Blindspot (2015) s04e13 Episode Script

Though This Be Madness, Yet There Is Method In't

1 [DOMINIC] Head straight to the airport.
Ticket is in your name at the counter.
See you soon.
[MAN] The entire building's wired.
I just need to rig the C4 and we're good to go.
I'll call you when it's time to pull the trigger.
Hey, how big do you want it? I can do a smaller, controlled blast where some of the walls are still standing at the end, or I can go much bigger, like "make it shake in Long Island" bigger.
My employer wants no trace of this building, - or anything in it.
- Gotcha.
Obliterate it.
I can do that.
Frankie! Let's double up the charges! At some point I'm gonna need to get the name of your interior designer.
Your office was stunning.
Modern minimalist meets art deco meets Tony Stark.
And that huge, evil tree behind your desk? Ohh! Exquisite.
[MADELINE] How on earth have you survived working for the Sabanito Cartel? Real men aren't afraid to acknowledge a strong design aesthetic.
This is a long way to go to take down a plane.
Are you sure it's worth it? Getting cold feet? No.
I just want to know what plane we're hitting so I can understand You know everything you need to know to do what's required of you.
The rest will reveal itself soon enough.
Really enjoying this whole mystery and intrigue thing.
It's like a Vince Flynn novel, or maybe like a Brad Thor audiobook.
So, is this Oh, are you thinking like a private plane situation, or are we talking more commercial type deal? The target is a jumbo-liner manufactured by Bradley Dynamics, which is why you have to hack into its server and gain control of its aeronautics system.
When does it fly? It's in the air as we speak.
Your task is to bring it down before its scheduled landing in D.
in three hours.
I'm sorry heh.
We have three hours to hack into Bradley Dynamics and figure out a way to target a plane that's already in the air? Bradley Dynamics has the highest level of security of any defense contractor.
They're like Fort Knox of aerospace.
And you're the Babe Ruth of hackers.
So, it's a match made in heaven.
[KEYPAD BEEPING] [GASPS] Should be sufficient, no? Multi-core fiber optic Internet connection.
Lightning-fast microprocessors, jammers.
Scanner software.
Yeah, I should be able to make do.
You keep an eye on him.
When the work is done, I'll send a car, and we'll talk about next steps.
For just me? One thing at a time, Tasha.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] All right? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
Are you sure they can't hear us? I've got a scrambler sewn into my jacket.
We just do some fake hacking and we're good, right? No, not good.
Madeline is going to monitor every keystroke.
You're gonna have to hack into Bradley Dynamics, for real, but stop short of actually crashing a plane.
Okay, yeah.
For sure.
Quick question: Are you insane? We don't have a choice.
Just stop short of causing any real damage.
Meanwhile, we have to figure out a way to get word back to the team so we're not sitting ducks once our three-hour window closes, and she realizes we're not on her side.
Okay, anything else you'd like to add to my to-do list? Spinning straw into gold, perhaps? You can do this.
You don't know that.
That's just a thing you said! Just in case you can't, I'm gonna figure out a way to get us out of here.
Kinda preferred the false confidence thing.
Can we circle back to that, please? Your test results came back negative.
There's no trace of ZIP left in your system.
I want you to take it easy for the next 24 hours or so, but after that you can resume normal activities.
[SIGHS] Thank you so much, Doctor.
See? I told you it'd be okay.
And now it's over.
So, what do you want to do with the first day of the rest of your life? I don't care what I do, as long as it's with you.
When I thought I was dying, all I wanted was more time together.
And now we have it.
I was lookin' at a place upstate to celebrate our anniversary.
It's a little cabin in the woods.
I can call, see if that's still available.
We can go up there, spend the night.
No distractions, no work.
Just us.
What about the case? I knew you'd ask that.
I checked in with Reade.
We're still in a holding pattern, so if they need us, then they can call us.
Sounds perfect.
[READE] Any word from Zapata? Nothing yet, but it is still early.
Hey, why don't we send a team to Madeline's office just to make sure that what's-her-name is okay? Oh, you mean make sure Boston is okay? Yeah, him too, I mean, if you're really worried about it.
We could blow their cover.
We should probably just sit tight.
[SIGHS] Okay, look.
I gotta say something here, all right? Boston is not the best actor.
I mean, role-playing is a different story.
You should see him do sexy "My Cousin Vinny," but straight-up lying, he has no poker face.
[PATTERSON] Might have been good to know, before we sent him in as Del Toro.
What are you snapping at me for? That wasn't my decision.
Know what? Maybe we can set up a meeting with Madeline without getting her suspicious.
I'm down.
And also, we could check on the sniffer that cómo se llama was supposed to plant for us.
[ZAPATA] I am taking him out, right now.
[MADELINE] No! We still need him to down that plane.
Getting a look at Madeline's hard drive would be super helpful right now.
Let's do it.
Assistant Director Reade, what a pleasant surprise.
- I hope this is a friendly visit.
- Always.
I appreciate you seeing me on such short notice.
Not at all.
And, I see you've brought some friends.
We finally finished logging all the files you gave us, and I wanted to personally return the originals with thanks.
How thoughtful.
Director Weitz would have been here, but he's currently at a meeting off-site.
Is this okay right here? It's fine.
- Just here? - It's fine.
It's not every day people put themselves out - to help the FBI.
- Well, I believe in our justice system, and all the fine work you do.
And we appreciate that.
[PATTERSON] All right! We just need you to sign that you've received everything.
Uh, just right here.
Oh, and initial here and here.
Our clerk gets a little cranky if we miss those.
Not on the desk.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I just was mesmerized by this tree.
- Is this a Sanini? - No, no.
But it's funny, you're the second person today to comment on it.
Is that right? [READE] Okay, I think that's it.
We won't be taking up any more of your time, and thanks for havin' us.
Of course.
Lovely to see you, Assistant Director.
Bad news.
The only way outta here is through this door.
You mean the one being guarded by that goon from Central Casting? - Lovely.
- How's this going? This isn't just any plane we're trying to hack.
The security measures Bradley Dynamics have on this thing are insane.
It's taken me this whole time just to breach the first firewall.
[ZAPATA] Now that we're in, Madeline will see we're making some progress That'll buy us some time to figure out how to get word to the team.
Where have you been? I found someone you might like to meet.
Who are you? I'm Del Toro.
If he's Del Toro, then who the hell is with Zapata? Okay [CLEARS THROAT] Let's start from the beginning.
How did you find the real Mr.
Del Toro? I smelled a rat back in Toronto, so I started digging.
Zapata told me her conversation with Del Toro went well I didn't buy it.
She was late for our meet, so I blew her off.
I don't trust people who don't do what they say they will.
Nor do I.
We want to borrow your hacker, Del Toro.
- And you never told Cortez? - I did.
But you already paid him, and he wasn't hearing any complaints.
Good deal for him.
And for you.
Nothing's free in this life, which is why I'm here.
[DOMINIC] Zapata knew we'd never met Del Toro in person, so she got her friend to play the part, whoever the hell he is.
But the question now is whether they're really trying to hack this plane, or just wasting our time.
[DEL TORO] If he's gotten through Bradley Dynamics' first firewall, he's not nobody.
That does not make me feel better.
Now, you do understand the task at hand, and you feel you're up for it? If you've got the hardware he says you do, - it shouldn't be a problem.
- Good.
Then you and I are gonna make history today.
Go to work.
What do you want me to do about Zapata? Bring her in.
At best, she used an impostor to hide her mistake.
At worst, she's law enforcement.
Either way she's a liar, but I need to know what kind before I can decide what to do with her.
And her hacker friend? Kill him.
Now I'm back against the wall And all the words All right, don't judge, it was pretty slim pickings at the rest stop.
And what do we got? Well, I got tofu jerky.
- Nope.
- Yeah.
And then I got some dark chocolate in the shape of bunnies, which I'm pretty sure is left over from Easter.
- Eh.
- Mm.
And then I got some spicy chicken-flavored chips, - Nice.
- Although, there's no chicken or potatoes in the ingredients list, which is a little concerning.
Well, I'll take my chances with the chocolate bunnies.
[THUMPING UNDER CAR] Whoa, what was that? Pretty sure it's a flat tire.
[JANE SIGHS] Never going back to the way it was then Help me bring it on home to you [JANE GRUNTS] Home to you Yeah We've definitely run over something.
- I'll get the spare.
- I'll get the tow truck.
- Okay.
Or not.
No service.
You? Nothing.
- [LAUGHS] - [CHUCKLES] What kind of rental car doesn't have a spare tire in the trunk? Hey, this is gonna be fine.
The point was to be together, and we are.
The point was, you're supposed to relax.
Anyway, you know what? Stay here.
I'll keep walking until I get a signal.
No, no, no.
I'll go with you.
The cabin's only five miles away.
- Yeah.
- If we don't get any service, we'll just call from the landline when we get there.
- Sure you're up for it? - Yeah.
I've never felt better.
Besides, when do we ever get to take a nice long walk in the woods.
Can you bring the bunnies, though, for some snacks? Not your tofu jerky stuff.
Find anything on the sniffer? Oh, there is a literal gold mine of data on this thing.
Uh, technically a figurative gold mine of data.
Well, technically you can zip your lip, how about that? - All right, what you got, what you got? - Whoa, whoa.
Documents from Bradley Dynamics showing their aeronautics system, code named ARVO, failed major safety tests.
Madeline Burke has plans to exploit ARVO to take down a commercial airplane.
That's the program that Zapata said Madeline was targeting.
They must have fixed them before they went to market.
Not exactly.
We also found this.
An internal Bradley Dynamics memo saying that they were aware of the flaws and told employees to falsify test results so they wouldn't lose the jumbo-liner contract.
These must be the documents Zapata leveraged the Bradley Dynamics engineer for.
- What do you want? - Every document your company has on Project ARVO.
So, Madeline knows Bradley is trying to cover up safety flaws in their system.
HCI Global has a huge aeronautics division.
If these memos leak, it would take one of their biggest competitors out of business.
Allowing her to swoop in and nab a very lucrative contract.
All right, let's bring in this Garret Young, head of safety at Bradley.
Maybe he can tell us why he shouldn't be sitting in a jail cell right now.
So, we save the day, and it's so long, house arrest.
Back to the life of the bon vivant I was meant for.
Whatever keeps you motivated.
What about you? It's your big chance to finally prove to the team that you're not just Madeline's traitorous little Easy.
I'm still gonna have to answer for the way I handled this op.
If they do let you back in, could you put in a good word for me? Yeah, I think I'm in the running for a consulting gig.
You really want to work with your ex? Oh, hell no.
I wanna replace him.
- What? There's a glitch.
It sometimes happens when you do a "man in the middle" attack.
Someone is spoofing the SSL for all traffic that passes through this network.
Madeline is limiting the information that's passing through.
Yeah, but if she told us to hack this plane, why would she She knows we're not on her side.
We gotta go.
- [BEEPING] - He's coming in.
[POWER SHUTTING DOWN] [CLANK] [BOSTON SHOUTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] Uhh! [PANTING] Really? So, I watch professional wrestling.
You try being under house arrest.
Plus, it's like gay "Fantasia," so [MAN ON WALKIE-TALKIE] Wilson, come in.
You got 'em? Burke wants the chick brought in.
You can get rid of the nerd.
[SCOFFS] What is this, high school? What are you doing? [DEEP VOICE] Uh, yeah, this is Wilson.
I got the broad.
The computer whiz is dead.
Uh, he was stronger than you think.
Okay, over.
Hey, it's worth a shot.
This is Garret Young, head of safety at Bradley Dynamics.
I'm Assistant Director Reade.
We've come across some internal memos from your company.
Can you tell us if you recognize any of these? I've never seen them before.
Really? Your signature is on all of them, including some showing that your system failed major safety tests.
There's also this really fun one where you're instructing all your division heads to cover it up.
W-Where did you get these? [READE] An inside source.
Well, your source gave you bogus paperwork.
These documents have been falsified.
ARVO passed all of its safety tests.
There are no flaws in our system.
Why should we believe you? I personally flew on the plane during the testing phase.
Why would I do that if I thought there were concerns? And if I did, why would I sign a document covering it up? I have records of every test we ran, and the FAA officials, and independent safety experts who witnessed them.
Those are some pretty good reasons, actually.
- Well, if that's true - [RICH] This is all Madeline.
She created the false test results and the false memo covering it up to discredit Bradley Dynamics and win the bid.
Yeah, but these documents aren't enough alone.
Like, she has to cause an actual accident in order to take down the company.
That's why she wants Del Toro to crash the plane.
Because when it goes down, she leaks these memos and Bradley Dynamics is toast.
Excuse me, someone is trying to crash one of our planes? Patterson, get the FAA on the line immediately, we shut down every single jumbo-liner - from Bradley Dynamics.
- Hang on! Wait, you don't need to do that.
- Why not? - I can't legally say - until I talk to someone - Whoa, whoa, whoa, Garret.
If you have intel that could save lives, you need to tell us.
Project ARVO isn't about all Bradley Dynamics jumbo-liners.
It is about one in particular.
ARVO is only installed in the new Air Force One.
Where's Air Force One right now? It's in the air.
It's a positioning flight so it could be in DC tomorrow for its official maiden voyage.
Stay here.
Hey, cheer up.
We're out in nature, not a soul in sight.
Kinda reminds me of our time in Colorado.
Reminds me of the start of every horror film.
Oh, yeah.
Car breaks down on the side of the road, no cell reception, and then we have to walk to the cabin in the woods.
I'm getting scared.
Then the zombies start showing up.
Well, my brain's been through a lot lately.
Not sure they'd want it.
[LAUGHS] Speaking of zombies, I'm starving.
Well, I'm not sure ordering in is really an option around here.
The owner of the cabin stocked up the fridge for us.
- Mm! - Yeah.
So, when we get there, I'll cook us up something.
You can have a nice, warm, relaxing bath.
Mm, that sounds so nice.
Yeah, it does.
You know what, I I was thinking.
- Mm-hmm? - Maybe we can light a candle at dinner tonight for Roman.
Yeah, uh of course we can.
I mean, despite all the terrible things he did, I'm still here because of him.
The data caches, the stem cells.
I mean [SIGHS] I'm alive because of Roman.
You are.
Thank you.
Hey, look at that.
465 Sheridan Road.
Ohh, perfect! [SIRENS BLARING] Whoa.
Somebody's in trouble.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Special Agent Weller, Agent Doe, you're needed back in the city, we have a situation.
- So close.
- And yet, so far.
Is the president on the plane? No, but other people are.
You know, technically, it's not actually called Air Force One right now.
It's only called that when the president's on board.
Otherwise, it's just referred to by its tail number.
- Not the time for trivia, Rich.
- Touché.
The plane's on its way to DC for its maiden voyage.
They have a scheduled ribbon-cutting ceremony tomorrow morning.
Okay, according to the manifest, there are 52 passengers or, sorry, make that 53.
There was a late add.
Most are government personnel, a few journalists, and crew members.
Okay, so the good news here is that Madeline has Zapata and Boston, who she thinks is Del Toro, doing the hacking.
So, they're not gonna actually sabotage any plane.
Unless she figures out that Boston isn't Del Toro.
[JANE] If she hasn't already.
And if she does, she's just gonna find someone else to do the job.
We haven't heard from Zapata and Boston since they went in.
How much longer is the plane supposed to be in the air? - Less than an hour.
- Can we force an emergency landing? Well, we have Bradley's head of security working with Secret Service to see if that's a viable option.
The problem is, if Madeline tracks them, and we try to land the plane early Got it, right.
So, I'll check in with him, see if he's got any updates.
All right, I'll try to track down Weitz to see if I can loop him in.
[PHONE RINGING AND BUZZING] [WOMAN] Thanks again for working around my schedule.
Sorry I had to change the time and place so last minute.
Oh, you're the senior advisor to the president.
Your schedule beats my schedule.
[SIGHS] I realize I haven't really spoken with you since you became FBI Director.
You've been making some remarkable moves lately.
Well, I've been very fortunate.
That's not how I would describe you.
I know how hard you've worked to get to where you are.
Thank you, but it's it's really a team effort.
You're a political animal clever, cunning, willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want.
Oh, yeah, I I think we're drifting a bit from complimentary territory here, but, uh I hope you realize how perfectly primed you are for a job in the private sector.
- With your credentials - That's very kind of you, Stephanie, but private sector's not calling to me right now.
I'm focused on the job that I have and doing that well.
There's a lot a lot of crime out there and a lot of corruption that needs to be cleaned up.
Well, you could run a private security firm or work for a defense contractor.
It's all the prestige and power of what you're doing now, but with private sector money.
With all due respect, I'd like to see how high my political ladder goes.
This is as high as it goes, Matthew.
I'm sorry? Did are you did Did you call this meeting to push me out? I called this meeting to let you know where you stand.
And where exactly is that? I think there's an exit down there.
Let's hope so.
This gun only has one bullet left.
It's locked.
[WHISPERING] What are you doing? We gotta go.
What? What is it? Explosives.
Wired through the entire building, it looks like.
She's gonna blow up the entire building? Overkill much.
Madeline doesn't leave anything to chance.
She destroys this place, she doesn't have to worry about the servers or us.
[DOMINIC] Del Toro's making progress.
Plane should be down in less than 20 minutes.
Zapata's little ruse cost us time.
You know, I trusted her.
I knew she was smart, but I thought she was damaged enough to live in the gray.
She played me.
- She's good at what she does.
- Not good enough.
When that plane is down, blow the building.
Whatever Zapata is or isn't, she's about to be dust.
I spoke to my security team at Bradley.
The hackers blocked all signals to Air Force One.
No one can communicate with the plane from the ground, not even air traffic control.
So, that was the Secret Service.
They just confirmed they're locked out of the system as well, which means they can't force an emergency landing.
I've been going through the list of passengers, we've tried calling, sending texts.
It seems like their phones have been turned off.
So, we have no way of telling the captain that the plane is under attack? There is no way that Boston hacked this plane for real.
He hacked NORAD for real.
Excuse me? I'm pretty sure that was under duress and false pretenses, if you recall.
[PATTERSON] I think Rich is right.
Boston is still with Zapata, presumably, and their job was to counter-hack.
Wait, do you think Madeline is forcing them to do it at gunpoint? I don't know, I just don't like that they haven't checked in, and we have no way of tracking them.
Patterson, send a team to Madeline's office.
All right, it's time to bring her in.
Rich, work with Garret, try to figure out a way to get through to this plane.
Yeah, let's keep trying Weitz.
[PHONE RINGING AND BUZZING] You called this meeting just to fire me? After everything I've done for this administration? We've known each other a very long time, Matthew.
I'm trying to give you an exit strategy.
No, okay, hold hold on a second.
What did I do wrong? Let me rephrase.
I know I did some things that are a bit Illegal? Amoral? I was gonna say nebulous.
We get into things with the best of intentions, and sometimes they go sideways.
Like GPA.
Yeah I knew that was gonna be the one to come back and bite me.
One congressman dead, another shot, two of my own staff members taken down in the scandal.
Indictments, investigations, corrupt ties to China.
Not to mention that GPA is one of the president's largest donors.
I wanna speak to your boss.
No offense, but I wanna speak to your boss.
There is no move to make here, Matthew.
It's over.
Hey, any luck with Weitz? Nope, all of his calls go straight to voicemail.
His office said he was supposed to be out of a meeting an hour ago.
I've been trying to ping his phone, but it keeps bouncing from cell tower to cell tower.
Wait a minute, who was he meeting with? Um Uh, the president's senior advisor.
Oh, no Where was the meeting? So, what happens now? You'll make the announcement that you're stepping down right when we land.
Thanks again for flying with me.
And sorry, but you're gonna have to find your own way back to New York.
What? I'm not even supposed to have this stupid thing on.
[PATTERSON] Weitz, we have very bad news.
Yeah, well, it can't be worse than the news I just got.
By the way, don't tell me anything classified, 'cause I'm no longer the director of the FBI.
Air Force One is being hacked.
What? What do you mean? I'm on Air Force One.
[RICH] We know, that's why we called you.
We need you to help us or you're gonna crash.
That's worse.
[WHISPERING] What are you doing? The exit's that way.
We're trying to get out of the building full of explosives, remember? Just because Madeline froze us out, doesn't mean she's not still gonna down the airliner.
If she's doing anything in this building, we have to stop it.
Think about it.
Why hasn't she blown this place up yet? Did you say you wanna work with the FBI? That is extremely manipulative.
And I respect that.
Looks like he has the flight controls on his screen.
We have to stop him before he crashes it.
How do you suggest we do that? We only have one bullet left, remember? Stephanie I'm on the line with my team.
You don't have a team.
Well, this is a serious situation.
Why is your phone even on? It's like you're allergic to rules.
- What part of - The plane is hacked.
- We are gonna crash.
- What? You need to get me in the cockpit right now.
The Secret Service won't open the door for me.
If this is some sort of desperate ploy - to get your job back, it's - Hey, hey! We are running out of time.
- Okay.
- So, you need to get the colonel to open up her door.
She doesn't realize she's being hacked.
She has to talk to my team so they can get us to safety.
Okay, we're on with the pilot.
This is Colonel Hecker speaking.
[WELLER] Colonel Hecker, this is Special Agent Weller from the New York office of the FBI.
Your plane is currently being hacked.
Due respect, but I think you're mistaken.
I've got full control of my aircraft.
Your comms have been shut down.
We've been trying to communicate with you as well as the Secret Service and ATC.
Ma'am, this is Garret Young of Bradley Dynamics.
I need you to disengage autopilot and try banking left or right.
What the hell? - Can you control the aircraft? - Negative.
The yoke appears to be stuck.
- Can you change your altitude? - Negative.
Maintaining at 37,000 feet.
I'm sorry, how many of you are there? Can I just speak with one person? This is Garret Young again.
We're gonna need you to reboot the system.
Powering down now.
- [BELL DINGS] - Ladies and gentlemen, this is Colonel Hecker speaking.
We're gonna need you to fasten your seatbelts while we do a quick reboot of the system.
You may experience a brief interruption in the cabin's power.
- Nothing to be alarmed about.
- [BELL DINGS] The whole plane's about to shut down.
What do you want me to say? [ENGINES POWERING DOWN] [CLANK] [ALARM BEEPING] Nice try.
All right, Colonel, you can power up again.
[FAINT WHIRRING] [ENGINES REVVING] Okay all systems seem to be restored.
[GARRET] Well done, ma'am.
Please confirm you have manual control now.
[JANE] Colonel, what's happening? The plane's depressurizing! That's bad, right? Patterson, do your thing! Do your thing! Do your thing and your stuff! [HECKER] The oxygen masks aren't deploying! We're losing cabin pressure! What the hell do we do! [ALARM WHOOPING] Colonel? [ALARM CONTINUES] [WELLER] Colonel? Weitz! [ALARM CONTINUES] Colonel Hecker! Weitz! [WHOOSHING] [JANE] She said the cabin was depressurizing.
They must have lost consciousness.
So, why wouldn't the oxygen masks have deployed? Del Toro must have disabled them.
There's no way this is Boston.
Patterson, how long we got until we lose everyone on that plane? Move.
We've got 10 minutes till impact.
We have to restore oxygen.
How is the hacker doing this? Garret, what are the access points from the ground to Air Force One? None.
ARVO was designed to be 100% self-sufficient.
That was one of the selling points of the project.
Well, obviously, that's not the case if someone is hacking it from the ground.
Wait, wait, wait.
This is a test flight, right? Are you still running those tests? Yeah, we've got analytic servers in place to send data back and forth during the first month of service.
The hacker must have commandeered one of 'em.
Use the server as a back door to get malware on the plane and gain control.
I mean, that's how I would do it.
If that's true, the only way we can get control back is by cutting off the server completely.
Okay, so let's do it.
No, stop.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
No, you see, y-you shoot me, and then I let go of this little button.
And then I blow up, and then we are all goo.
Restore control back to the plane and back away, now! Go to hell.
I'll see you there.
Huh? Uhh! - Hyah! - Huh! [GUNSHOTS, BULLETS RICOCHETING] Hyah! Uhh! Ah, peas and rice! I've never been happier to be holding a fake dead man's switch.
- How far did he get? - [KEYBOARD CLACKING] Uh, it looks like he cut off communication with the plane and depressurized the cabin about three minutes ago.
- Oh, no - What? The plane is set to crash into downtown DC.
Well, undo it! What do you think I'm trying to do? Team just called from HCI Global.
Madeline's in the wind.
Where are we at with this plane? I think I isolated the analytic server the hacker's using.
So, all we need to do is shut it down using your Bradley Dynamics credentials.
No no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What's happening? The hacker's locked out authorized users.
So, that's it? It's over? Um, what about unauthorized users? Excuse me.
- [BEEPING] - Done.
What? How'd you do that? I can't really you know, it's hacker code, I gotta So, we've cut off the hacker's access? Yep, looks like it.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] No no, no, no, no! I just got shut out.
What do you mean, you got shut out? I was literally a keystroke away from undoing the hacking, and then I got kicked off the server.
This can't be a coincidence somebody figured out which server was being hacked and shut it down.
Maybe somebody from Bradley Dynamics? More like someone named Rich.
- Are you sure? - Oh, yes.
I am very familiar with his methods of unauthorized access.
- Very familiar.
- What do we do? The team thinks they just stopped Del Toro.
They got no idea that they're working against their own side now.
Well, we need to get in touch with Rich - Yeah.
- and get him to turn that server back on.
[ZAPATA BREATHING HARD] There's no service.
You go outside and make the call.
No, no, no.
You go, I'll stay.
You just said you were a keystroke away from undoing it.
How hard is it to press "enter" when the comms come back? [STAMMERS] Madeline's plan just went south.
She's one second away from blowing up this whole building.
You still have somebody out there that cares about you.
So do you.
I I mean, probably.
Let's not make this a therapy session.
Just go.
And, Boston If something happens, tell Reade I will.
That was the Secret Service.
They still don't have comms with the plane.
Great, that makes all of us.
From what we know, they still haven't restored cabin pressure yet.
Oh, my God the plane's trajectory is headed straight for downtown DC.
What? The plane should have reset to its original course on autopilot.
So, cutting off the server didn't work.
[GARRET] That's impossible.
Yeah, unless the hacker managed to disable the autopilot reset protocol somehow? [DIALING] [PHONE BUZZING] Oh, excuse me.
Excuse me, you're just gonna answer the phone right now? Gordon Meredith.
Restore access to the Bradley analytic servers now! Boston? Oh, my God, you're alive! Okay, okay, I'm putting you on speakerphone here.
I got the whole team and a guy named Garret.
He's nice.
I'll tell you later.
Boston, are you with Zapata? No! No, she's in a building filled with C4 waiting to press "enter" so that she can stop a plane from crashing into the nation's capital.
That is not a thing I thought I'd ever say! Restoring access now.
[COMPUTER CHIRPING] Come on, guys.
You can do this.
- [CHIRP] - Access restored! [SIGHS] [PINGING] Nice work, everyone.
Hello? - Hello? - Weitz! Yeah, every everybody's okay, I think.
Okay, okay, I need you to confirm that, uh, uh, the autopilot is on.
There's a readout in front of the pilot seat.
It should have a green light that says "engage.
" - Do you see that? - Copy that.
We're leveling off, we're back.
We're on autopilot, baby! Yes! Yes! Oh, God.
Oh, that was close! [SIGHS] Okay! Huh? Uhh! Think I have a bit of an ulcer.
[EXPLOSION] Aah! Boston? Boston, wh-what just happened? [GRUNTING] [CAR ALARMS SOUNDING] The warehouse is it's it's gone.
Boston, where's Zapata? Where's Zapata?! I'm sorry.
What? How did you Like I said, how hard is it to push "enter"? [CHUCKLING] Ohh! She's okay! Zapata's alive! [TEARFUL CHUCKLE] Okay, come on, let's hug it out.
- [CHUCKLES] Huh? - All right.
Here's to the people we care about still being alive.
Okay, that's enough hugging.
Matthew did you just save us? [PANTING] Okay you saved us.
Oh, well, technically I think anyone in my position with courage and the presence of mind to act quickly would have done the same thing, so Thank you.
Oh, no thanks necessary.
But, um [CLEARS THROAT] just to say out loud, you don't wanna be known as the woman who fired the guy who saved Air Force One, do ya? The FBI is lucky to have you.
Like you said, luck's got nothin' to do with it.
We're alive, you guys! That's nice, huh? Our entire plan, months of work, all gone.
It was an abject failure.
I've got worse news.
How is that possible? Zapata and her friend managed to escape somehow.
[MADELINE] She has enough evidence to burn us down.
We have to disappear, now! - And then what? - We focus on Helios.
They may have won the battle but the war is far from over.
[ELEVATOR CHIMES] [APPLAUSE] [ELEVATOR CHIMES] I'm really glad you're okay.
Yeah, I'm glad I'm okay, too.
You know, just because, uh, I would have had to give your eulogy, and I hate sad public speaking.
Oh, you would not be giving my eulogy.
Because you're alive, so there'd be no need.
Boston where's Zapata? She said she had to take care of something.
[RICH] Hmm.
Once a lone wolf Not helping, Rich.
- [JANE] Hey.
- Aah! Put the phone down now.
Is is this still Remi, or No! No, no, no.
I'm me, I'm I'm Jane again.
Remi is gone.
And, uh, I'm I'm really sorry for everything I did to you while I was her.
And we're we're just all, just cool with her again? - We're all good.
- It was days ago.
Apology accepted? And and thank you for helping Kurt find me.
Ah, yes, I was helpful, wasn't I? Pretty helpful today, too, with the whole stopping the Air Force One from crashing into the White House thing.
Yeah, we appreciate everything that you did for us, Boston.
Which is why we're releasing you from house arrest.
I'm free? - Like, free-free? - Yes.
[READE] Not only that, there might be an opportunity for you here at the FBI.
I'm sorry opportunity? You you mean, like an opportunity-opportunity? [CHUCKLES] I-I think I might take some some "me" time, uh You know, work on my art, try to get inspired again.
I I'm not sure if the whole bang-bang, shoot-'em-up, almost-die-every-5-minutes thing is really my deal.
[CHUCKLES] All right, well, if you change your mind, offer still stands.
Now, the White House and the Secret Service, they thank us all for our work today, but we still have a pretty big task ahead of us.
Madeline's still missing.
And she destroyed everything useful in her office.
All of her files, all of her servers.
She knew we were coming for her.
[JANE] And what I don't get is, why try and take down Air Force One? Seems like a long way to go to secure a business contract.
[WELLER] I agree.
We need to find exactly what Madeline was after, what her end game is and where the hell she's hiding.
[PHONE BUZZING] Assistant Director Reade.
[ZAPATA] Reade, it's me.
Tasha, where are you? I'm on my way to Zurich.
I know where Madeline keeps the documents she won't destroy.
It could be the key to finding her.
Why are you going by yourself? Let me send backup.
No, I've gotta do this on my own.
I know that there's a part of you that doesn't trust me.
But I'm gonna prove once and for all whose side I've always been on.
- Cheers.
I'm sorry our little romantic getaway didn't go according to plan.
[CHUCKLES] I don't know.
These zombies don't exactly make me wanna sleep in the woods.
And anyway we don't have to go away to be together.
I got everything I need right here.
- Do you? - Mm-hmm.
- What about here? - [CHUCKLES] - [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - No.
Go away! [KNOCKING CONTINUES] - Is that a friend of yours? - [CHUCKLES] I don't know.
What is it? Somebody left an envelope addressed to you.
Thank you.
Everything all right? It's from Shepherd's estate lawyer.
What, is it a will? No, it's just this envelope.
You don't have to open that.
She's gone, Jane.
Which means I finally can get some closure.
And I don't want whatever's in here hanging over me.
Or us.
Uh It's some kind of puzzle.
Another mystery from beyond the grave.
So much for closure.