Black Mirror (2011) s02e02 Episode Script

White Bear

1 Hello? Ah Hello? Hello.
Can you help me? Do you know who I am? I I I can't remember who I am.
Hello? Do you know who I am? Please! I can't remember.
Lady, help me! Help me! Help me, please.
Oh! Help! Help me.
He's got a gun! Help me! Hey! We have to go! Come on! Oh, my god! Help! Oh, my god! Stay back! Back! Get back! Get back.
Back! Let me in.
Let me in! Help me! Help me! Shit! There's a door round there.
It's locked.
You don't know that! There's a keypad.
We should try it.
Get down! Anybody stands up, they'll shoot their heads off.
He's trying to kill me! What's going on? Shut up! I'm trying to think! He can see you.
Get back.
Oh, my god! What's wrong with those people?! Why aren't they helping us? They're just watching Where the fuck have you been? What? Get that extinguisher.
I can't! I can't do it! Get it.
Get it now! OK OK OK OK OK Come on.
Slide it to me.
Damien, if he climbs through, you grab him and you grab his gun.
I can't You can.
He'll shoot me! You have to! I'm going to smash the lock off that door, you help him with gun guy.
He can't shoot all of us.
If he fires, he has to reload.
We either rush him or run, OK? I can't do this! We have no choice! Help him.
Urgh! Damien! Oh, my Get him! Urgh! Urgh! Urgh! Get down.
Shh! Fuck! Shh! No.
We have to go, come on.
Stay down.
Stay down.
Who are they? Why do they look like that? They like scaring people.
What? OK.
We have to run for that opening.
No, they'll see us.
If they're busy with him we can lose the hunters, OK? No.
You just stay with me.
Ready Come on Wait.
Wait! The onlookers sometimes wait in the windows, keeping lookout.
I'm pretty sure that's how they find us.
Through the cameras somehow.
Onlookers spot you and a few minutes later the scary bastards turn up.
This is mad, this is just mad.
Hold it together and do what I say or you'll get us killed.
I I woke up in this house and I don't even know if it's my house.
I don't even know who I am.
You must know something.
Ah! I think this is my daughter.
But you don't know? She could be anywhere.
Maybe you tried to kill yourself.
Would that explain it? There was pills.
I don't blame you.
Lots have tried that fun fork in the road since it started.
Since what started? You really don't know? No.
There was a signal Like pictures, flashing pictures.
They just appeared on every TV, every computer, anything with a screen.
Argh! Ugh! I saw it.
I saw it.
Get down.
They did something to people.
Like, almost everybody just became onlookers, started watching, filming stuff, like spectators who don't give a shit about what happens.
That's, like, nine out of ten people now.
But not us.
Some of us weren't affected.
I don't know why.
Like that man with the gun and that woman.
I call them "hunters".
You might've noticed that's what they do.
They seemed normal, but they realised they could do what they wanted and they started taking stuff, nicking cars cos they could, doing what they like and not just with things, with people.
It got worse and worse.
And now they've got an audience.
So this This thing on the TV, the The signal.
That's what's making them act like this? I guess they were always like that underneath.
Just needed the rules to change, for no-one to intervene.
What we going to do? What we going to do? Do? Do nothing.
We get out.
Where's "out"? We're here.
We need to head south of here.
They've knocked the transmitters out, it's OK there.
The TV transmitters, they carry it.
There's only one between us and the safe zone and we're going to knock it out.
See, it's here.
White Bear.
What? White Bear Uh! Ungh! A picnic with my two best friends.
Jesus, what is it with you? White Bear, you said White Bear So?! Look, whatever's wrong with you, you have to keep it together.
OK? Listen to me! Don't go out there.
What's your problem? Huh? You want something to look at? Cos I'll give you something to look at! No, I want to talk to him.
I want to talk to you! Ah! It's not so funny now, is it? Put it down.
I just want to see what they're looking at.
I said put it down.
It's dangerous.
Their phones, they're dangerous.
It's the signal.
The images are on them, they're on the screen.
What? Don't look at it! Don't look at it.
'Jemima' No, no.
This is all wrong.
This is all wrong! They're coming.
Run! Run! Get in.
Get in.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, now! They're coming! Quick.
Come on, hurry up.
Get in.
You nearly killed us back there.
Yeah, well, I wasn't expecting you to be there, was I? I just saved your lives.
A wee 'thank you' would be nice.
I should've just run yous over.
Who are you? Who are you? It's not a hard question, is it? I know I know you.
Do you? Well, where did we meet, if you know me? No.
Didn't think so, yeah.
She's not in a good way.
Yeah, I'll say.
So what are yous doing out here anyway? Heading south.
That's not a good move.
It's all blocked up down there.
There's a transmitter there I don't think you understand.
When I said, "It's not a good move", that means I'm not driving you down there.
I know a safe place we can go.
The woods.
Your safe place is in the woods.
How'd you know that? I don't I don't know.
Christ, maybe you do know me.
Yeah, we pull up and we get out.
We talk.
There's no-one chasing us.
Mystic Meg.
And then what happens? We eat.
Told you.
No bars.
They'll never find us here.
That your daughter? Yeah, I think so.
Where is she? I don't know.
What'd you do to your wrists? Don't know.
History of mental illness? Yeah, I bet you do.
Lay money on it.
What about you? What about me? Mental illness, weaknesses Everyone's got weaknesses.
Yeah, you two have got more that most, I'd say.
That's why you're on the receiving end, you see.
Receiving end of what? This.
Everything that's going on.
Easy pickings.
What's your weaknesses then? My weaknesses? Show you if you want.
You want to see it? Wait there don't move.
You're going to like this.
Not a lot.
This better not be naturism.
Yeah, in your dreams.
Tada! Run and I'll shoot you in the back.
Right, come over here.
Stand there.
You, here, put this on.
Put it on.
Backwards, so it covers your eyes.
Put your hands on her shoulders.
Keep them there.
You're her eyes now, all right? And that is a shotgun, OK? If I pull this trigger, it's going to cut you, both in half.
So no funny business, all right? Right, off you go.
Straight ahead.
Keep going through the trees.
Come on, pick up the pace.
Got a lovely playground for you down there.
That's it, through here.
That's it, straight ahead.
Grab her! Right, now take her balaclava off.
Get down there.
Oh, fuck.
Come on.
Head towards that ladder.
Get down there.
Right, stop.
Get on your knees, both of you.
Give me that bag.
Fucking bag.
You, get down.
Stop whingeing.
Stop fucking crying.
Stop it.
Eurgh! Yeah.
I'm down in that wood spot.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll just lash them to a tree or something like that.
Just hurry up and get down here.
I want to get started.
It's going to piss Fuck! Your mate's fucked off.
You're in double trouble now, missus.
Get up on that log.
Now! move! Get your hands through there.
Get your hands through there! Right through.
Push your arms up.
Push them! Get them up there! Are we going to put a show on for these guys today, eh? Eh? Let's see what Daddy's got in the bag, shall we? Oh Oh! Oh, mama.
Help me! Help me! Please, just help me! Why are you doing this to me? Whoa-ha! Oh yeah! Help me, please.
I'm a human being! They're not going to help you.
They're going to watch.
What I'm going to do here darling, is just going to push this straight through your Help me! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you! For what? For coming back for me.
I came back for this.
There's more like him on the way.
Come on.
Whitebear's not far from here.
If we step on it we might be able to shut it down before they get us.
- What happens if we can't shut it down? - We can.
How? Do we hack into it, or something? We don't hack anything.
We burn the control room down.
It's not hard, we just slosh a load of petrol round, strike a light and fucks the electrics or something.
In the bag.
It's the plans for the transmitter compound.
I've been planning this, you know.
Jemima? Lie down for me, darling.
Go on.
It's a game.
Yeah, just like what Teddy does.
Lie down for me, darling.
Turn around! What? White Bear, there's something not right about White Bear.
I remember! You "remembered" the woods, too.
Sorry if I don't trust your hunches.
Looks clear.
He was good for something, after all.
Hurry up, we need to go! Come on Get out Come with me A picnic with my two best friends.
Come on.
This way.
Oh, shit.
They'll be here any minute.
Give me the plan.
The transmitter tower's over there and the cabling runs underground into that building.
Come on! Thought so.
Let's go! Get back.
Or everything goes up.
I mean it Stay back.
Stay back.
Wh, wh, wha, what? Thank you.
I guess you're wondering why you're here? Well, it's time to tell you who you are.
You've looked better.
Do you recognise him? Uh Yeah.
Your fiance, lain Rannoch.
Or, should I say, was your fiance.
In case you haven't guessed, the pair of you aren't very popular.
But I'll tell you what you are though.
You're famous.
'The trial of Victoria Skillane finally concluded today, 'the verdict, guilty.
'Together with her fiance lain Rannoch, whose death in custody 'had delayed the trial, Skillane abducted six-year-old 'Jemima Sykes just miles from her home, 'prompting a nationwide search 'amidst emotional pleas from her parents.
'For months, the youngster's disappearance had been a mystery, 'the sole clue being her distinctive white teddy bear, 'discovered in a lay-by two miles from the family home.
'The white bear became an enduring symbol in the hunt for Jemima, 'a hunt that ended in a local forest.
'Jemima's body was found here.
It had been wrapped in a sleeping bag and burnt.
'The couple were caught after harrowing footage of Jemima's 'torture and murder was discovered on a mobile phone 'in Skillane's possession.
'lain Rannoch, identified by his distinctive tattoo, 'killed the youngster as Victoria Skillane held the camera.
'Breaking down in tears, Skillane admitted to filming Jemima's final moments, 'claiming her fiance had pressured her into helping him, 'maintaining she was 'under his spell'.
'The jury was not convinced by Skillane's story, and neither 'was the judge, who labelled her a "uniquely wicked "and poisonous individual.
"You were an enthusiastic spectator to Jemima's suffering.
"You actively revelled in her anguish", he said, 'adding her punishment would be proportionate and considered.
'By hanging himself in his cell, 'many believe lain Rannoch evaded justice.
'The public mood is now focussed on ensuring his accomplice 'Can't do the same.
Patrick Lacey, UKN.
' Please! Oh, don't start crying.
Crocodile tears are making me sick! Murderer! Murderer! There were no tears when you watched him do what he did.
You filmed what he did.
A poor wee girl.
Helpless and terrified and you just watched.
How do you like it now? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer! Get her out of here.
Throw her back to where she came from.
No! No! Please NO! Please! Good evening, citizens! Thank you so much for coming tonight.
OK! We're at the climax of our day.
Take as many photographs as you want, take as many photographs as you can, but most importantly, what I need from you is to shout and scream and let that bitch know that youse are out here.
Let's get this show on the road! Murdering bitch! Evil witch! Dirty whore! Burn the bitch! Murderer! Burn in hell! Kill me.
Please just kill me.
Please That's what you always say.
Doo-ba-doo-ba-do You've had a bad day, but this will wipe it clean.
Get you in the mood to start again.
No! Please! Get off me! What are you doing? Takes about 30 minutes for it to fully do the business.
So while it does Why don't we watch some in-flight entertainment? Please, no.
'Healthy stuff, like apples'.
Please stop.
You should enjoy this.
You shot it.
'Made it together, so that my two friends' 'Erm A picnic for me and my two best friends.
' Help me.
'OK everyone, we're about to head into the park so I'll hand you over to Baxter.
' Thank you.
All of our roles are very, very important, yours included.
Now, yours come with some basic rules.
Rule number one, no talking, not just to her, but each other as well, unless it's essential.
We're trying to get her to believe that youse are all mesmerised.
I know, I know, I know, but she's believed it up to now.
Morning, ticket please.
Thank you.
'OK, rule number two, keep your distance.
' I can't stress the importance of this one enough, OK? Don't forget, she's a dangerous individual.
Imagine that she's an escaped lion.
Now yesterday, she threw a projectile, and we will step in if she gets too close.
We're all equipped with tasers, but then we're into story shutdown and we've all wasted a day.
So it's best to keep your distance at least three metres back.
You can use your camera zoom.
'Last, but not least, enjoy yourself'.
That's probably the most important rule of all, OK? Take photographs, run around through the woods, but try and stay safe.
We'll be keeping an eye on you, making sure you're all OK.
So get out there, enjoy yourselves and let's make this show happen, people! Come on! Ow! Look, there she is.
'Don't know yet.
I'm kind of knackered.
' Me, too.
'She's just leaving her house now.
Two minutes tops.
' Right, you are.
We're on.
Watch out! He's trying to fucking kill me.
What's going on? 'Get that extinguisher.
' It's OK, they've gone.
Convincing, eh? We got two minutes.
Help! Help me! 'Early screamer.
' It's an early screamer tonight.
So keep the noise up and let's go! Ow!