Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Doll Hunt

1 [Alessia Cara's "Feel You Now".]
This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now [serene instrumental music.]
It's coming back to me now.
We were on vacation, together.
- Make it pretty.
- Stay still.
[moaning softly.]
That is so cool.
It's a gift, to mark your new beginning.
Don't you mean our new beginning? Don't forget me, Elle.
[intense tone.]
[moans softly.]
Huh? Hello? Hello? Anyone? [low, eerie music.]
Where is he? Where's Where's Why can't I remember his name? [door creaks.]
Huh? [wind whistling.]
[sparse dramatic music.]
Hello? I'm locked out.
Anybody? Uh [distant clattering.]
Huh? [indistinct chatter.]
Hey! Can you help me? I can't You can't remember how you got here.
We got another one.
- I don't understand.
- Last I remember, I had to get to work.
I left my family in a hotel room - and came out to find this.
- I woke up at home.
I stepped outside to buy some groceries, and now I'm here.
Hey! Is anyone here? Hey.
I like your tattoo.
Here, you must be freezing.
- What about you? - I'll be fine.
- How much can you still remember? - I don't know.
- Do you remember your name? - My boyfriend called me Elle.
I was with my boyfriend.
Has anyone seen him? - What's his name? - His name is It's It's Don't worry.
We'll find him.
Everyone, listen up.
Our goal is now to find a way in.
Once we're inside, then we'll get some answers.
Stay together and follow me.
[all gasping.]
Over here! [engines revving.]
Get off your asses and run, you two-bit dolls.
Run! - Run! - Don't! [gunshot.]
Run! [grunts.]
Get up.
[engine revving.]
Let's get them! [whooping and yelling.]
Go! Go! [grunts.]
- I'm Miu.
- What? My name, it's Miu.
Can you remember anything? Just my name.
Everything else is Only hazy memories without details.
We must have been drugged or something.
But who would do that to us? [gunshot.]
We have to keep moving.
- Finished already? - There's no challenge just picking them off from this far.
If they really aren't dangerous, we could be hunting them up close.
Did he say "hunting"? - We have to get out of here.
- Wait.
[tense music.]
Please, don't.
[breathing heavily.]
- Get up.
- What? Go ahead, take your best shot.
[breathing heavily.]
That one's mine.
- Elle, please, we have to run.
- Not without the others.
We are going to get out of this.
- Believe me.
- I believe you.
Hey, over there.
That one.
Elle, hurry! Here we go.
Hey! This way.
- Come on.
- Watch out! They're catching up.
They're going to kill us.
Just pull the trigger.
- [laughter.]
- Yeah! [screaming.]
[intense tone.]
[wind whistling.]
[groaning softly.]
[soft groaning.]
I want these two for myself.
- You guys go on ahead.
- Mm.
I have a theory I want to test.
- Just to see how much they can handle.
- Let him have his fun.
Plenty of others for us to kill.
Come on.
All righty then.
Let's see.
Well, go on, stick me with that.
No! He just wants an excuse to shoot you.
[intense tone.]
What's wrong? - I'm wide open.
- [straining.]
- Fascinating, huh? - [moans.]
What would happen if - Ah! - [grunts.]
Still can't, huh? [grunts.]
Ah How 'bout this? [heartbeat pulsing.]
[gunshot ringing.]
- Successful test.
- Miu! Miu! [dramatic music.]
Come on, fight back.
But apparently you can't.
[cries out.]
There are worse things I could have done.
Believe me.
[heartbeat pulsing.]
What? [grunting.]
Eh, not bad.
For a doll.
But you can't.
[both shouting.]
[breathing heavily.]
[hopeful instrumental music.]
[tires squeal.]
[air hisses.]
I remember.
Come on.
Stop, stop, stop! [both grunting.]
No, no.
Stop, no! Stop it, Elle.
Come on, Elle.
Calm down.
Calm down.
[both panting.]
[both panting.]
- You knew all along.
- [grunts.]
They created me as a plaything.
A Replicant for their games.
At least now, I know who I am.
[intense tones.]
I know what I have to do.
I'm going to kill them all.
Help me figure out who these people are and how I can find them.
[light instrumental music.]
[thunder cracks.]
No previous record.
What planet did you come from, Black Lotus? - Hey, Chief? - Davis, what can I do for you? Chief, um I finished my reports from the boxing club with forensic data, along with eyewitness accounts of the female suspect, - but - But what Davis? Spit it out.
Senator Bannister's neck was already broken before he hit the ground.
This is superhuman strength, not the work of just any woman.
I feel certain She's a Replicant.
Well, well [chuckles.]
You have quite the imagination.
No, not really, sir.
It adds up.
I'll show you.
[electronic beep.]
- Chief.
- Couldn't cut it in the Blade Runner program, could you, Davis? [sighs.]
In this town, no one retires Replicants anymore.
There just aren't any Replicants left.
But I saw the suspect myself, sir.
And she has this tattoo.
Replicant? It's organized crime.
Bastards had it out for the Senator.
But sir, my intuition - my gut tells me - Stop! That's enough.
Back off on this one, kid.
Yes, sir.
You can leave that here.
Oh, oh, oh, evil Like the dark before the storm Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh Oh I can feel it in the moment We got darkness on the run You can find it in our footsteps In a sign [both.]
Oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, evil Comes in every shape and form Evil Like the dark before the storm Oh, oh, oh, - Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh, oh - Oh, oh Oh
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