Blindspot (2015) s04e07 Episode Script

Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth

What the hell are you thinking, calling this number? - Some guy was snooping around the warehouse.
- Who? - I don't know, but he had Fed written all over him.
I'll send you coordinates.
Wait for me there.
I just went to the warehouse.
Your friend Violet she just tried to kill me.
What? Are you okay? No, I'm not.
What the hell is going on, Jane? I'm so sorry I put you in danger.
I didn't want that, but you shouldn't have followed me.
You're saying this is my fault? You said that that woman was helping you find a cure.
- It's not true, is it? - No.
That woman, Violet Park, she's the Sandstorm operative Dolan was talking to.
So you ran an investigation on your own? I didn't want to spook her.
So is that why you lied to me? Any backup would have given me away.
I don't know what's worse the fact that you're still lying to me or that you still think that I'll ever believe you.
You've never trusted me.
That's why you followed me around instead of having a conversation.
That is all I've been trying to do, Jane.
You know, I feel sorry for you.
Finding out your dad was a killer made it impossible for you to trust anyone, even your own wife.
Hello? I need some help! - This is an emergency! - Who's that? - I don't know.
- Please, I hear you in there.
- I really need some help.
- Get the door.
Hi, I'm Wendy Stone's sister, Lori.
Do you guys know her? - Yeah, she's from 203.
- I'm such an idiot.
I was just taking out the trash and I completely locked myself out.
Is it okay if I borrow your phone to call her and get the keys? Now's not the best time.
I was just babysitting my nephew and now he's home all alone.
- He can't let you in? - He's one.
Okay, yeah, come in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
- The phone's over there.
- Thank you.
This is next gen stuff.
Where'd you get these? What kind of plane is this for? Don't worry about that, Leo.
Can you hack the aeronautics system or not? Please I can own this thing.
How are you so sure? Waldoballz.
It's an algorithm.
I know.
I didn't name it.
The guy who coded it did.
I would have named it something way cooler.
And that guy would be? Goes by Del Toro.
He used it to breach the DOD firewall, a Russian sub.
It can get in anywhere.
And you have access to Waldoballz? A beta version.
But I can re-code it to fit these specs in my sleep.
You're hired.
Troy will set up everything you need.
Give Leo the full treatment.
Now that we have our hacker, we need to work out the specifics of this plane crash.
We still don't know what the aircraft is being used for or when the first test flight is.
We don't have our hacker.
You just hired him.
Yes, and now Troy will dispose of him.
Why? Leo seemed confident.
Why settle for a copycat when we can get the real thing? - His name was Del Toro, wasn't it? - Yeah.
He's a major player on the dark web and he can't be easy to get to.
- Maybe Leo could track him down.
- No No.
That's what I have you for.
What do you like? You like Indian? You like Thai? Ooh, you know what? I got a great empanada guy.
- You have an empanada guy? - Mm-hmm.
A guy who gets me empanadas.
- I'm I'm good.
- Not hungry? Not since you suspended me.
Are we still talking about that? You know the suspension is temporary.
Is it? Conducting an off-the-books search for Zapata - could ruin both of our careers.
- As opposed to what? Do nothing? Let the CIA find her first? If they get to Zapata, they will bring her back in a body bag.
I know.
I I just want to make sure we do this right.
- You don't trust me.
- How am I supposed to know you won't use this against me later on down the road? Okay, look, relax.
I'm on your side, Ed.
Can I call you Ed? I'm gonna call you Ed.
Listen in order to get to Zapata first, it's gonna take a big, bold move, and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, you might get burned for it, but the fact that I'm on your couch right now insures that if you go down, I go down with you.
We are in this together.
So pizza and wings? You know what? I may have a way to get ahead of the CIA.
All right.
Yeah, I like the sound of that.
What do you got? A big, bold move.
The following motion picture is rated "R" for mild violence, tasteful nudity, and, of course, very mature themes.
Please set your cellular devices to vibrate.
What is this? It's time to get serious about.
- The Book of Secrets.
- Oh.
Okay, so you made a film about it.
Well, if we're going to try to find the cure for what's ailing Jane, it's probably for the best that we know its entire history.
Here you go.
Wait, wait, hey, hang on, hang on.
Don't put them on until it tells you to put them on.
- Okay.
- Okay, put them on.
From the dawn of civilization, mankind has asked, "Why are we here?!" And, "Why does this hurt?" Also, "Should this be leaking?" Scientists have worked tirelessly to cure pain, disease and suffering for millennia.
But what if the key to unlocking medicine's most complex challenges lies in an ancient lost text? The Book of Secrets.
Oh, my God, how could you not want to find this thing?! But before we delve into this tome of nature-based remedies, it is important to explore where life began.
Was it on land or in the ocean? Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's pretty cool, right? - Turtles.
- What, no good? I was gonna go with manatees.
I should have gone with manatees.
No, no, no, no.
I think I know how to find Roman's next data cache! What, hang on.
The turtles are Hey, you can't Don't stop it in the middle.
Are you kidding me? I'm building up to something.
Jeez, you've never seen "Westworld"? Rude.
Okay, Wendy.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Thank you for letting me use the phone.
How can I return the favor? It's not necessary.
Ginger snaps.
I'll make ginger snaps.
Aah! Stop! I lied.
No ginger snaps.
I gotta say, guys, I am so excited to finally meet the two folks who have ruined my life.
Who the hell are you? You can call me Eve, and I'm here to retrieve the money that you took when the FBI raided my bank.
You mean the underground bank used by criminals and terrorists? You won't see a cent.
We've seized everything.
I know, and I'm sure the government's spent it on a hundred different ways by now, so, I mean, that 200 mil's as good as gone, but that's actually not why I'm here.
I'm here for the 500,000 that you took.
You can tell me where my money is anytime now.
'cause you know this is only gonna get worse for you.
A lot of hands at the FBI touched your money.
Why in the hell do you think I stole it? Oh, I've got a pretty reliable source.
Who's that? Meet my good friend, hidden surveillance camera.
Ooh, how awkward.
Hubby didn't know? Now that we're all on the same page, where's my money? Fine.
Rip the place apart.
It all makes so much sense now, why you've been acting so strange, why you've been lying to me.
Can we not do this right now, Kurt? I've been researching the ZIP drug and memory loss.
You know, in some cases, people revert back to an earlier version of themselves, like a record needle skipping back a few tracks.
That usually happens after a major trauma.
No! Jane! Jane.
Violet Park isn't the Sandstorm operative we've been searching for, is she? It's you.
You're not Jane anymore.
You're Remi.
Where are we with Del Toro? No one's ever been able to link his hacks to an identity.
Finding him could take some time.
We don't have it.
Well, then maybe we shouldn't crash this plane.
HCI Global can win a defense contract through other avenues, ones that don't hinge on finding a ghost or leaving a path of destruction that could trace right back to us.
When I first took control of this company, I realized how big, how sprawling a machine it is.
Hank Crawford had it set at auto-pilot.
It was safe, it was slow.
HCI Global was withering on the vine.
Now from the ashes of one plane crash, I can bring it back to life.
Is it a risk? Yes.
But, hell, taking risks is what got me into that chair.
Now, I want that hacker now.
I have waited 30 years for this.
- I am done with waiting.
- For what? Power? You have it.
Yeah? Really? Well, send him in.
We have an unexpected visitor.
You gotta leave.
Miss Burke, so good to see you again.
The feeling is mutual, Director Weitz.
What brings you here at this hour? Oh, well, I didn't want to waltz into your office midday, cause a scene.
So instead, you chose what? To catch me off-guard? Oh, no.
Uh, far from it.
I'll just um You've been so helpful with our investigation into the illicit businesses that Hank was running through HCI Global that I just I thought I'd just pop in real quick without all the all the fanfare.
That is to say, without lawyers.
Well, I am a lawyer.
What is it you want, Director Weitz? You want a swift end to the black eye on your corporation.
I need a couple more files for my case.
And you're opting to make this request not through the courts.
- I mean, I could.
- Mm.
But that would be a lot of attention from us and the press.
I just thought that this was the quickest and easiest way for me to get out of your hair.
What records do you need? Great.
Sorry I cut your film short, Rich, but your Book of Secrets history film helped me crack a puzzle.
Put the phone down and come look.
- Okay.
- So, that sea turtle made me think of another turtle.
- Michelangelo, Raphael.
- No.
- Donatello.
- Rich Different angle.
No, he was an anteater.
The cursor from Logo.
It's the shape of a turtle.
Logo was an old program that you could input simple commands to draw lines and make pictures.
Are you done man-splaining the program on which I learned to code? What'd you think, I was some Kid Pix hack? Come on.
What does this have to do with Roman's data cache? Okay.
These images, or logos, were on the cache Roman left us in Tokyo.
I think they solve to logo commands.
A fox, a bear, a leopard, and a rhino.
These mascots all begin with the letters.
F, B, L, and R.
Forward, backwards, left, and right.
- Bingo.
- Okay, but, that's still only half the coding language.
We still have to tell the computer how long the lines are.
I think the colors are the key to distance.
So there's a reason the fox is blue? Yes.
The hue of the blue fox has a value of 198 on the color wheel, so fox solves to forward 198, green leopard solves to left 90.
I am a big fan of your brain.
Did you know that? There's, like, 30 commands here.
Let's fire up this turtle and giddy-up! Okay.
It's a giant asterisk.
I think it's the star of life.
What if Roman is telling us that the next cache contains medical info on ZIP disease? Maybe even a cure for Jane.
Okay, but what's the context? We have no idea where to start.
I think that's where the seal comes in.
What seal? Oh, the random seal on the cache.
It doesn't begin with a command letter.
What if it's S for start? Wait a minute.
Look at these colors.
They're the same as the official seal of the FBI.
It is a seal-colored seal.
That is an adorable clue.
What if Roman is telling us to start here? Maybe even the giant FBI seal on the lobby floor? - Works for me.
- I'll tell the team.
Hey, hey, hang on, hang on, wait.
Why don't you wait until we actually have something, you know, until we've struck gold, right? I mean, Reade's already suspended and it's after 10:00.
I figure Weller and Jane are probably busy going at it, pretty hot and heavy, you know what I mean? You don't want to interrupt that sort of congress.
You really thought you could get away with this? I did get away with it, for months.
What'd you do with the money that you stole? Like I'd tell you.
It doesn't matter.
Whatever you're up to, it's over now.
Well, I found a decent Winston Pear library and a pretty atrocious magazine collection.
What I didn't find was my money.
You can let yourself out.
Now the Dabbur Zann's after me, and as you can imagine, terrorists don't really like it when you lose their money, so, uh, let's take a ride.
I'm gone a few days and I come back to this? If I was alive, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Tired of hallucinating me? Then why am I here? Who else is gonna help you get out of this? You really think you two can trust each other? I mean, it's not like your life depends on it.
Oh, good, we're stopping.
All right, everybody out.
Let's go over the mission.
Okay, well, uh, Slick here is the only one with a gun pointed at you, so that's good.
You can disarm him and then take out both these guys.
Weller will have to go with it or he might just catch a bullet.
You ready? Three, two Ah, well, that's inconvenient.
We're half a mile out from our final destination, an FBI evidence facility that you conveniently have unfettered access to.
You're gonna smuggle us past the security gate and then inside the evidence vault, and that is where I'll extract my ticket to peace with the Dabbur Zann.
- And that is? - Not your concern.
Tell us what we're stealing or we don't play ball.
Oh, you're playing.
Or, you know, I could just turn you into dust with the click of a button.
See these vests you're gonna be wearing? They're rigged with C4.
One detonator each.
So, you know, if you like your body parts all attached and everything, don't get cute.
Now put 'em on and let's go.
Well, that makes the math very complicated.
Why would Roman send us all around the building to find a data cache? Why not just give us an exact location? Well, I mean, the mints in the fifth floor bathroom were enough to sell me.
I mean, jeez, how do they make 'em spicy hot and minty fresh at the same time? Hmm.
I taste flavor country.
Bathroom candy can't be the answer.
Okay, next is Oh, it's the last command.
Left 30, forward 42.
- That's 14 feet.
- That's good.
- Excuse me.
- Huh? What is with you and your phone tonight? Oh, nothing, I just thought I got a text.
You ever get that, where you get a phantom vibration in your pants but it's just probably a muscle spasm or earthquake or It's Boston, okay? I was waiting to see if he called me back.
We are looking for a potential cure for Jane.
Pine for your ex on your own time.
Hey, I'm not pining for him, okay? - I am trying to destroy him.
- Why? 'Cause ever since he helped us with that last case, he's been gunning for my job, so I've been calling him a bunch, trying to mess with his head.
But he's not calling me back, so it's kind of messing with my head.
I mean, I know he's at home.
He's under house arrest, right? So I called him, like, 1,000 times on his land line, called from different numbers.
Maybe he unplugged his phone, but then why aren't I getting a busy signal? Okay, take a breath.
Fork it over before you self-destruct.
Oh, ignore any texts you get from a group chat called Cream Team.
It's not what you think.
What do you think it is? It's not It's not that.
- I'm gonna turn it off.
- Okay.
- 14 feet.
- 14 feet.
Here we go.
Pardon me, pardon me.
Oh, heads up, heads up.
Over or under, over or under.
There you go.
Eh, 14 feet.
Jeez! Thank you.
Star of life marks the spot.
It's kind of an odd place to bury treasure.
Evening, boys.
If it isn't my favorite FBI power couple.
- That's us.
- Late night, huh? I don't see either of you on the overnight access list.
Well, the new guy in the office, he obviously forgot to call you again.
Oh, what's his name? I'll give him a call.
Oh, do you have to? We don't want to get him in trouble.
He's a good guy.
And he's about to be reviewed, so could we make an exception this time, Mikey? Please? One condition.
Next time, bring coffee, will you? Done.
Oh! Almost forgot.
We gotta check the back.
Oh, yeah, we, uh, we got a lot of boxes back there.
I'll, uh, I'll help you sort through 'em.
Don't worry about it.
That's why they pay me the big bucks.
No phone.
Just leave them and come on.
Let's go.
- Rich!? - Hey, Patterson.
I got some bad news.
I couldn't find the data cache down there.
'Cause you probably axed it to pieces.
Where'd you even get that? You've obviously never snooped around Briana's locker.
Listen, I was gentle with it, okay? All I hit was concrete, maybe a gas line.
You don't smell anything funny, do you? You really think Roman dug open the floor, dropped the data cache in, and then resealed it without anyone noticing? I mean, from all the footage I've seen, he was remarkably cat-like.
I thought maybe he put it in the electrical socket that used to be in the floor.
A simple screwdriver would have done the trick.
No, I checked there first.
There was nothing.
Come on, what do you think, I'm an idiot? - Okay We have to start over.
- Ow.
Oh, boy.
This is turning into a real all-nighter.
Classic us.
I'll make some coffee.
Here you go.
All right.
My team outside can jam any alarms we trigger, but we only have 25 minutes until those guards miss their check-in.
Gotta move fast.
The evidence vault is just around the corner.
So are you gonna tell us what we're supposed to steal? Nope.
I'll just get it myself.
Make sure you wave hello to all the security cameras.
I actually did my homework and there's none in the facility.
Except for the ones that are hidden inside the vault.
I signed off on them when I was the Assistant Director.
Just open the door.
Yes, ma'am.
You want to go in there, be my guest.
You caught me on a hidden camera.
You want to give the FBI the same shot? You have 60 seconds to drag out a case marked IC-219.
If you fail Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We got it.
We should split up.
We'll find the case faster.
We're not giving her the case.
The second she gets it, we die.
Stop! Put your arms up.
There's no time.
Put your arms up.
Damn it.
These vests have an anti-tamper trigger.
Well, there's not enough time for me to disable it.
We need to find the antenna that's linked to the detonator.
Back left corner.
Did you find mine yet? I'm working on it.
40 seconds, but who's counting? Got it.
Okay, now we need to find something that blocks the signal from the detonator.
Start a search.
30 seconds.
Yes! This'll do.
Enough of this should block the signal.
You're gonna trust your life to reflective duct tape? Come on! 20 seconds! How many layers of tape do we need - to block the antenna? - Three, maybe four.
What about five? Let's go with six.
Yeah, six'll work.
Just That poison needle I caught you with, it was for me, wasn't it? You were getting suspicious.
I had to act.
But you didn't, did you? Why not? Time's up! Open that door and come out with it! Now what? We find another way inside.
And the agents? Oh, they had their chance.
Hope your little protest was worth it! See ya.
And we're not dead.
Not yet.
There you go.
You can take the vest off.
I disabled the anti-tamper trigger.
What are you doing? I'm looking for the case that Eve wants.
I thought you weren't gonna give it to her.
I'm not.
I just want to know what she's after.
What is it? I don't know.
But if the Dabbur Zann want it, it's nothing good.
Roman's other caches gave us clues on how to find the others.
There's no reason to believe this is any different.
- We're missing something.
- I gotta be honest, this is the lamest sleepover I've ever been a part of.
No junk food, no scrambled porn.
Hey, we should make some prank phone calls.
- Can I have my phone back? - Oh, nice try, but I'm not giving you your phone back so you can call Boston again.
Hey have you ever stopped to think about that maybe engaging in this toxic relationship might not be good for you? I don't think our relationship is toxic.
Noxious, maybe, like it smells bad, but it's not gonna kill you.
I think Boston is doing the healthy thing by keeping his distance.
Okay, who died and made you Dr.
Phil, huh? Okay, look, maybe I occasionally - use Boston to fill an emptiness.
- That's it.
I mean, why else do I make such inappropriate jokes? What if Roman used someone at the FBI? What if the map is pointing us to a person in the building, - not a place? - Okay.
When Roman was still alive, there was a desk right where the X is located.
Okay, but whose desk? - A data analyst, Derek Wimble.
- Hmm.
Gonna bring him in.
Okay, so we're just done talking about my thing, then? You already disarmed those, remember? Are you trying to blow us both up or just me? I'm gonna use the C4 from the vests to blow a hole in that wall.
By the time Eve gets through there, I'll be out of here with that case.
Why not just hand it over? If she gets what she wants, maybe she'll decide it's smarter to walk away rather than shoot two FBI agents.
'Cause you're not an FBI agent.
You're a terrorist.
What's the difference? Well, that's one hell of a can opener.
Tell me something.
Why do you hate me so much? You ruined my life.
Everything fell apart because of you.
I was supposed to fall in love with Jane.
That was your plan.
Things fell apart 'cause Jane fell in love with me.
You hate me because I remind you of what a failure you are.
We're out of time.
Like it or not, you want to protect that case, you need me.
Yes, I do.
So you're gonna go and find somewhere on that wall we can attach this, and I'll finish here.
Here you go.
All the records you requested.
Hard copies, huh? Sorry for the inconvenience.
Not a problem.
I can handle heavy.
What is it you really want, Mr.
Weitz? I mean, clearly you're a man who isn't afraid to make bold moves.
I'm not sure I follow.
Well, you have quite a resume.
Assistant U.
Attorney, Congress, now head of the FBI.
Your rise in power has been impressive.
I sense a however.
It's just, the FBI is a dead-end street.
The longer you stay, the more likely you are to crash and burn.
Sometimes the mark of a good leader is knowing when to move on.
I can't wait to understand what you're talking about.
I just hate to see smart people put a ceiling on their aspirations.
And with the wealth and influence of this company behind me, I am in a unique position to help those people achieve new heights, so I'm gonna ask you again, Mr.
Weitz, what is it you really want? Well, if you wanted my attention, you certainly have it.
What's so great about Jane, anyway? Why do you love her so much? She's the strongest person I've ever met, and considering everything that she's been through, she's still compassionate and kind.
I think you liked Jane because she was a damsel in distress and you got to play hero.
That shows just how little you know about her and me.
She was a blank slate when she crawled out of that bag, and you shaped her into exactly what you needed her to be.
Jane has exactly what you don't.
That's the choice to be whoever she wants to be.
You're the one that's been shaped into a weapon.
You are exactly what your mother made you to be.
Jane and I aren't so different.
You're wrong about that.
Then why did it take you so long to realize I wasn't her? I've been sleeping in your bed, smiling at you from across the table.
How do you know it's Jane you love so much? If we're so different, why couldn't you tell us apart? There's definitely some parts of you inside of her, parts that I do recognize, parts that keep her alive out there.
But being with you, and looking at you now, I see there's nothing of her inside of you.
They're making their way through.
Ready? Move, now! They're gone.
The case is gone too.
They couldn't have gotten far.
Find them and kill them.
Down that hall.
- I'll get the case.
- I'll cover.
Okay, let's move.
How's it going with your stack? Not well.
They deleted all the passenger and cargo manifests for every flight.
Now, I didn't expect Zapata's name to just magically pop up, but this - this is nothing.
- No, no, no.
Don't say that.
Look, there's a lot of documents in there.
People always make mistakes.
Madeline hasn't made one yet.
She's in full control.
No, no, I'm telling you, we rattled her cage tonight.
Why do you say that? Just a feeling.
That's it? Yeah.
I'm very intuitive.
Okay, well, I'm glad you're feeling optimistic, because my feeling is, we already got this stuff from the FAA.
Flight plans, tail numbers Oh, I like the look of that face.
What do you got? Well, this flight plan was signed off by a James B.
He's a pilot.
Now, what if he's the JB Zapata and the MI6 agent were referring to? We have two hours, or JB goes ahead without us, and you don't want that, trust me.
Yeah, yeah, James B.
His signature is on a lot of these things.
The flights and dates match up with the places we know Zapata's already been.
Zurich, Stockholm the flight into New York.
You think she's using the same pilot every time? It would be a smart way to keep the circle small.
You know, it's a long shot.
I bet there's a lot of JBs who work at HCI Global.
Well, this one seems to be the only one with a direct connection to Zapata, so I'll take it.
I'm an FBI analyst, not some criminal.
Can we just talk in the conference room or something? - It's booked solid.
- It's midnight.
- Don't you dare.
- Okay, let's get started.
Do you recognize this man? - Sure, that's Roman Briggs.
- So, you admit to helping him infiltrate the FBI? Was it for fame? Money? The thrill of betraying your country? - What?! No! - Oh, my God, you were in love with him.
He was a wanted terrorist.
Of course I recognize him.
No, we have intel that points directly to you being in league with Roman.
Directly how? Long story short, a treasure map, your old desk, and a turtle.
That may have been too short a story.
If you helped Roman with anything, coming clean now will be better for you in the long run.
If you know where his data cache is, you need to tell us.
What would Roman want with me, anyway? When I'm not with the translation team in sub-basement 2, I spend most of my time taking notes for the white collar division on the fifth floor.
Oh, my God.
That's why Roman's puzzle was taking us all over the building.
He was showing us all of the places that Derek has access to.
That's creepy.
Why would he do that? He was pointing us to your access card.
More specifically, this microSD chip he hid inside it.
We just found Roman's next data cache.
Now, this next door.
It'll take us down to the parking lot.
- We're almost out of here.
- Oh, yeah? And then what? No.
They've got us boxed in.
All right, you two have had your fun, but it's time to end this.
You heard the lady.
Time to end this.
We gotta find another way out of here.
Let's double back, try to find an entry they're not covering.
- I'll take the case, you take point? - Copy that.
Jane, what are you doing? Jane, don't.
Jane's dead.
My name is Remi.
Stop! Jane! Jane! No! No! Fingers off those triggers.
This turns into a shootout, I'll empty this clip right into this case.
That's a strange tactic for an FBI agent.
I'm not FBI.
Just someone who wants to survive.
You get your case, I walk away, - everyone wins.
- Everyone? - It's that easy, huh? - You're smart, Eve.
The guards missed their check-in.
Neither one of us wants to be here when backup arrives.
There's no reason the both of us can't get what we want tonight.
All right, get it! Open it.
Load her up.
Let's get out of here.
How'd it go with Weitz? Good, I think.
Time will tell.
I told you Matthew was malleable, and I was right.
Did you find our hacker? I checked with a dark web contact.
Del Toro's been off the grid for a reason.
He's exclusively contracted to the Sabinito drug cartel.
What kind of work is he doing? According to my source, he's hacked the Mexican government, the DEA, ATF His algorithm's even crashed planes of rival cartels.
Sounds like our man.
But if he's that valuable to them, they're not just gonna loan him out.
So, what are we gonna do? I go to Mexico and convince 'em to share, show them that a powerful company like HCI Global makes a better friend than enemy.
- Looks like we're going to Mexico.
- We? If this thing is as difficult as you think it might be, you're gonna need all the help you can get, and I can be very persuasive when I choose to be.
Besides it might be fun.
All right, here we go.
All right.
Encryption is simple.
Should only take a minute for the system to crack it.
Is that my phone? I thought you had it turned off.
I did.
Somebody must have turned it on remotely.
People can do that? Let me see here.
Oh-ho, it's Boston.
I knew he couldn't keep that up, huh? Okay, let's see.
Oh, it must be killing him that I'm not picking up the phone yet, but I'm not doing it, and that's not the only reason either.
It's because you were right I'm engaged in a pattern of destructive behavior and so I'm going to raise above the fray and be the evolved man that I am and not pick this up.
I'm a new person.
Self love.
Self care.
Boston? Baby? Bos-Bos? It's Richie boy.
Hello? Oh, I missed it.
Okay, okay, so he's gonna leave a voicemail.
That's fine.
Why isn't he leaving me a voicemail? I was right.
The cache is filled with medical info.
Brain scans, drug trials, research on experimental procedures.
I think we just got closer to finding a cure for Jane.
I never took you for a wing guy.
I always thought of you as someone who didn't like to get messy.
Guess we both have secrets, except I just don't know any of yours.
Something on your mind, Ed? You said you just had a feeling we rattled Madeline's cage tonight.
Now, are you gonna jeopardize our careers on a hunch? What aren't you telling me? Madeline offered to help make me president.
Now, you think she'd be that generous if we weren't close to something? You turn her down? Ye Explicitly? So, no.
Do you still think I'm gonna burn you? Look, I'm just trying to manage expectations.
It's really difficult to figure out what's going on in that head of yours.
Reade, buddy, right now, you and me, we want the same thing.
But who knows what the future holds? That's part of the fun, right, pal? Oh, JB Kelley just filed a flight plan for Mexico.
His plane left 15 minutes ago.
Look, Zapata might be on that plane.
This is it.
This is how we get ahead of the CIA.
- I gotta go get her.
- Uh, we gotta go get her.
Whoa, whoa, Matthew, this isn't a press conference.
You have no idea what you're about to walk into.
Neither do you.
You're gonna need all the help you can get.
I call aisle seat.
Hey, Weitz! So you did make it out of there.
I was a few blocks away when I heard the explosion.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were worried about me.
I'm only worried that you'll get in my way.
There's no reason to come looking for me, Kurt.
Jane is gone, so let her go.
I don't think so.
I think you called because some part of you still cares about me.
That's why you locked me in that hallway instead of killing me.
Maybe there's some part of Jane still inside of you, and I'm not giving up on her.
Well, that's good to hear.
Because as long as you believe that, you can't kill me either, but if I see you again, I won't have that problem.
I will find you.
I will not give up on my wife.
I will get her back.
So then I guess it's game on.