Black Spot (2017) s02e06 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [heavy panting] [intense music playing] [Bertrand] Laurène! I couldn't sleep [whispers] Come with me Let's go back to bed.
[panting] [moaning] [Teddy Bear] Laurène! No! [thudding] [shaky breathing] [strange animal rattling noise] [Laurène whispers] Teddy Bear [groaning and panting] [groaning and panting] [gasps] [grunts] [Laurène] Teddy Bear? [Teddy Bear] Laurène [Laurène] Are you okay? [Teddy Bear] What was that? - [Teddy Bear] Huh? - He's gone.
- [Teddy Bear] Are you sure? - Yeah.
[grunts and pants] [sinister music playing] [quietly] This is it That's where I was [Teddy Bear] I think I'm stuck.
[Laurène] What? [Teddy Bear] I think I'm stuck.
[softly] Hold on [Teddy Bear] I can't move I can't move [groans] [Teddy Bear] What? Huh? [shaky breathing] [whispers] Shit.
[heavy breathing] - [Teddy Bear] Why can't I feel anything? - You're still in shock.
- [deep breath] - [Teddy Bear] What do you think I injured? [Laurène] I've got no signal, of course.
- [Teddy Bear] And emergency flares? - Yeah, but they're in the car.
[Teddy Bear] Dammit, we're stuck here with that thing up there [gasps] He had antlers on his head! Laurène [Laurène, softly] Hey I'll get back to the car and call emergency services.
- I'll be back soon.
- He had antlers on his head I'll be right back.
He's gone, trust me.
[unsettling music playing] [panting] [scared moaning] [groaning] [whispers] Shit [Teddy Bear] Laurène So? There's no way out, I walked around in circles.
Shit You're losing a lot of blood.
[whispers] Well, this is the place where I ended up 20 years ago And how did you get out? I don't know I must've climbed out.
How else? With two fingers missing? What? Did you find anything? [Laurène] A can.
[Teddy Bear] I guess that means he doesn't eat people [Laurène] November '96.
It's been here since I was kidnapped.
I don't understand Laurène, nothing makes sense [panicked breathing] A guy with antlers That doesn't make sense.
Being stuck here and nobody knows about it doesn't make sense… And this branch protruding from my gut doesn't make any sense.
Nothing makes sense, for fuck's sake You think they'll come and look for us? [music intensifies] [Hermann humming happy tune] Laurène? - [sighs] - [jolly music playing over radio] [humming happily] - [radio switches on] - [alarm beeping] [man over radio] for the second part of the week.
On this Tuesday morning, however, it will rain in the western regions.
Snow [somber music playing] - Have you seen Ms.
Garnier today? - [Sabine] No.
Isn't she in her room? No, I checked.
I mean I wanted to talk to her about a a technical detail She must've left early this morning You didn't see her? Hey I sleep too.
And there's a fire exit up there [Sabine clicking tongue] Almond powder With your allergies It'd suck to die from that.
I have an appointment.
[clears throat] Have a nice day.
Sir I'm no expert, but I once read something in a magazine.
"Women are like flowers, they need to breathe" [gentle music playing] [sighs] You're already nesting? Yes.
I want to do it before I look like a whale.
I have tons of ideas a closet over there, and I want to paint this wall in a bright color.
I took the cradle out.
What? Nothing.
I'm happy to see you like this.
I have an important meeting but I'll try to get home early to help.
You better, cause you've got a lot of junk to get rid of [Laurène groaning] [Teddy Bear] I'm cold [Teddy Bear breathing heavily] I'm so cold [Laurène] I'll get you out of here.
[Laurène whispers] Teddy Bear? Hey, Teddy Bear! Oh! Hey! - Stay with me.
- Yeah [chokes] [coughing] I'm gonna climb up.
I'll go get help and I'll be right back.
- Don't go to sleep, huh? - Okay.
[coughs] [Teddy Bear] Is your hand gonna be okay? You gotta grab those holds.
- [tense music playing] - [Teddy Bear] You can do it.
[Siriani] The mayor's dead, long live the mayor [Siriani sighs] [Bertrand] Thank you for coming.
You being back in business has piqued my curiosity.
You and I have a common problem, Siriani.
I want to rid the town of my father's influence.
And you want to topple his system So, I was thinking that, if we manage to get along it would be a win-win You're forgetting one thing You're part of that system.
Things can change People can change.
I want my father to pay I want him to pay for my daughter's death.
If you seize all his bank accounts he'll lose support at the council.
They'll abandon him.
And I'll be able to get them to annul all of his municipal contracts.
And, uh let's say I manage to do that what do I get? I believe you're looking for toxic waste at the quarry.
- You know those drums exist.
- Well, I could help you find them.
- You're asking me to bury the hatchet? - No, don't bury it.
Cause I'm surprised my father hasn't managed to get to you yet.
[Siriani] She could've fainted.
Open that door! Hold your horses! She's gone Without paying her bill, either.
- [sighs] - [melancholic music playing] [Sabine] Do you want to be alone? [Siriani] Ms.
Garnier Franck Siriani speaking.
I am baffled by your sudden departure.
I hope I'm wrong about this Please call me back.
BELAIR: LAST OPENED YESTERDAY AT 4:47 PM EST LIBRE: LAST OPENED YESTERDAY AT 4:48 PM [dramatic music playing] [Laurène groaning] [heavy panting] [Teddy Bear spits and coughs] [heavy panting] [gasps] [Laurène shouts] [nervous breathing] Laurène [panting] [grunts] [Georges] You gotta type "Georges V" not "Georges 5", huh.
For the campground.
The "V" stands for Vachon.
Yeah, yeah, don't worry.
I did that.
What time did the burglary occur? I dunno, during the night.
They took the cash register, with the wages.
I can't believe they'd do this, it's it's a family-friendly campground.
- Hm.
- Did you write that down? I did.
I just did.
I wrote it down.
[Hermann] There you go! Great.
Yeah, but aren't you coming over to look for clues? Oh, sure.
The problem is I'm all alone right now, so I'm swamped right now.
[Georges] Hermann with this burglary and that gigolo who died my campground may never recover.
Of course it will! I'll pop by as soon as I can, okay? All right, bye Georges.
Be brave! Thanks, Hermann What the hell are the others doing? [door clicks open] Georges! I told you I'd pop by whenever I can! Hermann, we have a problem [dramatic music playing] [Roman] They're gonna pay for this I swear they're gonna pay for this.
[Cora] You need to chill out and get some rest.
Maybe we should tell my mom about this.
[Roman] Are you kidding me? Roman do you realize the state you're in because of them? I'm free.
We need to move forward [somber music playing] Roman! I didn't know where you were.
And Sabine didn't want to do anything! I was afraid for you.
You took risks for nothing I'm sorry.
[Sabine] Did you guys have a fight? She doesn't have the guts to fight with us.
- That's not for you to decide.
- Did you forget her mom's a gendarme? Oh, so you're trying to protect her? I care about her too, but still! She has a role to play in what's gonna happen.
What are you talking about? [sinister music playing] [music intensifies] [tense music playing] [phone ringing] Hello? It's Hermann.
Have you seen your mom today? No, I didn't go home last night.
- Why? Is there a problem? - No, no We need her to sign some paperwork.
Well if she's off on one of her strolls good luck finding her.
If you see her, tell her to call us, okay? Okay.
No news from her, no news from Teddy Bear.
Goddammit, I knew it When he left last night, I knew he'd get in trouble.
I checked Laurène's desk.
She took her backpack and her flashlight.
Where the hell was she going? Into the forest.
She always does that, but she comes back.
Last time she came back with three bullets in her chest.
- What the hell does she do there? - I don't know She has her secrets.
I respect that.
Have you all gone crazy in this gendarmerie? That would never happen at the fire department.
We're a team, we talk to each other.
If one of us is in danger, we run to help them.
I know that! But Laurène doesn't operate like that.
I swear, if anything happens to Martial, I'll never forgive you.
[sinister music playing] [slow breathing] You know the first time I saw you I knew you were only gonna bring trouble But I think I like that [Teddy Bear coughs] [groans] [Teddy Bear] At the orphanage, they kept telling us "One day, someone will offer you a helping hand.
" Oh, fuck Had I known You always gave me your dirty work to do [chuckles and coughs] You don't even know that I turned down a promotion ten years ago A small town - [groans] - 200 km from here.
Villeneuve - Population, 4,000.
- [moans] Its crime rate is six times lower than the national average.
No microclimate.
Heaven on earth Between you and me what the hell would I be doing over there without you? [moans] What would I have become? Huh? Laurène? Huh? What would I have become? Laurène? I'm almost there! [grunts] [groans] [grunts] [strange rattling animal noise] [gasps] [heavy panting] [breathing softly] [heavy panting] - [animal rattling noise intensifies] - [screaming] [strange rattling animal noise] [silence] [deep breath] [deep breathing] [softly] Teddy Bear? [sighs] [softly] Teddy Bear? - Teddy Bear! - [shaky breathing] [chain rattling] [shaky breathing] [animal howling noise] Hey! [shouts] Is anybody here? [whispers] Fuck [Laurène shouts] Hey! [grunts] [groans] [panting] [screams] Dammit! [rocks tumbling] [mumbles softly] [mumbles] [mumbles] What do you want? Huh? [strange animal heaving noise] [softly] I told you I'm not hungry It doesn't make sense [man whispers] You should eat [voice echoes] [man whispers] He only hands them out once a day.
[Laurène] Is anybody here? Huh? [scoffs] [whispers] There's nobody here.
[man whispers] I'm also chained up.
[Laurène] What are you saying? [whispers] My name's Sylvain.
And you? That can't be Nobody was there with me.
[sobs] There was nobody there [Sylvain whispers] The chain's too short for us to see each other.
I tried.
[Laurène sobs] All I can do is this [chain rattling] [sinister music playing] [gentle music playing] [Sylvain whispers] I've been here for three days.
I heard him when he brought you here.
I wanted to talk to you, but I needed to be sure you weren't with him.
- Sylvain? - Yeah? - What year is it? - What? - Are you serious? - Please answer me [Sylvain] 1996.
[scoffs] [Sylvain] Are you okay? [softly] Yes.
How old are you? [Sylvain] I'm 18.
You? Same here.
[whispers] How could I have forgotten this? [sighs] I'm hungry now [Sylvain] I told you, you're not getting anything else [sighs] [tapping] Are you from Villefranche? [Sylvain] From where? No.
I'm from Flains That's far away.
Did you see the guy who brought us here? No.
I was walking to school, and I woke up here, all chained up Think people are looking for us? Huh? [Sylvain] Is someone gonna come for us? [unsettling music plays] [hooves tapping] [whooshing noise] [Sylvain whispers] What was that? [Laurène] Did you see it? [Sylvain] No, what was it? If it got all the way here, there must be a way out somewhere.
[Sylvain] Even if there is, we're chained up! I got a bloody wrist from pulling on it.
[Laurène] There is a way.
[Laurène] There is a way.
[suspenseful music playing] [banging] [scraping] [Laurène whispers] I need something sharp… I don't know how, but we're getting out of here [sinister noise] - [Sylvain whispers] Laurène! He's coming.
- [Laurène shivers] [strange animal rattling noise] [Sylvain] That's him He's coming.
[heavy breathing] [chain rattling] [Sylvain shouts] Let me go! Laurène! [panting] [thudding] [Sylvain shouts] Laurène, help me! He let me loose.
He's going to take me.
[strange rattling animal noise] You gotta help me! [Sylvain shouts] Let me go! [pained moaning] [shouts] - [strange rattling animal noise] - Laurène! Come and help me! [echoes] Laurène! [strange animal rattling noise] [shrieks in pain] He's coming! - Laurène! - I can't! - [music intensifies] - [pained moaning] [voices echoing] [Sylvain shouts] Laurène! Laurène! [shouts] - [somber music playing] - [inaudible scream] [gasps, heavy breathing] - [gasps] - [Sylvain] Laurène! [voice echoes] Laurène! - [whispers] It's over.
- [shaky breathing] [Sylvain's voice echoes] Laurène, he's here He's taking me, Laurène! - [strange animal rattling noise] - He's taking me away, Laurène! You gotta help me! Laurène! [moans] [Sylvain] Laurène! [voice trails off] [strange animal rattling noise] [music fades out] [deep, slow breathing] [deep breath] [deep breathing] [tense music playing] - [Laurène] Teddy Bear! - Oh, fuck [heavy breathing] [whispers] Fuck, you scared me [Teddy Bear] Fuck You scared me - [Laurène whispers] I'm here, I'm here - You stopped moving for ten minutes.
- Well, now I'm here.
- Are you okay? [Laurène] You're losing too much blood Is this better? [sobbing] We're gonna get you out of here.
[whispers] You're gonna be okay I'm here.
[Léa chuckles] Look at your face Yeah, my barber had died - What? Come on - He really died.
He committed suicide.
This goes in the trash.
This too.
And this too.
Trash [young Bertrand] Laurène! [Laurène panting and shivering] [somber music playing] And this goes in the trash too.
Even in Villefranche, it's out of style.
I'll bring it all upstairs.
No Delphine Garnier on any of your trains today? All right, thanks.
Yes, good-bye.
Jacques Loustal, from the Eldorado Hotel.
A client of yours left her phone here.
Apparently, she rented a car from your company.
Delphine Garnier.
Garnier, yes Yes! Okay, so she didn't pick it up A Volkswagen Golf? Okay, so if she does show up, tell her that I'm on my way! And I'll bring the phone.
Thanks! Good-bye! [panting] [thunder rumbling] - [Gaspard] Get moving! - [man shouting in panic] [Gaspard] Move it! - [Gaspard] Come on! - [man moans] - [Gaspard] Come on! - [man moans] [Gaspard] So? - [Gaspard] Huh? - [man] I already told you! [man] She was supposed to switch cars at 7 am.
She never showed up [Gaspard] You sure she didn't bribe you so you would mess with me? - [man] I swear! I never saw her! - [Gaspard] Yeah, yeah.
- [Gaspard] Do it, Marco.
Do it! - [man shouting] [man] No! - What now? - [Marco] Hold him tight.
[man] I don't know! [Gaspard] Delphine Garnier.
It ain't that hard! Where is she? Answer the question, goddammit! Oh, there you go You're giving me a headache! So? - [man] I don't know! - Come on, where is she? - Huh? You don't wanna answer! - [man groaning] You don't wanna answer! Answer the question.
Where is she? Where is she? Answer me! Mr.
[Gaspard] Do it, Marco! Mr.
[indistinct talking] Seems we're both after the same thing.
[Gaspard] So? And I imagine you're not referring to world peace.
- I'll help him think! - [man shouts] Come over here.
I'm tired of this guy! So fucking annoying - [Gaspard] Shit! - You're a real scumbag, - bribing that woman to spy on me.
- [Gérald] And she put out.
You're not going to complain, are you? Apparently, Ms.
Garnier found something.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
And apparently, she left without telling you, or you wouldn't be here either.
I bet I'll find her before you do.
[thunder rumbling] [sinister music playing] [Delphine] Are you done? - [loud bang] - [Delphine] No, don't try to come in.
[heavy breathing] That hole in the wall I noticed it as soon as I got here.
- [Siriani] Why can't we talk in person? - You're too tense.
How much did Steiner give you? [Delphine] A lot.
For that price, you work day and night! Look who's talking You also tend to go too far when you really want something.
A woman died because of you.
You don't know about that.
You wanted her to be a witness, and she was killed for that.
I had no other choice.
I couldn't let the higher-ups at Belair get off the hook.
Oh, you see? You've become what you used to fight.
If that's true, why don't you go and tell Gérald Steiner? I destroyed the audio file.
Steiner won't know anything.
Why would you take that risk? I don't know.
Nothing happened as planned.
Maybe it's this place or maybe it's you.
[Delphine sighs] I've got to go now.
Good-bye, Franck.
- [footsteps disappearing] - [softly] Good-bye.
[door clicks] [lively music playing] And you will leave me Leave me all alone I don't know where she is.
Laurène can live her own life, no? Please Sabine, try to think.
It's important.
[Hermann] We're really worried.
[Sabine sighs] - [Hermann] She didn't tell you anything? - [Sabine] No! [Sabine] Actually, yes.
She told me about a Roman sanctuary that is said to have existed in the area.
It's near the dead lake.
[Paul] Sounds like a load of bull to me.
I know what the Major's looking for.
She's looking for her "woods man".
- [sniffs] - [Sabine] Siriani, what are you doing? [choking] Now I don't know Now that we are through [gasping] Ah [coughs and sputters] - Stop, Laurène.
- Wait.
Stop it You're hurting me.
Sorry [shaky breathing] [Teddy Bear] If you manage to get out of here in the state you're in it'll take you three or four hours to get to the car.
Once you make the radio call emergency vehicles will need another couple hours to get to me.
So, let's not kid ourselves, huh I'll never make it that long.
Don't talk like that.
Right What are you gonna do, huh? You're gonna carry me on your back and rip out that fucking branch from my guts? Huh? So You gotta get out of here, Laurène.
I'll never leave you! Yes you will.
You need to get the hell out.
You know the reason I turned down that promotion was because I knew I had to stay by your side.
I don't know what's going on here.
It took me a while to accept it, but there's one thing I do know It's that Villefranche needs you.
They all need you.
But I'm ready I can die here, I'm telling you I'm ready.
[distant whoosh] [melancholic music playing] I'm gonna be okay.
[Teddy Bear breathing shakily] I'm gonna be okay.
[music intensifies] [deer bellowing] [moans] [gasps] [deer bellows] [groans] Teddy Bear! Laurène! [Laurène panting] [Léa] Bertrand? I found those frames you made [panting] [music intensifies] [gentle music playing] [gloomy music playing] Subtitle translation by Thomas Isackson