Blindspot (2015) s04e14 Episode Script

The Big Blast from the Past Episode

Tasha, where are you? I'm on my way to Zurich.
I know where Madeline keeps documents she won't destroy.
It could be the key to finding her.
Why are you going by yourself? Let me send backup.
No, I've got to do this on my own.
- Is it done? - I've secured the SD card.
- Headed to the airport now.
- And Zapata? She's gonna wake up with quite the headache, but she'll be fine.
Good work.
Madeline will be pleased.
What were you thinking, going alone? Sending an FBI team to go to Zurich would have taken time and drawn attention.
- I had to act fast.
- You work for me now.
This going rogue business isn't gonna fly.
This isn't the CIA.
- Understood? - Understood.
Now, what'd you even get besides that gash on your head? I got some information off an SD card Madeline stashed in Zurich.
I was able to upload some of the data before I was attacked and had it stolen back.
It'll give us the lead we need to track her down.
You'd better hope it does.
Unfortunately, Tasha was only able to upload a small amount of data.
It was super fragmented and scrambled.
So you nearly got yourself killed for nothing? It's not nothing.
Patterson can unscramble it, right? Actually, Patterson and Rich will be doing the unscrambling.
I mean, since you've been deep cover, we've become quite the dynamic duo.
Thelma and Louise, Han Solo and Chewbacca.
Ooh, Kathie Lee and Hoda.
Huh? We'll see what we can salvage, but I can't make any promises.
All right.
So, where are we with the search for Madeline.
We raided her home and office.
No sign of her.
Have you got any idea where she could be, Tasha? I wish I knew.
I want to put the cuffs on her myself.
We have an arrest warrant ready for the Air Force One attack.
Yeah, and for the murder charges Blake Crawford, the three HCI Global members, Kira Evans.
We'll find her.
We just gotta keep digging.
All right, let's get back to it.
- Hey, can we talk to you for a sec? - Yeah.
So we've been trying to decode the puzzle Shepherd left you in her will.
'Cause she couldn't just leave you any money, like a regular person.
It's just another one of her games.
She wanted you to have this after she died.
Maybe this is the last game.
We're thinking that this could be the key to unlocking all of the tattoos.
Or, it's her way of torturing me from beyond the grave.
Maybe we're just wasting our time with this.
I don't think it's a waste of time.
It's a literal jigsaw puzzle.
All we had to do was put the pieces in their correct place to reveal An image of a sculpture called The Altar of Mars and Venus.
In Roman mythology, Mars was the divine father of Romulus and Remus.
Roman and Remi, the names my brother and I chose for ourselves when Shepherd adopted us.
There's got to be more to it than that.
Hey, look.
She used a needle to poke dozens of holes in the wolf.
That's got to be some kind of code, right? Great find, Jane.
Patterson is really kicking herself she didn't see that first.
- I was working mostly off of the scans.
- It's okay.
You don't have to beat yourself up.
It's fine.
You know what? The sooner we solve this, the faster we can get you to closure.
Hey We need to talk about Tasha.
She was just attacked by one of Madeline's goons.
The CIA, they still want her dead, - so she really needs us right now.
- I know that.
You holding a grudge against her doesn't help.
Well, I can't just flip a switch and go back to the way it was.
I get that.
All right.
But she was doing a job for the CIA and now she's back with us, so she's either with us or she's not.
I agree.
Now, that's up to her.
It goes both ways.
See, you gotta decide.
Do you want her back on this team again or not? Hey.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
As someone who's lied about that a lot, I know when it's not true.
I came in here to put my stuff away out of habit, but I don't have a locker anymore.
Maybe I just don't belong here now.
It's, uh It's a locker.
You're still one of us.
Maybe I'm not.
I left.
And I got really used to working on my own.
I'm not sure how to be a part of this team again or if I should be.
Well, I know what you're going through.
I did a lot of awful things when I was Remi and I'm still trying to figure out how to live with that, but it helps to surround yourself with people who care about you.
I'm not sure how many of those I have left.
Everyone here still supports you, even Reade.
He's just hurt because you matter to him.
Just give it time.
Multiple bombings in New York.
Come on.
We need you.
Three bombs just went off in Williamsburg: Two in brownstones, one in a car, all in the last hour.
Why does that sound familiar? Because two years ago, we solved a case that started the exact same way.
Three bombs in that same neighborhood the same time of day.
Yeah, but we caught that bomber.
She's in prison.
- Must be a copycat.
- Uh, a person claiming responsibility for today's attacks just left a message on the FBI tip line.
Two years ago, someone at the FBI framed the Williamsburg Bomber.
Today is your reckoning.
Until the person responsible publicly confesses to this crime, I will continue detonating bombs and people will continue to die.
Three package bombs in Williamsburg, all detonated in the last 20 minutes.
I've sent teams to each crime scene to look for evidence, talk to eyewitnesses, and deal with crowd control.
There were six casualties during the original bombings two years ago.
Today, there's been 12.
So this copycat serial bomber is accusing us of putting an innocent woman in prison? Yeah, and threatening to set off more bombs if we don't confess.
There's nothing to confess to.
We arrested Lilly Terrace on solid physical evidence and she's been in prison ever since.
That was one of Reade's first big cases as Assistant Director when Hirst was head of the FBI.
Yeah, while you were running around the world trying to shake a bounty on your head and Kurt was still looking for you.
And I was in Silicon Valley working on Wizardville.
So only you two were working on this case? - And Stuart.
- Yeah, 'til Hirst killed him.
Rest in peace, little guy.
Also, Weller and I were here.
Yeah, but you were still a convict and I was on leave from the FBI.
Maybe we should revisit the case from two years ago.
It might help us identify the identity of the current bomber.
It was our first case after you left, so Stuart took the reins.
Two bombings in Williamsburg in the last hour, one in a brownstone, the other in a car.
Both hidden inside packages.
So we're looking at a serial bomber.
Yeah, except so far, nothing connects the victims.
The first is a 38-year-old woman who lives in a $4 million brownstone.
The second, an ex-con who just got out of jail.
- We have any leads? - Honestly? None.
So we have no idea who this guy is or how many bombs are still out there.
We need boots on the ground.
I'll send agents to each of the bombing locations, see if they can find eyewitnesses or evidence NYPD missed.
And I'll issue an alert to all New York residents not to approach or touch any suspicious looking packages.
All right, you two head to the lab and see what you can find.
Hey, can I talk to you? We've really got to focus on finding this bomber right now.
Which is why you should put me out in the field.
Can we discuss this later when Brooklyn stops blowing up? - Hey.
- Look who's back.
- Hey, stranger.
- Hi.
How you doing? - It's good to see you.
- Yeah.
Good seeing you too.
Well, if you need me, I'll be in the lab, using my highly specialized skill set helping Stuart.
Uh everything okay with you two? I know you didn't fly in from wherever you just came from for small talk.
- What's going on? - Well, I got a new lead on Jane.
There was a carjacking in Moscow two days ago.
An eyewitness saw this woman with a neck tattoo.
It says here the tattoo was of a bat.
Bird or bat, I mean, you know, it's pretty easy to confuse from a distance.
You've been after Jane for the past six months.
How long you gonna do this before you go bankrupt? I'm fine.
I already took out a second mortgage.
I had to.
I've got to find her, Edgar.
Whatever you need.
How can I help? Well, she might still be in Russia, but visas take two weeks.
Can you please expedite one for me? I'll call in some favors.
That's fine.
A third bomb was just detonated in Williamsburg.
The visa's still gonna take some time.
You mind giving us an assist on this one while you wait? You're gonna be stuck here anyway.
As soon as I can fly, though You'll be on a flight straight to Moscow.
I got you.
I gotta ask.
Was there a Russian police report about you? I think so.
I was in Moscow at the time, and there was an incident with a car.
That was you? - I was really close to finding you.
- Yeah, you were.
Hold on.
The copycat bomber just left another message.
You can't hide in the shadows.
Confess, or another bomb is about to blow.
Overconfident criminals make mistakes.
Yep, and he just left another data point.
- I'm gonna find this guy.
- How did you catch Lilly Terrace? I mean, maybe that'll give us a clue.
That's actually where I come into this story, with a big old alley-oop assist.
Uhh! When I heard what was going on in Brooklyn, I knew I had to help, so I called up my old friends at the FBI with a hot tip.
I'm here to help.
You don't have to look so menacing.
I'm a delicate flower.
If you have any information about the bombings, start talking.
I just might have found the connection between all the victims.
Two words, Swift Shop.
The food delivery service? - He's wasting our time.
- I can prove it.
I just need a chance to show you.
Wait a second.
So Patterson's in Silicon Valley? She'd rather be coding with nerds than saving the world with you guys? Oh, and you got some intern running the lab.
That's a shame.
I'm not an intern.
I have two master's degrees and a Ph.
Hey, where's Jane? Shouldn't she be leaning against a wall with that look that says she definitely wants a piece of this? Rich, you said you could prove a connection between the victims.
- Prove it.
- Okay.
I knew Scotty, the guy who died in the car bombing.
The ex-con.
That is not surprising.
We were in the same cell block until a week ago.
He used to brag all the time that he would steal packages off people's doorsteps before he got busted.
It seems like a weird thing to show off about, if you ask me.
So, you think that Scotty stole a package with a bomb in it today? Yes, and I can prove it if you let me at this computer.
- No.
- Okay.
Well, then, let the praying mantis do it.
- My name is Stuart.
- Yes, okay.
Well, why don't you bring up something called Williamsburg BurroughBuddy.
It's an online message board for gentrifiers to post complaints.
This morning, "Monica" posted that a guy stole a Swift Shop package off her doorstep.
He matches Scotty's description and this fits the timeline.
She said Scotty stole the package at 7 a.
The bomb went off at 7:30.
So Scotty wasn't the intended victim.
How do you know that Swift Shop connects the three vics? Well, woman-whose-name I-don't-quite-remember, - a quick online search proved that - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I thought you were forbidden from using any devices in prison.
Well, do I have immunity for any crimes I may or may not have committed in the name of truth and justice? - Absolutely not.
- Okay.
Well, then, a friend named "Mitch DotOrg" did some very harmless white hat hacking from a computer in the prison library and he figured out that all three intended victims recently signed up for Swift Shop.
Okay, but why would the bomber target Swift Shop subscribers? Well, I kind of thought you people with the badges would figure that one out.
Nice work, Rich.
We'll put some credits on your prison account.
Or, maybe since I brought you your one and only lead so far, you could let me stick around and help solve the rest of the case.
As long as you stay useful.
Let me at this touchscreen.
No! I'll do the typing.
Weller, since Monica was the intended victim, why don't you take a team over to her place - and gather some evidence? - All right.
Zapata, keep an eye on Rich.
Don't let him out of your sight.
Wait a second, I got it.
It's Briana.
Is that right? Is your name Briana? Hey, good news.
CSU found parts of a camera at the first crime scene.
They're about to send it over right now.
- Why aren't you with Rich? - Stuart is with him.
He does not need two babysitters.
Rich is a criminal mastermind and a con man.
Stuart isn't equipped to handle him.
You gotta have more faith in your team, including me.
What does that mean? Since you became Assistant Director, you've had me chained to this office.
I'm a field agent, not a lab tech.
We're shorthanded.
It's where I need you.
- This isn't punishment.
- The CIA offered me a spot at Langley.
Are you seriously dropping this on me right now? You couldn't wait 'til we caught this guy? There's never gonna be a good time.
Stuart's got something.
To be continued.
All right.
So, what's the update, Stuart? Who's the hot plate of sweet potatoes? FBI Director Eleanor Hirst.
I'll thank you not to speak to me that way ever again.
- And you are? - Full of regret.
This is Rich DotCom.
He's bad with people but good with computers.
Stuart, you were saying? - So, I dug into Swift Shop - We dug into Swift Shop.
And we found a ton of bad reviews for their grocery delivery service.
They know what Swift Shop is.
Just get to the good stuff.
Turns out one person created hundreds of fake profiles to write them.
I noticed some similarities in the language and punctuation of a bunch of the posts.
This young lady really loves her double dashes.
We were able to trace all the profiles back to one IP address.
She didn't even use a VPN or bounce through a proxy server.
It was total amateur hour.
Does this person have a name or are we supposed to guess? - Lilly Terrace.
- Lilly Terrace.
Lilly tried to join the Army last year but didn't pass her psych eval.
So she escalated from writing fake reviews to bombing Swift Shop subscribers? I think I know that name, Terrace.
Does Lilly's family own a grocery store? Yes.
It's called Sambria Market.
Opened in 1920 by Lilly's great-grandfather.
Check out Mr.
Recall over here, huh? I used to shop at that store when I lived in Williamsburg.
Looks like Sambria Market closed a few months ago.
Stuart, check to see if any of the intended victims actually shopped there.
According to credit card statements, they all did, until they signed up for Swift Shop.
Oh! Can you say "motive"? Let's get Lilly Terrace in for a little chat.
Do you really think that Lilly bombed Brooklyn, then came here? Her mom is dying of terminal pancreatic cancer.
Nothing like accusing someone of murder in front of their dying mom.
I'm sorry.
My wife isn't accepting any visitors today.
No, sir, we're with the FBI.
We need to talk to your daughter Lilly.
Lilly? What's this about? No idea.
Tasha, there's been another bombing.
Killed a family of three.
- Where are the other bombs? - I want a lawyer.
Where did the fourth bomb go off two years ago? 617 North Berry.
Wait, two years ago, the first bomb went off at 713 South Bedford.
Today, the first one went off at 317 South Bedford.
The copycat bomber is reversing the order of the numbers.
Which means the next bomb is at 716 North Berry Street.
I'll evacuate the entire block.
All right.
I'll call the bomb squad.
Let's move.
We're too late.
The fourth bomb just went off.
Luckily, there was no one in the brownstone when the bomb went off, so there weren't any casualties.
Can we get ahead of the next target? Do we have another address from the previous case? No.
Lilly planted a total of four bombs before we arrested her.
So we have no idea where or when the copycat bomber will detonate his next explosive device.
Sorry I'm late.
Traffic is crazy.
It's like the end of the world out there.
Someone catch me up.
We're being blackmailed by a serial bomber.
He wants us to confess to framing Lilly Terrace.
Framed her? No one framed her.
It was an airtight case.
I should know.
I was the one who put her behind bars.
How did you end up with an "airtight case"? So far, it sounds pretty circumstantial.
Yeah, you're right.
At the time, the only evidence we had was Rich's crazy Swift Shop theory.
Excuse me, it wasn't crazy.
It was correct.
Uh, correct or not, it wouldn't have held up in court.
So we needed a confession.
But she asked for a lawyer.
I might have gotten a little creative in interrogation.
Your lawyer's on her way.
While we wait, let's have a chat.
Talk all you want.
I'm not gonna answer any of your questions.
We've been trying to figure out why a nice person such as yourself would suddenly decide to kill six people today.
Didn't seem right, so we did some research.
Your mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which left you in charge of the family grocery store.
When Swift Shop started taking all of your customers, you tried to get them back.
You even offered your own grocery delivery service, but you couldn't compete with Swift Shop, could you? It's pretty rough lately.
The community you grew up in, the one your family gave so much to, abandoned you, so you decided to teach them a lesson, didn't you? Can't say that I blame you.
I probably would've done the same thing myself.
Your mom is dying, Lilly.
Do you really want to spend the rest of her life waiting for trial? 'Cause you're gonna go from here to jail to prison.
You're not gonna see her again.
No more visits, no goodbye after she passes.
You won't even be at her funeral.
As far as you're concerned, she might as well be dead already.
Or you can give us a signed confession and we'll make sure that you are with your mom when the time comes.
You can do that? That depends on you and what you put on that piece of paper.
How much does your mom mean to you? - She means everything to me.
- This is borderline coercion.
If Lilly confesses, it could be inadmissible.
Zapata wonders why I keep her in the lab.
Maybe she should take that job at the CIA.
I'll help you, Lilly, but you've got to give me something.
Well, they'd appreciate her interrogation tactics.
I know you love your mom, Lilly, but I also know that if you don't see or speak to her again to say goodbye you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Lilly's attorney's here.
Zapata, we're done.
This is the camera the CSU team found.
Over a dozen burnt pieces of it.
- Well, that's a Door Informer.
- A what? It's a doorbell camera, they're new.
They're gonna be huge.
- Do you mind I touch it? - No! You just watch me silently.
Mm, these lips were made for talking and these hands were made for doing things that are probably inappropriate to talk about during work hours.
I don't know.
I'm new here.
Can I? Mr.
DotCom, come with me please.
You're sending me back to prison, aren't you? We appreciate all you've done, but I need my agents to focus, and they can't do that while they're babysitting a child.
Okay, look, I know that I'm a lot, okay, but I'm not a child.
I'm here to help.
Stuart just brought in a doorbell camera and he has zero idea how to reassemble it.
- And you do? - I practically invented it.
By which I mean I wrote it down drunkenly on a napkin and my dealer stole it and pitched it on "Shark Tank.
" The point is, I have expertise to offer here.
Help Stuart with the camera and then it's back to prison.
Well, what if I could find the evidence to convict Lilly Terrace? Would that be worth, um, oh, I don't know, a full-time FBI consulting-type gig? In the unlikely circumstance that you solve this case, I'll consider giving you a probationary consulting position.
- Don't get your hopes up.
- It's too late.
Matthew Weitz is coming down.
Of course he's the US Attorney we get.
We can't catch a break on this one.
How much you want to bet he makes it all about his congressional race? There they are, two of my favorite people right now.
- I could hug you both! - Ah, we're fine.
Your timing was impeccable.
You took down the Williamsburg Bomber just as I was about to give my campaign speech.
I talked about our heroic efforts as a team, keeping the streets of Brooklyn safe.
Oh, it's a win-win for everybody.
May I suggest you get your head out of the campaign and into attorney mode? 'Cause this case isn't as closed as you made it out to be.
What? I thought you arrested somebody.
We did, but we didn't have any physical evidence tying them to the crime scenes.
We had one eyewitness who said she saw someone wearing a black baseball cap delivering a box to one of our victims, but she couldn't pick Lilly out of a line-up.
And Lilly lawyered up, busting our interrogation and she didn't say anything incriminating.
This is terrible news for me and for the people of New York and the safety of the peop whatever, but also for me! I just told a crowd of people that this case was sewn up.
There was media there! But we still have time to gather evidence tying her to the bombings.
Well, maybe you should've done that before you arrested her! If we don't find something definitive in the next couple of hours, we're gonna have to let Lilly go.
I can't believe we spent an all-nighter going through traffic cam footage and we got nothing.
If Stretch Armstrong over here would just let me look at the doorbell cam, - I could've solved this hours ago.
- Stuart! Will you just let him look at the camera already? Mom said I could, so Let me show you how it's done, Stilts.
My name is Stuart.
We need to talk about Lilly's interrogation.
Oh, you mean how she was about to confess before you stopped it? You want to know why I haven't been sending you out into the field lately? You've been acting recklessly more and more all the time.
Maybe the CIA is a better fit for you.
- Are you firing me? - No.
If you want to leave, that's your decision to make.
Do I have a reason to stay? You'll have my resignation by the end of this case.
Holy motherboard, I found it! Huh? See that? There's over two hours of footage on this data card over here which I found from the wreckage that Stuart could not.
The timestamp puts her there at 5 a.
, an hour before the bomb went off.
I'll be damned, Rich.
You actually did it.
You found the smoking gun.
Well, I can't take all the credit for it.
Yes, I can.
Once Lilly saw the footage, she took a plea deal.
Okay, let me pull it up.
50 years, no parole.
Like I said, airtight case.
In the last message the copycat bomber left us, he said we can't "hide in the shadows.
" Why would he think we falsified evidence? Did we have anything other than this video? We didn't need anything else.
She pled guilty.
Rich, you said you found this footage on the camera's memory card? Yes, I did, all by myself.
Totally legit.
No, it isn't.
The copycat bomber was right.
This footage was doctored.
Someone here on this team framed Lilly.
Rich, did you alter evidence to get a conviction? What? No! How could I? What's-her-name and Stuart never let me near a computer by myself.
Also, why would I? That footage was literally your get-out-of-jail-free card.
Hirst gave you a job because you found that video.
Come on.
You're not seriously considering sending me back to prison? If you falsified evidence, that's exactly where you're going, Rich.
Okay, okay, okay.
Patterson, just just how do you know it was doctored? My software analyzed the footage for artifacts of manipulation and it found that this video was changed from color to black and white.
This is what it originally looked like.
She's wearing a blue cap, but the eyewitness said she was wearing a black one, so someone doctored this video to match the description.
Wait a second.
This camera only shoots in black and white at night.
Someone would've had to get into it and change the timestamp to before sunrise.
You see? I'm helping.
The copycat bomber was pointing us to the answer.
At 5 a.
, these shadows wouldn't be here.
In reality, this was taken at 2:05 p.
on an entirely different day.
Lilly did say that she delivered groceries to her loyal customers.
That must be what she's doing on that video.
We all thought it was real even Lilly.
She confessed right after she saw it.
If this wasn't recorded on the day of the bombing, then where'd it come from? I ran a search on the doorbell camera's cloud account.
Nothing came up.
Stuart was looking through cloud footage.
He could've deleted the original to cover his tracks.
You think Stuart did this? Rich was never with a computer by himself and I know I didn't do it.
Who else could it be? Whoa, hang on.
We can't pin this on Stuart without any evidence.
What was his motive? I got something.
Okay There was an intrusion in the Door Informer servers the day you guys solved the case, and it looks like Stuart hacked into their system - to erase the back-up video.
- How do you know it was Stuart? Because I can recognize his sloppy, inelegant style of coding.
It's I'm sorry, I know you shouldn't speak ill of the dead but Stuart was not a cyber criminal.
He didn't know how to cover his tracks.
He left a lot of digital evidence behind.
Oh, yeah, I would not be caught dead coding like that.
I'm sorry, Stuart.
Until now, no one knew to look for this, so no one found it.
Hey, if we don't respond to this blackmailer soon, another bomb will go off.
I say we tell the truth.
Let's just let's play this out.
We admit to falsifying evidence, the bombings could still continue, Lilly Terrace goes free, and we know that she's guilty because she confessed! She accepted that plea deal after you showed her doctored evidence.
Exactly my point.
If she was innocent, she'd be screaming from the rooftops that that video was fake, but she didn't.
She took one look at it and then she confessed.
- No.
- Okay, okay.
Let's say we reveal the truth, that this all happened under your watch.
Every case that you've solved as Assistant Director would be called into question and I'd have to fire you for real this time.
So be it.
We have to do what's right.
Okay, let me tell you something now.
This little pebble of "right" that you want to drop has a very wide, very bad ripple effect.
Every criminal that you have worked so hard to put in prison, where they belong, gets set free.
Your task force will be disbanded, the FBI's reputation forever tarnished.
These are not prices I'm willing to pay for your one right thing.
It's your call, but for the record, you're wrong.
Now let's go stop a copycat bomber and save some lives, yeah? These acts of terror are being fueled by deep anger and resentment, someone who lost as much as Lilly did when the grocery store went under.
So your gut is saying it's the dad? The Remi part of me understands him.
He's motivated by revenge.
Everything he loves was taken.
His daughter went to prison, his wife passed away, and if he could get Lilly exonerated, he could have part of his old life back.
He's been struggling financially.
He's been working three jobs.
Yeah, and one of them is high school chemistry teacher.
Anyone else getting a Walter White vibe from this guy? It would explain the type of bomb he made.
Lilly's were made of rudimentary explosive material, but the ones that went off today tested positive for TATP.
Forensics found traces of pool sanitizer in the TATP.
The school he teaches at has a pool.
So, let's find Albert Terrace and bring him in for questioning.
The bombs were delivered by mail, so maybe there's post office surveillance or receipts that'll tie him to one of the packages.
- Any luck over there? - Nope.
Albert Terrace's name isn't showing up on any of these post office receipts.
If he mailed the bombs from here, he paid cash.
Things changed two years ago when you quit.
Let's be real.
Things changed well before that.
We just didn't talk about it.
That sounds about right.
If I had asked you to stay at the FBI, would that have made a difference? I think in the moment, it would've.
But I still would've ended up at the CIA in the end.
And now I can't even go back to the CIA.
Whether I stay here I guess that's up to you.
Go for Weitz.
I knew it was you.
You doctored the video footage of Lilly Terrace, and one way or another, the world's going to find out.
Who is this? Confess in the next hour or another bomb goes off, and this time, hundreds of people in New York will die.
We're running out of time.
We still don't have a solid lead on Albert Terrace.
And we need to come clean about what Stuart did.
Weitz isn't wrong, though.
Even if we tell the truth, what's to stop him from bombing anyway? No, you're right.
Once we blame it on a dead FBI agent, he's just gonna think it's a cop out.
I found this footage on the cloud.
It was recorded on the doorbell cam three months ago.
That's evidence Lilly knew the victim.
- That's something, right? - Eh, it's not enough.
I need something that places Lilly at the scene of the crime today.
You know what, let's just Change the timestamp.
You're joking, right? Look, we show Lilly this footage, we change the timestamp, and if she confesses then we know that she did it.
I can't falsify evidence.
I can go to prison.
Stop, stop, stop.
Listen, I work for the Attorney General.
That is not going to happen.
We are hours away from Lilly walking out of here a free woman.
Everyone's gonna want to blame somebody when she starts attacking again.
Do you want that person to be you? You know that she did it.
Everybody knows that she did it.
Sometimes, to be the good guy, you gotta bend the rules a little bit.
It's all right.
There's something I have to tell you.
We just found Albert Terrace.
Remember the second phone call he made to the FBI tip line? He used a phone at a rest stop.
A camera caught his license plate.
We used LoJack to track his vehicle to an abandoned farm in upstate New York.
Also, there's 50 pounds of pool sanitizer missing from the school where Albert teaches at.
A bomb with that much TATP could level an entire city block.
We think he went to the farm to make his next explosive device.
And then he'll drive it back into Manhattan to maximize the casualties.
We need to call local law enforcement.
Already did.
The police arrived a few minutes ago but Terrace set off a bomb and killed an officer when they arrived.
They think the whole yard is wired.
They're in a standoff.
All right.
So that's our cue.
Let's move.
Wait! I'm not sending you into a suicide mission.
There's another option.
We can use the domestic drone program to neutralize the threat.
I'm sorry, are you talking about the DOD's secret program that we tried to shut down? It's still operational and I think it's our best course of action.
We can't kill a suspect using a drone.
Albert Terrace murdered a cop and has surrounded himself with deadly explosives.
If I send you in there, you are justified to use lethal force against him, right? But if I send a drone to take out Terrace, then I don't have to risk any of your lives.
It's not up for debate.
Patterson, clear law enforcement from the area.
I'm calling DOD.
We can't let him do this! We don't have a choice.
He's the boss and he's right.
Statistically, this guy's gonna get killed whether it's a bullet from us or a drone in the sky.
- No! Reade, go and talk to him.
- I agree with Zapata.
It is the safest course of action if we want to minimize casualties.
Our chance of making a peaceful arrest is slim to none.
- I know it's not what we usually do - No, because it's wrong.
The drone has been authorized.
Target building acquired.
Checking for any personnel or vehicles.
Stand by.
Roger that.
Clear to engage.
Dropping hellfire.
Good hit.
A drone attack is what drove me back to Shepherd.
It's what made me loyal to Sandstorm.
Because our government did exactly what we just did.
- It's wrong.
- I agree with you, but there's nothing that we can do.
Weitz has never suggested the drone program before, and we've gone into plenty of deadly situations on his watch.
What's different about this case? Something's been bothering me all day.
How did Albert Terrace know that we falsified evidence in his daughter's case? The only person that knew about that was Stuart and he's dead.
There might be someone else.
Special Agent Kurt Weller.
To what do I owe the pleasure? I need some information about the Williamsburg Bomber case.
Let's talk about what I need.
This is not a negotiation.
I'm the only one with the intel you want.
I'd say it is.
What do you want? A fair trial with a jury of my peers.
You signed a plea deal.
Life in prison for killing Stuart.
I was forced to sign it.
The CIA didn't really give me any choice.
I'll do what I can to get you out of solitary.
And a private room in the Protective Custody Wing? This is prison, not a hotel.
Well, then I guess this conversation's over.
I'll talk to Reade.
If your intel is helpful, I'm sure he can make it happen.
Well, I'm an open book.
Ask away.
We know Stuart had falsified evidence.
I don't think that's the whole story.
That's right.
Stuart didn't act alone.
You haven't figured out yet that I was replaced by someone just as duplicitous? I did something really bad.
Well, whatever it is, we can work it out.
That evidence Rich found of Lilly Terrace Yeah.
I planted it for him to find.
I changed the timestamp.
It was recorded three months ago.
I'm sorry, but Weitz, he convinced me it was the right thing to do.
Weitz did this with you? It was his idea.
I understand if you need to fire me or arrest me.
Well, that won't be necessary.
Thank you for your trust, Stuart.
As long as I'm here, you will always have a place at the FBI.
You saved a lot of lives today.
So if you, Stuart, and Weitz are the only ones who knew about this, then how did it get leaked to someone in the public? That sounds like a you problem.
We're done.
Agent Weller, with the right motivation, everyone has the capacity to do bad things, even you.
A few hours ago, Albert Terrace killed himself with one of his own explosive devices.
Tonight New York City is safe, thanks to the brave men and women of the FBI, the NYPD, and New York State Police, who lost one of their own today.
Know that justice has been served.
No questions.
We need to talk.
Okay, look, I know you're angry about the press conference, but I had to lie about Albert Terrace blowing himself up.
The truth is, you used a drone to kill him so he wouldn't expose you.
I know that you manipulated Stuart.
You forced him to falsify evidence.
- Nope.
- I just talked to Hirst.
You mean the former disgraced FBI Director who murdered two people? Well, that settles that, then.
- I am gonna expose you.
- For what? For sending a serial bomber to prison two years ago? For stopping her father from blowing up Manhattan today? You can't lie your way out of this one, Weitz.
Look, I know you don't always agree with my methods, but you and I, we want the same thing.
Like hell we do.
You know, it would be a real shame if the world found out that Jane Doe is a former terrorist who very recently planned a fake nuclear attack.
- You blackmailing me? - No, I'm helping you by not telling the world that.
I will find a way to take you down.
That's what I thought.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good talk.
Two years ago, when you asked why you should stay, there was a reason why I didn't give you an answer.
- Reade, you don't have to do this.
- Wait, please, please.
Let me just get this out.
You know I'm not good at this.
That makes two of us.
I wanted you to stay for me.
But I could tell you weren't happy here and I didn't want to guilt you into staying someplace you didn't want to be.
And what do you want now? I want you to be a part of this team again.
The CIA is gonna keep coming after me.
They think I betrayed the agency and went rogue.
Then we'll find Madeline, take her down, and clear your name.
- And until then? - The CIA will have to go through me and the entire FBI first.
Weitz blackmailed you? I nearly punched that smug look off his face.
Well, I'm glad you didn't.
I prefer you out of prison.
And I'm really happy that you told me the truth.
We've spent way too much time keeping secrets from each other.
It nearly destroyed us.
I don't want to do that anymore.
Me neither.
- So, what do we do now? - Nothing.
I don't expose him, he doesn't expose you.
It's a stalemate.
But if we take away his leverage, then we take away Weitz's power over us.
I don't want you confessing to anything.
I don't want you sacrificing yourself.
I can't lose you again.
Let's just forget about Weitz and just focus on you and me, hmm? Well, that sounds nice.
No, let's focus on dinner 'cause I'm starving.
Or not.
- You are not the Thai food guy.
- Nope.
I don't mean to bust in unannounced.
Is everything okay? I solved Shepherd's puzzle.
So, I wrote an algorithm that consolidated all of the pinpricks inside the wolf, and it made this.
The number of dots in each row solved to a 3D printing code and it made this key.
What's that for? I don't know.
Rich and I didn't find any clues or directions in the puzzle.
I'm sorry, Jane.
I wanted to give you closure, but I don't know where to go from here.
I do.
I know exactly what this key unlocks.
Go for Weitz.
You thought you could use a drone to solve your problems, but you just made a bigger one for yourself.
- Who is this? Albert? - No.
Once I found out your dirty little secret, I knew he was the perfect patsy, so I made it look like he was avenging his daughter and you all bought it hook, line, and sinker.
Who are you? I'm the person who set off the four bombs today and I killed Albert Terrace.
Couldn't exactly have him ruin my plan.
Who was setting off explosives in the barn? I was, from a safe distance.
I wanted to push you to do something drastic, but, domestic drone? You exceeded our wildest expectations.
"Our" expectations? What do you want? In the near future, I'm gonna call for a favor, and you're gonna do everything I say.
I'll be in touch.