imperio.
Now, does that sound like something the Godfather of Freeland would be interested in? Babe, Jen is so stubborn and infuriating sometimes that it makes me wanna Can't imagine what that's like.
You joke.
But she refuses to believe that Painkiller is dangerous.
It's like, he'll never be Khalil, right? Why can't she see that? Isn't it obvious? It's her first love.
She'll fight tooth and nail for him.
It's like the more I push, the more she just rushes to him.
With everything that's going on, your sister has a lot to process.
I mean, cut her some slack.
So, that's what you would do? I would help my girlfriend paint her nails, you know? Share a romantic moment together.
Come on, sit down already.
But if he hurts her, I'mma put his ass in the ground and I'mma make sure it sticks this time.
From what I can see, Jen can take care of herself.
Anissa, you have an urgent call from the Perdi farm.
Shonda, put it through.
Blackbird, are you there? It's Anaya.
Please, come in.
Oh, my God.
Anaya, it's Blackbird.
What's goin' on? Markovians found us.
It's a massacre.
I'm leading what's left of the Perdi to make a run for the safety of Freeland.
Meet us at the ASA checkpoint, but hurry.
Shonda, call Black Lightning.
Have him meet me at the ASA Checkpoint Charlie.
Suit up.
Jace! Hey! We're here to talk.
She wants to talk? Then let's talk.
Start by sayin' why you experimented on my mom while she was pregnant with me.
The child with the earth-based powers.
Your mother Helen, wasn't it? Oh, yes, she was lovely.
I was very fond of her.
Say her name again.
Brandon! Brandon! Hey, Brandon, stop.
You promised.
I promised you wouldn't kill her.
My mother will.
Justice is balance.
A life for a life.
You used your powers to crystallize your mother's ashes and wore her your entire life waiting for this moment? Hey, stop talkin'.
Those powers you're flaunting, I gave you those.
You cursed me.
You took away my life.
And gave you this one! A "thank you" would suffice.
Brandon No! Back up.
When I helped your mother escape Markovia, your father tried to kill me with very similar powers.
Guess the apple doesn't fall far.
Maybe you and he should talk.
All right, it's time to go.
She knew my pops.
I thought he was dead.
Kill me and you'll never find out the truth.
Brandon, stop! Let's go! You're lucky! Markovian forces are advancing.
Form a line and protect the refugees.
Looks like you could use the assist.
Let's go! Get behind me.
How about we give 'em a little Lightning and Thunder? With a touch of Grace.
All right, I'll take care of the Perdi.
That's all I can remember.
They say the Markovians swarmed the Perdi farm.
Took Anaya and Thierry.
Look, I forced the Perdi to help, so this is on me.
Anaya and Thierry took me in when I needed help.
We can't leave them in Markovian hands.
What's gonna happen to these refugees? ASA doesn't have enough supplies to help but I think I can.
I know a guy.
All right.
We'll go get Anaya and Thierry.
Now that I have your full attention, I trust you'll take this message to your boss, Lady Eve.
You tell her the Tailor sends his regards.
And next time you plan to assassinate someone don't miss.
Get out of here! If anyone can find out the truth about your father, it's TC.
So, go ask him or I will.
Didn't you want me to think things through? Let me think, then.
You know, you're just as stubborn as my father.
You and your pops got the same powers, right? I mean, I guess.
I'm kind of an upgrade, though.
Black Lightning 2.
What if Jace is right? What if I take after my pops like you do yours? Earth-based powers? Well, if that's true, it makes sense.
But if you kill Jace, you'll never find out.
She's not gonna tell you the truth anyway, just her own twisted version of it.
So, go talk to TC and stop being stubborn.
TC, got a sec? Yeah.
What you doin'? You know, keepin' busy.
It helps with, well you know.
Yeah, I do know.
If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here.
Everybody keeps saying you're dangerous, but I don't believe any of that.
I know you'd never hurt me.
But can you turn to the right? I wanna grab that profile.
I need a favor, man.
To help you find your pops because Dr.
Jace is a liar, right? Hey, sound travels pretty well here, man.
Yeah, you might want to be a little bit quiet.
Appreciate you, man.
Khalil? Khalil? - Oh, no.
Hey, Khalil! - TC, I think he's glitchin' again.
Khalil? Yeah, he's definitely glitching.
What are you waiting for, an invitation? - Go in there and save him.
- Yeah, come on! Didn't I tell you, you can't keep me here forever? I still have my mission.
Kill the Pierce family.
And when I get out of here I'm gonna make you watch and listen as they scream, as they beg.
I want you to watch her die.
Khalil, you're hurting me.
Khalil, you're hurting me.
Khalil, please.
Khalil, please.
Khalil, you're hurting me.
Don't take another step.
Yo, it's me, Jen.
For how long? You know, my sister was right about you.
I don't know how I was so blind.
I came to apologize.
Look, I I'm not myself anymore.
I don't know who I am.
But I do know that Painkiller is a part of me and he's not goin' away.
And I have to learn to live with him.
I don't.
I know you can't see him but when I look into Painkiller's eyes, there's nothin' there but death.
Odell made me a weapon, but I know I know deep down that I still have a soul, Jen.
And I need you more than anyone to believe that.
What Odell did to you was evil but I can't love a weapon that's pointed at my family, even if it does have a soul.
See you around, Khalil.
You won't.
I received your message.
You know, Gambi, an e-mail would've sufficed.
An old friend like you deserves a personal touch.
"An eye for an eye.
" You're getting literal in your old age.
Well, at least I can tell my twins apart now.
Speak your piece, Evelyn.
One way or another, our feud ends now.
I did set a contract for your life, true.
But after you took out Joey Toledo, Tobias had me killed.
I got better, so bygones? What do you want? Same old Gambi.
Don't fret.
I come bearing gifts.
We both worked for the ASA, so I don't need to tell you what this is, do I? Where did you get it? Let's say it fell off a truck.
I can't open it.
You always were more capable when it came to things like this.
I taught you better than that, Evelyn.
"Never give something for nothing.
" I was gonna get to that part.
In my absence, the ASA shattered Freeland.
Take this peace offering.
Use it to burn down the ASA for what they did to my city.
Or not.
Either way, my quarrel with the Tailor is over.
You're here.
I have to tell you about Khalil.
He left, didn't he? Yes, but that's not all.
It'll have to wait.
This is our top priority as of right now.
Would you look at that? I appreciate you both coming.
This simply couldn't wait.
Looks like the nuclear football.
Might be worse.
This briefcase contains the genome of every meta the ASA has ever come in contact with.
It self-updates every time the ASA inputs new data into their systems.
But this goes far deeper than just the ASA.
What are you saying, Gambi? The United States is responsible for starting and funding the Markovian meta research program decades before they brought that research to the States.
And it all began with an American soldier named Tyson Sykes, or as we all know him Gravedigger.
And like many soldiers of the period, he suffered daily abuse at the hands of those that felt that people with his skin color didn't belong.
Look at that, somebody threw away a perfectly good coon.
Hey, get off of him.
The government gave Sykes a choice.
Court martial or volunteer for their enhanced soldier program.
Sykes chose lab rat.
The program killed hundreds of soldiers but not Sykes.
He was different.
Their experiments activated his dormant meta gene giving him superhuman strength, slowing the aging process, and the power to push his will on to others that we've all experienced.
Ah! The US military sent Sykes on countless secret missions, earning him the moniker that he answers to today, Gravedigger.
Tyson Sykes is the first metahuman in recorded history.
If the US government had the serum to unlock meta powers this entire time, where is their meta army? The only part of the program that survived was Gravedigger himself.
And for the past 70-plus years, the US has spent billions trying to recreate the original serum.
First in Markovia, then here in Freeland.
What is so special about Markovia? During the Cold War, it was the perfect strategic location.
Close to Russia, and lacking laws against human experimentation.
That is, until the Markovian government was overthrown and the US was kicked out.
You were stationed in Markovia.
I was sent there after the coup.
My covert mission was to extract the lead scientist of their meta program.
Which led to the start of the ASA, and the beginning of the vaccine program here in Freeland.
Every US president since FDR has known about and funded this program.
And now we're holding the only proof.
This is insane.
The US government has operated this program around the world with no one's knowledge for nearly a century.
The world needs to know.
I don't understand how Gravedigger landed in Markovia.
Odell claims he's never heard of him.
I don't think he has.
You have to have direct access to this briefcase in order to know those secrets.
Even in my ASA days, I never learned about him.
It seems that after the war, Gravedigger refused to live in a country that never wanted him in the first place.
He was a key factor in the Markovian coup.
And he's been there ever since, living like a king.
And now he's in charge of the Markovian military.
And he has a serious grudge against the ASA, the United States, and probably us.
Beat him once, we'll do it again.
No, you don't understand.
I left the formula for the meta-boost serum in Markovia.
What happens if Gravedigger can have any meta power he wants? He'd be unstoppable.
Transport to Freeland has been secured.
However, we were unable to track down the albino.
He is lost to us.
What would you have me do? Colonel Mosin Markovia thanks you for your service.
But, unfortunately, your services are no longer needed.
And vengeance, doctor.
Ultimate vengeance in one man.

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