Blindspot (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

In Night So Ransomed Rogue

1 (announcer) Previously on "Blindspot" (Borden) She can't remember who she is, where she came from, nothing.
When I was ten, our next-door neighbor went missing.
I think Jane Doe is Taylor Shaw.
You were never Taylor Shaw.
- Who the hell are you? - I don't know, but Get on your knees, put your hands on your head.
Jane Doe, you're under arrest.
(Jane whimpering) Uhh! Uhh! (Jane screaming) (man) Okay, let's try this again.
Why Kurt Weller? You know, you've been here for three months.
How much longer are you gonna make us do this to you, Jane? (man, echoing) There's a place in your mind no one can get to.
A place that belongs only to you.
No matter what they say, no matter what they do, no one can reach you there.
Pain is a dream.
Pain is a dream.
(panting) (electricity clacking, Jane grunting) Okay let's go swimmin'.
(man) Their job is to make you feel like you're about to die.
(Jane gasping) (man) Your job is not to believe them.
Your body might get weak, but your mind is strong.
(gasps) (water bubbling) (man) Get her out.
Get her out! Ah, she tried to drown herself.
Juice her.
Hurry up! (man) Bide your time.
Wait and watch.
There's always a way out.
Uhh! Gah! (man shouting) (both grunting) Put her in the cell.
(Jane grunting softly) Hang her up.
(all grunting) Ohh! (grunting) (panting) (gun cocks) Agh! Uhh! Keys.
(engine revs) (tires screeching) (explosion) - Clear! - Clear! - Clear! - Clear! She's not here! Lets start digging up floor boards.
My intel's solid.
(Zapata) Wait.
- You hear that? - (motorcycle revving) She's on a bike, headed west.
Head back to the SUV.
We'll try and box her in.
Weller, make a hard left.
(Weller) I can catch her! Yes, you can, if you make a hard left.
Just trust me.
Fine! (tires screeching) (gunshots) (tires screeching) Stay where you are! Show me your hands.
Remove that helmet.
Let me see your hands.
Laura Moses, you're under arrest.
(siren whoops, police radio chatter) Nice work today, you two.
What? Nothing.
What? It's just a little anticlimactic, don't you think? We spent an entire week tracking down a counterfeiter.
- It was a solid bust.
- We miss working the tattoos.
(helicopter buzzing) Assistant Director Weller? My name is Naz Kamal.
I work for the NSA.
I need to speak with you and your team immediately.
Do you mind following me? Jane Doe has escaped.
Escaped from where? The CIA swooped in and took custody before we could even process her.
They've denied access and refused to cooperate.
I've been trying to get information from them for months.
They've been stonewalling me.
They were holding her at a black site in Oregon.
Oh, my God.
But she broke out? - (Naz) Yes.
- And you know where she is? We caught her walking past an ATM camera in Camden, New Jersey.
Why is the NSA so interested in Jane? I work for an off-book wing of the NSA called Zero Division.
(Naz) About six years ago, I started to connect a number of seemingly random terror events.
The Kentucky State Building attack, DC subway bombing, shooting at O'Hare.
Those were all lone wolves.
No, they were just designed to look like that.
We believe that a single group is responsible for over a dozen domestic terror attacks in total.
I've given them the code name "Sandstorm.
" We cultivated an asset within the organization, and they managed to get word to us alluding to an impending incident in Times Square.
(rumbling) We believe that Jane was a key member of Sandstorm sent to you as a Trojan horse, and we've been monitoring the situation ever since.
The only reason we're telling you now is because we need your help to get to Jane before the CIA does.
Why? Because, before you arrested her, we believe Jane was about to turn against Sandstorm.
Look, Jane developed a deep connection with this team.
If anyone can turn her into an asset it's you.
Not sure how connected she's gonna feel after being in a black site for three months.
Especially since we're the ones who handed her over.
We didn't hand her over.
They took her.
Sandstorm is planning its biggest attack yet.
(Naz) We have to try.
Where is she now? Seriously, she's just working here at motel? As a maid, yes.
It pays under the table.
It's a way for her to lie low, make a little money.
Lie low and then what? Why don't you ask her yourself? (Zapata) How do you want to play this? I still say we call in local SWAT.
It's one person, but that one person is Jane.
(Zapata) What are you doing? I'm gonna go in there alone.
That's a very, very bad idea.
- Yeah, we'll go in together.
- No if we go in there hot, this could go bad very bad.
And if you go in there alone, it could go worse.
She had to know that someone might find her someday.
Think she's not prepared? Who knows what she's got rigged in there? I go in alone, it's unexpected.
She's not gonna be happy to see you.
You know that, right? Reade you're the side entrance.
Tasha, you got the rear.
Do not move in until I say.
Remove your vests.
Don't move.
I just wanna talk.
- Yeah, with a gun in your hand.
- Jane You wanna talk, lose the weapon! How many agents, and where are they positioned? You need to come in.
How many and where? I don't want anyone to get hurt.
You don't want anyone to get hurt? Do you have idea where I have been these past three months? What they did to me, day in and day out? The CIA took you.
That was never what I wanted.
- Oh, no? - I wanted justice.
- Under the laws of this country.
- I don't exist, Kurt! I don't have a passport, I don't have a birth certificate, I have no rights! Please.
Put the gun down.
I am not going back.
Then you're gonna have to shoot me.
(panting) Ah, God! - Jane! Aah! - (cracking) (grunting) Stop it! - (panting) - Jane Stop it! Stop it! (both grunting) (gun cocks) (Zapata) Freeze! (Reade) Jane, drop it! (Reade) What are they hooking her up to? (Patterson) An MRI-based coronary lie detector.
It monitors even the smallest contractions in the veins, heart, and brain.
It's 100% accurate, and it makes a polygraph look like a mood ring.
Then why do we use a polygraph? (Patterson) Because we're not allowed to inject our subjects with substantial doses of radioactive material.
It's not exactly legal.
Hello, Jane.
My name is Naz.
(Naz) I need you to be completely honest with me.
That's the only way that this is going to work.
What makes you think I'll tell you anything? You managed to escape, unaided, from a CIA black site in Oregon two weeks ago.
I think it's fair to categorize you as resourceful.
You could be halfway around the world right now, but instead, you chose to hide in Camden, New Jersey, two hours away from here.
You didn't run 'cause you're not finished.
You want to find them.
Well, so do I.
It'll be nearly impossible to keep the CIA from finding out that we've recaptured you.
And if they do take you back into custody they'll keep you somewhere that you will never break out of.
Give me a reason to hold them off.
You work with us, earn your freedom.
Help us bring down the people who put you here.
We've been watching you since you were found in Times Square, but we're missing some pieces.
When did the operative known as Oscar first approach you? After Tom Carter kidnapped me.
He abducted me and tortured me.
Oscar killed Carter and rescued me.
He showed me a video.
It was a recording I made for myself before they erased my memory.
You did this to yourself.
And did you believe them? That you did this to yourself? Yes.
I remembered Oscar.
We We were engaged before all of this.
What did Oscar want you to do? He had missions for me.
He said that they were inconsequential, small.
Steal a pen, replace a GPS chip.
And you performed these missions willingly? No.
He said that if I didn't, that they would kill Kurt.
That they would kill my team.
(Naz) And you believed him? Yes.
But these missions, Jane, they were neither small nor inconsequential, were they? They had a very large, very specific goal.
One that I didn't realize until it was too late.
To frame Mayfair for murder.
Where is Assistant Director Mayfair right now? Jane? (shudders) She's dead.
She found us, but I don't know how.
But she And then Oscar killed her.
He promised me no one would get hurt, and then he killed her.
Where's Oscar now? He's dead.
I tracked him down, I wan I wanted to bring him in to put an end to all of this.
But he attacked me, so I killed him.
Uhh! I killed him! I'm sorry.
Don't touch me.
She's telling the truth.
The MRI Of course she is now! She's been caught.
She's hooked up to that machine.
It doesn't mean we can trust her.
Look They made a mistake when they killed Mayfair in front of her.
She wants to bring them down, and she's already killed her fiancé.
She loved Mayfair.
And she loved you.
She's got a very funny way of showing it.
You know, when when I was a little girl, my father and I, we got caught up in a storm.
Just west of the River Indus.
We couldn't see, couldn't breathe.
We just clung to each other, praying for it to end.
It's the most frightened I've ever been.
Until now.
These people, they give me that same feeling.
They scare me just just like that sandstorm.
How can you expect us to work with her? After everything that she's done.
'Cause Jane's the first real lead we've had in years.
The safety and security of this entire nation hangs in the balance.
You want vengeance for Mayfair? Then you want Sandstorm.
They're the ones that did this not Jane.
(Velcro ripping) (grunts) You have to believe I never wanted you to be tortured.
I thought I was protecting you all of you by doing what they wanted.
I was wrong.
But the people who did this to us are still out there.
And they need to be stopped.
So let's make this right.
Mayfair is dead, Jane.
There's no making this right.
Then let's make them pay.
Jane's got a fake business number she calls to set up a meet "Joey's Pizza.
" (Naz) We're gonna drive you out of the city and have you place the call from a payphone.
What's her cover? She's been missing for over three months.
- Cade.
- Cade? He was a former Sandstorm operative he went rogue.
- And tried to kill all of us.
- Before we killed him.
Jane already started a false narrative before Weller arrested her that Cade was still alive and after her again.
You tell them that Cade held you captive and tortured you, and that you just escaped, and you need to be brought in.
- We never found a body.
- So? So what if Sandstorm got it? Or what if he's still alive? What if they've already gotten to him? That's a lot of "ifs.
" Look, the NSA's been searching for Cade ever since he crossed paths with you.
If we can't find him, nobody can.
Maybe you can't find him because they already have.
If even suspect Jane of lying, they will kill her on sight.
What do you want me to say? That all of this is completely devoid of risk? We're sending her undercover to possibly the most dangerous organization in the world.
Can things go wrong? Absolutely.
I feel like you don't give a lot of pep talks.
What do you think, Jane? Who's driving? (cell phone ringing) Joey's Pizza.
There's a house in Woodside.
Northeast corner of 72nd and 48th.
We'll have someone meet you there.
He gave me an address in Woodside.
It wasn't Hobbes.
It was a different voice, but It sounded familiar.
After you and this Oscar guy went dark, they probably changed things up.
Okay, we don't have time to waste.
When you meet your new handler, you tell him that your life is on the line, that you've proven your loyalty again and again, and that it's time for you to meet Shepherd.
So we're just letting her drive away? Arguably not one of our better plans.
Mayfair's dead because of her.
I wouldn't give her too much credit.
What do you mean? She lied to us, she's She's a pawn.
She was a pawn for Sandstorm, now she's a pawn for us.
Pawns get sacrificed.
I almost feel sorry for her.
Uh, be easy.
I said "almost.
" (Naz) It's going to take time, okay? But we need to start working our way into the heart of Sandstorm.
Find out what their endgame is before they have a chance to execute.
They're never gonna believe I escaped Cade on my own.
You've been tortured for three months.
Your body's your alibi.
They'll believe it.
No, Cade was one of the best they had.
They're never going to believe that I escaped without a serious fight.
(Naz) What are you thinking? - I need you to shoot me.
- What? Look, if we want to sell how loyal I am and how difficult this has been, it's gotta look like it cost me something.
There cannot be any room for doubt.
I need you to shoot me, in the side.
It'll hurt a lot less than what Sandstorm will do to me - if they don't buy my story.
- Jane You know I'm right! (Naz) Wait.
Wait! You were with Mayfair when she died, weren't you? - Yeah, I was.
- (Naz) Okay, hold on.
So what was the last thing that she said? - Jane, don't answer that.
- She said she wished that she could see your face when you found out what I really was.
I'm the reason she's dead, Kurt! So do it! - (gunshot) - (gasps) It's a clean shot.
(Jane groaning) Stop! (grunting) Gah.
(panting) I can do it.
(grunting) I can do it! (car engine starts) (tires screeching) The tracker in your tooth will supply us with audio and GPS.
What if they scan me and see that I'm transmitting? This is technology nobody even knows about yet.
We should have tailed her.
They would have made us, made her.
Don't worry, she's equipped with one of the best trackers we have.
Sound, GPS.
Battery lasts - She just ditched it.
- She what? Well, either that, or she's currently laying down in the middle of the Pulaski Bridge.
I'm gonna say she ditched it.
Of course she did.
I'd have done the same thing.
And if Sandstorm is half as good as you say they are, they're gonna scan her.
That tracker's nearly invisible.
And if they found it, I bet they'd nearly keep her alive.
Besides, your big radioactive lie detector told you that she was telling the truth.
That means she's gonna come back, right? Right.
We have to talk about this.
(Jane panting and grunting) (man) It's you.
I can't believe it's actually you.
I'm Roman, uh Do you remember me? - Who shot you? - Cade.
Cade, he was hold holding me, torturing me.
(panting) I remembered my training.
(Jane grunting) I was I was able to get away, but not before he got a shot off.
Look, there's a medical cache about five miles away from here.
Let's get you patched up.
(grunting) (tires screeching) (Roman) Hold on, Taylor.
I know I'm not Taylor.
Oscar told me.
He should never have been your handler.
What else did he tell you? I have been in a dark hole for three months.
I want to talk to Shepherd! And I am not saying another word until you take me to him.
(chuckling) It's good to see you again.
Damn it.
DUI checkpoint.
We're boxed in.
We're gonna have to talk our way through.
Are you up for this? (distant thunder) Cover your wound with this.
(Zapata) We really have to do this? Work with Jane and pretend that everything is normal? No! You don't.
I'm not gonna make any of you do anything that you don't believe in.
(Patterson) So, you believe in it? You believe in her? I believe this Sandstorm group that Jane was a part of needs to be stopped.
(Reade) Was? How can you be so sure? (Weller) I can't be.
Not 100%.
No matter what that machine says.
But I am sure that Jane didn't do this alone.
I want to get the people that did this to us.
Did this to Mayfair.
If that means that I have to swallow my feelings about Jane for a while so be it.
I'm in.
For Mayfair.
For Mayfair.
For Mayfair.
Speaking of which our new NSA friend might be able to help us with this.
(rain pattering) - Good evenin'.
- Evenin'.
You been drinkin' tonight? Not yet.
Just closed up shop and headed home.
Yeah? Where do you work? Little tattoo parlor on 78th and Roosevelt.
All right.
Ma'am, are you bleeding? No I'm fine.
Oh, she she had some stitches open up.
I'm taking her back to the doctor now.
I thought you were headed home.
- Ma'am, are you okay? - I'm okay, yes.
Step out of the vehicle for me, sir.
Officer, we need to get her to the hospital.
Is this totally necessary? Out of the vehicle, sir, now.
(rain pattering loudly) (glass breaks) (gunshots) (gunshots) (Roman) You're fading.
(Jane) Stop stalling and take me to Shepherd where is he? Shepherd? You won't make it to the med cache.
We gotta get you to the hospital.
And tell them what? I have a way with words.
Before Mayfair disap (sighs) Before she died uh, she left us She left us a drive with a bunch of encrypted files.
Daylight was an illegal NSA program.
But I'm guessing we don't have to fill you in on that.
And ORION? From the parts we can read, ORION seems to have been a secret, off-book spec-ops wing of the Naval Special Warfare development group.
- Like Seal Team 6? - (Weller) Yeah.
But they weren't just going after the bad guys.
Along with a lot of other horrible things, the files indicate that they bombed the French Embassy in Sudan.
And sunk a commercial cruise ship.
And assassinated the Secretary General of the UN.
- Well, no, that was Al-Qaeda.
- Not according to this.
A lot of the ORION files are still encrypted.
(Zapata) Like this one.
Pixel fragments.
It's like trying to fit together a million jigsaw pieces that are all the same shape.
(Patterson) I've been trying to write a program that'll sort, analyze, and reassemble everything, pixel by pixel, but it Whatever.
It's a little involved.
Our binary system here is having some problems with the raw data.
- So - So I was kind of sort of hoping that you could give us access to the NSA's quantum computer farm.
Our quantum server farm doesn't technically exist.
Well, heh, right.
But, technically, neither do you.
I'll make the call.
Look, what's in M7G677? A black hole.
- In what sense? - In the literal sense.
It's an image file of a black hole.
- (Naz) That's it? - That's it.
There are three folders on this drive.
Two contain information on maybe the most sensitive programs this government ever operated, and Yeah, and the third is a decent desktop wallpaper, we know.
There's gotta be something hidden in it, on it, with it we just can't see it yet.
Use their secret and, I'm assuming, illegal quantum farm.
Focus on the pixel fragments and see what we can get.
All right, well, they've got a fun vibe so far.
Sit tight.
(knocking on window) Everything okay? Do you need help, ma'am? (Roman) I got this, officer! Thank you.
Need a hand? Sure.
That'd be great.
(grunts) (grunts) I'm sorry, but this is gonna hurt.
I've had worse.
Try to work as fast as I can, okay? How how long have we known each other for? A very long time.
(door opens) I miss you.
(whispering) Okay.
- Look, can I - What? I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Like how you hung back and watched us for a year, didn't share any of your intel? Now my boss is dead.
Listen, I thought I cornered Sandstorm a year ago.
We had an active asset inside who was very close to finding out who Shepherd was, but then it all fell apart.
What happened? Sandstorm had someone inside the NSA.
A friend of mine, actually.
We managed to neutralize him, but not before he killed three of my people.
Sorry to hear that.
Listen, I can't afford another mistake.
And I can feel the clock is running down on this.
No one outside of your team must know what our true objective is.
We can't risk another breach.
- I agree.
- (Patterson) Hey - Jane's tracker just came back online.
- How? I implanted a second tracker on her belt.
You what? It's programmed to start transmitting two hours after she left.
Look, it's a backup plan, in case she felt compelled to dispose of the first one.
So what happens if they scan her? They'd do it the second they encountered her.
That's why there's a delay.
You're gonna get her killed.
(rain pattering) (gasping) It's okay, we're the same blood type.
Trust me.
- Where are you taking me? - Somewhere safe.
No I want answers.
Who is Shepherd? What's ORION? You'll find out when we get there.
Gotta shut it down, Patterson.
All right, they're taking Jane in deep.
If she's caught with a transmitter, they'll kill her.
It's not that easy this kind of transmitter isn't designed to be shut down remotely.
All right, fine! So redesign it.
It's that doesn't even make any sense, you can't Patterson, just find a way around it! Okay, finding, finding.
(keyboard clacking) What's going on? Did you sweep her? You better find her fast.
She doesn't know that she's been bugged.
Find a way to shut it down now! Stop yelling! It's not helping me code! Cade's had her in a hole for three months.
She took a bullet to get back to us.
That's all I need to know.
You'll forgive me if I need a little more.
You think I'm wired? After everything I just went through for you? You think I'm working for them? You know what? If that's what it takes to meet Shepherd sweep me.
It's off.
Damn, I'm good.
My apologies.
We can't be too careful, can we? (chuckles softly) It's so good to see you again.
- You're - I'm Shepherd.
I'm your mother.
M My mother? But how how is that You were born in Pretoria, South Africa.
Your real name is Alice Kruger.
(gasping) Your birth parents were antiapartheid activists.
The government had them killed in your own home.
You were forced into a secret academy, an orphanage, where they trained innocent children to become deadly soldiers.
Operatives for the state.
Of course, you excelled.
But when apartheid fell, so did the academy.
I was one of the American soldiers who liberated you.
Most of the children were placed in foster care, but you and your brother were too dangerous.
Too special.
No one could handle you.
So I chose to raise you myself.
(stammering) Wait You wanted new names to distance yourself from a past you wanted to forget.
We chose them together.
Roman and Remi.
It's a lot to take in.
But what about ORION and and Phase Two? Wha what? Oscar's dead.
Uhh! Cade got him.
Before he got to you.
I'm sorry, I I know how much the two of you loved each other.
Roman has been moving heaven and earth since you disappeared, trying to track down Cade.
And I promise you he will pay for what he did.
(Jane gasps) It's almost dawn, I can't be out in the open like this.
You need to get back to the FBI.
What? She She just got here.
Tell them Cade kidnapped you.
That you escaped.
There might still be a way to salvage this op.
I want answers.
I I need answers.
That's enough for tonight.
You'll get more soon.
But right now, we need to get you back in play.
Oh I've missed this face.
It's so good to have you back, Remi.
All of the pieces are almost into place.
You don't have to live this double life for much longer.
We're almost ready.
(car engine starts) Here We can't exactly drop you back at the FBI.
Before I left you in Times Square, I said an old Afrikaans prayer for you.
For a safe journey and a quick return home.
You got neither.
So much for prayer.
Remi and Roman.
(chuckles softly) My brother.
Oh I got you something.
Been holding onto it for you.
I think it's time you got it back.
(Weller) Your mother and your brother? (Naz) So, Shepherd's military.
Or was.
That certainly explains her access to some of the nation's biggest secrets.
This is an unbelievable start.
Great work, okay? You try and get some rest.
(chair scoots back) Why didn't you tell me about the tooth? What? Naz told me that Patterson ran an isotopic test on my tooth when I first got here.
She told you I was born in Africa.
That I couldn't be Taylor Shaw.
- Your DNA matched.
- But my tooth didn't.
Why didn't you tell me? I believed I was Taylor Shaw because I had no reason to doubt Because I didn't want it to be true.
I wanted you to be Taylor.
More than anything.
I guess they knew that.
How did you get the memories? Of fishing with me and my father.
They told me I was her.
Oscar gave me photos and said to lie and say that I remembered them.
Why did you? Because I I wanted it to be true.
Because I wanted to be Taylor.
More than anything.
See you tomorrow.
You guys decode the Mayfair picture? (Patterson) Pictures.
(Zapata) Looks like drone photos of bad ops.
Crashed helicopters, dead American soldiers.
Patterson can you zoom in on that one? Yeah, the resolution's actually kind of amazing.
- Whoa, is that - It's Jane.
Do you believe her? Of course.
Something feels off.
We erased her memory and then sent her into a lion's den.
She was kidnapped and tortured for three months.
I'd be a little off, too.
My sister's still in there I'm positive.
I'm not.
Then activate our mole in the FBI.
Have them tell you.
No not yet.
It's too dangerous.
Everyone will be watching.
Do it too soon, and we risk burning them for later, when we really need them.
For now, that's the ace we need to hold onto.
Don't worry.
It won't be long now.