Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Foundation Stones

There's no need to push yourself, Lüdaas.
It must be hard to even sit down
with that wound.
I permit you to speak
while lying down.
Y-Yes, sir…
if you aren't going to sit,
I suppose you don't need your legs.
S-Surely you jest…!
Speaking to Your Majesty…
while lying down?
I, Lüdaas, would never
show such disrespect!
I see…
In that case, let's hear your report.
The blue skies above are hopelessly clear
At my wit's end, I feel a growing frustration
As if to laugh at us hopeless cowards
Countless eyes stare at us
This soul of mine breaks again and again
All I can do is hold it tight
Until the day it turns to ash
I've absorbed all of this sorrow
It has shaped me, painted me
But that's how we got here, right?
One step at a time, just like breathing
These countless scars on my palm
That no longer fade
Are my badge, my story
I faced the fear and shred it to pieces
And let it walk beside me once more
He sure is late…
Who is?
What do you mean, "who"?
I'm talking about Mr. Kurosaki!
Shouldn't we go help him?!
There's no need to.
The enemy's Spiritual Pressure
is already gone.
Besides, Kurosaki would never lose
to a guy like that.
I have no intention
of helping him out.
Are you sure?
'Cause I do.
What is it, Inoue?
I was just thinking about
how you and Kurosaki
have become such good friends.
That's what I like about you, Ishida.
W-What are you talking about?!
Don't tease me like that!
I'm back!
Welcome back, Kurosaki!
Are you injured?
No, I'm fine, but…
Oh, sorry, that's my Soul Phone.
Hello? This is Yuki--
What is it?
Oh, umm…
It's a message for all the squads.
Listen up.
I'll be giving you a brief summary
of the situation.
Don't ask any questions
and follow what I say
the first time around.
57 minutes ago,
seven unidentified individuals
infiltrated the Squad 1 office.
52 minutes ago, they retreated.
One squad member was killed,
but the Head Captain is safe.
Around that same time,
one unidentified intruder showed up
near Kokuryo Gate,
where Squad 1 was standing guard.
All 116 squad members were killed
in the 182-second battle that ensued.
Lieutenant Sasakibe was
mortally wounded
…and died in the Squad 1 office
soon after.
That can't be!
Isn't Lieutenant Sasakibe the person
who's been serving under
Head Captain Yamamoto for ages?
Are you saying that
such a man was killed?!
The entry and exit routes used
by these intruders are unknown.
However, the Soul Shield Membrane
surrounding the Seireitei
doesn't appear to be disturbed.
So we believe they possess
a transportation method
that bypasses it.
I don't like this…
Guess I'll go patrol the area…
Super Acceleration!
Y-You bastard…
We haven't seen each other
in a while…
and this is what you do?!
Ichigo…terrible news…
Help us…Ichigo…
It's Hueco Mundo…
Hueco Mundo is--!
Five days, huh?
Yes, Your Majesty…!
That is just about enough time
for us and the Soul Society
to prepare for battle--
That's in the future.
Two days ago,
when you went out to scout
the border intensity level…
you stated that if we let things
continue to progress as is,
the Soul Society and
the World of the Living
would collapse in the near future
due to an imbalance of souls…
Isn't that right?
Lüdaas Friegen…
Are you, who stands before me
right now, a prophet?
Huh? Well, um…
Answer me.
I'm asking if you are a prophet.
Um… No…I'm not…
Then why do you talk about
the distant future?
I want to hear about the present.
There is nothing about you
worthy of praise or punishment.
You were sufficient to keep
Ichigo Kurosaki at bay.
Oh… Th-Thank you very much!
Your job is done.
You shall become the foundation
towards peace.
You're fine with that?
About what?
I thought Arrancar soldiers were
valuable assets
that did not require combat training…
It matters not.
We can just get another Arrancar.
Hueco Mundo…
is already my domain.
It is but one of the many
foundation stones
towards invading the Soul Society.
Hueco Mundo?
What's going on, Nel?
What do you mean by
Hueco Mundo being attacked?
By whom?!
Super Acceleration!
I tried to hide my presence until
the very last moment before I struck!
The fact that you can dodge that
is quite impressive, Ichigo Kurosaki!
You can't tell who I am
from just my lower body…
I shall reveal it to you!
I am…!
Pesche, right?
Light the fire…
for making you come
over here so early…
That's not a problem…
But is it true?
About Hueco Mundo…
It's true.
After the deaths of Lord Barragan
and Lord Stark,
Lady Halibel has been
the ruler of Hueco Mundo…
But she…
Let's go!
Lady Halibel!
We have no idea
why they took Lady Halibel…
I can't believe
they got Lady Halibel!
Do you know who they were
or what they were after?
We have no idea…
But we're positive that
they've taken several Arrancars.
And while we were trying to escape,
they cornered us
and nabbed Dondochakka!
Ichigo Kurosaki…!
Please help us!
I guess I don't even have to ask.
We're going to go help them, right?
After everything they told us,
I can't just ignore them.
Ichigo Kurosaki!
I'm sorry, but…
I can't accompany you this time.
I'm a Quincy.
I cannot help Hollows or Arrancars.
I know.
Quincies exist to destroy Hollows, right?
I figured you'd say that.
But you'd sulk about it
if I didn't bother to call you.
Be careful.
Don't worry.
Even if you're not around,
we'll manage.
This latest enemy might be--
My, my…
Sounds like you guys are having
an interesting conversation.
Shall I arrange a trip
to Hueco Mundo?
Your Majesty…
About the Medallion
we gave to Ebern…
There are signs that it has been used…
How did you happen to arrive
at my place at just the right time?
Isn't it obvious?
I was waiting right outside of
your window
for the perfect opportunity.
Just kidding.
It's hard not to notice two Arrancars
coming down from Hueco Mundo.
Plus your battle earlier and
the unusual activity in the Soul Society…
were more than enough reasons
to take caution.
You've noticed it too, haven't you?
Kurosaki, everything that's happening
is all connected.
This is no longer a joking matter.
All right, time to exit!
Come on, come on!
Don't stop! Keep moving!
Whoa! We're in the air!
The enemy is nearby!
It's usually like this with Mr. Urahara!
You know me too well!
We're falling!
What's the matter?
Nothing… I thought I heard voices …
That's impossible.
Excluding the dead,
everyone that was there
is with us right now.
You're imagining things.
You're right…
It seems they haven't noticed us.
Is Dondochakka amongst the captives?
No, I don't sense
his Spiritual Pressure…
He's probably in a different group.
They didn't come back this way
because they know all the Hollows
and Arrancar here are dead.
You don't have to see this.
This is pretty horrible…
It's no good.
There really doesn't seem to be
anyone who is still alive.
I figured not…
That's how they operate.
See that?
That's a flame of condensed
Reishi they use.
Thanks to that,
even the rocks and sand of Hueco Mundo
that normally wouldn't burn
were burned away.
Faced with the powers of people
we had never seen before,
we lost all direction and means.
We had no choice but to run…
Then the guys
who were taken away…
They might be planning to use them
in their advance guard…
At worst,
they'll end up like the guys here…
I see…
Then let's go save them.
What?! Hold on a second!
Dondochakka isn't in that group!
So what?
We're going to save
Dondochakka anyway.
What difference is saving
a few more Arrancars before that?
Well…now that you mention it,
that's true…
Hey, hold up! Hey!
Good grief…
Doesn't he realize those Arrancars
he's trying to save
were his enemies not too long ago?
It's so true!
But you knew that, right?
That Ichigo would react this way.
You knew that Ichigo would
do something about it.
That's why you asked for his help
without hesitation.
We should go too, Sado!
W-We're going too!
Get in line!
Stand with your backs
against the wall!
Hurry up!
We don't mind punching
two or three more holes into you!
That guy seems to be their leader…
Hey, are we really going to do this?
Perhaps we shouldn't…
You idiot!
If we don't do anything,
we'll just end up dead anyway!
Attention, attention!
Quiet, please!
Will you live or will you die?!
We'll be having a selection competition
for the Hollows and Arrancar!
I will be…
stabbing everyone,
starting from the right side!
So if any of you are thinking,
"No, I don't want to die!"
Or, if any of you are thinking,
"Please! Let me join you!"
Then please get down on your knees
and beg like you are licking our shoes!
All of you here are the chosen few
who had the luck, wits, and strength
to survive our attack earlier!
Please don't waste this opportunity!
If I say I'll join you,
will you spare my--
No! Of course not!
Those of you who wish to apply,
must take an entrance exam!
This selection event will decide who
gets the opportunity to take that test!
Those of you who don't understand
my explanation will end up…
Like this!
Like this!
– Does the captain really have any intention
– Like this!
– of bringing back any Arrancar?
– Like this!
– Not at all.
– Like this!
He's not interested in Hueco Mundo,
to begin with.
That is how you'll die!
– Captain!
– Captain!
Your response time before
saying "Captain!" was too slow.
How strange.
I thought we confiscated
all their swords.
Lord Aizen's aide, Loly Aiverrne!
Likewise, Menoly Mallia!
Don't assume we'd be defeated
by an underling like you!
Do it.
– Yes, sir!
– Yes, sir!
Shall we kill them?
His Majesty ordered us to bring him
any idiots with guts.
Those two have passed.
Punish them just enough
that you don't kill them.
However, the fact that
Aizen would appoint
such weak Arrancars as his aides
shows he's not that great.
Then again, even Tier Halibel,
who ruled Hueco Mundo
after the late Aizen,
was no match against His Majesty,
so I shouldn't be surprised.
Hey, I told you not to overdo it…
May I ask who you people are?
You dare to speak
poorly of Master Halibel,
and yet don't know who we are?!
I guess you underlings
really are clueless!
It seems you took Master Halibel
while we were away.
Don't get cocky just because
you defeated
those self-proclaimed aides to Aizen.
What was that?
It seems like the fight
has already started over there!
Those Spiritual Pressures
belong to the Tres Bestia!
When did you get up there?!
They work directly under Lady Halibel!
They're super strong and super scary.
And furthermore,
they're always trying to bump
one another off like cannibalistic beasts.
The fact that those insane monsters
have arrived means
that the enemy army is
as good as destroyed.
– They're terrifying, Ichigo!
– I can't see where I'm going, you idiot!
What the hell?
Were you talking behind my back?
You idiot, I haven't said anything.
More importantly,
wipe away that snot!
How wonderful.
You shouldn't be looking away.
I have a suggestion.
Are you stupid?
You're not as strong as you claim!
If you surrender
and join our banner,
you'll be able to work
for His Majesty
along with your beloved Tier Halibel.
You will never get to experience
greater happiness,
now or ever!
– Don't underestimate us,
– Could you not underestimate us?
– you damn four-eyed monkey!
– Could you not underestimate us?
Oh my,
have negotiations fallen through?
How extremely disappointing.
That is the full report
concerning the infiltration
by the rebel army.
Thank you, Akon.
You are dismissed.
Yes, sir.
Now then, these Ryoka…
who we tentatively refer to
as the rebel army…
The invasion by this rebel army who
call themselves the Wandenreich
is connected to the recent
mass disappearance of Hollows
in the World of the Living.
The destruction of a large number
of Hollows in the World of the Living,
has caused
a great imbalance of souls.
This could possibly
spell the destruction
of the World of the Living
and the Soul Society.
To extinguish souls…
I'm sure you astute captains
have already figured it out by now…
This rebel army is none other than…
Everything we had left behind
Our breaths blending as mist
without form or expression
We lie buried as we glare
into the distance
I can't hear anything
I can't seem to cut anything
It feels like I'm sinking
Falling, falling
Eyes struck wide open
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now visible to us
It cannot be undone
and cannot be stopped
This ensuing struggle
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our breaths
Take everything
Whisk it away beyond
the ends of the earth
Along with our futures
Along with our world
Something no one has ever seen
The furthest reaches are now
visible to us
Don't you know God's demand?
Don't you know God's demand?
As we tear each other down
"The soldiers blow their trumpets."
"Like stars shooting by the ear."
"The soldiers stomp their feet.
Like thunder in the air."
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