Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

March of the StarCross

No way.
Tres Bestias has been defeated
A Soul Reaper carrying an Arrancar?
How curious
I know who you are,
Kurosaki Ichigo.
Your information is in the files
His Highness gave us.
You are a "special war potential"
that needs to be dealt with right away.
Special war potential?
This is
Are you really a Quin
Could it be that you came here to fight us
without even knowing who we are?
Well, then.
I'll answer your question.
Yes, we are indeed Quincy
that you are familiar with.
(The dormitory of the 1st Division,
Captain's meeting room)
I knew it already,
but I still think it's going to be bothersome.
Where is their headquarters located?
Unfortunately, we don't know yet.
I see.
So we can't make the first attack.
Order for all captains.
Be prepared for a battle tonight.
Their advance force
declared war in five days.
But we mustn't trust those
who made a sneak attack.
So be prepared for a war.
We can't let them
take the upper hand again.
(Original work and supervision Tite Kubo)
(BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War)
(BLEACH #03)
(March of The Starcross)
All hit on target.
What's wrong?
I believe you're not that weak.
That's odd.
I heard that Quincy only
uses a bow and arrow.
Take care of Nel!
I see.
I was starting to doubt
my own techniques.
Don't worry.
Your arrow is much stronger than Ishida's.
I was once attacked by it.
But that was a long time ago.
Do you mean Ishida Uryu?
You know him?
Ishida Uryu's Heilig Pfeil
is even weaker than mine.
That's odd.
It shouldn't be possible.
What do you mean?
Speech is silver, silence is gold.
I spoke a little too much.
Please excuse me.
Okay. That's all for fun and games.
His Highness has given an order.
Who's His Highness?
I don't need to answer that question.
Because you'll die here soon.
Okay. I'll show you now.
I'm sure you have at least heard
about this power.
It's called Quincy: Letzt Stil.
Is this the skill Ishida used
as a last resort?
Let me tell you.
The correct name for this form
is Quincy: Vollständig.
The first Jagdarmee reported
that "special war potential",
Kurosaki Ichigo,
is still in a fight with Quilge Opie.
Okay, let's go.
Yes. Where to, Your Highness?
Isn't it obvious?
His Highness has given
an order to the Sternritter.
Sternritter, be prepared
and gather at the Taiyou no Mon.
The Vandenreich
will invade the Soul Society.
Can you feel that?
The pulsating of my power.
The one that will punish you!
Is this skill the same as the one
Urahara told me?
You seem confused.
Let me see inside your mind and answer.
This is not.
The Quincy: Letzt Stil
that you know it too weak
and a concept that ceased to exist 200 years ago,
it's now just a relic of the past.
The only one who's
still obsessed with it
is Ishida Souken,
who refused to join us for evolution.
The difference with this Quincy: Vollständig
is like heaven and earth.
I don't really care about your history.
But in a word, it's different
from Ishida's power, right?
Then, I'm relieved.
If Ishida transforms into
something so gross,
I might accidentally kill him.
Your grip is too loose.
Getsuga Tensho!
Not good.
How about aiming better next time?
Damn it.
Not that it would help,
considering I have no weaknesses.
Did you just say I look eerie
in this form?
That's a normal reaction.
For someone as insignificant
and evil as Soul Reapers,
it's natural that we holy exercisers
would look eerie and disgusting to you!
Oh no!
He peeled off my Sotenkisshun!
Come! Prepare to receive it!
My Vollständig!
The power of Biskiel!
What's that monster?
You let your guard down because
you thought we were done for.
Didn't I tell you
not to underestimate us?
Let's show this snobbish four-eye monkey
your power!
What's that?
Ayon is a creature made
from our left arms.
It's strong, and it kills everything.
How can my Vollständig
lose to a monster like you?
(Ishida's House, Library)
There's no lead here.
What are you doing?
Didn't I tell you not to go
in here without my permission?
Soul Society and Hueco Mundo
were attacked by anonymous people.
I think they are probably Quincys.
But we are supposed to
be the only Quincys left.
Do you know anything about it?
This has nothing to do with you.
Get out.
Trying to hide it from me again?
I'm the last Quincy.
I have the right to know about this.
What you are looking for is not here.
(Front, Shoryumon)
Shino, this is not the time
to ask this, but
What is it?
Do you know why Soul Reapers
and Quincys are enemies?
Don't they both strive
to destroy hollows?
What? How can you even
Yeah. Why?
Do you know Soul Reapers have always
been called Balancers since ancient times?
(The 13th Division, 6th Seat, Kajomaru Hidetomo)
Kajomaru, 6th Seat!
Please excuse our discourtesy.
It's fine.
The alarm isn't on anyway.
Let's talk about that for a bit.
Do you understand the premise of it all
that the truth is to keep the circulation
of souls in Human World and Soul Society?
- We do.
- Of course.
But souls that turned into
Hollows in Human World
can't go back to Soul Society.
That's why Hollows have to be purified
into souls to be sent to Soul Society.
So that we can keep the balance.
That's Soul Reapers' job.
And that's why we are called Balancers.
But Quincys destroyed the souls
that turned into Hollows completely.
What will happen then?
No more souls will go to Soul Society.
The numbers of souls in
Soul Society and Human World
have to always be balanced.
The more Hollows Quincys destroy
in Human World, the fewer souls there are.
So the balance is slowly breaking down.
If we let it be, sooner or later
the balance of souls will be broken.
Soul Society will flow into Human World,
and both worlds will collapse.
There's too little information on Quincys.
There's nothing here?
(Ishida's house, Ryuken's room)
This is Master's
To prevent the collapse,
Soul Society had attempted many times
to talk with Quincys.
But every proposal was rejected.
The world was coming to an end.
After an incredibly long debate
within Soul Society,
about 200 years ago,
it was eventually decided
we must destroy Quincys.
Not everybody share the same opinion,
the grudge for annihilating the whole tribe
will never vanish.
We, Soul Reapers and Quincy have no other choice
except to fight with each other.
Do you understand now,
Yuki Ryunosuke?
Can I ask a question?
Is there any justice for Soul Reapers
in this war?
If only one party is fighting for justice,
it will be called "defensive" or "conquest".
But this is war.
A war happens
when it's just for both sides.
You know why you are here, right?
(The 1st Division Office, Dormitory)
Captain of the 12th Division, Kurotsuchi.
You want to ask me about
sending members of the 12th Division
to kill 28,000 citizens in Rukon District
without permission to balance the souls.
Why didn't you ask for permission?
The mass disappearances in Rukon District
reported by Madarame Ikkaku, 3rd Seat,
the 11th Division
and Ayasegawa Yumichika, 5th Seat,
will be given permission in an emergency.
Those traitors are destroying
so many Hollows in Human World
with the intent to break the balance
between Human World and Soul Society.
If we can avoid the collapse of both worlds
with the life of citizens in Rukon District,
I'd say that's the right thing to do.
If I let the situation get worse
while waiting for permission,
that's a responsibility I cannot take.
But if your Department of R&D were prompt
enough with reports and strategies,
the attack might never have happened.
That is wrong.
When Quincy, Ishida Uryu,
broke into Seireitei as a Ryoka,
I told you that this might happen.
But you thought my worry was
groundless and didn't listen.
The real cause of everything
is that you didn't end the man's life
thousands of years ago,
isn't that right, Head Captain?
Oh boy, oh boy
What a tough guy.
He is still in one piece
after Ayon's bashing
I see.
Such a strong power isn't in the report.
I have to advise His Highness
to increase the strength of Blut.
But before that,
I need you all to die now.
Wait! Ayon!
Don't go!
I should've said
I need you all to live.
This technique uses Quincy's basic ability
to gather Reishi in the most powerful way,
by enslaving it.
Actually, I don't want to use it
if I don't have to.
Because my holy wings
will be tarnished by evilness.
Smart move.
You didn't realize the great
disparity of our strengths.
Whenever I see people
struggling in pain,
I once again realize
How unsightly the death of the weak is.
I cannot bear it.
If I crush that plate above your head,
you won't be able to enslave Reishi, right?
It is not use understanding
but not be able to do it.
You really are annoying!
Come on, hurry up!
No. What are you saying?
Aren't you the one who said that
we must save Dondochakka
while Kurosaki Ichigo is distracting the enemy?
That was close.
Didn't expect it to take so long.
It's all because you are so heavy
and even hid in the sand!
It hurts!
Do not go in there
without my permission.
This is the second time.
What's it all about?
Is it true what it says here?
So you knew it all along?
Vandenreich and the one
called His Highness.
And also mom.
Uryu This is none of your business.
Don't be so tensed.
Kajomaru, 6th Seat
The 11th Division is guarding outside the gate.
Don't worry.
- This is
- There's a blue light!
What's that?
Fights are always
so painful.
(The 6th Division, Dormitory)
What is it?
(The 6th Division, Dormitory)
The enemies?
(The 8th Division Corridor, Dormitory)
(The 9th Division, Dormitory,
Department of Communication)
(The 3rd Division, Alert Area)
(The 6th Division, Alert Area)
What's this?
(The 13th Division, Alert Area)
It's flames of Reishi.
(The 1st Division, 3rd Seat
Okikiba Genshiro)
(The 3rd Division, 3rd Seat
Togakushi Riku)
(The 3rd Division, 5th Seat
Gori Taketsuna)
(The 3rd Division, 6th Seat
Katakura Asuka)
Reishi Inspection Squad,
how long is it taking?
The Spiritual Pressure
concentration rate is 93%.
Lieutenant Kira!
Damn it! A sneak raid!
Coil, Shunjin!
Whistle, Mogaribue!
Drown out, Katakage!
The order is to kill you all.
Shiver in fear, Soul Reapers.
The Sternritter
will purge you all.
On the burnt ice plain,
left a shadow with wings.
However, close you get,
the winged shadow sneaks away.
(BLEACH #04: Kill The Shadow)
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