Blackshore (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Get off me, let me out.
- No!
- Shut up!
I'm not telling
you again, shut the fuck up!
- Stop, okay, just stop!
- Listen
Detective Inspector Fia Lucey!
If you knew the paperwork involved
in an off-duty arrest,
you'd save us all the hassle
and open the goddamn door now!
She was sick.
Yeah, just get the fuck out.
- You all right love?
- Yeah.
Fuckin' skanks!
The pair of yis.
Oh fuck!
Fuckin' stupid bitch.
Fuck sake.
You broke my fucking nose!
- You're damn right I did.
- Fuck you.
"We, the drowned" by Lisa Hannigan]
We, the drowned ♪
Hold our hollow hearted ground ♪
We know not the fire in which we burn ♪
But we sing and we sing
and we sing and we sing ♪
Oh, we, the drowned ♪
The lost and found out. ♪
"Medicated" by Du Blonde
feat. Shirley Manson ♪
Numerous recommendations, a medal
three undue force complaints
in the last year and we both know
you're here to take a little slap.
Now we didn't ask for you.
And I'm absolutely
certain you didn't ask for here!
Actually I did.
They gave me choices.
I thought it was time to come home.
Right, so, DI Fia Lucey is joining
us on a temporary secondment
from Dublin.
I've assigned her to the Roisin
Hurley case, Roisin and her were
acquaintances back in the day,
so she's well placed to take it on.
We all know Roisin Hurley
has a habit of going missing.
What makes you say that?
Ah, she'd be drunk
in a ditch somewhere
or in someone's bed
she's not supposed to be in.
- Webster!
- Sorry, Super.
Sometimes I use my gob the
way other people use their elbows.
Webster, a word in my office.
Right, who am I partnered with?
That'd be me.
Garda Cian Furlong,
nice to meet you.
- Marjorie!
- It'll remind me to pray.
We need to pray, James.
She's back.
The Lucey girl is back.
Does it feel good to be home?
It hasn't been home
for a very long time.
On your own or do you have a
[CLEARS THROAT] I know it must
be hard being back and all, but
Why aren't you ahead?
Are you lazy or just incompetent?
You just arrogant or plain rude?
We're meeting Charlie Reid.
He's the one who called
in Roisin Hurley as missing.
She was last seen two nights ago at
a hotel function, with the manager
- and part owner of
- Yeah, I remember.
I worked summers here in my teens.
Then you know what she's like then.
She's gone AWOL before, so
I'm sure we're just ticking boxes.
DI Fia Lucey.
Yeah, I remember you.
I heard you were back.
I'm sure you haven't forgotten
what small towns are like.
Roisin Hurley a friend of yours?
Old friend.
The thing is, she might
have fallen off the wagon.
She's done that before.
But I didn't see any signs of her
drinking recently, to be honest,
and she hasn't been answering
her phone, so it got me worried.
Let me show you up to her apartment.
Roisin's age?
48, same as myself.
Family situation?
She has a sister and a niece she
doted on, but they're in Australia
now and never come home.
Her mother passed
away about two years ago.
What was the event
you last had eyes on her?
Bill Maguire hosted drinks for
people involved in the whisky festival,
sort of a,
you know, a thank you.
Bill has a share in the
hotel, owns the distillery too.
Any idea if anything
was bothering her?
Was she depressed?
She has had issues
with depression in the past, yeah.
How serious?
Roisin has taken
more than one overdose.
That's why I'm a bit worried.
Look, the thing is, she would have
alerted staff if she was going away.
Thanks Mr. Reid.
Garda Furlong will take
a statement from you now.
Please try and remember
anything that might be of use to us.
Donna says the CCTV hasn't worked
for months,
Roisin hadn't paid the
Were you on duty that night?
Until 10.
Roisin took over herself then,
she would have been
in and out of the function,
keeping an eye on reception.
What's the time of her last entry?
Half ten, she made a
replacement key for a guest.
Did Ms. Hurley
seem inebriated to you?
She was stone cold sober,
as far as I could tell.
But once you get a reputation
around here, well,
it sticks with you for
Right, here's my number if you
think of anything, anything at all.
Actually, there was hassle, outside
with Roisin and a young woman.
She was slim, brown
hair, early 20s I'd say.
I doubt it, she was dressed
in jeans and a green sweatshirt.
Anyway, it's probably nothing.
It was just Roisin
and her for two seconds.
I didn't see her after that.
Right, we'll we
look into that, thanks.
A connection between you
and Donna I should know about?
Ah, she'd be wary of me.
Had a few run-ins with
her father and brother.
How do you remember Roisin?
Tough, no bullshit.
So I liked her.
I mean she was
definitely troubled, but
I appreciated the offer
of a summer's job.
Especially when
everyone in this town
looked at their feet
when I walked past!
I'm assuming you've heard?
I heard.
Auntie Sandra!
15 years since you
set foot inside this door.
Does that mean we don't have
to come to Dublin to see you now?
For a while anyway.
So they sent you back
home to face your demons.
I actually chose
to face them head on.
Or lose my job.
Sure all you did was
break some lowlife's nose.
Sandra, tea is great,
but this is a big occasion
I'm ahead of you husband!
Sure he'll never stop being a Guard,
checking in on the house,
making sure things are in order.
I miss her every single day.
All of them.
Lynette, what's that?
Sorry, I thought I buffed it, Serena.
- Hiya, Bill.
- Serena.
How's grandad doing Lynette?
I was sorry to hear his news.
They're trying a new type of chemo.
Thanks for asking Mr. Maguire.
- I'll tell him you did.
- Do.
- Bill.
- Charles, good to see you, sunshine.
Now, what's the word on Roisin?
Nothing yet.
Jack Lucey's daughter's on the case.
You knew she was back?
Sure the whole town has heard.
She's asking about
Roisin's lovers and whatnot.
Good luck with that!
Usually she'd let me know
if she was heading out
to party with a guest
though, you know?
Party, is that what
they're calling it now!?
Did she call you or anything?
Serena, the pairing
menu for the buyers dinner
I brought a bottle of the new
honey and thyme for you to try.
See what you think.
The festival.
Were either of ye up at the hotel
the other night for
the Bill Maguire thing?
Hey, I thought
this was a family visit!
It is, but I'm still on duty.
What do you want to know?
Where was the last
place you saw Roisin?
Maybe she was in out of the room,
but she wasn't out there
saying goodbye to her guests.
But that's Roisin for you.
How do you mean?
Ah I remember when she
was a young one, a bit wild.
Nice girl, then she
went downhill in her 20s.
Maybe the hotel was too
much for her on her young shoulders.
She always seemed
kind of sad to me, lonely.
Tell us, where have they
put you accommodation wise?
B&B for now, until
I find an apartment.
Your old room is
upstairs, same as you left it.
- Ah no
- Not another word.
Absolutely, we'd love it.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
- Ooh!
Yeah, you'll have to collect me.
Any idea if she
remained in that spot,
or have been further out in the lake?
Ah, further out I'd say, given
the degree of bloat and soakage.
She would have drifted in
on the river flow
or generally like water movement.
Can I?
Looks like she only took one blow.
It's the Lucey girl investigating
Roisin's death by all accounts.
- Lucey?
- Yeah.
Lucey, coming up 20 years now.
The house Lucey, all that?
She'll get to you no doubt.
Why me, it's been strictly business
between myself and
Roisin for years now.
Held a few classes for her in
the hotel gym, that's about all.
You're sure, nothing recently?
- Nothing.
- Drink it.
What was that for?
For a nephew of mine tapping
Roisin Hurley in the first place!
Cause of death, penetrative blunt
force trauma to the head,
a metal bar or heavy implement
and hit so violently she suffered
acute brain injury.
Her lungs were clear of water
so she was dead before
she was put in the lake.
Any idea how long
she'd been in the water?
Given the skin shrinkage on the
fingertips and body temp,
I'd say over 48 hours.
Alright, so not long after the
hotel function then.
Any sign of sexual assault?
Nothing, no sign of a struggle
She was likely attacked from behind,
so could be she
didn't see it coming.
We're waiting on toxicology.
We got plastic fibres from a rope,
the type you see on
practically any boat.
I'm thinking tied to something heavy
to keep her under water and
water movement must
have prised her loose.
So we're looking for someone
with a boat or access to a boat.
Well, the lake's pretty much a
thoroughfare these days,
a lot has changed
since you grew up here.
My father was coroner back then.
Did you know her?
Yeah, a long time ago.
She was kind to me.
Must be someone she knew.
Someone she trusted.
It's rage or fear or
panic or maybe all three.
Any questions?
Did she suffer?
I can't say for sure, but
given the depth of the
penetration I'd say it was instant.
They fished a body from the lake.
No, not our Chloe, the
missing Hurley woman.
I knew her disappearance
was different this time.
What's it say?
They found her body in the lake,
but her death is being
treated as suspicious.
They wouldn't say that
if it was a drowning.
You okay, hon?
We go back I don't know how long.
We fought like cats and dogs
But we had fierce history, you know.
I'll miss her.
You'll be one of the few.
A lot of men are
going to be looking
into their cornflakes this
Wondering if the Guards are
going to knock on their door?
We'll start with boats
already moored on the lake.
There's a list of attendees at
the hotel function the night that.
Ms. Hurley disappeared.
I want everyone that attended to
be interviewed and cross-checked
for boat ownership.
Take their phone numbers and
cross-check with any numbers
incoming or outgoing
to Ms. Hurley's phone that night.
Collect any photographs that might
have been taken at the gathering.
We're looking for a
young girl in blue jeans
and a green sweatshirt in
particular, Ms. Hurley was seen
to have heated words with her,
Forensics are already
working on Ms. Hurley's boat,
Gannon, check in with toxicology,
see if we can determine
whether there was any alcohol
in her system that night.
Did she arrange to
meet anyone in a pub perhaps?
The Press will be given minimal
information, suspicious circumstances
blah, blah, blah, but they'll
be clamouring for more,
given the high profile
of our victim locally.
Let's keep it respectful.
I'll set up an onsite
investigation base
at the hotel with Garda Furlong,
we'll interview staff, guests,
check what meetings she attended
in the weeks leading up to her death.
Any CCTV footage from the hotel?
- You double-checked?
- Yeah,
none of the internal or
external cameras were operational.
Hotel let the contract slide.
Right, well if she hadn't been paying
her bills
there could have been money
maybe there were
debts she couldn't pay
and someone lost their patience.
Right everyone, that's enough
to be getting on with for now.
Sorry Guard, sorry.
It's the son, he's
not right in the head
or the feet. [LAUGHS]
Larry Walsh and his son.
Donna's lot.
Like I said, scumbags!
Listen, do you mind
if I clock off for a bit?
I've to take my son to football.
Sure, it's not like we're
investigating a murder or anything!
That was uncalled
for, I put in the hours!
How much longer will I be here?
Stop asking me that.
In my five years those
doors have never closed.
I cannot reopen until
Can you explain to Mr. Maguire?
The hotel remains
closed until I say so.
Hmm, I'll see about that.
Thank you.
Can I go home to my little girl?
Not yet, I'm afraid.
Look, I need a list of all the
paying guests
the night Roisin Hurley
Was she murdered?
That's what everyone's saying.
I can't disclose any information
about this investigation, I'm sorry.
But I really appreciate your help.
Yeah, I'll get your list.
Most of them were part-time that
night, still go to school, so
I doubt if any of them
ever even spoke with Roisin.
Do you think that girl
you saw could have been a local?
If she is, I've
never seen her before.
Alright, well we'll get a sketch
artist to draw up a composite.
- Hey, you okay?
Newspapers, they just keep calling.
It's just like Ro was
a piece of meat to them!
You know, she could be kind.
Especially in the last few months.
She just seemed a
lot happier in herself.
Listen, why don't you tell me about
Ro's kind side over a cup of tea?
Actually scratch that,
you strike me more as a vodka
and coke kind of girl, am I right?
It's lemon, vodka and lemon.
I'm a single mum.
And everyone around here
thinks my family are scum.
But Roisin gave me the job.
Yeah, they can be very judgey
around here, that's for sure.
Is it how it was for you?
I remember you
from school, you know.
I was a few years down from ye.
You were fierce
on the camogie pitch.
But I remember seeing
you at lunchtime on your own.
Like me.
Well, I worked very
hard for people not to see that.
Any idea why Roisin
seemed lighter in herself?
She had taken to going somewhere
every Wednesday afternoon,
and she always came back smiling.
There were rumours
of her and Sean Maguire.
He's a fitness instructor.
I never saw anything though.
I better go.
Are you sure you didn't see anything?
Yeah, you, em, well,
you just learn to keep
your mouth shut around here.
Be careful.
That's your lad there now isn't it?
That's him.
I've been watching
him, some footwork on him.
He'll make under 12 rugby
captain, you mark my words.
I think he prefers
the GAA to tell the truth.
Well you be a good father and make
sure he grows out of that,
the rugby will open more doors
for him in the long run, you'll see.
So where are we with
the Roisin sorry business?
You know I can't talk about an
ongoing murder investigation, Bill.
Bloody hell!
We've moved from
suspicious to murder then?
This will be her now.
Jesus, sorry!
Late for dinner
as if time never passed.
Oh, Fia, it's so good to see you.
I didn't realise you were waiting
for me, you should have gone ahead!
Sit your arse down
and get some food into you.
Aw thanks.
You look great!
Is that mine?
It is not!
Brown stew with kidneys
and dumplings to fatten you up!
No dumplings for you Donal.
- Ah, that's terrible!
This must feel
like a bit of a mind fuck?
You can say that again!
How does it feel, being back?
I just need to keep
the distance in my head.
- Have you been up to the grave?
- No, Jesus!
I might as well tell you.
We've been running
archive pieces of the paper,
- you know, days gone by.
- Ah.
The anniversary's coming up.
20 years.
Me being back stirs it all up.
There's a generation
that'll never forget, but
I'll make sure they keep
- details to a minimum.
- It's okay.
I can't speak for national press.
I know.
- You covering a murder here
- I get it.
Wake up.
Dad I'm home.
Get the fuck out!
- Can I get a quote from you DI Lucey?
- Get out of here!
Must be strange being back
after all these years,
a lot of mixed emotions
I'd imagine.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- All right, all right.
This is private property.
No, I'm on public property
here, that's private property.
I told you to get
the fuck out of here.
- All right, Garda, all right.
- Now!
Move it!
Why would they put her, of all
people, on the Roisin Hurley case?
She's a high ranking detective.
You're not from around here,
Elizabeth Lucey was my teacher.
She was a lovely person.
- So you said, like 200 times!
- Because I was devastated, Cian.
We all were, it's all anyone could
talk about for years,
bloody bus loads going up
to the house for a gawk.
Now there's
something new to talk about.
It's a joke her investigating
Roisin's murder, when everyone knows
her father killed
that Chloe Whelan girl.
They don't know that.
Oh, come on!
Their babysitter goes missing and
the next day Jack Lucey goes and
kills his family!?
The man was a
lunatic, a certified lunatic.
- It doesn't make you a homicidal maniac.
- But it did.
Niamh, sometimes I really
wonder about you, you know that?
I'd have to care.
What's the thinking
with Roisin anyway?
Bound to be one of her
married men she pissed off.
You know I can't
discuss a case with you.
There's plenty you
don't discuss with me Cian.
One morning, just one morning,
can I have my muesli in peace?
- Is it yourself?
- It is, Fergus.
I took the chance that
you'd still be going out there
at night and here you are.
Look, I'm looking into
the Roisin Hurley murder case.
I was wondering if
you saw anything unusual?
A boat out at night that
you wouldn't normally see maybe?
No, time was it was just me and
maybe your father's boat
out at night.
There's all sorts these days.
Do you know,
your father's boat, the Lady
Elizabeth, is still moored up
- at the slip?
- Yeah.
I figured it would be.
Here, you didn't see Roisin
Hurley's boat out four nights back?
Someone on board with her maybe?
No, not recently.
But a couple of months back, a
young one, there was a young one
Slim girl,
long brown hair, early 20s?
That's her!
I remember her because she started
coughing mightily and then she had
to use one of them inhalers.
Did it seem friendly,
like they were getting on?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Hey, come on, hop in, free
Gillies tour of all the new houses.
I'll take you up on that offer again.
Thanks Fergus.
Alright Fia.
Fergus Slattery saw the girl Donna
with Roisin, a couple of
months ago on her boat.
Something turned
sour between them,
we need to find out
who she is and why.
Listen, should we
be keeping Donna around?
She could be telling
her family anything we find.
My gut tells me that she knows
something more than she told us.
For some reason she's scared.
You have to eat.
Starve so.
This'll run out soon,
I won't be able to breathe.
Do you understand?
I've spoken with the funeral home,
I'll make sure Roisin gets
a good send off, once
they release the body.
What about the hotel?
It belongs to me now, we
agreed to will it to each other.
I never thought I'd say it.
But I will miss
that grouchy face of hers!
Boat's clean, no blood,
no sign of a struggle.
There's dozens of boats out there.
Dozens more off the water.
Let's start with the boats
already moored first.
Why, specifically?
Because it makes more sense that her
body was taken out
into the lake
by a boat already on it.
Get the team to check piers,
boathouses, anything for CCTV,
see what visuals we can find of boats
pulling out after 10:30,
the last known sighting we have
of Roisin so far on record.
Yeah, is that really the
best use of my time?
Best I can think of right now!
It's Chloe's
birthday, did you forget?
Of course I didn't!
Every year I still hope
She's dead Marjorie!
And we know who killed her, that
fucking man!
And now his daughter is
alive and well
and swanning around here!
Where are you going?
To the church.
Six we found like this,
kids, vandalising little fecks.
Yeah, waste of time.
We should be chasing
proper leads for Christ's sake!
I tell you, your one needs to get
her ass back to Dublin
before we have a
serious falling out!
There it is again.
Every Wednesday!
I haven't a clue.
I checked your computer,
found the empty folder where
the CCTV files should be.
If you saw something, I'll make
sure you won't get into trouble.
It's all on here.
Fia, I was afraid.
I didn't know if I could trust you.
Now, I'm afraid for you.
Just look at it yourself.

Where the fuck were you going?
Hey Donna?
Do you've a backup of this?
Ah, that was a waste of time,
cameras vandalised or fake.
All of them?
Might have missed one or two, but
it'll be the same story, won't it?
Yeah, but let's just check
out the one or two, shall we?
I'll drive.

I'm not a sloppy guard.
I asked if you
were lazy or incompetent.
Maybe you're something else?
What's that supposed to mean?
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