Blindspot (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Hero Fears Imminent Rot

1 Look, I don't want to talk to you about this on the phone.
Is it 100% above board? No.
Are we gonna get caught? No, I seriously doubt it.
Look, I'll be in the office in 15 minutes.
Let's talk about it then.
Oh, wait, somebody left their bag in here.
(screaming) (grunting) Roman and Shepherd want to see you.
Where am I? (Roman) How are you feeling? Groggy.
What happened to me? I drugged you.
You can't know where we're located.
Ever heard of a blindfold? (Shepherd) Sit down.
What's wrong? How did you escape? What? Cade How did you escape? He kept me in a small cell with no bed and no window.
But, there was a drain in the floor.
I fashioned some rope and used the grate to make a homemade mace.
He came in to torture me, I made my move.
How often did you see him? Every day.
He tortured you every day? Yes.
We got a call from a fixer we use sometimes.
(Shepherd) Cade contacted him.
Wanted a fake passport and passage to Venezuela.
Can we A month ago.
How did he torture you every day if he was in Venezuela? You tell them that Cade held you captive and tortured you, and that you just escaped.
That psychopath locked me in a four-by-four hole with no light, no clock, no way of keeping track of time.
I was in and out of consciousness, so if he left for a few days, I would not have noticed.
His travel arrangements were one-way.
So, he went to one of your known associates to try to get away from you, and that's not raising a red flag? Sounds to me like he was trying to throw you off his scent.
Is that why you brought me here? Because if there's nothing else, I need to get back before the FBI starts asking where I am.
You're not going back.
We need you to do something first.
(sighs) If you want to be a part of this kid's life, I will make sure that there is space for that to happen.
You on for trivia tonight? Tonight? I can't.
Come on.
Who's gonna cover science, pop culture, nerd stuff.
What about Reade? We're doomed.
Why can't you come? I just, I have this prior thing.
It's just like a meeting, really.
Like a date? Would you like to have dinner with me? No.
No, no, no, no.
It's not a date.
It's more like a a friendly meeting with a friend.
- A friend meeting.
- Uh-huh.
(Tasha) Excuse me Who told you to take that down? I'm just doing what it says on the work order.
So, we're just supposed to erase her legacy, like she never existed? I can't get a hold of Jane.
Can you track her cell? Keeps going to voice mail.
Oh, her phone's switched off.
Hang on.
I can't access it remotely.
She must have removed her battery.
Or someone else did.
What are you doing? I'm gonna send some agents to her safe house.
Put the phone down.
- Excuse me? - Put down the phone! Chances are, she's been picked up by Sandstorm.
That doesn't concern you? Jane is doing the job that we asked her to do.
It's the paradigm now.
We can't sit there spending resources chasing after her every time she doesn't punch in on time.
I'm talking about sending agents to her safe house.
Yeah, which might be enough to blow her cover with Sandstorm.
Those people are cold-blooded killers.
A fact we all knew getting into this, especially Jane.
She was the one who insisted on removing all of our trackers.
Whether we like it or not, she's on her own.
(lights humming) (Jane) There's enough for an army in here.
But today, we just need the basics.
Who's this? Our op, Jeffrey Kantor.
Mechanical engineer at Bradley Dynamics.
- He's an asset.
- He was.
He was supposed to clone a piece of tech for us.
Something we need for phase two.
But, he missed the drop.
Now we're not sure if we can trust him anymore.
What was he supposed to clone? - A microchip.
- (bag zipping) Wait I recruited him.
He was in love with you.
That explains why he got cold feet 'cause I went off the radar.
We tried to replace his handler.
Turns out, there's no replacing you.
You've always been good at getting people to do what you want.
That's why we sent you to Weller.
How'd it go with Freddy last night? We just couldn't find enough victims to come forward.
Why aren't you testifying? Fine.
Glad to hear it.
Hope you've been hitting those science textbooks.
Patterson can't make it to trivia tonight.
Yeah, sure.
Should we be waiting on Jane? - No.
- She'll catch up when she gets here.
I'm sure you all heard about the bomb that went off at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this morning.
Four are dead and eleven were injured.
The bomb released thousands of particles of micro-shrapnel.
NYPD found traces of tungsten, nickel, and cobalt.
I read about these.
Dense inert metal explosives.
Also known as DIME bombs, which is where the tattoo connection comes in.
An olive branch, an oak branch, and a torch.
Where else do we see these three together? - The U.
- Precisely.
And the outline is in the shape of Vieques, a Puerto Rican island the Navy used as a weapons testing site.
Yeah, but the Navy shut down testing in Vieques when the cancer rate started to skyrocket.
Well, that's the public story.
The Navy still tests off-book weapons there, including DIME bombs.
Then, the tattoo was probably trying to expose these secret weapons tests.
So, what is one of these DIME bombs doing in the middle of Brooklyn? (phones chirping, vibrating) Another bomb went off in Midtown.
At least ten dead.
It's a coordinated attack.
This might be just the beginning.
So, what happens when we find Jeffrey? Suss him out, see if we can still trust him? Jeffrey is not the only one we're worried about.
You need to prove you're still one of us.
"One of you"? I helped design this whole plan.
You're different now.
We all feel it.
Those drugs changed you.
Yeah, of course they did.
I mean, wasn't that the point? To erase my memory? Yes, so the FBI would trust you, and it worked.
But now that you're back, we need to be able to trust you again.
If we can't something needs to change.
So, that's what this is a test? Call it what you want.
We need you to kill Jeffrey Kantor.
You can take the bag off now.
I thought she'd be happier to have her daughter back.
Oh, she is.
But, this mission is bigger than any one life.
Yours, mine Jeffrey's.
Roman, this man is innocent.
You might not realize it yet, but we're at war.
And in war, people die.
I just don't believe our only option is to kill him.
When we were in that orphanage, the caretakers gave us each a rabbit.
You fed them, cared for them, grew to love them.
And one day, they ordered us to kill them.
We were just kids.
I couldn't do it.
What did I do? You snapped its neck quicker than any kid in there.
You can do this.
It's who you are.
(Patterson) The second bomb went off in a much denser area.
The death count is up to 22.
The first bomb was at the Navy yard, the second was outside a USO office.
Both symbolic military locations.
Payback, for the Navy's testing in Vieques? (Zapata) I got something.
Two men exited the cab just before the first bomb went off.
The same two guys can be seen at the second location minutes before - that explosion.
- It's not much to go on.
They're looking down to avoid the cameras.
Reade, I want you to get these screen grabs up, then keep looking for different angles.
Patterson, cross-reference Vieques residential records with anyone in New York right now.
And let's check social media too.
Someone might be claiming credit.
These guys might strike again at any minute, so let's work fast and try and stop them before they set off another bomb.
Tasha, I want you to get me the casualty list from both of those bomb sites.
Why, what do y You think Jane was one of them? It's a city of eight million people.
- The probability of - Just get me the lists, please.
Hey, Remy, you made it! I've been here before.
Many times, while you were cultivating Jeffrey.
There was an older man too.
White hair, balding? Jeffrey's boss.
You killed him.
You had to so Jeffrey could take his place and get a higher security clearance.
We couldn't just get him fired? Those people are the enemy.
It's not our job to protect them.
So, everyone you've killed has been an enemy to the cause.
If a few innocents have to die to save this country from tyranny, I'd say that's a price worth paying.
Wouldn't you? (lock clicking) Lead the way.
He'll want to see your face first.
(panting) Jeffrey! (keypad beeping) He has a panic room? He was a paranoid guy long before we got to him.
Jeffrey, we just want to talk to you.
That's why you brought your maniac brother, right? To talk? - (beeping) - No, we're not there yet.
I want the National Guard put on stand-by.
I need someone to contact the mayor's office.
I'm trying to figure out why he hasn't declared a state of emergency yet.
I know this isn't what you wanted, but Mayfair would be glad that you're in that chair.
Is that a casualty list? No one matching Jane's description.
Talk to Reade.
He's been coordinating with the NYPD on the eyewitness reports.
Are you worried she's been taken, or are you worried she's been turned? Let me know what Reade says.
(man) We're on the premises now.
(grunting and fighting) - (gun cocking) - No.
If we want to coax Jeffrey out of that panic room, killing these guys won't help.
(panting) (Jeffrey, muffled) I've got food and water to last a month and more security on their way.
We're not here to hurt you.
We're worried about you.
Where have you been? You said you'd be gone for a little while.
Y-You didn't say you'd be gone for months.
My op took longer than I thought.
Why did you miss your meet, Jeffrey? I-I can't do this anymore.
All this lying, pretending to be someone I'm not.
I'm not sleeping.
I'm not eating.
I can't keep living this double life.
You're not living a double life.
You're finally becoming what you're meant to be.
This is so much bigger than all of us.
No, no, no.
I know how your group treats people they don't trust! Think about this logically.
You're too valuable to us.
(Jane) We still need the microchip, and we cannot do that without you.
This is an opportunity to prove that we can still trust each other.
Okay? Open the door, Jeffrey.
Or, just stay in there.
Stay safe.
And stay frightened.
(beeping, door unlocks) I'm so sorry.
I didn't know (Jeffrey thuds to floor) Good work.
I think I've got something.
Check out these tweets.
7:11 A.
"This is for David Sanes.
" 8:53 A.
, "This is for Milivi Adams.
" Alleged victims of the Vieques testing.
Okay, so the bombers are dedicating their attacks.
These tweets are stamped with the exact time and location of the bombings.
I can track their IP addresses.
Yeah, but that'll only get us their previous locations.
We need to find out where they're heading to next.
Wait a second.
You really think these guys stuck around the bomb sites to tweet? No, they must have preloaded their messages on a timer.
So, if we can hack into their preloaded tweets, we can see the next location of their attack.
And stop it before it goes off.
(Jeffrey grunting) (gun cocks) (Jeffrey whimpering) Do it.
We still need this microchip.
So, if we kill him, we're back at square one.
The smart move is to put him back in play.
Do you really think he's gonna betray us after this? Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong.
Maybe you're right.
(Jeffrey grunts) But that is not why we're here.
Shepherd needed to see that you were still you.
And you just failed.
Head back to the city.
If this pager goes off, wait on the bench on the southeast corner of Wallabout Bay.
Someone will pick you up.
What are you going to tell Shepherd? That's unacceptable.
These bombers are still out here.
I'm gonna wait by this phone, you're gonna call me back in two minutes with a different answer.
I got your e-mail.
Did you still want to talk to me? Uh, yeah, um What can you tell me about repressed memories? Ah, well, that's a complicated subject.
What did you want to know? I-I'm not sure, actually.
Today's crazy, so Well, it sounds like we at least have two minutes.
So, briefly, repressed memories are the brain's way of processing serious trauma.
Something horrible happens, and the mind pushes it to a hidden corner of the subconscious.
But the memory still exists somewhere.
They can be recovered, right? In theory, with professional psychotherapy.
But digging them up can often cause anger, depression, PTSD.
Is it better to leave them alone? Not necessarily.
Think of it like dental surgery.
The process is painful, but ignoring the problem is often much worse.
(softly) Yeah.
Look is this about Jane? No, this is for another case.
Uh, this has been helpful, though, thank you.
Well, if you ever want a more detailed consultation on this, um, case my door's always open.
(phone ringing) Reade.
Lock the door.
Hey, that's twice as big as the last one.
We're trying to send a message, aren't we? I think we've sent it.
There's no turning back now.
We have to finish what we started.
For Nora and Camilla.
Jane! Jane, where have you been? You okay? We need to talk in the annex, now.
It was a loyalty test, and I failed.
I'm burnt.
You should have taken that shot.
Roman's right, this is a war.
Sandstorm's stated goal is to burn this country down to the ground, and you might be our only hope at stopping them.
He was asking me to kill a completely innocent man.
One man, whose life you valued over the thousands Sandstorm could eventually take out.
- She is not a killer.
- Yes, she is a killer! That's why they want her, and that's why we sent her there.
You do whatever you have to do to maintain your cover.
I know where the next bomb is going off.
Oh, uh, two bombers are in the city They already filled me in.
(Patterson) Okay, I hacked into the bombers' accounts and found their preloaded tweets.
Looks like they have more attacks planned for today.
(Weller) So, where is the next bomb set to go off? - Prospect Park, in 20 minutes.
- Get Reade and Tasha.
No, you stay here.
Just regroup.
Naz will debrief you about your time with Sandstorm.
No, she's coming with you.
I can debrief her later.
She's not fit to be out in the field right now.
She can't just sit one out! Things have to appear business as usual.
I can do this.
Kurt, I'm fine.
Let's move.
(Patterson) I was able to I.
the bombers through the purchase records on the burners.
Jose Perez and Darrel Alomar.
I'm sending the clean photos - to your phones now.
- (phone chiming) Should we evacuate the plaza? No.
Not yet.
If these guys are still here, it could risk spooking them.
Reade, Tasha take that north side of the plaza.
Jane and I, we'll take the south.
Everyone stay on comms.
(Reade) I got an unattended duffel by the arch.
(Naz) Check it out.
(unzipping) (Reade) It's another bomb.
Clear the area.
What if the bombers see us? Don't have a choice.
Ma'am, excuse me.
I need you to go that way.
Please, sir, I need you to move.
Please go that way, quickly.
Can everybody please move that way? Okay, it's a DIME with six bricks of C-4 hardwired to a central circuit board.
- How far away is the bomb squad? - With all the chaos, the street are jammed.
They're five minutes out, but according to this tweet, the bomb is set to go off in two.
Looks like it's all on me, then.
Yes, she is a killer! She's not fit to be out in the field right now.
I've got eyes on one of them.
He's headed south down a park path.
Wait for me so we can box him in.
No, I can get him.
Jane wait for me.
Jane, do not engage! Do not engage! (Patterson) Can you find a power source? I can't see it, it must be underneath the payload.
Okay, that's inconvenient.
There's not enough time.
You guys need to get as far away from there What about kinetic energy disruption? Wait, here in the park? No, no, that's good.
(Reade) Really, you think that'll work? C-4 is generally very stable.
In theory, we can destroy the bomb's electronic components without triggering the explosives.
Key words being, "in theory.
" What does she want us to do? We're gonna defuse the bomb by shooting it to pieces.
What? Comin' through! (gunshots) (people screaming) Weller, Jane, are you okay? Yeah, we're good.
One suspect down.
Secure that bomb before the other one sets it off.
Did it work? Well, we're not dead, so I'm gonna say it did.
(Jane) I lost him.
He's in the wind.
(Weller) This is all on you.
She should never have been out there.
She said she was up for it.
You haven't exactly created an environment where she can say anything else.
(indistinct arguing) (scoffs) She should have stayed in position and waited for backup.
If it wasn't for Weller, she would have gotten herself killed.
She's saved both of our lives, more than once.
Admit it, she's not as sharp as she used to be.
After all the hell she's been through I'd be the same way.
What's going on? What happened with Freddy last night? Nothing, I told you, it went fine.
- Then why are you acting like some - Can you just leave something alone for once in your life? It's not your problem.
Both of those guys should have been in custody.
They're not.
One is dead, one is still out there.
Look, we know where his next targets are.
We've got all of the NYPD out there.
That is not the point! You need to put aside your past baggage with Jane.
All right? She's a key member of this team.
This isn't baggage, all right? I know Jane.
I know her strengths and her weaknesses.
And the sooner you start learning that, the better this will all work out.
(door opens) We've located the second bomber.
So, the bombers preloaded ten tweets.
Nine of them had locations, and the last one had a link to a Periscope video feed.
That feed just went live.
This is a Navy recruitment center in Queens, and he has eight hostages.
- (man) Say your prayers! Get down! - NYPD is on their way now.
(speaking native language) That's the "Our Father.
" And that's a suicide vest.
He's got enough explosives to level the place.
Let's move.
We've gotta get over there now.
Sit this one out, Jane.
- No, I can do this.
- Yeah, I know you can, but you don't have to.
We got this.
- Kurt, I don't need you to - Just get your head straight.
Reevaluate when we get back.
(Jane) This is crazy.
New York is under attack.
I should be out there.
I understand it's frustrating not to be with your team right now.
We haven't really spoken much since your return.
Tell me, what's on your mind these days? Do you think there's such a thing as killer instinct? You mean, do I think some people are genetically predisposed to violence? Mm-hmm.
Genetically or taught from a young age.
Well, some studies have suggested that the brain can be hardwired toward violence.
- Why do you ask? - Because every time I raise a gun, there's a a small part of me, this urge, from somewhere deep inside to to pull the trigger.
You think I'm deranged.
Not at all.
Whatever impulses you're experiencing, your conscience is overruling them.
Yeah, but the impulse is still there.
How do I get rid of that? Thought and action are two separate things.
We can't always control our impulses.
What's important is what we do with them.
Have faith that your moral compass will steer you in the right direction.
(indistinct radio chatter, guns cocking) (Weller) Hold on.
Can I get a direct line to the hostage taker? Darrel this is Kurt Weller, Assistant Director with the FBI.
No one else needs to get hurt today.
Let the hostages go, and we can keep talking.
(Darrel) These people are not innocents.
The blood of countless Viequins is on their hands.
None of the people in that office had anything to do with those tests.
Their silence is complicity! And now, the whole world will get to watch them die.
(Weller) We shut down your feed.
My team and I are the only ones watching.
You shouldn't have done that! (woman whimpering) He's off.
What are you doing? This guy's completely unstable.
Well, I'd better not screw this up.
Hold the perimeter.
(indistinct radio chatter) Hold your fire.
Hold your fire! Darrel! Kurt Weller, the FBI.
Just coming in to talk to you.
Just to talk.
(indistinct radio chatter) Take that off, put this on.
Listen to me, Darrel, I just want to talk, okay? Take that off, put this on, now! Put that on, or we all die.
Stay where you are, or we all die.
Darrel, I don't think that you want to die today.
Otherwise, you would have already detonated this vest.
Why did you do this? My sister, Nora she died last year.
Cancer! Jose, he lost his daughter.
These weapons tests devastated Viequis! (detonator cover clicking) (Weller) That is awful.
So, what do you want? I want the president to officially apologize.
And I want the people responsible to go to prison! - I can work on that.
- You're lying! Killing more innocent people, that is not the answer.
My parents died when I was just a boy.
My sister raised me.
After she died, I had no one.
Think about those people back there.
Think about their sisters, their brothers parents.
Think about their children.
Think about that.
This is not the answer, Darrel.
It's not the way (gunshots) (glass breaking) Who fired those shots? Who told you to take those shots? And what should I have done? Radioed in and asked your permission if I could take the shot in the two-second window I had? I was getting through to him.
That guy's life was over even before - you went in there.
- With little more time, - I would have had him in cuffs.
- Yeah? Well, I wasn't willing to take that risk.
What if you'd missed? - I didn't.
- You could have.
You and I, we need to start functioning like a team.
And, we are.
That's why I took the shot.
I didn't risk your life to take out a suspect, okay? I took out a suspect because your life was at risk.
You of all people should understand that.
My only priority is to protect my team, and in the same situation, I'd do it again.
(Borden speaking Arabic) Were you just speaking Arabic? No, why do you ask that? Because you were just speaking Arabic.
(chuckling) I think you're mistaken.
Uh, listen, today was insane, and I have a billion after-action reports to Oh, it's okay.
We can reschedule.
I mean, now that we caught the guys, things should calm down soon.
Well, I'm free all weekend.
Oh, uh, this weekend.
This weekend, uh it's not great.
We're updating our systems.
You know I'm a therapist, right? I know what a blow-off looks like.
I'm (chuckling) I'm not blowing you off.
Next week, for sure.
Next week sounds great.
That was definitely Arabic, though.
If you say so.
(Jane, on recording) Do you think there's such a thing as killer instinct? (Borden) You mean, do I think some people are genetically predisposed to violence? Mm-hmm.
Genetically, or taught from a young age.
Hey, can I show you something I've been working on? Good news or bad? Uh, it's a little of both, I guess.
Mm, I'm intrigued.
Lead the way.
Okay, so I finally got a second to dig into Sandstorm's engineer asset, Jeffrey Kantor.
Roman said that Kantor was supposed to clone a microchip for them.
He worked for Bradley Dynamics, which is one of those companies that has its hands in just about everything.
His job title was never disclosed, but I'm pretty sure he worked in aeronautics.
Yeah, interesting.
That lines up with a few theories that I've been working on.
Could you find out his focus area? Well, based on his PhD focus and previous employment, I'd say he was working on smart weapons, laser guidance, or missile and fire control.
Or, all of those.
Or something much, much worse.
Roman said that this tech was crucial to phase two.
If he killed Kantor, they must have some other way to get their hands on that chip.
Yeah, and when they do, they'll be that much closer to an attack.
One minute, Naz is telling me to be a killer and the next, you're sitting me on the bench for acting like one.
I'm getting pulled in opposite directions.
You're right.
You've been put in an impossible position, Jane.
So, what do you need? - I-I don't know.
- (pager vibrating) It's Roman, he's calling me back to Sandstorm.
He say why? No.
But if he spoke to Shepherd I'm blown.
I could be walking into my own execution.
You don't have to do this.
What are my choices? I either go back to Sandstorm, or I go back to the CIA.
- I can talk to Pellington.
- No, I I'm still the best shot that we have at stopping all of this.
I never realized how easy it was being Taylor Shaw.
This is so much worse.
You're not Taylor Shaw.
And you're not a killer, either.
I don't care what Roman and Naz have to say.
You know who you are.
You know what you're capable of.
Trust your own instincts.
(Tasha) Oh, good, you're still here.
We're thinking about having a little thing in Weller's office.
- Something for Mayfair.
- Oh, yeah.
That's that's great.
I of course.
I thought you had a date or a meeting or whatever we're pretending this is.
Oh, yeah, I cancelled.
Why? I I I'm not very good at friend meetings, and they sound like a a good idea, but then I start thinking about them, and I get a little anxious and just kind of flustered - and - Start calling them "friend meetings"? I've also been thinking a lot about getting a cat.
You just stopped a massive terror attack, you're one of the smartest, bravest people I know, and, uh you're allergic to cats.
That's true.
Just go on the date.
Let's go.
Get in the trunk.
Shepherd wants to see you.
It's not a good feeling wondering if you can trust your own daughter.
Thank you for taking care of Jeffrey.
I can't imagine what you've been through these last months.
It breaks my heart.
Welcome back, Remy.
It's good to be home.
You never had a chance to say goodbye to Oscar.
I thought you might want to say a few words.
This still doesn't feel real.
Feels like yesterday that we found each other again.
After so much time apart, I've finally felt whole.
And now well, now I'm alone again.
You were my protector, my rock.
But I couldn't protect you.
I failed you, and I'm I will never forgive myself.
You were a good soldier, you made mistakes, but you didn't deserve to die.
Now that you're gone it's up to us to make sure that your death wasn't in vain.
We owe that to you.
To each other.
And to our country.
(silent chatter) Good, you're still here.
Wow, what is that? Why does it smell so good? I our first dinner up at my cottage with Maya was supposed to be Syrian, so I found this place that makes the best makdous in the city.
You liar, you do speak Arabic.
(both chuckling) Since when do you speak Arabic? Well, people who aren't from America speak other languages.
Touché, touché.
That's French, by the way.
Yes, I know, I speak that too.
Oh, that's just so wonderful and sweet and thoughtful.
Well, thank you, but it turns out they have a much stricter no cancellation pol I I must say, I'm getting some very mixed signals from you.
I full disclosure, sorry.
I'm I'm so terrible at this stuff.
A worthy adversary.
- What? - I Well, sorry, I'm also terrible at this.
What's up? What happened with Freddy last night? And don't tell me "nothing.
" This is not nothing.
We've spent so long keeping secrets from each other, and look where that got us.
Last night, Freddy told me some things about when we were both kids.
He said I should testify against Jones.
So? As a victim.
Is he right? I don't know.
I lost time, Tasha.
I just don't remember that part of my life the same way I remember the rest of it.
You know, I never really thought much about it until now, and but now it's starting to scare me.
I don't know what to do.
Thank you.
For covering for me with Shepherd.
Forget it.
You've been through a lot.
Now, it's gonna take some time.
But I can't keep Shepherd at bay forever.
You need to find your way back here.
I'm working on it.
Have I ever told you what happened to my rabbit? When I couldn't kill him, the caretakers did it for me.
They snapped its neck? No.
They cut him in the belly.
Left him to bleed out all night.
I can still hear him screaming.
Things around here are about to move quick.
I can't save you a second time.
So, if you can't wake up the real Remy on your own, I'm gonna find your rabbit, and I'm gonna make him bleed.