Blindspot (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

Heave Fiery Knot

1 I had another memory.
It was my most vivid one yet.
What was it? It was hot.
I was high above the treetops.
- - We were taking out a hostile target.
(speaking Pashto) (ears ringing) (man on radio) Pull back to the chopper.
Pull back to the chopper now! (Weller) How'd you remember that? (Jane) Because they wanted me to.
Shepherd and Roman took me to a memorial.
It was small.
Out of the way.
(Weller) Why? (Naz) To reindoctrinate her.
The CIA formed ORION to carry out off-the-book ops.
But I though that's what SEALs were for.
Orion was for illegal, unsanctioned operations.
Regime change.
Missions too grisly to go through legitimate channels.
When Douglas Winter blew the whistle on the illegal NSA program that was feeding them intel, the CIA shut ORION down.
Tried to erase any trace.
You were the only one that survived.
They thought they killed you, too.
We chose not to correct them.
This plaque is the closest thing ORION has to a memorial.
This is what your country thought you were worth.
America needs to be saved from itself.
- How? An attack? - (Roman) More than that.
It'll be a complete reset.
We're gonna comp That's enough.
It's better if you don't know.
They might interrogate you.
(Roman) We need to get her back.
There's something we need you to do today.
Something important.
Shepherd gave me something else.
What? A tattoo case.
The coliseum pillars on my lower abdomen.
Said it needed to be solved today.
I don't like them dictating our timeline.
I'll get my analysts on it.
No, you're the one that said we need to keep chasing these tattoos.
Otherwise, Sandstorm will know something's off.
We're following this.
She's not wrong.
(Jane) The last time they brought us a case, we brought down a sex trafficking ring and stopped an innocent man from being executed.
And how does Sandstorm expect us to buy that you cracked this on your own? They gave me a hint.
They said to say that I was changing the dressing on my gunshot wound (gunshot) and I saw that the spaces in between the pillars looked like bullets.
I'll get Patterson on it.
Good work, Jane.
(forklift beeping) Freddy.
It's Edgar.
Edgar Reade, Mulmur Hills Football Camp.
(chuckling) Eddie Reade.
Look at you! - What's it been, 15 years? - Oh, man, yeah.
Look at that suit.
What are you, an accountant or something? FBI, actually.
FBI? This is a friendly visit right? Yeah, it's friendly, it's friendly.
Yo, I'm on break! So what do I owe the pleasure, Mr.
FBI man? Been in touch with a few of our campmates, a couple of them pointed me in your direction.
I wanted to give you a call before I came here, but I couldn't get a number on you.
(chuckling) Yeah, I'm kind of between providers.
(chuckling) Uh hey, you heard about Tim Scott and Levi Hart, right? This ain't about football.
Jones ruined my life.
Yeah, I heard.
Yeah, Tim and Levi, they went to that camp a long time after we did.
I've been working with an assistant DA trying to build a case.
It looks like Jones abused a lot of kids for a lot of years.
Now, we're having trouble getting victims to come in and testify.
Maybe they trying to move on with their lives, you know? Keep the past in the past.
Why bring all that muck back up to the surface? Because if you don't, Jones is gonna walk.
We can't change what he did.
Jones is still out there.
What if he's not finished? That man was supposed to protect us look out for us.
Don't you think it's about time he's paid for what he's done? Here.
Please, just give the ADA a call.
Thank you.
It's really good to see you again, man.
Man, you too, man.
Hey, Freddy! We'll get him.
I promise.
There's a box in my place.
It's pictures.
It's the last belongings of my father.
She's under the fort, Kurt.
(Weller) Who's under the fort, Dad? I killed Taylor Shaw.
I can't throw it out.
Why? That box is the last piece you have of him.
Once it's gone, so is he.
I want him gone.
I hate him.
He was still your father, Kurt.
And you're still using the present tense.
My hate is not going anywhere.
That's because you're not dealing with it.
Can you articulate where these feelings come from? If you can't name it, externalize it, - then you can't move past it, Kurt.
- (phone beeping) - - We're gonna have to call this one short.
Your father's dead, Kurt.
It's too late to confront him now, but until you confront your feelings about him, his shadow will follow you wherever you go.
(Patterson) We knew the columns on Jane's tattoo are consistent with a particular architectural style, but the hidden bullets, that was news to me.
(Zapata) From Jane's perspective, they look almost exactly like .
40 caliber rounds.
(Patterson) I cross-referenced the bullets with the building style, and guess what.
The same rounds were used to shoot up the wedding of a Mexico City narcotics officer last year.
Police suspected the Juarez Cartel, but the investigation dried up because detectives kept getting murdered.
(Reade) That level of violence definitely matches the Juarez M.
I tracked down the serial numbers for the guns recovered at the scene.
Three months before the massacre, they were recovered in a raid by the New York DEA.
How does a Mexican cartel steal weapons from the New York DEA? - They don't.
The DEA sold them.
- What? That was through the gun-waltzing program? Why couldn't I find that? 'Cause you don't work for the NSA.
(Reade) I thought the attorney general shut that program down.
- Apparently not.
- What is gun-waltzing? It's a bad idea.
It puts these weapons back on the streets through agents posing as arms dealers.
Then trace the weapons back to the big players for big busts.
Only sometimes, they lose them.
(Naz) Hang on a second.
This says that the D.
's set to release more weapons through its program today, including four stinger missiles.
Are you serious? Don't weapons that size seem a little risky to use as bait? Stingers can hit targets up to four miles away.
They're reliable and accurate.
Wait a second.
Nine Juarez Cartel associates popped up on facial recognition at JFK yesterday.
Does that seem like a pretty big coincidence to anyone else? (Reade) That's not good the Juarez Cartel has been increasing its attacks inside the U.
Shepherd did say it was urgent, that thousands of lives hang in the balance.
(Weller) The cartel are gonna buy those missiles from the DEA.
They want to hit a target here, today.
This doesn't seem off to you? Chasing down a Sandstorm lead like this? The Juarez Cartel could be planning an attack in the U.
We don't have much choice.
Besides, every tattoo on Jane's body has come from Sandstorm.
The only difference now is we know who's behind the curtain.
What if it's a setup? What if Jane's tattoo is leading us into a trap? Jane was the trap.
All right? We already fell into it.
She played us.
Look, I don't like working with her any more than you do.
I don't like being in the same room as her.
But it's the only way to end this.
Patterson's got something.
What do you mean you're not bringing a case? We can't win not without stronger evidence than the testimony of a school shooter - and a junkie drunk.
- I really don't have time for this right now.
Look, Freddy has his struggles.
He's a victim.
He helps the case.
Substance abuse, theft.
Jones's lawyers would tear him apart.
Do you have any idea how many children Jones could have hurt over the past two decades? No! Because none of them will go on the record.
Freddy will! He's sober.
He's gainfully employed.
Freddy's sober now.
He's employed now.
He was neither of those things two months ago.
What happens in another two months when he falls apart again and I need him on the stand? Which is exactly why we need to do this! Freddy is the very example of what Jones has done to these guys.
Don't you understand that? I know it's not justice, but neither is taking this guy to court and losing.
Gail, please don't do this to me.
I promise It's just not gonna happen.
Tell your friend I'm sorry.
I tracked down the requisitions from the DEA's gun-waltzing program.
Almost all the guns that walked and never came back were signed out by the same person a field agent named Valentine Barker.
And get this.
In nearly every instance, they were sold to people with ties to the Juarez Cartel.
(Zapata) That kind of firepower, it's no wonder they've been escalating their violence.
So the losses aren't accidents.
She's using the program to cover the sale of weapons to the cartel.
(Reade) Where's Valentine now? DEA doesn't know where Valentine or the weapons are.
She's at a bank in Queens trying to cash out her account.
For real? Why don't I have access to that? She's getting ready to run.
Let's move.
I'll need access to my safe deposit box.
So, are we just not gonna talk about how messed up it is Jane's out here with us? Sandstorm are watching.
It has to look like business as usual.
Otherwise, it could blow her cover.
It was one thing when we thought she was a pawn, but her mother's the leader, and her brother's a homicidal maniac.
Sandstorm is in Jane's blood.
(Zapata) Just keep her in front of me.
I don't want to wind up on the wrong end of a friendly fire report.
Look, everything they knew about you is a lie.
You've got to give them time to forgive you.
They handed me over to the CIA to be tortured and interrogated without charge or trial.
As far as I can tell, this country runs on lies.
Look, I understand that you're angry No, you have no idea what it feels like to be looked at with hatred and suspicion at every I'm a Pakistani-born woman who's busted my ass climbing to the top of the National Security Agency.
You think I haven't dealt with my share of aggression and mistrust? I've seen the laws this country's willing to violate, and all I've seen Sandstorm do is expose corruption and save lives.
How can you be so sure we're on the right side of this? Shepherd's group has destroyed thousands of lives.
These people are killers, and they need to be stopped.
(Weller) All right, team, let's do this by the numbers.
(Reade) Hold on a second.
Two guys in suits right in front of us.
(Zapata) That's an interesting tattoo for a banker.
You got two more on your left side.
(Zapata) Valentine's got cartel protection? No, not protection.
(honking horn) Valentine! Down! (automatic gunfire) FBI! (automatic gunfire) Aah! (automatic gunfire) (groaning) You got Jane? She's on my three, got her! (Jane firing) (groaning) - On the ground, now! - (Weller) Drop your weapon! (Zapata) These are Juarez Cartel tattoos.
She's supplying weapons to the cartel.
Why are they trying to kill you, then? Hmm? (Borden) You seem agitated.
What's on your mind? (explosion) (screaming) Nothing I can think of.
Well, if you won't tell me, maybe you can confide in one of your teammates Weller, perhaps.
I don't like working with her any more than you do.
I don't like being in the same room as her.
Yeah I don't see that happening right now.
Well, he's going through a lot.
You mean his dad? Yes it seems both of you are feeling rather alone at the moment, and sometimes the best we can do is to try to feel alone together.
You and Kurt could help each other.
Yeah, maybe.
After all, Jane this team's the closest thing to family you've got.
I don't know what you want from me, all right? - I haven't done anything wrong.
- So why were you getting shot at by cartel members, Valentine? All I know is I started getting followed yesterday and decided to get some distance so I could figure out why.
I've put away a lot of dangerous people.
We know you've been using the gun-waltzing program.
Defense weapons to the Juarez Cartel, and they've been using those weapons in the U.
Just tell us where the stingers are and where the sale's happening.
Stingers? I don't even run the My boss, Robert Kingston, runs that program.
Does he? So explain this.
Why is your signature on every one of these requisitions, including this morning's? I-I wasn't even in this morning! These should all be Rob's.
This doesn't make any sense! Actually, it makes plenty of sense.
It's okay, me and Reade have got this.
I just cracked one of the gunmen's phones.
Kingston ordered the hit on you.
No This this can't this can't be possible! Rob's my mentor.
He taught me how to be DEA, for God's sake! (Weller) But? What is it, Valentine? About six months ago, I was going over numbers for the program and the loss incidence for weapons was being underreported.
And who did you bring this to? A friend at the DOJ.
And Rob.
He thanked me for the catch and promised he'd deal with it.
And did he? Two days ago, I checked the loss incidence again, and it had gone up.
I told Rob we had to take it upstairs.
He said he would shut down the program after they handled it.
And he tried to handle you instead.
He was like a father to me.
How could he do this? (Shepherd) Spit it out, Roman.
I shadow her, make sure she's all right.
Cade's still out there.
She just spent three months in a hole.
She's too fragile to just If there's one thing your sister is not, it's fragile.
I will be invisible, I promise.
She protected me my whole life.
- If I can help - Is this about you or her? I won't have you risking this mission.
Stay away from her, Roman.
Let your sister do her job.
Kingston hasn't checked in with the DEA since yesterday, and so far, no one can physically locate him.
(Valentine) He goes dark a lot for his cover.
He poses as an arms dealer.
(Weller) We've got to stop your boss before he sells those missiles.
All right, we believe the cartel will use them today.
With weapons that powerful, they can kill thousands.
Rob transitions the weapons off-book through a storage locker in Brooklyn.
We might be able to catch him, but I want in.
No, absolutely not.
Look, he tried to have me killed, okay? I want to put the cuffs on him myself.
No you're too close to this.
She's not a kid.
She's a trained DEA agent.
She knows Kingston.
She'll be an asset out there.
Go get Jane.
We're moving out.
- We? - We.
Go get her.
Oh, there you are.
Uh, do you have a moment? Uh no.
Actually, we're It's just I got you this.
It's "Oregon Trail.
" I stumbled across it on eBay and I thought of you.
Oh, you just stumbled across this? (chuckling) Well That's very, um Where do you imagine that I could use this? Um, does one of your computers not have an old disc drive or something? No, I They're all pretty new.
And no backwards compatible No.
Uh, you don't know a lot about computers.
W-Would you like to have dinner with me? Oh, I Sorry, that wasn't a great um Not now, obviously.
You're obviously, um, you know, busy, now.
But, you know, at some point, a proper dinner, in the future, as in, we'd make plans to go to dinner in the future.
Um, am I making any sense? Yeah, yes.
But, uh, yes, I'm making sense or Uh, yes to dinner.
(chuckling) Good, great.
Uh, okay.
Well, I'll e-mail you.
Are you sure you can handle that? 'Cause that involves a computer.
Or I'll just use a carrier pigeon or something.
(chuckling) Okay.
(chuckling) Thank you.
Uh This is gonna be a maze.
All right let's split up and see if we can find Kingston.
Valentine, hang back at the exit, see if he's heading in or out.
Why doesn't Jane hang back? Because she's inside with us.
Jane, with me.
(Weller) Move.
(Weller) Section one, clear.
(Zapata) Two, clear.
(Jane) Three, clear.
I've got him he's headed out in one of the rental vans.
He must already have the weapons! (Weller) Valentine, do not engage! Team, fall back! You're not gonna make it.
I've got him.
Gun on the dashboard and get out, now! Valentine, wait for us! You want to point that somewhere else, Val? I trusted you.
- Believed you.
- Just let me explain.
You're under arrest, Rob.
(gunshots) Valentine's down! Get an ambulance! Anyone got eyes on Kingston? (Zapata) Negative, negative.
(Reade) Negative, he's in the wind.
So are the missiles.
(clicking) Sir, we have orders not to let you leave.
Oh, yeah? And how were you planning to do that? Maybe we should all talk this over with Shepherd.
I'm afraid we can't do that.
(grunting) Uhh! (grunting) Roman! Stop it! Roman! I won't lose her again.
Your sister can take care of herself.
Go clean yourself up.
(Naz) That is not what I'm saying.
I don't have time to argue with you right now, okay? How's Valentine? Doctors are doing what they can, but It doesn't look good.
Look, we can't worry about that right now.
Kingston's about to sell the Juarez Cartel enough firepower to start a war.
We need to find him and fast.
Can't you just use your magic phone? Excuse me? Oh, does it stop working if they ditch their plates? Patterson stop it.
Look, if you have something to say to me, then say it.
I don't want you in the field with us.
She is a distraction and a liability.
I'm the distraction that saved Reade's life this morning, 'cause if I hadn't been there, he'd have a bullet in his back right now.
And if you'd never been here in the first place, Mayfair would still be alive right now.
All right, enough! I'm sick of all of this.
Until we stop Sandstorm, Jane is part of this team.
And, Patterson, stop treating Naz and the NSA like a threat and start working with them.
We are all here for the same thing.
It's not about keeping score.
And, Naz, this is a joint task force.
I get it but if you and I keep trying to run the ball in opposite directions, this mission will implode before it starts.
So let's all take a breath and try and figure out a way that we can work together to get these missiles back before the cartel hits whatever they're trying to hit today.
Patterson is right.
The NSA can access all the traffic cams at once, but our software is looking for plates, so if Kingston has swapped his out, then he's as good as invisible.
No No, he isn't.
See, the ads on Kingston's rental van are distinct.
I can modify some code for the NSA software that searches based on shape and color scheme, but I'll need a second.
I'll loop in my guys.
Get you support from outside.
There you go.
Let's all give Patterson some space so she can work.
Feel like I just got yelled at at the principal's office.
He's right, we should be focused on the mission.
You're one to talk.
You've been distracted all day.
What's up? (sighs) Saw an old friend this morning.
We went to football camp together as kids.
Coach Jones ran it.
Freddy's one of his victims.
Guy's hanging on by a thread.
I push him to open old wounds, promise him Jones will pay, and now the D.
's telling me there's no case.
Jones failed him, the system failed him, and now I failed him.
What the hell do I tell this guy? The truth.
What else is there? (door slides open) (Jane) Hey, can I What are you doing in here? (Naz) Just going through case notes.
In the dark? I'm an auditory learner.
What's up? I don't think I can do this.
Working inside Sandstorm, being on this team again All due respect, Jane what do you consider your alternative? Is that a threat? Look You don't keep up your end, our deal goes away.
No protection from Sandstorm.
No protection from the CIA.
Tom Carter.
What about him? In all our NSA's data-scraping, we found one reference to ORION.
It was in a deleted e-mail we recovered from the CIA's servers.
Carter sent it.
Tell me what's ORION? (grunting) Based on his career M.
and whereabouts during ORION's existence, it's very likely that he ran it, which would explain his interest in you.
And that's why he wanted me dead.
It's a pretty big piece of the puzzle, wouldn't you say? Don't you want to stick around, fill in the rest? Jane, I know that this isn't easy for you, but you have everything to gain by seeing this through.
And everything to lose if I don't.
Well, believe it or not, I am on your side.
You don't have to like me, but you can trust me.
I promise.
(door slides open) (Jane) Nothing I can think of.
(Borden) Well, if you won't tell me, maybe you can confide in one of your teammates.
Weller, perhaps? Yeah, I don't see that happening right now.
Well, he's going through a lot.
- You mean his dad? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
I didn't meant to hurt them.
Yes, you did.
And I'm sorry I disobeyed you.
You need to keep your elbows in and your shoulders down.
You're wasting energy, and you're telegraphing every hit.
She's gonna be fine.
What if she isn't? It should be me out there.
If I die, what does it matter? If something happens You're so sweet, Roman.
But you can never do what she does.
Then activate our source in the FBI.
I won't risk burning our most valuable asset just to quell your anxiety.
(knocking on door) We have a problem.
Cade's been sighted.
Do you have a second? Not really.
You think I want to be here any more than you want it? It's hard for me, too.
Look, we We can't change what happened between us, on either side.
I wish we could, but we can't.
So we need to move forward.
What do you think I'm trying to do in there, Jane? It's gonna take time.
It's not gonna happen overnight.
Why haven't you told anybody that you found Taylor's body? I searched her name, and nothing new comes up.
(sighs) I exhumed her body in secret and buried her.
(rueful chuckle) Somewhere peaceful.
My team knows.
Sarah knows.
Taylor's family is gone now.
And so is her killer.
So I don't see what good the truth will do anyone else.
So let the horror of what my father did die with him.
I miss her.
You didn't know her, Jane.
No, I mean, I I miss being her.
And maybe that's a horrible thing to say to you, but we're trying to be honest with each other now, right? Well, that's the truth.
I miss being Taylor Shaw.
And I understand you not wanting to be in the same room with me because if I were you, I would hate me, too.
I don't ha (taps desk) I don't hate you, Jane.
I just don't know who you are anymore.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us.
Hey sorry.
Uh The NSA just ran my algorithm, and it found Kingston's van.
- Where? - Hunter's Point in Brooklyn.
It's a pretty exposed place to do a weapons deal with the drug cartel.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly.
(Jane) What if that's not where they're just buying the missiles? What if that's where they're planning to use them? What's in range from there? The Mexican consulate, the U.
The whole East Side of Manhattan.
(siren) We need to consider evacuating.
(Patterson) Evacuating what? The entire East Side of Manhattan? Yeah, what are we supposed to tell 'em? Go to the West Side? She's right, there's too many targets, not enough time.
- It's up to us.
- (whooshing) What is that? What am I hearing? Airplane headed to LaGuardia.
What if the cartel's target's not a building? Hunter's Point is directly under flight paths from LaGuardia and JFK.
Could a stinger missile take out a plane? Within line-of-sight? Definitely.
Patterson, find out if anyone important is flying in and out of New York right now.
- On it.
- I'll contact the FAA.
Get them to start grounding and rerouting flights until we can neutralize the threat.
(Reade) What's that up ahead? This is the FBI! Stay where you are and put down your weapons! (tires screeching) (automatic gunfire) Uhh! (Weller) They're getting away with the missiles! Reade! Tasha! We'll cover you! - Get 'em! - On it! (gunfire continues) - Uhh! - (clang) Argh! All right Those must be the missile remotes! Let's go! (gunfire) Guys, there's a flight about to land at LaGuardia from Mexico City.
There's 14 politicians and law enforcement officials on board.
It's already overhead.
It's too late to reroute it.
Good to know! (Weller) He's got the remote! Agh! (shouting) Agh! Uhh! (Jane) He's locking on to the plane with the remote! (gunshot) (gunfire) (Zapata) Oh, my God.
Jane! Grab the remote! (man grunting) Put it in the water! Drop it.
(missile whistling) (panting) Nice work.
(distant sirens and horns) Holy hell.
(sighs) We actually did it.
We always do.
I mean, you know, so far.
Nice work out there.
See what happens when you stay out of my way? How's Valentine? She's in post-op.
She's gonna live, but she won't walk.
You did not make the wrong call.
You told her not to engage, she disobeyed.
She's trained DEA, Weller.
She knew the risks, that's That's not on you.
Thank you.
Good work today.
(Naz) Look, Valentine said she confided in a friend at the Department of Justice, Keith Manning.
We've been able to trace backwards and determine Manning was the one who fed Sandstorm the gun-waltzing intel.
And based on his placement in the DOJ, it looks like he was responsible for at least one other tattoo the body cam case.
(Naz) Look, I know we've had our clashes, but I wanted you all to see this.
So not only did we stop a missile from blowing up a plane over Manhattan, we turned over a card in Sandstorm's organization.
Mm-hmm, the intel on Jane's body seems to have come from a number of sources from within the public and private sector.
We've ID'd a few of them already.
So, we keep following these tattoos until we track down the rest of the sources.
Then we'll swoop in.
Hopefully take down all of Sandstorm's people in one hit.
That's a bit of an oversimplification, but, yes, we are making progress.
See you guys tomorrow.
You still wondering who the good guys are? Look, it's true.
Sandstorm helped us prevent a major disaster today.
But every action that we take here creates massive ripples across the globe.
Airline stocks plummeted.
The gun-waltzing scandal put a chill on U.
-Mexican relations.
The Juarez cartel has been weakened, which strengthens its competitors.
We have no idea why Sandstorm wanted us to do this today.
So we can't see the complete picture yet.
Because your family doesn't want us to.
Ask yourself why that is.
You gonna talk to Freddy? Can't we just stop another missile attack or something? You did your best.
He'll know that.
Thanks, Zapata.
(Jane grunts) Antibiotic ointment with a painkiller.
No such thing as a minor gunshot wound.
They all hurt like hell.
Thank you.
(sighs) Sorry I shot you.
I did ask for it.
You kind of did.
(bandage crinkling) (clatter) Wow.
(clears throat) This is a nice surprise.
Yeah I was just uh, ahem, in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by, see how you're doing.
Now I see.
Can I buy you a drink? Think I'll pass.
What are you doing here? - Is it about - I'm pregnant.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I just I don't know, you had so much going on with Mayfair your dad.
Three months? Well, the truth is, I'm not great at this stuff, okay? And I was scared.
This is gonna be your kid, too all right? I'm not looking for an answer any time soon, and I'm truly not suggesting that we get back together, 'cause I don't think we should, but if you want to be a part of this kid's life, I will make sure that there is space for that to happen.
You know what my mom used to say to me when I was young? Before she took off.
"You're just like your father.
" You're gonna be a great mom.
Good night, Kurt.
(mutters) Good night.
(door opens and closes) (sighs) Freddy! There you are, man.
Guys thought you left already.
Punched out a little early.
You spoke to the D.
Guess I'm not such a star witness after all.
Man, this is not how I wanted you to find out.
You know, for a second there, I actually thought something good was gonna come out of this.
Nothing ever changes.
Freddy in cases this old, credible testimony is the biggest weapon we have.
We just couldn't find enough victims to come forward, and the ones who did Weren't credible.
No, that's not what I was gonna say.
It's cool, man, I get it.
That's the great thing about messing with kids.
Your victims cover your tracks for you.
Freddy, man What about you? What about me? Mr.
FBI man isn't a credible enough witness? What are you talking about? Why aren't you testifying? Testifying about what? I never saw anything.
Saw anything? You were there.
Where? What the hell are you talking about? You don't remember.
Remember what, Freddy? That's why you so together, why you not still down in the basement with the rest of us, watching our game tapes with him.
You actually don't remember, do you, Edgar? (Jane, echoing) You're my starting point.