Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


1 This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now Didn't think anyone would be riding at this hour.
Where you headed? Finally getting out of this place.
What's your story? You're one of the lucky ones.
You had a pretty good fight last night.
- Huh? - You were safe inside the cage.
But the cage goes both ways.
We're the lucky ones.
Requesting cleanup.
Copy that, Blade Runner.
Police units are en route.
Good work, sir.
Why are my dreams getting worse? I just want the memories to fade away.
What do you think you're doing? - You said you'd help me.
- I said I'd help you.
Doesn't mean you can go through my things.
The hunters had guns.
I couldn't fight back.
Now I can.
Get your own.
- One of the skinjobs survived the hunt.
- That's absurd.
Something went wrong.
All I asked was that you put some heat on those Replicants.
What were you doing out there? We didn't go back to the desert to count the bodies.
Hooper was the last one left out there.
No one has seen or heard from him since.
Now Bannister's dead.
It has to be this rogue Replicant.
We have people in place to take care of problems.
Unless I'm mistaken, you're one of those people.
I'll take care of it, and no one will ever hear a word about our little doll hunt.
Replicants get hungry.
Food, water, air.
You were bioengineered to be more human than human.
- Can I drink alcohol? - Of course.
Can I use it to forget? They gifted you memories to help cushion your emotions, but without a real consciousness, without a soul.
Alcohol won't help you.
Human memories fade over time.
Yours will never fade.
Help me find the other three.
Whatever money and tech I take from them is yours.
I'll still help you.
But if I were you, I'd walk away from this whole thing.
Next scene.
Next sequence.
Back to frame ten.
226 to 174.
Save image.
Move in.
Pull out.
Track 30 left.
Pull out.
And stop.
Enhance 314 to 18.
Enhance 215 to 17.
Your next target is a cop.
And the blonde might be his wife.
I'll find them.
Got it.
All right.
I just need print-outs of their faces.
Um, I'm busy at the moment.
You'll have to ask Doc.
As I'm sure you're all aware, before he was a senator, he was one of us.
His killer is still out there.
I want every available officer.
Mobilize, hunt down, eliminate Black Lotus.
- Let's go! - Okay.
Yes, sir.
- Chief? - What do you want, Davis? We should be letting our guys know what they're up against.
If Black Lotus is a Replicant, then our men This is not There is no Replicant.
Do I make myself clear? - Yes, sir.
- Don't piss me off, Davis, if you know what's good for you.
Hand over the stuff you collected on the case, - understood? - Yes, sir.
Ah, come on.
Pick up.
- Marlowe.
- Don't waste my time, Chief.
I have the entire force shaking up the city, looking for the Senator's killer.
- A Replicant? - No one's being told that.
Don't need to sully the good Senator's name.
But I have reason to believe the killer is an associate of that skinjob who died in the ring.
Let me just tuck the kids into bed, and I'll get down there.
Black Lotus tattoo.
You seen her? What's your status? Did you find anything? No sign of her yet, sir, but we'll keep looking.
Entire damn force and jack shit to show for it.
- Is this everything? - Except for what you wanted cut.
We're dealing with a human.
Get that through your head.
So that gang member you picked up in Silver Lake seems Black Lotus warned them away from some doctor? Doc Badger.
Ordered surveillance on him and the surrounding block.
Came back clean.
Well, we're gonna check again.
Apply some pressure.
Maybe find something you missed.
Mark the guy from that junk shop, Doc Badger.
- Now! - Yes, sir.
We're in position.
- You need these photos printed? - Yes, please.
You got it.
It's a piece of cake.
Marlowe, you're late.
What are you doing? You got a location? We know where she's hiding.
I've got 40 men in position ready to plug her full of holes.
Then you don't need me.
Where you goin'? If you find another skinjob, give me a call.
What?! Ah! Are you in position? - We're here, Chief.
- Then take her down.
How long do you think this'll take you? ESPER printers take their time.
Go, go, go! - Clear! - Clear! Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Freeze! Hands in the air! Over here.
That's the last one.
Thanks for the help, Doc.
Whatever you want, Doc Badger can get.
- Anything? - Negative, sir.
Only a man called Joseph.
Damn it! - No sign of Black Lotus.
Always one step ahead of us.
What? Chief, it's your wife.
Go ahead.
Patch her through.
Have you found the Replicant? - Josephine, I'm working.
- And there's my answer.
If that killer is still out there, I want more protection at the house.
I can't send any more.
People are already suspicious, asking too many questions.
We'll find her.
Here I go, all alone So confused, a heart without a home I'm a ghost, you're the light I'm not sure I'll make it out alive.
So if I lose myself I won't be alone With you, I'm always home Oh, I, I, I, I, I You'll still be by my side Oh, I, I, I, I, I You'll still be by my side So if I lose myself I won't be alone With you I'm always home Yeah, if I lose myself in the dark tonight You'll still be by my side Oh, I, I, I, I, I You'll still be by my side Oh, I, I, I, I, I You'll still be by my side Oh, I, I, I, I, I You'll still be by my side
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