Blackshore (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

They fished a body from the lake.
Jack Lucey's daughter's on the case.
- You knew she was back?
- The whole town has heard.
We didn't ask for you and
I'm absolutely certainly
didn't ask for here!
I thought it was time to come home.
She'll get to you no doubt.
It's been strictly business between
myself and Roisin for years now.
There was hassle, outside
with Roisin and a young woman.
We're looking for a
young girl in blue jeans
and a green sweatshirt in particular.
None of the
cameras were operational.
Are you sure you didn't see anything?
Just look at it yourself.
Again, your choice to
sleep on the sofa Cian, not mine.
Shane, Mark, move it!
breakfast on the table in two
minutes, come on!
- Cian
- Do you mind if I eat my breakfast
while you tell me
everything's my fault,
it's just I've a murder
investigation to get back to.
Yeah, your friend!
Roisin was my friend.
We could try counselling.
We did, you won remember?
Cian, what's happening to us?
I don't know.
Do you want a divorce?
Do you?
I got 150 score on Mario yesterday.
- No you didn't!
- Yeah, I did.
♪Your old score is 70.
Lads, we're hitting the road
in five, get your bags together.
Your lunches
are over there, okay?
You two wait there!
- It was under my bed.
- Yes, I told you it was
Hiya, you must be Niamh.
Fia Lucey, is Cian ready to go?
No, he's gone already,
he took the boys to school.
Oh, I thought I was
picking him up this morning?!
Where's your car?
Well I thought with both of your
cars I'd just clog up the driveway,
so I parked up the road.
Okay, well
Do you mind if I use your loo?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Hey mam, dad.
- Hiya
- Hello love.
I'll have a cup of
tea if you're making one.
- Mm. Looks like I am now.
Dad, can I have a
quick word just inside?
You actually looked
at crime scene photos?
Dad, I am so sorry you
had to see that in real life.
You did the right thing
stepping away from that case,
it was too personal.
It was cowardly.
It was human.
You know, looking at the
photos, it brought things back.
I remember Elizabeth
dropping off Fia's overnight
bag for our sleepover.
And Aidan in the back
seat in his pyjamas,
ready to spend a night in the boat.
In the photos
Aidan is fully dressed!
Dad, I know this is hard, but did
Jack call to the house that night?
Did he visit looking
to bring Fia back too?
No, he didn't.
What are you getting at?
I know you've always thought it was a
moment of madness,
off his meds maybe.
But what if
You're saying maybe Jack planned it.
But why would he spare Fia?
Yeah, why?
Sorry to be a pain but um, could
I possibly get a glass of water?
Here you go.
I'm in a bit of a rush.
- Thanks.
- I've to get to work.
Gorgeous view you have here.
So have you and
Cian been married long?
I don't see how that's any of
your business, Detective Lucey.
It isn't easy in our business.
My own marriage poof.
Sure, the long hours don't help.
But I guess you brought
serious baggage to the table too.
Your mother taught me English.
Elizabeth was the best teacher ever.
Anyone who's doing well around
here was taught by Elizabeth Lucey.
But you're here to
talk about Cian aren't you?
How can I help?
Look, I thought it'd be good
for the two of us to meet properly.
I could be taking your husband away
from you and the kids
for a long time
on this murder investigation.
And that's it really.
Did you know Roisin Hurley well?
If you don't think your new partner
is up to scratch,
maybe you need to
find another one.
Are you gonna tell me
what that was all about?
I thought I was picking you up.
I won't speak with her Marjorie,
you can bleed all you like!
Maybe she remembers
something about Chloe,
but of course you won't talk
to anyone about anything,
will you? Ever?
You'll die of anger
James and I pray for you.
I'm nearly out of Ventolin.
- I'll go to the chemist.
- You need a prescription, idiot!
I've got a spare in the flat.
You can grab my
passport while you're at it.
Did you speak to Roisin today?
When is she coming?
Answer me!
Do you want tea?
No, I want to know
when Roisin is coming.
When am I getting out of this dump?
Answer me!
She's not coming. She's dead.
Detective Inspector Lucey, could
I have a few moments of your time?
Not now, get out of my way please.
You're investigating a murder in
this town, that must bring up
your own past,
what your father did.
Will that affect your concentration?
I can concentrate
just fine, thank you!
You know, if you give me an
exclusive all the other Dublin
papers will back off.
You must know that everyone
around here thinks your father had
something to do with
Chloe Whelan's disappearance?
You could be a voice for him.
I can be a sympathetic ear.
People are going to
want to read this stuff.
- Stuff?!
- No, I didn't mean it like that.
Yes you did, because that's
all we are to you, is stuff!
- Get out of my way!
- Look, please, can we just
I said get out of my fuckin' way!
Aw for f
Your presence here,
a murder investigation
that's going to attract attention,
I can't help you with that.
Only your responses can.
Look, I was ambushed!
You have to be prepared for that.
You're right.
I thought I was.
I'm sorry, I'll do better.
Thank you.
Where are we with Ms. Hurley?
Pursuing various
lines of investigation.
If you don't mind Supe,
I'd rather be further along
We're used to sharing all
leads from the get-go on my watch.
Right, well,
we're looking into Ms.
Hurley's immediate circle,
any recent intimate relationships.
I'm sorry.
Stop saying
that, why didn't you tell me?
I was afraid you'd be
Well like you are.
Can you get me out of here?
How do you mean?
Out of here, out of this country.
- I'm skint.
- Of course you are.
I can't believe she
If she's been murdered,
maybe she told someone I'm here?
- Did you tell anyone?
- No, I swear.
Get my inhaler, please,
I need to get out of here!
Right folks, here's a list of all
the registered boats in the area,
nothing for it but door to door.
Look for hair, fibres, blood.
Oh, where are we on toxicology?
Alcohol, but minute traces
and interestingly,
a small trace of Ketamine also.
Oh, Ketamine!?
That's usually
used as a date rape drug.
There was no sign of sexual assault.
If it was used to knock her out,
there would have
been significant trace.
Why isn't Furlong here?
He's following up a lead.
Where are we on our phone records?
We've been searching the most
frequent numbers
over the last few months,
there were only two calls that
night which were to a burner phone
- that's switched off.
- Burner?
How do we know?
We traced the SIM back to the shop,
but the sales records were a mess.
So we don't know the buyer yet.
Right, burners are usually used for
drug deals or covering up affairs,
so keep on it.
Listen, let's make a list of all of
Ms. Hurley's drinking buddies
when she was off the wagon.
Maybe a friendly piss
up turn suddenly sour.
Right, that's it folks.
Here, have pathology
run a match to the victims.
- This is urgent.
- Will do.
Cian would know who Roisin
drank with, they were mates,
why don't you ask him?
I will.
Have you got a sec?
When can we reopen? I've got
guests arriving for the festival
- from tomorrow on.
- Right.
You can open as of now.
My day sorted,
getting the staff back in.
- I'll be busy.
- Great.
One second there, you keep going.
So we can reopen the gym? Thank
God, I'm frozen solid out here.
Alright, alright, see ya.
We'll start with national
press, then move on to international
tomorrow, there's the list and the
Japanese buying group will want
a tour of the distillery,
if you can handle that, Deirdre.
Everything alright,
Niamh, you seem a bit,
I don't know, flat somehow today?
She's anxious
about the festival Dee.
We all are.
Yeah, that's it.
I suppose things are a
bit more complicated this year.
You mean the Lucey girl's
return, the press,
throw a murder
investigation on top of that?
Roisin would want the show to go on.
We'll just have to razzle
dazzle them like we always do.
- We'll leave that to you.
Come here, what's his deal?
What was the story
between him and Roisin?
I've only got Roisin's word.
They'd been having a thing.
Cian's marriage was in trouble.
Roisin said he got a bit
needy, so she put a stop to it.
She said he got angry, saw a
side to him she'd never seen before.
Now, you do know I wouldn't
testify to any of that in court?
Yeah, I figured.
You mentioned there was a rumour
of Bill Maguire's nephew and Roisin?
Sean Maguire?
Rumours, others too.
Small town shite.
[SIGHING]: Yeah.
You had a team meeting without me?!
When were you going to
tell me about the Ketamine?
Just this minute actually.
Ah, so you're blocking me out, huh?
Think I'm not up to scratch.
Fuckin' nonsense!
Hi, this
is Luke, leave a message.
Gannon, where are we on the
forensics I asked for? Call me back.

Ah here, been looking for you, I
think we should go speak
to Charlie Reid again,
try and pin him down on Roisin
and some of her relationships.
- I'll get my keys.
- Here,
right ahead of you,
my car's been giving me trouble.
Where did you get these?
Your coat pocket,
I hope you don't mind?!
I do fuckin' mind!
Are we in a hurry?
This some kind of shortcut?
Where are we going?
Talk to me!
Don't even think about playing
innocent with me,
you come into my house,
interrogate my wife,
you keep
me out of the loop at work,
you go through my pockets,
what is your fuckin' problem?
Is there something
you want to tell me Cian?
Because now's your chance!
Your only chance!
Dr Whelan.
- Hey.
- How're ya.
- Do you mind if we sit?
- Yeah of course.
I was hoping something might have
jogged your memory since we last met
about Roisin and relationships?
I mean given how close you
were, you'd probably be the first
to realise any change
in her emotional weather.
I mean, if she was in a fulfilling
relationship, let's say,
I mean she might have come
across happier than normal.
It's true, you know, Charlie.
Mostly Roisin was
a bit of a grumpy cow.
May she rest.
But she had a smile on
her face the last few months.
Like something good
was happening with her
or someone good.
Erm, you owe me 50 Euro by the way.
I mean, it could have been someone
you might have
disapproved of, maybe?
Here, caviar blini.
Ah, Roisin's favourite!
That's very thoughtful
of you, thanks Serena.
Oh, I forgot, you don't like them.
Do you know I would swear
you were the last person
in here with her, Cian.
A couple of weeks back?
Yeah, we were discussing
hotel security for the festival.
- To Roisin.
- To Roisin.
Oh, another thing, you
didn't see Roisin arguing maybe?
With a young woman, green
top, jeans, straight brown hair?
- No, sorry.
- No, sorry.
Right, well thanks for the blini.
You saw her didn't you?
The girl?
Maybe, I can't say for sure.
You know you can talk to me.
I can't talk to anyone!
DI Lucey.
what sort of crowd are
you expecting for the festival?
Over the week, a few thousand or so.
Not bad when you consider
how small we were at the start.
And will it affect you that
DI Lucey is the senior
investigating officer
on the Hurley murder case?
Why in the world
should that affect us?
Her history I suppose.
Am I being a bit dense, because
I'm not seeing the link here?
All the talk about the Whelan girl's
disappearance blowing up again.
How the Lucey family
deaths might be connected.
That's what people
have been talking about.
Not the festival, not your whisky.
There wouldn't be a
Blackwater without my husband.
When he set up the
distillery 20 odd years ago,
it was a town in despair.
No employment, no hope.
Now we employ hundreds of locals.
The festival fills shops and
restaurants and pubs and hotels.
We invite you into our
home to tell you a success story,
and you want to drag us
into the gutter you come from.
We're done here.
I think my wife is
politely telling you
to get the fuck out of
our house, sunshine.
That's the good stuff
from the hotel freezer, dad.
Don't ask me to do it again.
It's our best chance with
Roisin not there to stock take.
Not ours, yours.
You live here don't you?
Eat steak don't you?
Why aren't you in school,
I dropped you there this morning?
I took her out.
The trout were in,
so we went fishing.
Dad, you can't just do that!
Well I did.
She needs to be in school.
She needs an education.
Fishing's an education.
That's it!
Go on, go and get your bag,
go on, I'm bringing you back.
As of today, I'll be
looking for our own place.
Go on.
Go off and get your fancy flat!
But Brid stays here with me.
As I thought, Blackwater should be
bringing up the festival, all the events.
I saw.
The death of Roisin Hurley
and almost as much
about the chief investigating
officer and her tragic past.
I don't want Sean drawn into this.
This thing with Roisin.
She probably
jumped his bones, you know?
Still, Sean
should have known better.
Have a word with
Cian for me, will you?
How do you mean, a word?
Can you ask Cian if
he can keep Sean out of it?
I don't think it
works like that, Deirdre!
Go easy will ya, don't
want you having a heart attack!
Oh I'm so sick of
hearing the Lucey family name!
It was a terrible tragedy, it was.
But when will we
be allowed to move on?
Right, come on, let it out.
You're alright Sean,
I'm knackered to be honest.
You can head back
to the gym, Sean, thanks.
He puts his heart
and soul into this town
and all they want at the end of
the day is idle gossip.
It'll all blow over soon enough.
You need to watch your back
Niamh, your husband's back.
We won't say it, but I think you
know what I'm talking about, pet.
There's not much goes that
Bill and I don't hear about.
Get your house in
order, there's a girl.
Excuse me, there's
something I need to do in town.
Did one of you
sell Roisin Hurley Ket?
Fuck off!
Fuckin' answer me, did ye, did ye?
If I found out
you sold Roisin Ket
Then what?!
We don't do Ket, and we don't do
business where Donna works,
now piss off and hassle
some other fucker!
Who, what other fucker?
And why would I tell you that?
I can lose the paperwork
on your most recent charge.
Might be no harm in getting
rid of some of the competition.
But you go back on
your word and I swear
one of your sons will meet
with a nasty accident!
You do that and
I'll fuckin' kill ya.
But go on.
Try barking up the
Maguire tree, the dumb nephew.
Cian isn't here.
I don't know where he went.
Well, I came to see you anyway.
What you were saying
about the long hours,
the case taking him
away from his family
We've been having
problems in our marriage.
I'm sorry to hear that.
He's a good man.
I'm sure he is!
A great father.
- The night Roisin was killed
- Yeah.
We were supposed to be
at the function till the very end but
we had a fight, went home early.
I think Cian
feels guilty about that.
Why guilty?
Well maybe he thinks what happened
wouldn't have happened if he
If he'd been around.
Oh, now I see.
He he liked her.
Yeah, well, and so did I.
You know I worked
here, a long time ago.
So he should have been here,
instead he was, he was home
- arguing with me.
- Mmh.
But ye must have
stopped arguing at some point?
We did.
You know, we get exhausted, you
know, so
we opened a bottle of wine,
watched Godfather Part Two.
Ah, the best one!
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you
after what you'd been asking.
Thanks Niamh.
You're more than welcome.
- I'll let you get back to it.
- Great.
The sample matches
the victim's, thanks Gannon.
- What happened?
- I tripped, why are we here?
I gave you the chance
to come clean earlier today.
I've been gathering evidence.
- What evidence?
- Against you.
There is CCTV footage from
that night, Roisin pushing you away.
Blood on your boat matches
hers, you have told lie after lie.
I think Niamh knows you were
having an affair with Roisin.
Why she tried to give
you an alibi today is beyond me.
You think I killed Roisin?
Look, yes, I turned up,
but she pushed me away
and I never saw her again.
OK, just give me a chance, I'll
give you an alibi, one you can check.
This is your burner phone, yeah?
Roisin made two calls to a burner
on the night she died,
linking that person the last person
she's known to have contact with!
It wasn't me.
Let's find out.
Right, what have you got for me?
We have a reliable tip off sir,
Sean Maguire deals in Ket,
found in Roisin Hurley's system.
We also know that Roisin had
relations with Sean Maguire.
We're going to need a search
warrant for his office at the hotel.
If you're going after
Bill Maguire's nephew,
you better be bloody sure of yourselves.
I'll see what I can do.
Anything else?
If I'm not happy with
what you're about to say,
I'm going straight back
in there to lay it out
for the Super, I am not going to
put my career on the line for you!
All right.
I did go to the hotel,
I did see Roisin, but she
wanted nothing to do with me,
I got the impression she
was on her way somewhere.
Well where were
you the rest of the night?
I went to Reid's restaurant to join
an all night poker session
like I've done a hundred times before.
That's why I owed Serena money.
Plenty of people
there will back me up.
If it needs to be
said, me and Roisin
I cared for her.
What about her
blood found on your boat?
She had nosebleeds,
we used to boat to meet.
- And the hotel CCTV?
- What about it?
How am I gonna
explain not calling that in?
I'll take the blame on
that, I'll think of something.
I fucked up.
How surprised do you think
people will be, it's what I do!
Please just give
me a week, one week, Fia?
Me and you working together, please?
Give me one reason why I should?
I want to find
out who killed Roisin.
I owe her that.
So I've checked your alibi, looks
like you were telling the truth,
but I'm telling you, this
investigation goes no further
than you, me and the team okay?
No stories carried home, no gossip.
Because you mightn't like
the truth when we get to it, Cian.
Come on.
See Roisin's locket
was missing when we found her.
Must have fallen in the lake.
And who the hell is she?
And why has no one seen her since?
See 'C' every Wednesday,
that's why I thought it was you.
There's no coverage from
outside, so she must have had
the system turned off.
You're churning.
Ever since I told you
Niamh invented an alibi for you.
Love or self-protection?
No, no, no, no, no!
No, Niamh would never
Even if she knew
about us, she no.
Yeah, well I had to take
her motives under consideration.
So I had the GPS on her company car
checked discreetly,
it didn't move
from the time she got home.
Oh thank Christ!
Hang on
There, that's an inhaler,
prescription only type,
my son Shane has asthma.
Right, run a check on all the
pharmacies within a 50 mile radius.
You know if Ro left every Wednesday
at 3 o'clock and returned home
at roughly the same time
50, 60 miles should cover it,
allowing for a two hour meeting?
Wake up.
Ah, hiya Fergus.
Fia, your dad's old
boat has seen better days.
If you want to take
her out for a spin,
I could give her
the once over for you.
Thanks for the offer, but I'm not
staying around long enough for that.
But thanks.
- They don't make them like this anymore.
- Nope.
Your father was full of talk of
taking her to the Shannon Regatta.
- Oh, really?
When was that?
About a week before he
That's why it stays in my mind.
Dr Whelan and himself
were supposed to bring her.
Dad and Dr Whelan?
Well your da was his patient,
but they were solid friends.
- Boating friends.
- Mh!
God, I never knew that.
Oh! Mrs. Whelan.
We're Christians, we have to
forgive, and I try all the time
but I can't.
I want you to know we don't bear
any ill will towards you, my dear.
You are not your father's keeper.
Mrs. Whelan, with the greatest
of respect, what if you're wrong?
What if you've
been wrong all this time?
We don't have that,
a place to say goodbye.
Why would your mother,
your brother, be in there
if not for your father's guilt?
So I've contacted all staff and guests,
business as usual from tomorrow on.
Good girl.
Consider yourself acting manager,
until I get a replacement for Roisin.
get anything out of them?
I'm doing the usual digging around,
but they're being a bit cagey.
You know yourself!
- Anyway, for now
- Is that fella staying here?
Yeah, and more
reporters are booked in too.
Charge them top room rates, I wish
you'd said something to me Donna,
I would have
told you to refuse them.
I gonna have to cut
this off at the pass,
get Fia Lucey in front of them
all tomorrow,
answer their questions,
get focus back on the festival.
Oh, I don't think
Fia would want to do that.
I don't care whether
she likes it or not!
Yeah, get me Superintendent Shannon.
Bill Maguire here.
Leave it, you'll cut
yourself, I'll get a brush.
Jesus Lynette, are you all right?
Sorry, you can
take it out of my wages.
What, it's only a
glass, would you relax!
No chance, no chance,
I know where you're going, ah!
Right, let's go, no,
not near post, not near post!
Ah, I'm getting too old for this.
All right?
Do you think dad had anything to
do with Chloe Whelan's disappearance?
Of course I've heard the rumours,
but I never believed a word of them.
Her parents are religious weirdos,
must have felt like
she was living in a cult!
My bet is she ran away.
I mean, everything
about her did seem to change.
And she was
suddenly freer in herself.
Probably a lad,
they ran off together.
But no lad was reported missing.
But sure how do we
know he was from around here?
Look, I'm gonna work
in my room for a bit,
unless you want me
to cook or something?
Lord God, Fia, spare us that much!
Fair enough!
Hey Fia.
Cian, I'm at Roisin's apartment, I
think the girl we're looking for
- is her daughter.
- What daughter?
- Did you know?
- No, no idea.
The 'C' in her diary,
it must be for her, Carrie.
The thing is, why
hasn't she shown up?
She must know something.
Where is she?
Hey, hey!
Come in.
Sorry Fia.
Lynette, she wants
to tell you something.
Thanks Donna.
You're going to be okay.
Do you want to sit down, love?
I did see that girl.
The one you said.
- Have you found her?
- No.
- We're still looking.
- [WHINING]: Mmh.
What do you know about her?
I'm worried the same thing
happened to her that happened to me.
Can you tell me?
Look, you've made it this far, love.
I promise you can trust me.
I think Sean Maguire raped me.
Oh God, I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
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