Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Human Condition

1 This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now Where am I? Hey! What the hell? What did you do to me? Saved your life.
You shot me with a stun gun.
Killed Bannister, didn't you? Don't worry.
I won't turn you in.
You were out of control.
I did what I had to do.
My device.
I always finish a job.
How did you know you'd find me there? AS-08 reporting.
Returning to scene.
Roger that.
Report of multiple gunshots heard near the Quail building.
I was tuned into the police frequency.
Picked up chatter about Senator Bannister's murder.
Just put two and two together.
I guess I'm supposed to say thank you.
Drink this.
Don't blame you.
It's never tasted right since the Blackout.
Blackout? The Blackout of 2022.
You really don't remember a thing.
It was a total data wipe.
Changed everything.
I told you I can't remember anything.
But maybe I never had any memories to begin with.
Why would you think that? - We know where to find it.
- They don't.
So if that little worm comes around again, we slit his throat.
That'll send a message to the Drove.
Wanna talk with you.
You gotta be kidding.
What do you want, little piggy? You ain't got nothing on me.
Whoa ow! Heard you had a run-in with a young woman.
Bad attitude, tattoo of a black lotus.
Why would I help a pretty little piggy like you? Ah! Geez! Okay, okay! Ow! Maybe I should slice myself off a piece.
Son of a bitch! Police business.
Now, move along.
To hell with this.
Just you and me now.
Tell me about the girl.
You want me to slice your arm off? The other one? She cut the boss up.
She's nuts.
Carried a damn samurai sword.
You better give me more than that.
All right.
All right.
You win.
She had this tech.
We tried to take it from her.
We was just messing around.
Then she comes back to kill us.
She's on bad neuro-stims or something.
Might wanna show more respect for local law enforcement.
Next time, I won't be so nice.
Next time, you're gonna get it in the neck, piggy.
LAPD investigators have refused to comment on reports that Senator Bannister was attending an unlicensed boxing match when he was killed by an unknown assailant.
Accolades for the senator came in from as far away as the Off-world colonies.
In a long and distinguished career, Senator Bannister was seen as a non-partisan defender of basic human rights and was hailed as a true patriot.
He was a piece of shit.
Did you find out what's on my device? Not yet.
What's a replicant? A replicant? A machine? Not exactly.
Then what? Why do you even care about this? Bannister said so.
That I'm one of them.
And you believe what that scum told you? But what if 20 years ago, a corporation made artificial people.
Called them replicants.
Hoping they'd do all our heavy lifting without ever complaining.
Hold still.
Look at me.
I'll tell you if you're a replicant.
Look up and to the left.
Don't blink.
You're not a replicant.
If you were a Nexus 8, you'd have a serial number.
6, you'd be long dead.
Then how did I do these things? I can fight.
I hurt a lot of people.
If you're still worried, there's only one way to tell for sure.
Have a seat.
We call it Voight-Kampff.
Tells if you're human or replicant.
Replicants are tough as nails, but they look just like everybody else.
What's it going to do to me? Don't worry.
I'm just gonna ask you some questions.
I don't have any memories.
Feelings can tell more than memories.
They're deeper.
If you're a replicant, your emotions will be marked by contradictions.
Picture your mother.
In the house you grew up in.
She looks at you, disappointed, and tells you that she doesn't love you.
She's never loved you, and she regrets ever having you.
A mother would never say that.
You're passing a busy street corner on the way to a friend's apartment, and you see a small cardboard box next to a dumpster.
Inside is a tabby cat, a kitten, a real one with green eyes and a white spot on her nose, meowing for food.
I'd take it home and feed it.
I like cats.
Why do you like cats? Hmm they're cute and fluffy.
Can you remember being in love? How did it make you feel? That's easy.
The way he'd look at me I thought my heart was going to burst.
It felt like something wonderful.
Make it pretty.
Stay still.
That is so cool.
It's beautiful.
It's a gift.
To mark your new beginning.
Don't you mean our new beginning? Don't forget me, Elle.
How old were you? It's coming back.
That was when we first met.
He knew so many things.
He told me that the lotus represents purity.
So he gave me this tattoo.
But only the white lotus is said to be pure.
That depends on perception.
Don't worry.
You're not a replicant.
You're just a girl with amnesia.
Your emotions don't exhibit any contradictions.
Get some rest.
I'm going out for a drink.
I'll grab you some food.
Senator Bannister is the reason California still has an economy despite devastating climate change.
A hero to the people.
A hero? Wasn't a heroic bone in his body.
Now that he's gone, it's going to be harder to remove the ban on replicants.
I still have plenty of friends who can help me.
Friends made with money? Is that why you came up here? To insult me? Or is this another talk about your pride? I admit, humanity would have starved without you.
It was your research that led to synthetic proteins.
But ideas mean nothing without the money and power to actualize it.
I gave the people manna when heaven would not oblige.
If a man is capable of stealing the credit for a feat of such enormity, I say, give him time.
No amount of wealth can save him.
And you need my wealth to remove the ban on those replicants.
Everything intended will happen.
A god makes it so.
Listen to yourself.
Do you know who you're starting to sound like? Doc Badger.
Officer Davis, LAPD.
Have a few questions.
Whatever it is, I didn't do it.
Young lady with a black lotus tattoo's been seen around here.
You think I spend all day looking? Looking at people's tattoos? Well, she was carrying a data drive and swinging around a sword.
Samurai seef.
Right around here.
Everyone knows you're the man to see about these kinds of things in this part of town.
It's time for me to close the store.
If you're not arresting me, go bother other people.
I'll be in touch, Doc.
What? Whoo! Get off your asses and run, you two-bit dolls! What are you doing? You know the rules.
Hey, I'm a journalist.
If you don't document it, did it really happen? Finished already? There's no challenge just picking 'em off from this far.
If they really are dangerous, we could be hunting 'em up close.
Sounds like fun.
These replicants are hardwired to be fully submissive to humans.
- Come on.
- Just pull the trigger! Replicants hard-wired to be fully submissive? Oh, these things are helpless.
Whatever we want, we do.
It's too easy.
Why? I'm so tired, oh, so tired All these voices in my brain Living through my normal, oh, so formal I swear they're driving me insane Can't tell who's a liar come hell or high water I'm not listening Whoa I'm getting out of here Oh, no I won't let go till you say so I'm tired of being lost Show me the way to get back both: Home To get back home
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