Blade Runner: Black Lotus (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

The Persistence of Memory

1 [Alessia Cara's "Feel You Now".]
This little light I've found Take it in, breathe it out A little drum that's beating loud In my chest, I hear the sound I can feel Feel you now I can feel you now I can feel I can feel you now [suspenseful music.]
That replicant assassinated a senator.
And those two knuckle-draggers outside are supposed to be enough to protect me? You're gonna be fine.
There's no way Black Lotus can get to you.
I'll have to call you back.
Don't do me any favors.
[ominous music.]
[phone rings.]
Josephine? There's someone outside the window.
- Of a penthouse apartment? Unlikely.
- Unlikely? Like one of Wallace's skin jobs going on a murder spree? You wanna bet my life on how unlikely that is? Get to the bedroom.
Lock the door.
- I'm on my way.
- You'd better be.
Josephine! [foreboding music.]
Hey, Chief.
[lightning rumbles.]
[rain pattering.]
[intense music.]
Aah uhh! - [crack.]
- Aah! [zzzzt.]
Aah! [intense music.]
Hey! [descending hum.]
[intense tone.]
[hydraulics hissing.]
Rising out of the ashes.
- Look like hell, Joseph.
- Been through hell, Marlowe.
Yeah, I bet you have.
What have you got yourself mixed up in now? Uncuff him and clear out.
Not gonna find anything here.
Good seeing you again, buddy.
[door whooshes.]
[intense tone.]
[phone rings.]
[phone dings.]
- Meet me in my condo.
- Uh, why? Because the skin job might be after my wife.
Don't ask me why.
[phone beeps.]
[intense tone.]
[gun cocks.]
[vehicle humming.]
[foreboding music.]
[breathing heavily.]
Where are those useless No.
[intense, percussive music.]
Wait! Don't hurt me.
[Josephine crying.]
I only went along to make him happy.
I wasn't part of it.
I don't even like hunting.
I was only there as a spectator.
I'm a I'm a good person.
I would never hurt anyone.
[dark music.]
I was there.
I remember what you did.
Do you? Replicant memories are constructs.
Built or stolen.
What makes you think this "Doll Hunt" is any more true than the rest of your past? How do you even know it happened? The Doll Hunt.
Your husband.
He the one who planned it? No.
We were just guests.
I I don't know whose idea it was.
Who invited you? [thunder rumbles.]
A friend of my husband's.
So you can kill him? I only saw a small group.
If there were others, I don't know about them.
- I swear.
- Names.
Besides us, Senator Bannister.
There was a journalist.
And my husband's friend, Dr.
[dialogue not audible.]
Where can I find Dr.
M? I don't know.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not, I swear.
My husband does.
He didn't tell me.
Call him.
Tell him to come home.
I can't.
He's on duty.
When is he coming back? [foreboding music.]
Marlowe, you copy? Marlowe? You copy? [sighs.]
Damn it.
Home? But why? I'm no threat to you, so maybe you can put the gun down.
Not until you can give me some answers.
- Whose idea was the Doll Hunt? - I don't know! You're lying.
Since my wife is still alive, should I assume you want something from me? - Information.
- What do you want to know? - Whose idea was the Doll Hunt? - Don't know.
I never asked.
You were invited to be part of a mass murder, - and you didn't ask? - Murder? I'm a cop.
I see murder every day.
This was a rare opportunity.
- Opportunity? - To hunt.
My wife's family were hunters for generations, before the animals went extinct.
Artificial ones are too expensive to shoot for sport.
- So you shoot people instead? - Replicants, not people.
Why should blade runners have all the fun? Blade runner? It's not even legal for things like you to exist.
They were innocent.
They couldn't even fight back, and you killed them.
You made me a killer.
All because you wanted to have fun? Hey, hey, there.
Easy now.
[thunder rumbles.]
[tense music.]
I just want to find a way for all of us to walk out of this alive.
That's not what I want.
What do you want? Revenge? Everything that happened at the Doll Hunt and since, that's in the past.
You need to start thinking about your future.
You could have killed those officers, but you didn't.
I think you made that choice for a reason.
I don't think you wanna hurt anyone.
It goes against everything you were built to be.
You've you've gotten yourself into some serious trouble, but if you put that gun down, maybe I can help you.
- Why? - I told you.
I don't want anybody else to get hurt! [intense music.]
Behind you! I don't believe it.
[dark music.]
[labored breathing.]
You weren't supposed to be able to hurt us.
You don't care.
You don't have real feelings.
Freeze! [intense music.]
Black Lotus.
Put the sword down.
I'm done being hunted like an animal.
You don't wanna be hunted, maybe you shouldn't be killing people.
I'm not the one who started this.
What are you talking about? [vehicle humming.]
[intense tone.]
Police! Drop your weapon! Blade runner.
My target.
[both grunting.]
[discordant piano note.]
[discordant piano note.]
[uneasy music.]
[footsteps approaching.]
[intense music.]
[Marlowe panting.]
[apprehensive music.]
- [Elle grunts.]
- Nooo [panting.]
[low suspenseful music.]
You don't care.
You don't have real feelings.
She said I don't have feelings.
Not real ones.
[ethereal music.]
That my love and my grief are just illusions.
But if that's true shouldn't revenge hurt less? [groans.]
[sirens wailing.]
[percussive electronic music.]
Feeling like a dull knife Running from a past life Looking for you Hiding in plain sight Don't know if you are who you say you are Fire in the blackout, ghosts in the background Looking for you Hidden in shadow Don't know if you are who you say you are You can't escape 'Cause every time you try to run away You know I'll be there to make you pay Oh, no, you turned and grabbed to fight back Fight back, bring it, bring it, bring it right back Right back Coming after you Coming, coming, I'm coming for you I'm coming, I'm coming You didn't think about the impact, payback Bring the pain, I bring it right back Pitch black I'm coming after you I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming after you I'm coming, I'm coming I'm coming after you
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