Blindspot (2015) s04e08 Episode Script

Screech, Thwack, Pow

1 [TIRES SCREECHING] [CRASH] [KNOCK ON DOOR] Care to explain why I'm sneaking around getting you and the head of the FBI fake passports and tickets to Mexico? Weitz and I tracked down Zapata.
You and Weitz? Weird.
[WEITZ] Turns out I'm surprisingly useful.
Wait if you're not actually suspended, then why did I have to do this under the radar? You had to keep it under the radar so the CIA wouldn't find out and follow us.
Car's downstairs, I'll meet you down there.
Weitz is your backup? Does he even know how to fire a gun? Let's just hope he doesn't have to.
Just be careful.
Last time you saw Tasha, things didn't go so well.
But I can't help you unless you Well, last time, everything was on her terms.
This time will be different.
Just because she didn't pull the trigger before doesn't mean she won't do it now.
I'm gonna bring her back in cuffs.
Go get her.
[RICH] Unlike you slackers, Patterson and I were burning the midnight oil last night, and we happened to find Roman's new data cache inside the FBI.
Patterson sent us a little video with some directives on it, so Please direct your eyes to the Hey, everyone, sorry, I'm running late.
First, I would like to say that Rich DotCom is the best hacker in the world.
- Oh.
Wow! - He's actually a better programmer than I am.
Rich is incredibly hilarious and insanely attractive.
He's pretty much all I ever think about.
Rich DotCom is my hero I didn't say those things.
I know it looks like I said them 'cause it's what was up there on the screen whatever, you're all dismissed.
What the hell was that? You sent me a video message with a big long, boring to-do list on it, so I got a little creative with it.
You're welcome.
And you thought that was a productive use of your time? It wasn't not productive.
Okay, I've been playing around with this new software called DeepFake.
I couldn't get your voice entirely right 'cause you have this real sort of goat's bleat of a voice that I just find adorable.
Anyway, so I designed a proprietary code and I added it to the program.
Now I can make people say whatever I want them to.
Playtime is over.
It's time to dig into that data cache.
Roman sent us all of this medical info that we have to go through.
This could be our one shot at a cure for Jane.
[MESSAGE ALERT] Oh, did you just get a text from Weller asking you to come to his apartment immediately? - Yeah.
- Feel a little less special now, but I'm definitely intrigued.
Shall we? [ZAPATA] I hear Mexico has some of the best day spas in world.
[MADELINE] You trying to get rid of me? This part of the plan could get a little messy.
You might wanna distance yourself.
You should know by now I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.
And for this mission, I am not your boss, I'm your partner.
Both of our futures depend on getting Del Toro.
We need his hacking expertise to save HCI Global.
If it means making nice with the most notorious cartel boss in Mexico, then that's what we're gonna do, together.
Look, Franco Cortez isn't going to hand over his most prized employee because we ask nicely.
We need to find a pressure point and squeeze.
[CHUCKLING] Sounds like my kind of plan.
Sorry, you're saying that Jane is actually Remi again? Are you sure? I'm positive.
Jane! Don't! Jane's dead.
My name is Remi.
How long has she been pretending to be Jane? Since she woke up in the hospital.
This has to be a progression of the ZIP poisoning.
It's blocking out all of her Jane memories.
It's like her brain is trying to reboot the system to factory settings.
Only in her case, it reset to Remi.
Wait, does that mean she's the mystery Sandstorm member we've been searching for? - How did we miss this? - [WELLER] I had my suspicions.
That name that you ran for me, Violet Park.
It wasn't for a case that Allie was working on.
Violet Park is an associate of Remi's.
How bad does this get? She also stole half a million dollars from that underground bank that we raided a month ago.
I think she's planning something big.
You know, if you think about it on one level, the fact that she was able to pull this off is pretty impressive ly awful.
I know my wife.
And this isn't her.
There has to be a way that we can reverse whatever's happened to her brain.
You said the new cache, that had experimental treatments? Yeah, I mean, it seems to.
We'll get into it once we get back to the lab.
But, scientifically speaking, this is unprecedented.
I mean, we're talking about a full personality reversion.
This has to stay between us.
If we can bring Jane back, I still want her to be part of the team.
Okay, so don't tell anybody else at work that she's currently a terrorist hell-bent on destroying us, copy that.
[PATTERSON] We'll stop her before Remi does any more damage.
But as for getting Jane back Remi could have killed me last night.
She didn't.
I know that Jane is still in there Somewhere.
[SIGHS] Okay then let's go find her.
You couldn't have stolen a less conspicuous getaway vehicle? You ever gonna trust me to do my job? There's no room for error today.
Don't worry about me.
Worry about your trigger-happy boy toy.
- He's not your concern.
- Um, he found me because of you and he shot at me I think he is.
[GRUNTS] What's wrong? It's just a migraine.
I'm fine.
Ambulance full of pain meds isn't looking so bad all of a sudden, huh? Okay, so I ran diagnostics on all of Jane's devices to see if she left us any bread crumbs.
Sadly, she did not.
Well, my update is slightly better.
There does seem to be an experimental memory restoration procedure on this new data cache.
Something we can use to bring Jane's memories back? Emphasis on "experimental.
" There was only one clinical trial, and it was shut down because the treatment killed a patient.
Okay, so can we find that doctor that conducted the trial? Unfortunately, no.
The name's been redacted.
And this file doesn't seem to exist anywhere else.
It looks like Roman had the only copy.
- So it's a dead end.
- Not yet.
I have a neurobiologist friend that works at the Bureau now.
She's the best.
I'll see what we can do.
Kind of feels like we're due for some good news right about now.
[ALERT BEEPING] "Ballistic missile inbound to New York.
Seek immediate shelter.
This is not a drill"? I jinxed us, didn't I? [BEEPING CONTINUES, CONCERNED CHATTER] - Is this a test? - No.
According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, this is very real.
A nuclear missile is heading right for New York City.
According to NORAD, a ballistic missile just launched from a submarine in the Atlantic.
Estimated impact in 32 minutes.
So we're talking apocalyptic level devastation if this thing hits Manhattan, am I right? I won't sugarcoat it.
Millions of people will die.
What about the Missile Defense Shields? From that launch point the shields would only have a 20% success rate.
What? Condoms have a 98% success rate! Why is our protection from nuclear weapons only at 20? It's like trying to stop a bullet with a bullet, hoping the two will collide.
We got 30 minutes to save as many lives as we can.
Now we're gonna close down all bridges and tunnels to any incoming traffic.
Adisa, Bulda, Diaz, Nichols, Sagansky.
You're gonna be leading a team of 50.
Coordinate with NYPD put as many people as you can into those shelters.
Get moving and good luck out there, go! [PHONE RINGS] It's the governor.
You two, you just keep working on this.
There's gotta be some way that we can stop this attack.
Yes, sir we're sending most of our agents out now to help NYPD with crowd control and evacuation.
- Same to you.
- [PHONE BEEPS OFF] Hey, so I think I'm kind of, sort of, maybe 100% freaking out.
How are you staying so calm? You're not even breaking a sweat.
I'm a little scared, as well.
But this is the job that we signed up for.
- Mm.
- We stay and help until the end.
- Till the end, okay.
- Yes.
All right, it's all starting to sink in here.
I'm gonna die, aren't I? Don't even have a will.
I don't have a venue booked for the funeral.
I don't have anybody prepared to sing my eulogy.
Rich, if you want to take a few minutes, then please do.
You know what? I gotta call Boston.
I gotta tell him, because he really has no idea what's going on.
He doesn't have a smartphone.
He doesn't have a TV.
Or maybe I should let him live the last 27 minutes of his life in blissful ignorance.
But then the last words I ever said to him would've been "suck it you turd bucket.
" If it makes you feel any better, last conversation I had with Jane she threatened to kill me.
Okay, yeah, you got me beat there.
Those are way worst last words to hear from your soul mate.
I think I just figured out Boston's my soul mate.
Ohh [BEEP] [LINE RINGING] - It's Jane, leave a message.
- [BEEP] Jane, I don't know if you'll ever hear this but, uh You're the love of my life and I never stopped fighting for you.
I love you, good-bye.
[PHONE BEEPS] [PHONE ALERT CHIMES] A nuclear missile is about to hit New York City.
- Good thing we're in Mexico.
- Is this you? My family lives in New York City.
So is HCI Global headquarters.
How does killing millions of people fit in with our plan? It doesn't.
Orchestrating a nuclear attack was not on my list of things to do today.
Now let's concentrate on the task at hand.
Agh! Tell him if he tries that again, he'll get more than a flesh wound.
[PANTING] [CROWD SCREAMING ON MONITOR] [CAR HORNS HONKING] Hey, Boston, it's, uh, Richard, um There's really no easy way to say this, I, uh A nuke is heading to New York City, so We'll probably will never see each other again because I'll be dead.
I just wanted to say that despite your know-it-all smugness and your inability to ever admit that you're wrong about anything, I love you.
Okay, that's it, no no punch lines, no nothin'.
So, uh good-bye.
[PHONE BEEPS] Something isn't right.
I looked into where NORAD said their sensors detected a missile launch but there was a US submarine at those coordinates.
What do you mean? So we're nuking ourselves? No! I don't think anyone is nuking anyone.
I just got off the phone with the Navy.
They say that all their missiles are present and accounted for.
This is "War Games.
" It's not, I just told you there's no incoming missiles, Rich.
No, he's talking about the movie.
You still haven't watched "War Games"? Geez, that movie literally changed my life.
I mean, Matthew Broderick made me realize that I wanted to be a programmer.
Also his cute dimples made me realize a bunch of other stuff.
I was right! NORAD's been hacked.
What? Some black hat used malicious code to trick their sensors into detecting a phony missile.
Then they sent out a very real emergency alert.
Oh, my God, you guys shoulda seen your faces when you thought you were gonna die.
This is a massive cyber attack.
There's still a lot of people panicking out there.
So, we need to make sure they know this is a false alarm and find whoever did this.
I'm sending alerts to all FBI teams, NYPD, the DOD, and the Pentagon.
Okay, I'm gonna go black hat hunting.
There's some major computing power behind this a botnet? Or a bunch of hackers with a server farm like Anonymous.
But if it were me, I would mask my IP address by routing my activity through a million proxy servers.
Wait, that's weird.
My search for an IP address yielded a location and a device.
The hack is coming from inside the FBI.
[RICH] So, the closer we get to the device that's hacking NORAD, the higher the signal strength is gonna get.
[FAINT BEEPING] Do you really think one of these agents is hacking NORAD from here? No, we are not looking for a person.
We're looking for a device.
Oh, here we go.
[BEEPING GROWS FASTER] 98, 100% Bull's-eye.
The server? How does this narrow it down? Anyone could be routing their activity through here.
This did not ping because of a server.
It pinged because of what's attached to it.
What looks like an innocent Ethernet cable is actually an ingenious penetration tool that I invented.
Only two people in the world have ever had one of these.
Me and the one other person I made one for: Boston Arliss Crab.
Jane, can you come in here for a second? [SIGHS] Sure, Boston, what's up? I just lost my connection to the FBI servers.
They must've found the cable.
Does that mean that my test is over? I failed? You did everything I told you to? Uh, yeah, that's kind of what I'm afraid of.
I mean, you asked me to lock NORAD out of their system so that they couldn't send out a a retraction.
But now I can't reverse it.
Sounds like you passed with flying colors.
What, n no, you you don't understand.
This is very, very, very bad.
Like like bananas and scallops bad.
It was supposed to be my test to become one of the good guys! But Rich just called and told me that he loves me, so I've basically ushered in the apocalypse.
Everyone thinks they're going to die.
Perfect, time to go.
Leave? No-no-no, no.
No, we just we have to call the FBI and let them know that this nuke was a false alarm.
It was just supposed to be a drill.
Put the phone down now.
We're not the good guys are we? You told me this was a sanctioned FBI op.
I-I thought I was exposing vulnerabilities, otherwise I never would've hacked NORAD.
Now I'm responsible for causing a nuclear disaster.
My God, just kill the patsy already.
No, I still need him.
You you still need who? Did he just hear you talking to me? Your symptoms are getting worse.
You've got no time to waste.
And he's a loose end.
Kill him.
[DOOR OPENS] What's this all about? Boston's a problem.
No, no, no, I'm I'm I'm the opposite of a problem.
I'm a solution! He will rat you out the first chance he gets.
[VIOLET] The streets are jam-packed, it's chaos out there.
If we're gonna do this, we need his help getting out of the city.
And there's no time to clean up a dead body.
We gotta go! He has a tracking device attached to him.
He is a liability.
[SHRIEKS] You just broke house arrest.
And now you're coming with us.
- Okay, call us back when you can.
- Okay, thank you.
That was NORAD.
They can't send out a false alarm message because Boston locked them out of their system.
Every second that goes by, there's a lot more panic and confusion out there.
Is there any way that we can send out an alert of our own? Only NORAD can cancel or recall the original message.
Work with Rich.
Override Boston's code.
Speaking of him, Boston disappeared.
I just spoke with the team that we sent to his house.
All they found was his broken ankle monitor.
All right, let me see if I can get eyes on him leaving his apartment.
- There's too many people on the street.
- [CELL PHONE RINGING] It's gonna be impossible to spot him.
That's Rich.
He's got something.
I ran an algorithm that identifies every time the FBI's network was accessed by Boston's hacking tool.
The majority of the cyber activity traces back to his safe house.
But I was able to find some recent activity that originated at a different location.
You think there's a co-conspirator? Circle gets the square! I traced the IP address and triangulated the location.
The other computer trying to access the FBI server is right there.
I've been there that is the warehouse that I tracked Remi to last night.
Where Violet tried to kill me.
Boston's co-conspirator is Remi.
She wanted us focused on this false nuclear alert.
It's a diversion.
But a diversion from what? [SIRENS BLARING, HORNS HONKING] Okay, I just hacked into the New York City traffic control.
If I'm gonna keep the lights green all along the route, it would be helpful to know our destination.
Right now, all you need is the route that Violet gave you to get us out of the city.
But even with the hacking and the ambulance, it's still gridlock out there, I mean I need to turn the lights green around where we're going, as well.
Stop fishing for information and do your job.
And if you send a message to warn Weller and the team, I'll put a bullet in your brain.
What happened to you? I've never been better.
[GASPS AND GRUNTS] You seem great.
[ROMAN] You hear that buzzing sound? That's the ZIP moving closer to your brainstem.
When it gets there, you die.
You're not helping! I'm doing everything you asked! Just shut up! Help me get to the end of this.
[BEEPING] I'll be with you the whole time.
But this isn't the end.
This is the beginning.
It's time to free Shepherd.
[DEATH METAL MUSIC BLARING] [MUSIC STOPS] [SHEPHERD] I was just starting to like that song.
So, we followed the digital footprint that Boston left on our server.
Yeah, he was trying to pull the files that we confiscated off that Russian spy that pretended to work for Zero Division.
That's why my antidote didn't work when he drugged us the second time.
Remi must have switched the pills so that I would still pass out.
Are you feeling [SIGHS] Didn't we prevent Remi from getting what she wanted from that computer? Yeah, that's why she hired Boston, that sneaky, thieving, lying, duplicitous bastard.
Remi's main focus seemed to be CIA blacksite information.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] She was looking for Shepherd.
Good news is she only found blacksite locations.
Not the names of specific prisoners at each site.
You said she accessed the FBI servers from that warehouse.
So what files did she look at from there? Okay, well, that explains the nuclear alert.
These files outline CIA protocol for blacksites during emergencies, like natural disasters or terror attacks.
They move the prisoners out of the country to a secure location.
So this whole thing was to force the CIA to move Shepherd so they could intercept her.
Wait, if the CIA doesn't move Shepherd, then Remi can't follow through with her plan.
Yeah, but we can't tell the CIA it's Remi's plan because it's on the QT.
Yes, we can.
I'll call the CIA.
I'll tell them that we have credible information they're about to get ambushed.
That way no one will know Remi's involved.
Franco won't be happy to see us.
I'm counting on it.
If you're getting cold feet, I can handle it.
And leave right when the fun's about to start? - Not a chance.
- [CHUCKLING] Forgive us for the ambush, but you're not an easy man to track down.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] English is fine.
I'm Madeline Burke.
CEO of HCI Global.
And I have a business proposal for you.
If you play your cards right, you could earn hundreds of millions of dollars.
All we want to do is talk.
Make your sales pitch.
If I don't like it, you're both dead.
We all gotta go sometime.
So what's the big proposal? We know a lot about you and your business.
You've been tremendously successful in the last few months due in large part to an employee of yours: a Del Toro.
Del Toro has hacked into the DEA, ATF, and all South American law enforcement for you.
We also know that you're hemorrhaging money from a turf war with the Rivera Cartel.
Now I could help fix that.
How are you going to do that? I will tell you in detail.
But I have to first ask that these men stop pointing their guns at us so we can have a civilized conversation.
Drink it up.
It might be your last.
Do I look worried? [SIREN BLARING] So, uh, we're almost out of the city.
Uh, where to now? Tompkins Road in Westchester.
Mile marker 11.
That's our final destination.
How final? Like like final resting place? 'Cause this end point is in the middle of nowhere.
You know, uh despite being coerced at gunpoint to, uh, commit about a dozen major felonies today, I, uh You know, I gotta say I'm I'm having the time of my life.
Yeah, I-I've never felt more alive, heh.
Your point is? Well, I mean, after this mission ends, you're gonna be on the run, right? Could be kinda helpful to have an expert hacker and forger along, don't you think? [GROANING] [DRONING SOUND] Something Weller said to me, I I can't stop thinking about it.
His words keep pounding in my head.
You hate me because I remind you of what a failure you are.
I've blamed him for everything that's happened since I crawled out of that bag.
But the truth is, this is all my fault.
When it mattered most, I was weak, and I failed.
Then make today your redemption.
Your chance to make it right.
And then what? I'm still dying.
Shepherd will have a plan.
She'll know exactly what to do.
[SIGHS] We know you're being trampled by the Rivera Cartel in Bartoba.
They're poaching your product and your mules.
I can help remedy that.
- How? - Money buys a lot.
Power, influence, politicians.
But you already know that.
The mayor of this city is on your payroll.
Ah, the mayor is easy to buy off.
The Rivera Cartel is run by the President of Bartoba.
But if the president were eliminated, that would create a power vacuum that had to be filled.
By an ally, perhaps.
[CHUCKLES] It's a wonderful fairytale.
I don't like people wasting my time.
We're done.
No, please, check your phone.
There might be some interesting breaking news.
How does a nuke alert help me? Scroll down.
You tried to kill the President of Bartoba? I made sure he survived.
It was proof of concept.
The next time will be the kill shot.
What were you saying about fairytales? You're crazy, you know? I love it.
- I had a feeling you would.
- [FRANCO CHUCKLING] What do you need from me? We want to borrow your hacker, Del Toro.
Simple job, one or two days, tops.
Not happening.
We know how valuable he is to you.
How about a down payment? Show of good faith.
One of my employees for one of yours.
When you are done with Del Toro, you can have her back.
How about $2 million upfront instead? When Del Toro finishes, you get him back, and I handle your Bartoba problems.
It's a deal.
Where is Del Toro? In Toronto.
[CHUCKLING] Well Now, that's inconvenient.
It's a plane ride away.
But I think you can afford the ticket.
- Ah? - [BOTH CHUCKLING] I will set up the meeting.
He spooks easily, so don't be late.
And no surprises.
Here's to new friends.
[BUZZ BUZZ] Blah-blah-blah, false alarm.
Blah-blah-blah, no missile threat.
Crisis averted.
Allow me to reintroduce myself.
My name is Gord! Ohh! Overriding Boston's code like it's my "jahb.
" - It is your "jahb.
" - Can you give it up, please? I basically just stopped Remi's master plan.
- Okay, great job.
- I think Shepherd's being moved.
The CIA, they're not taking this threat seriously.
They just thanked me for the warning and said they got protocols for this type of situation.
Yeah, but their protocols are the problem.
They don't know what's about to hit them.
Now, we need to find Remi before she gets to Shepherd.
Remi took Boston with her.
So she must still need him for something.
For her plan to work, she has to intercept Shepherd's vehicle.
- Traffic's in gridlock.
- Traffic lights.
He must be hacking the lights to clear a path.
Wait a second, why are all these lights blinking yellow? I get changing them to green to get them there faster but why keep them yellow afterward? Boston's leaving us a trail.
"Follow the yellow brick road.
" He's a big "Wizard of Oz" fan.
Hack into those traffic lights yourselves.
Get me there as fast as you can.
[SOFTLY] Hush little baby Don't say a word Mama's gonna buy you A mockingbird On my count.
One, two Mama's gonna buy you A diamond ring Come on, keep it together.
[PANTING] Three.
It's Remi.
Look, I'll tell you everything when we're somewhere safe.
- We need to move.
- I'm not going anywhere with you! Jane left you in a blacksite to die.
I'm here to rescue you.
You can trust me.
Remi? Uhh! Violet, some help over here! - Uhh! - Agh! I'm slowing you down, just leave me.
I didn't do all this to watch you give up.
No you don't have to do this, Remi.
We're not going anywhere without you.
Who? We? Me and Roman.
Your children.
[CRYING] Roman's here? He's standing right behind you.
[GRUNTS] It's started.
I'm so sorry.
Time for me to go.
I'll leave you two to catch up.
Roman, don't leave.
I can't do this without you! Remi look at me.
[PANTING] You guys okay? [WOMAN ON PHONE] Stay in position, we're on our way.
[BOSTON GRUNTS] Oh, thank God you're alive.
I'm fine.
I'm stuck in here.
I need you to find something sharp to cut me out.
You're lucky I was an Eagle Scout, heh heh.
You know, maybe you should stay put, uh, wait for the paramedics, get a neck brace or, or Yeah, that probably works - Come here.
- Hey, what Hey! I'm I'm on your team.
I just rescued you, remember? Where's Remi? I don't know.
She took Shepherd and left.
She never told me the rest of the plan.
Cameras are off.
I'm happy to play bad cop, by the way if you don't wanna get your hands dirty.
I'm pretty sure this violates all of my constitutional rights.
Cameras are off 'cause this conversation is off the record.
Oh, right, so you can protect Jane? After everything she did today, you're protecting her? What about me? I-I'm the victim here.
So why was one of your cables attached to our servers? My cable, technically.
Jane said it was white hat hacking.
That I was auditioning for a consulting gig with the FBI.
I gave her the cable and she installed it.
And then last night she asked me to hack into NORAD.
And you just did it? Are you out of your mind? You want my job that bad? You could've started World War III.
Says the guy not on house arrest.
Says the guy not living in a box without closets! As soon as I realized what was going on, I did everything I could to get your attention.
The flashing yellow lights? Follow the yellow brick road, right? I told them how you love "Wizard of Oz.
" You didn't mention the Not the Lollipop Guild.
It's inappropriate.
[WELLER] Enough, enough! Boston You're still our best bet at tracking her down.
How are you communicating with her? - Phone? - No.
Uh, encrypted email messages.
That's not exactly helpful.
Okay well, how 'bout this? Uh, Jane's talking to her dead brother.
Roman? What are you talking about? I don't know where, she just started staying this strange personal stuff, like that she's dying.
And, uh, and then at the crash site, I overheard her tell Shepherd that Roman was there.
She's hallucinating.
Just like Roman was.
Her ZIP poisoning's getting worse.
We can't stay here for very long.
- We need to keep moving.
- And go where? All our resources all our people - Gone.
- [RIPS BANDAGE] So we'll rebuild.
Maybe we should just disappear.
Somewhere where they can't find us.
Somewhere we can live in peace.
Peace? Are you serious? I have sacrificed everything, and you are talking about surrendering? I am not running off - to play Grey Gardens with you.
- Remi No, I don't need you to get reflective.
I need you to get angry.
At the FBI for imprisoning you.
At the CIA for torturing you.
Roman and I are counting on you having a plan.
Remi listen to me.
Roman is dead.
He's gone.
- You need to accept this.
- No.
No, I can't do this alone.
I need the Shepherd who led a resistance.
The one who planned to take down and reshape the entire US Government.
That person is gone, too.
[GRUNTING] I'm so sorry, Remi.
I don't need you to be sorry.
I need you to stand up and be a soldier.
- No, I can't - Stand up! Go get Del Toro in Toronto and bring him to New York, and I'll meet you there in a couple of days.
You're not coming? No, you know, this little excursion was fun, but I try to avoid Canada.
It's a little too clean for my liking.
You can run this errand on your own.
[CAR HORN BLARES] Freeze! Weitz? Nice to see you, too.
Natasha Zapata, you're under arrest.
Walk away, Reade.
This ends with you in cuffs or one of us dead.
Your call.
[GASPING] How bad is it? Oh, it's it's pretty bad.
There's this constant buzzing noise in my head.
It just makes it hard to think.
We can't take on the FBI and the CIA until you're cured.
Is there a cure? I'm not sure Roman found anything but dead ends.
The last time we were together, he was looking into the work of this person named Kallisto.
He thought that he might have a way to reverse the effects of ZIP.
If this Kallisto person is still out there, we can find him together.
Did you know the injection I got was going to be fatal? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I knew there was a risk.
Not many people are willing to kill themselves for their cause.
But I would have.
If you had told me the truth, I still would've gone through with it on my terms.
But you robbed me of the chance to make that decision for myself.
I thought you'd come back to us in a few months.
I was confident that we could find a cure for you then! I didn't plan on Jane's ties to Weller or the FBI to become so strong.
Well, now we have the chance to do this right as partners.
As equals.
That's all I ever wanted.
[DOOR OPENS] Hey, you.
So, um I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a, uh, security van waiting to take you to Super Max.
Turns out that the FBI and NORAD are pretty pissed at you for hacking them.
But did you tell them that I thought I was working for the FBI? The thing is we can't because if we do that then we have to tell them that Jane is Remi, and that's So, she gets away, and I'm the scapegoat thrown to the wolves? Oh, hey, I'm I'm sorry.
Look, I know the circumstances aren't ideal but, uh I thought I'd at least come say good-bye.
You know, who knows if we're gonna see each other again if you're going to be in jail.
[CRYING] I can't believe this is happening.
I can't believe I'm going to prison again.
I will die in there.
Look, I know things haven't been good between us, but I always thought we'd end up together somehow.
I know our relationship isn't conventional.
But you're my person.
'Cause no one makes me feel the way you do.
And so whatever else I have said, whatever horrible, hurtful Just just know this: I love you.
I love you.
That is the only truth that matters.
[CRYING SOFTLY] I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew you loved me.
[LAUGHING] Oh, come on, I'm just messing with ya! The FBI and NORAD aren't charging you with anything 'cause if they do, they'll be admitting that their incredibly "unhackable" system is totally compromised, so They're gonna blame it on "employee error" so You're free to go.
You you you are a a horrible human being.
You're you're a monster.
You're a garbage person.
Okay, it's a little dramatic, don't you think? At the worst we're even, all right? You had me thinking I was gonna die in that nuclear attack, which, by the way, is the only reason I called you and left that message saying that I loved you, so - Fair is fair.
- Fair?! I will show you fair! I will I will ruin you! Do you mean when you're back under house arrest or Yeah, okay.
[CHUCKLES] [HANDCUFFS CLINKING] Did you get that interrogation room video I just sent you? Yeah, and you need to stop using that DeepFake software program at work.
Oh, no, no, no, no this one's real.
He loves me, He admitted it.
Search teams have come up empty.
The ambulance they used as a getaway was found on the side of the road, torched.
Remi and Shepherd have disappeared.
Patterson, how's that procedure that you found for Jane coming along? I talked to my neurobiologist friend, and in theory, we have everything we need to set up a version of it.
We just need a willing patient.
Oh, well, I doubt Remi will volunteer for brain surgery.
So we find her and we make her.
I'm not sure that's how "willing patient" works.
If that's the only way that we can get back my wife, we have to try.
Just to be clear, this is not a cure for Jane's ZIP poisoning.
This is a stopgap.
And there are some serious risks here.
This method could reawaken Jane's memories - Or - It could kill her.
If there's even a 1% chance that we can get Jane back, we have to do it.
She stays Remi, she's gonna end up dead anyway.
So how do we find her? I've got a wild idea.
I have something you need.
Meet me at the factory where you met Dolan.
Come alone.
[GROANS SOFTLY] There's something I need to take care of.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
Stay here.
You need to rest.
I'll be back soon.
Roman? Sorry to disappoint you.
- How did you - It was a team effort.
You even helped by leaving a loose end for us to find.
Boston told us how to contact you.
And Rich got us the rest of the way here.
[RICH] I told you these DeepFakes would come in handy.
It's over.
You're coming with me.
I'm not going anywhere.
No matter what you say.
I guess we're done talking.
It's over, you're coming with me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I guess we're done talking.