Black Spot (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

The Maiden and the Corpse

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Did you like it? Did you enjoy it? Why won't you say anything? Victor? Victor? Is anybody there? I didn't want to bother you.
I just wanted to listen to you play.
It was beautiful.
No one ever comes here.
I'm Laurène.
Victor? What's going on? Tell me what's going on! Victor! Victor! A lull is expected at the end of the week.
Tomorrow morning, it'll be raining again in the western regions.
Snow falls A single shot from far away.
With a silencer, or the pianist would've heard the shot.
The bullet hit his heart.
The killer's either lucky, or he's a competitive shooter.
Well, that rules out an accident.
I'll send the bullet to the lab.
It's the prosecutor.
Sorry I'm late, I took the time to wander about.
Nature's lovely this morning, right? What happened? Someone got a clean shot on a classical music lover.
What about this? Well It's a piano.
Thank you But what is it doing here? Some say it fell from a plane during the war.
Well, I heard that a dude put it there to bring his wife back from the dead Well, uh are there any witnesses? My sister can't stay here, I'm taking her home.
Well, we won't be long anyway.
Did you often come here with Mr.
Peyrot? I give piano lessons.
So I like to come here alone before my lessons.
Victor comes with me from time to time.
We planned to get married.
What was his occupation? He was a painter.
I know it's not easy to make a living from it.
I don't understand why he was killed him.
I told you not to come here, it's dangerous.
No, I'm safe here.
The forest likes it when I play.
How so? Well, the trees.
They're listening.
They enjoy dissonant intervals.
Especially tritones.
Come on, Jeanne.
Let's go.
We'll keep you posted.
I found a hunting post 200 meters from here.
It provides a clean shot on the piano Looks like someone came there a lot.
But why would the killer hunt human prey? Did you find an address on the victim? This was in his pocket.
I didn't know we had our own George V.
Um, keep me posted.
And please don't mention the piano in your report.
Here you go.
How long do you plan to sulk? I'm almost there.
Teddy Bear.
The sanctuary is there somewhere.
I know it now.
It's near the dead lake.
In Pliny's book, a stag is said to have guided the Romans.
- I don't get it - A stag? That and Jonas' stories You've lost your mind.
It's none of my business anyway.
You're the one who wanted to know.
I told you everything.
Now you want to ditch me That's not what I signed up for.
I didn't want you to sink deeper.
I don't need you anyway.
You scared me.
We're not open.
What do you want? I know you're the leader of Arduinna.
I uncovered your ad campaign.
The group is still active.
Tell me what you really want.
What happened to him? The Steiners must have done something to him.
Roman's a big boy.
Roman's getting on with life.
And you're gonna do nothing? After everything he did for you? You're the one who snitched on him to your mother I should snitch you out too! You wouldn't do that You didn't snitch cause you know we're right.
Looks like I was wrong.
The forest is getting restless, Cora.
Even I don't have a clue what's going on.
All I know is that we need to do our job till the end.
First it was Marion.
And now it's Roman.
You hide behind your bar and send young people to their death.
You're as bad as the Steiners.
Yeah, it's just like a plant! You need to water it a little, you water it and then you set up a drip system so it doesn't wither.
Otherwise, it'll dry up! Don't worry, he's still moving! He's comfortable down there! Don't worry! Rats are like chicken, they thrive in cages! Come here! There you go.
That's nice, isn't it? It's all good! Okay, let's go.
GROCERY STORE It's not a "five", it's a "V", like Vachon.
That's my name! Georges Georges Vachon.
Georges Vachon's Campground.
Yeah, I was wondering about it My father started it 50 years ago.
He died while he was on duty, right over there where you parked, by the zucchini patch.
Vachon, you lost a client this morning He was murdered.
It's bad press for a family-owned campground Peyrot was living in trailer 39 for three months.
But he was a quiet customer He did get a lot of visits, though.
For his paintings? I don't see any paints Yeah, well Painting He was another kind of artist! I mean, he He entertained women! Know what I mean? His neighbor's in the same line of business.
Yeah? It's the gendarmerie! Yes? Hello.
We're here for Victor Peyrot's death.
He was your neighbor.
Oh, no shit What happened? Sorry about that.
- Mrs.
Miska? - Sorry - She's my baker.
- Good-bye! What's going on here? Let's say I'm in the personal service industry So you're a gigolo, huh? I prefer "escort.
" Can you get dressed first? Put on a shirt Life isn't always easy around here.
People want to be comforted.
So The "Georges the Fifth" is practical and discreet.
Georges "V", as in Vachon! And this is a family-friendly place, by the way! Come on! We're you're only guests! Georges "the Fifth", come on! Looks like business has been good for Peyrot and yourself - Because it's autumn - Yeah.
Peyrot was engaged to Jeanne Chastain, a piano teacher Were you aware of that? The blind girl? Yeah, I warned Victor that it wouldn't end well.
- She paid her fiancé? - No.
No, she believed he was a painter.
But her sister paid.
Jeanne didn't have a clue, of course.
If we need you, we'll call you.
Oh, hold on.
I'll give you my card.
You never know I'm sorry I did this to help you, so you wouldn't feel so lonely.
Help me? Help me do what? Sleep with a male prostitute? It's always the same.
At first, you can count on men, but then they realize they can't do it, and you end up all alone with your piano.
How could you do that to me, Iris? The wedding plans Was that your idea? No, obviously not.
Things got out of hand All he was interested in was our parents' money I offered him more money so he would stop, but since you kept doing his bidding, he stayed.
- Please, Jeanne.
- No.
No, I've been listening to you for too long.
You treat me like a kid I've had enough.
Are we done? In light of the situation, we'll have to check a few things One of you ladies may have hired someone to kill Victor.
Fuck, why do they keep you here? What do you think, genius They want info on Arduinna Help me! Come on! Hush! They're right here! Help me.
Why would I help you get out of here? You just came here to mess with me, huh? I know you used her! You need to leave Cora out of this.
You know what? I think your problem is I actually banged her and you never could You deserve to die! Wait! Rudy, wait! Rudy! He's half-naked, and he casually hands me his card - Let me see it! - And he goes: "You never know" He's not wrong, though.
Even the prosecutor has a better sex life than you.
A what? A sex life, remember what that is? No, I don't want to know I'm happy to see you.
I needed this.
Teddy Bear is moody and Bertrand, we don't talk anymore.
What about you? Is this where you spend your nights? I found a new way to spend my evenings.
What is it? An organic compound made from tree sap That's the Laurène Weiss mystery.
Why is that? It's been in your blood since Nounours brought you back from the forest.
This still doesn't explain what happened to me.
Yes it does.
It's similar to other plant anti-hemorrhagics, but it could have other properties I called some specialists, and they all laughed at me, but I won't give up.
Sabine says the trees react to things.
No, it can't be the trees.
With further testing, we'll figure it out.
Of course, it'd easier if you told me how that shit got into your system.
Laurène Don't you want to know? Put it on 30, okay? Yeah.
You're not gonna help me? Okay, what's the matter? Should we talk about what's going on with Laurène? Nah, it's nothing It's not nothing, though.
I've noticed that you're not really here.
And you didn't finish your eggs in aspic.
Usually, you love them.
Of course I love eggs in aspic Why is she so pigheaded? What's wrong with her? I'd like you to distance yourself from her.
It's not like you've been around much lately What's this? Are you acting jealous now? What? You're jealous.
You know that Laurène's like a sister to me.
Martial, what I'm trying to say is that with people like this, you gotta draw the line.
You can't help Laurène She's gotta do it alone.
You understand? Libras who are born at the very end of the sign, after October 20, are reaching the end of the tunnel.
If you were really upset or overworked, you're feeling drained Scorpio I don't like how you summoned me to meet you.
I didn't have any news from you I was getting worried.
But everything's fine.
And you know this because I bailed you out at the quarry.
I don't know what's going on, but there's enough crap in the soil to shut it down.
Hopefully, I can still count on reasonable civil servants like yourself.
Did you get your money? I did.
What about the rest? Well, you'll get it when you find out what keeps Siriani awake.
You've been working hard I don't remember asking you to sleep with him.
Go fuck yourself, Steiner.
Whether you use your head or your ass, I don't care.
Just find a way to get rid of the prosecutor.
Why don't you kill him, if he's such a nuisance? I don't want to attract attention.
We like things quiet around here.
I don't get why people love this place so much.
Give it some time, you'll see.
A .
308 Winchester The kind of thing that can stop big game from 300 meters away I found three bullets like that one in carrion over the past few months.
The same caliber that killed Peyrot.
Have you noticed that big game is rare these days? Yeah, but I thought it was because of the quarry.
Someone's been poaching big time.
Five or six animals every night The meat must be sold abroad.
All the animals were killed with the same rifle.
I bet it was the weapon that killed Peyrot.
Can you check with ballistics? Yeah.
Gotta do something first.
It would clear the Chastain sisters.
Maybe the hubby of one of his clients.
I don't know.
Teddy Bear's contacting them But it hasn't turned up anything yet.
Have you been going on your midnight strolls again? Don't worry, I won't try to stop you Delphine Garnier has a great influence on you How so? I don't know You seem a bit more Siriani, everybody knows.
It was a full moon, too We had a pleasant evening.
That's it.
It was my first time I mean, the first time I mixed business and pleasure.
Of course.
It poses serious ethical problems This distraction makes me very vulnerable.
At the same time, with all the dead bodies, it's nice to think that something else is possible Don't you think? ENTER PASSWORD: SIRIANI ENTER PASSWORD: VILLEFRANCHE ENTER PASSWORD: SANDIEGO KEY WITNESS IN BELAIR REAL ESTATE CASE SHOT DEAD IN CAR WITNESS AUDIO FILE LAST OPENED ON 10/01/16 You really need to record everything? It's a safety measure.
I'd rather be cautious.
Your employers may try something You told me they wouldn't know about this.
There was there was a leak at the prosecutor-general's office But you'll protect me? Why aren't there any policemen? I'm taking you somewhere safe, don't worry.
People are expecting us.
Maybe we should just forget it.
No, we don't have the choice, I've been trying to nab Belair for the past three years.
All I've got is your testimony.
I need you to be patient until the hearing.
Then, everything will exposed: the bribes the intimidation tactics, the the crimes that are linked to What's this? That's just my collection I told you to pack only your bare necessities.
The rest can be replaced.
San Diego But It never snows in San Diego Ms.
Garnier? Mr.
I was getting back home We haven't bumped into each other much lately.
No, I've been busy That's what I thought.
Uhm, I You need to know I'm not bothered about what happened between us.
I don't know what you're alluding to We were two consenting adults and we freely enjoyed ourselves It does ring a bell.
And it was mutually satisfactory Now I remember.
It was rather spectacular, too.
I'm glad you mentioned it.
I'm glad there's no room for doubt.
Me too.
- Good night.
- Yes, good night.
- Your room or mine? - Oh! Yours.
I like that bird watching us.
Me too.
I don't know why that is I'm here now.
He better not come any closer.
You seem to be doing better.
Where were you? Far away.
Your daughter can rest in peace now.
It's over.
It's not over.
I'm going back to town hall to seize control.
I should've done that a long time ago.
Don't let it go to your head.
You think I wanted Marion to die? I'd give everything I have for her to still be alive! I didn't want that to happen.
Listen to me.
Don't you ever come back here, and don't you ever say her name again! Understood? Understood? Bravo, Miss Chastain.
What are you doing here, Hugo? It's not the first time I've come here I came to listen to you play.
I often do that.
Victor didn't deserve you.
What did you do? I looked everywhere, called her.
She won't answer Maybe she doesn't want to talk.
No, I found her cane near the piano.
Something happened to her! Have a seat.
Have a seat, I'll be right back.
Ah, Laurène! Ballistics just called me.
The poacher's rifle is the same weapon that killed Peyrot.
Do they know what type of rifle it is? Yeah, it's a precision rifle The last time the local gun shops sold one was a year ago to Francisco Gardal, 51, unemployed.
Do you think it's him? I dunno, but he drives a refrigerated truck.
Let's go and check.
Wait for us here.
Where is she? - Who? - The pianist, where is she? She's not here.
- Did he talk to you? - No.
- Did you find a weapon? - No.
Well, accordion music is his jam, not classical music.
He's a poacher, but not a kidnapper It's the same weapon.
He fell in love with her, killed the guy.
The killer went into the forest to listen to her.
There's a link with the piano The piano Yeah, right.
Thanks, Hermann.
So Hugo, that kid He's your son, right? Do you take piano lessons? Does the name Jeanne Chastain ring a bell? Do you think he kidnapped her? We want to know where he is.
He may have killed a man.
You gotta start talking.
You don't know him.
You took him out of school at 15, then he vanished.
You don't have any recent pictures of him.
What happened? A hunting accident We'd been hunting together since he was a kid.
He had it in his blood, like me.
About 10 years ago, he shot his first boar.
He went up to it, crazy happy But near the dead boar, there was a wolf.
I thought there weren't any, but there it was It went for my son's face.
The surgeons performed three surgeries, but he was still disfigured His mom couldn't stand to see him like that.
She'd avoid him And then one day she left.
Afterwards, I tried what I could, but Hugo became withdrawn.
He'd never go outside, except to go out hunting at night.
And the piano? His mom used to play it when he was little That's all she left him.
I found this blind piano teacher.
I thought it would do him some good Tell us where he is before it's too late.
Why are you here? Are you crazy Get outta here before someone sees you.
Rudy, for the last time, I'm sorry.
But I need you.
All I wanted is for things to be like before.
Archery and high school.
Hanging out in your room At least I was with you.
Why did you ruin it all with your bullshit? Bullshit? Marion's dead You can't bring her back and you know it! I need you.
I'm looking for Roman.
Rudy? Hugo? Where are we? At my place.
You can't keep me here So you can get duped by another Victor? I watched him flirt with you for weeks He disrespected you and your music.
He didn't understand anything.
Hugo I know you don't want to hurt me.
You're still my my little student who had trouble with your F sharps.
What happened to you? Nothing important.
My mother's music is with me but it's not like hearing you play.
You're not gonna leave me, are you? Jeanne? You'll never leave me.
It's his car! The stench is overpowering.
He'll shoot us like rabbits Laurène, don't! I got a flashlight in the car! For fuck's sake Fuck! Laurène! Laurène? Laurène! Laurène! Jeanne? Don't move! Jeanne! What did you do? Call emergency services, goddammit.
Gotta go before they notice he's missing.
Help him get down.
What are you doing here? Can you please lower the flashlight? You didn't stay with Hugo Gardal? He's still in intensive care.
They're not sure they can save him.
I left a message for his mother, she hasn't called back.
Are you gonna be okay? I'll have to be Hey, how's your sanctuary stuff going? I don't really wanna talk about it.
Too bad, cause the reason I'm here is to help you find it.
You changed your mind? I can't let you do this You're all alone, in the dark.
One of these days, you won't come back.
I found the stag.
I figured it out when I saw the stars on Gardal's ceiling.
Your stag isn't an animal.
It's a constellation.
Apparently, the Celts used it back in the day.
Later on, the constellation was split up between Aquarius and Libra.
So now we gotta find it among all those stars Aren't we off track? No, it's this way.
Laurène! Laurène! Laurène! Laurène! Laurène Laurène! Laurène! Laurène! Subtitle translation by Thomas Isackson