Blindspot (2015) s04e15 Episode Script

Frequently Recurring Struggle for Existence

1 [TIRES SCREECHING] [PHONE DIALING] What are you doing? We have to help.
Somebody might be in there.
We're not supposed to leave the truck.
[EXPLOSION] [SHOUTS] [GRUNTING] Must be my birthday.
We're only here for one thing.
Come on, we've got a whole armory here.
[GRUNTS] This is all we need.
[RICH] Okay, well, uh, it's been a while since we've all been together as a team since Jane stopped being evil, and since you stopped pretending to be evil, and I thought we should commemorate this occasion by unveiling "Tattoo Squad"! The semi-cooperative European style worker placement card drafting game with bidding elements and character customization.
You know, to mitigate the dice rolls.
It's a board game! Starring us! Solving complicated mysteries by completing puzzle tests on three unique boards! I'm both impressed and horrified.
Thank you! And, for the game pièce de résistance.
Et voilà! [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Now, they're just prototypes, just keep in mind.
We all get one.
There you go.
There you are.
Right? Okay? Now, we can play as ourselves, we can play with each other.
I call Jane, so you get me.
There you go.
Why is mine so much shorter than Patterson? It's not supposed to be to scale.
It's just a prototype.
It's not meant to It's cute that way, I think.
Why is my face all melty? Well, maybe if you'd invited me to your game nights you would have had a better sculpt.
Okay, this just got weird.
I think it's amazing, Rich.
It's a great way to celebrate the team.
[WELLER] You're right.
We have all been through a lot, and it's nice to know that we're on the same side again.
Okay, all right.
So let's see who goes first.
Everybody grab the 20-sided die.
Here we go.
Maybe later.
Jane, they're ready for us.
Okay, yeah.
So our agents brought in everything they discovered in the abandoned Sandstorm safe house.
We thought you could take a look.
It's nice of Shepherd to leave us a key to the place before she died.
Key to her old terror cell hideout.
How parental of her.
So you recognize the key, but you've never been there before? Well, Shepherd had safe houses and stash sites all over the place.
It was our job to know which key unlocked which site, but [SIGHS] I was only ever allowed to go to a few of them, and never that one, so Whatever's behind this door, she wanted me to find now.
If she had a plan set in motion before she died, we should definitely investigate.
On the other hand, I guess this could be a trap.
Shepherd doesn't have any power over us anymore.
- None.
- [SIGHS] You ready? [DOOR BEEPS] Kinda looks like Shepherd was getting ready for a yard sale.
[PATTERSON] Does any of this stuff look familiar to you? [SHEPHERD] Another win for Remy.
Yeah, I recognize almost all of it.
This triggering any memories? Yeah.
But it's different than it used to be when I couldn't remember my past.
Those were fragments, flashes.
This is, um This is like everything all at once.
All these old, fully-formed memories just leapfrogging to the front of my brain.
It's just a lot.
[SHEPHERD, ECHOING] It's not a good feeling wondering if you can trust your own daughter.
[PATTERSON] I'm sorry, Jane.
[JANE, MEMORY] I don't need you to be sorry.
- Wait Jane Just [PHONE BUZZING] [PATTERSON] We'll catalogue this stuff later.
We got a tattoo hit.
[READE] What do we got? Uh, you know that armored truck robbery this morning? [KURT] The one that was hauling an arsenal.
[RICH] Yes, every delicious piece of ordinance is present and accounted for, except one.
Thieves Left one empty crate.
[PATTERSON] The Hermes tattoo on Jane's body contains a serial number that matches whatever was stolen during the heist.
"Whatever was stolen"? What do you mean? Don't we know? The company that owns the truck is being pretty tight-lipped about whatever was on board.
[READE] SilverMark Industries.
Weapons developer and defense contractor.
FBI's had an eye on them for a while now.
Aren't they suspected of supplying the chemical weapons used in that hotel attack a few years ago? Unfortunately, we weren't able to tie anything to Silver Mark.
All right, so how did they respond to the robbery? They'll file a police report once they've done a full inventory on it.
Yeah, that sounds super legit.
So they must have been hauling something they shouldn't have been.
What about the guards in the truck? Are they alive? Battered and bruised, but treated and released.
SilverMark doesn't tell their guards whatever it is that they're transporting.
And I guess they're not as tempted to steal whatever's on board if they don't know what it is.
Well, someone knew.
Thieves figured it out.
I'm sure you guys can, too.
- Hey.
- Just a heads-up, I've been making rounds again with my contacts.
- Any leads on Madeline? - Not yet.
Her trail's getting cold.
If we don't bring her in, the CIA will be highly motivated to hold you accountable, whether you deserve it or not.
What did one girl do to get so lucky? Hey, look I see you pushing yourself, and that's good.
Just know that while we sort this whole Madeline thing out, you got an entire team you can lean on, all right? I know.
And I appreciate it.
[TEXT NOTIFICATION] - What is it? - It's Keaton.
[KEATON] So no backup.
Nobody to vouch you're one of the good guys.
Madeline on your tail.
I'm amazed you're still alive.
I'd hate to be you right now.
Says the guy who just got out of a coma.
You vouching for Tasha will go a long way in clearing her name.
Tasha I put you in an impossible situation, and I jeopardized the trust of the people you care about.
Sabrina Larren and the CIA are still gunning for Tasha.
They're not happy about how any of this played out.
I will be back later today with the authority to take that woman into CIA custody.
If we want them to back off, taking down Madeline and getting her to talk is pretty much our only hope.
Well, I know you're innocent.
But there's something at my place that might help prove it.
A USB drive in a concealed compartment in my desk drawer.
Password is "Narcil.
" It's a detailed record of everything I had you do-- what, where, when.
Just get that drive.
It's good to have you back.
So, I revisited the tattoo and realized it's not just a serial number.
By doing a full spectrum analysis on each digit, - I found these.
- Hey, puzzle pieces.
- Yeah.
- How traditional! Why don't you try arranging them in numerical order? [COMPUTER PINGING] [PATTERSON] Those look familiar.
They're on the computer chip tattoo.
[KEYBOARD BEEPING] So why is the "i" in "ASiA" the only word that's not capitalized? Silicon.
The semiconductor material used in computer chips.
Big "S," little "i" on the periodic table.
Okay, so Hermes is not Hermes, he's Mercury.
Same God, different name.
Okay, so if we add the atomic numbers - Mercury is 80.
- Silicon is 14, duh.
So that's It adds to 94-- Are you having trouble with simple math? Oh 94.
This is bad.
This is very bad.
Whoever robbed that truck, they just stole the key component for a nuclear weapon.
Oh, my God.
They've got plutonium.
Well! This is quite the pickle, huh? Most of you know Dave Kirkpatrick of the DIA.
Since we're dealing with missing plutonium, Director Weitz asked that he be brought in.
[WHISPERING] Oh, is this that Dave? My God, it's like Tintin joined the debate team.
He's an expert at nuclear weaponry and tech, so let's put Agent Kirkpatrick's skills to good use.
Oh, it's Dave.
We're all friends here.
The Defense Intelligence Agency is, uh, happy to help - get you guys back on track.
- Thank you, Dave.
[WELLER] We don't know how much of the plutonium was stolen.
But even the smallest amount poses a massive threat.
Oh, yeah.
It's a real humdinger.
One of the most dangerous substances on Earth.
Depending on the weaponization method.
Whether it's a dirty bomb, gun-type casing, implosion model on the fission end of things.
There are no good scenarios.
We need to find that plutonium.
Rich, Patterson, I want you guys - to work with Agent Kirkpatrick.
- Ah Dave.
See if you could find out who stole the stuff, and what they plan on using it for.
I'll check in with SilverMark, see if I can get them to talk.
Yeah, I'll contact local law enforcement.
Those burning cars at the crime scene - must have come from somewhere.
- Sounds good.
Let's make it happen.
I, uh, found the drive at Keaton's apartment.
You can start working on your defense for when the CIA comes calling.
What's up? It's just strange being at Keaton's apartment alone.
His wife and his daughter are staying with family by the hospital.
Something happen? No, I just He's got a really nice home.
Keaton the family man, huh? So I guess he does have a human side.
I wasn't so sure.
And it all gets destroyed if we don't clear our names.
Sometimes you forget how dangerous this can be for people you care about the most.
I'm gonna get this checked out.
[DAVE] I'm just gonna say it.
SilverMark Industries? You guys really should have kept a closer eye on them.
Thank you, Dave.
That is so helpful.
No, you know what? I think Clay Aiken's better-dressed stunt double has a point.
- He does? - Who's Clay Aiken again? Baseball? We know that SilverMark keeps their deliveries covert, so if we can't even figure out what they're carrying How could the robbers know? Unless it was an inside job.
What if it was an inside job? It's pretty much always an inside job, Patterson.
[PATTERSON] Okay, okay, so we look for someone on SilverMark's payroll with a criminal past.
Nothing damning here.
Sam in Accounting missed an alimony payment, Charlotte in HR punched a DJ at a rave in 1998.
Oh, well, I can empathize with that impulse, huh? Okay, if it was an employee they wouldn't have gone into work on heist day.
Gertrude Simmons, maintenance worker, hired in June, swapped shifts at the last minute.
[DAVE] Wait a minute.
I recognize that face.
That's not Gertrude Simmons.
That's Greta Smalls.
She's been on the DIA list for a while now.
She's an arms dealer.
If I can bring her in, this would be a pretty big win for me.
And obviously for us, team-wise, right? Every seller needs a buyer.
I'm gonna look into last known associates.
DIA's been trying to access the dark web, auction sites where things like this get sold, but there is absolutely no way in.
I think you mean there's absolutely no way in for you.
[HUSHED OVERLAPPING VOICES] Thought I'd find you here.
I, um [CLEARING THROAT] I looked into the, uh, burning cars used in the heist.
It's a dead end.
They were reported stolen from neighborhoods miles apart.
No connection.
No luck on my end either.
SilverMark is stonewalling us.
Hey, Jane What happened? In that room back there? It's just us.
Talk to me.
I almost held it together, until I felt that blanket.
What'd you remember? When I was a kid, there was this one really cold morning.
I crawled into Shepherd's bed, which she never let me do.
But I wrapped up in that blanket and I I just curled up right next to her.
And it sounds crazy, but, uh, that was one of the happiest moments of my life.
She knew how much that blanket meant to me.
And she put it in there for a reason.
All of those things.
And I think I know why.
Why? I think that stash site was supposed to be my recovery room.
Touchstones to-- to shock my memory back into being Remy, once I had accomplished my mission.
So, you think she thought that it'd still work? I don't know.
I mean, either that or she just did it to torture me one last time.
Thanks to this DIA list, and my more important deep web knowledge, we find ourselves at an auction site with which I have more than a passing familiarity.
" Greta's used those numbers before with different letters.
That's gotta be her.
What do we got? Oh, just an out-of-the-way corner of the dark web where our favorite plutonium thief is about to do business-- the usual.
All right.
That's Greta.
"Looking to buy.
" Great, uh "Have funds.
" She's not taking the bait.
[PATTERSON] "I have what you want to buy.
" What? Greta's buying? I thought she was selling the plutonium.
[DAVE] Oh, no.
What do you mean, "Oh, no?" If I'm correct, and I for sure am, GT and IMP are referring to different types of bomb casings.
IMP in this context meaning implosion device.
That's what you put the plutonium in to make a nuclear weapon.
[READE] Okay, she made the deal but they're going private.
- Can we still monitor them? - Yes.
I just need to hitchhike into their private chat.
Shouldn't be an issue.
[ALARM BLEEPING] Okay, that's a bit of an issue.
So now we don't know when the deal will go down, where it'll happen, or who she's gonna buy from.
She's about to become the owner of a fully functional nuke.
Dave, how bad is this? Depending on where it goes off, we're talking about thousands of people dead.
Hundreds of thousands, millions.
So, Patterson, it's very, very bad.
[DAVE] Greta is about to take some very dangerous chocolate and mix it with some very radioactive peanut butter.
You see, the plutonium is our peanut butter, and the implosion device, that is our chocolate, and when those-- All right, we-- we got it.
We need to figure out how to get into this private chat to shut the deal down-- - tell me you know something, Rich.
- [RICH] I'm working on it.
You said you knew the ins and outs of this site.
I used to be able to spy on everything on this thing, but, uh And we're in! Ta-da! I still got it.
[READE] Thanks to Rich, we now have a place and time.
Greta will attempt to buy a device to weaponize her plutonium today at the Caris Hotel.
And now we know who our seller is.
Konstantin Valenov.
A prominent Russian businessman.
We're still working out the details of the bust, but, Weller, - you'll run the team.
- I have a feeling this isn't gonna be as easy as kicking down a door.
No, the bigger threat here is the plutonium.
If I were Greta, I wouldn't bring it to the meet.
I'd leave it somewhere safe.
We gotta find it, so why don't we let the deal go through, and follow Greta back to the plutonium.
[DAVE] And what if we lose her? We just hope that Valenov sells her a bomb casing that doesn't work? What if it's not Valenov selling Greta the malfunctioning device? What if it's us? What do you have in mind? We intercept the device presale, tamper with it, rendering it useless Dibs! That's totally my area.
I mean, that is why I'm here.
Ahem, look, Dave, we appreciate your help-- Does anybody else here understand the technical intricacies of more than 57 implosion model nuclear devices? More than 57? Anybody! Because I know 58.
Okay, so Dave disables the device, and we sell it to Greta.
It probably has tracking capabilities.
I mean, most nuclear devices do.
Okay, so if Dave can active the tracker, the team can lock onto it, we'll follow that back to the plutonium.
All sounds well and good.
Can I disable the device? Sure.
Can I manipulate the tracker? Of course.
But how do we do this? I think I know.
If only there was some way I could demonstrate it visually.
Okay, so there's two rooms in the hotel.
Downstairs and upstairs.
Okay? Now we have Patterson and Dave as Greta and her, let's say, lackey, waiting on the second floor.
One floor down from the real buyer.
Now, why am I a peanut? Because you're not part of the team.
Saving me for the expansion.
Heh, smart.
Now we have Valenov and the device coming down, first floor, pressing the button for the the third floor, but thanks to some patented Rich.
com hackery, they're actually gonna make it to the second floor, where all the signs will have been changed to maintain the deception.
Oh, so basically, "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
" - I don't know what that is.
- It's a great film.
Tom Cruise does all his own stunts.
- Let's stay on track here.
- [RICH] Okay.
After we arrest Valenov [IMITATES SIREN] [RUSSIAN ACCENT] "Oh, no, I can't believe, you'll never take me alive.
All right, I'll go peacefully.
" Dave the Peanut will tamper with the device, rendering it useless, and then he'll bring it up to the third floor, where Kurt and Jane will be waiting.
Now, the meeting's supposed to start at 3:00, but, according to the chat, if either party's late, the deal is off.
All right, so we just have to buy some more time upstairs, while Dave brings the device downstairs.
I know those systems inside and out.
It'll take me two seconds.
Great, 'cause that's how many you'll have.
Okay, so that is your mission, and apparently you have chosen to accept said mission.
So, good luck.
Are you okay? Huh? Yeah.
I'm just, uh trying to keep my eye on the unimaginably dangerous prize without thinking too much about the people who are bringing said prize to us.
You said that you were pretty confident about this.
Do we need to find someone else? No.
No, no, no, no.
This is not my first rodeo.
I've been to numerous rodeos.
Should I close the door? I'm gonna close the door.
I'm-- I'm closing the door.
Okay, our life-size meatballs are in their starting positions, and Patterson is in place, getting her Greta face on.
Weller, Jane, you guys ready to go? [WHISPERING] We're set.
[RICH] Okay, game on.
Uh, Valenov just got on the elevator, and he's pressed the button for the third floor.
- He's coming to you early, Patterson.
- Copy that.
Just gonna override the system here, and he should get off on the second floor.
Okay, he got off.
It worked.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] You're here early.
I like that.
[VALENOV] You're Greta? Yep.
Who's this? I wouldn't come to a meeting like this - without my technical adviser.
- Muscle.
Which is it? [PATTERSON] He's kidding.
Clearly he's not the muscle.
His strength is his knowledge.
Not that I couldn't, of course.
Muscle stuff, that is.
Yeah, sure.
Mostly I'm the, uh, technical adviser, but, uh, I do work out.
Hit the gym.
Nasium squats.
Dave, you gotta keep it together, man.
[PATTERSON] You'll have to excuse my associate.
He's aces with high-tech weaponry.
But he has a little bit too much of an appetite for recreational powders.
[SNIFFLES] Greta, I understand a couple of years ago you did business with my old friend Yuri.
[PATTERSON] Yuri? Yuri I'm searching! Just a second! Patterson really needs the answer now, Rich.
Okay, uh, Yuri, Yuri.
The Gardener.
No, Butcher! Yuri the Butcher! Sorry.
My Russian's a little rusty.
Yuri the Butcher.
How is Yuri? [RICH] Uh, hang on.
Oh, dead! Super dead! Ha! Okay.
Oh, murdered in a very gruesome fashion.
And, according to the authorities, his killer is most likely standing right in front of you.
So that's fun.
Why don't you tell me? You were the last one to see him alive.
[CHUCKLING] Now, are we gonna do this or not? Of course.
Alpha Team, move in.
- Freeze! - FBI! [HANDCUFFS SNAPPING] - [CHUCKLING] - Hey, Dave! Get up! Get to work! Two seconds, remember? [KNOCK ON DOOR] Right on time.
My partner likes that.
Uh, your partner? I'll tell him you're here.
Of all the people who could have walked in here.
[SCOFFS] It's good to see you again, Remi.
[JANE] Yeah.
I wasn't sure you'd remember me.
I can't believe it's actually you.
This is that hell-raiser I was telling you about from when I worked with Shepherd.
I mean, Remi pulled off some of the craziest jobs I've ever seen.
I did my best.
I always wondered what happened with you after it all fell apart.
It looks like you landed on your feet.
There are worse things than working for Valenov.
I hate to break up this reunion, but I've gotta say, I don't like this coincidence one bit.
I appreciate the concern.
You and I go back four months.
She and I go back years.
Wouldn't be who I am without Remi.
When I was at my lowest, when I lost everything this woman helped me through.
And I trust her with my life.
And yours.
We should talk about this in private.
There's nothing to talk about.
[JANE] No, it-- no, no, no.
If she needs to talk things through to feel good about this, by all means, go and talk.
Whatever makes this sale happen.
Always the pragmatist.
Let's talk.
Do you wanna explain what's going on? He used to be army, just a regular family guy.
But Shepherd had other plans for him.
And she, uh, needed someone to set him up and to manipulate him.
To this day, he doesn't really know who was actually pulling the strings.
[WELLER] Shepherd.
No me.
She turned him into a murderer.
Okay, I can in fact confirm that this Cameron Gibbs is a very bad guy.
[READE] He's responsible for a number of attacks on military targets all across the country in the past few years.
So what happened with you two? Well, when I was Remi, as part of an op, I needed access to confidential military files.
Gibbs was a pencil-pusher at the Army office where they were kept, so I lifted his I.
and I stole the files.
He got blamed and dishonorably discharged.
[SIGHS] He never knew it was me.
That's why he hates the military.
Yeah, but that's not all of it.
After he was discharged, I recruited him.
I turned his hate to Sandstorm's advantage.
I created a monster.
Remi may have pushed him.
But at some point he made a choice.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Patterson, what's taking so long? [PATTERSON] We've got a problem.
Huh This is not the time for "huh," Dave.
Jane and Weller are treading water upstairs.
We need to figure this out.
Well, this is not at all what I was expecting.
It's not one of the 58.
The circuitry is all different.
This must be a-- a newer model than the one they were talking about in the chat room.
I get the confusion.
Most people don't even know what generation iPad they have.
- [CHUCKLING] - Dave! You need to hurry.
You're not making it any easier.
[READE] Weller, Jane, you guys are gonna have to stall.
While I appreciate my partner's concerns, we have talked it over and ultimately we have decided to move forward with this transaction.
Let's see what ya got.
I appreciate your eagerness, but it's been a while, since I've seen you, and I need to make sure I'm still dealing with the same man I used to know.
Sounds like a great excuse for a drink.
That's a fantastic idea.
Can you disable this thing and activate the tracker or not? Huh This is a "no huh" zone right now! Sooner or later, those guys upstairs are gonna wanna see this thing, and when they do, Jane and Weller need to be holding it.
To turn off the explosive ignition element, I need to disable the tracker.
Or vice-versa.
I can do one, but I can't do both.
Disable the tracker.
We'll find Greta's plutonium another way.
And Remi says, "I told you it'd cost an arm and a leg.
" [CAMERON LAUGHING] The look on that guy's face.
[LAUGHING] All right.
Enough war stories.
[CLEARS THROAT] We good? Can we do what we all came here to do.
[JANE] I don't see why not.
So what are you planning to do with that thing, anyway? [GRETA] None of your business.
Let's see it.
[WELLER] Okay.
Let me, uh, set up the transfer.
Verify that the funds are there.
Be my guest.
Let's get it moving.
It's just about done.
Okay, so Entering my account details.
[GRUNTING] Uh, now I need yours.
[WELLER] Verifying now.
The Wi-Fi in this place is terrible.
On it.
Terrible Wi-Fi connection coming right up.
Oh Sorry, but I think that's the culprit.
I never know how to get rid of these things.
Do you guys? You ever think about getting a separate computer for work? [DAVE] The Eagle is about to land.
This is taking too long.
[WELLER] Well, if you were helping me, I mean, you know, things might go a little faster.
Maybe if you tried quitting out of everything.
Good call.
[WELLER] And the moment of truth.
There you go.
Funds are verified.
[SIGHS] Let's see the device.
Hope it works as good as it looks.
[READE] Just a reminder, the tracking device does not work, so it won't be able to track it back to wherever Gibbs is keeping the plutonium.
We want in.
What? [JANE] Working for Valenov pays the bills, but it's been too long since I've been on a job that actually meant something.
Whatever you have planned, I wanna be a part of it.
For old times' sake.
Gibbs no.
"Old times' sake.
" I used to idolize you.
Do you know that? It would be an honor to have you along for what I have planned today.
[GRUNTS SOFTLY] This is heavy.
Remi, you come with me.
Finish up the transaction.
Meet at the rendezvous.
We'll take the stairs.
Why not the elevator-- it'd be a lot easier than carrying that thing down.
I never go through the main lobby.
Too many eyes.
No one ever watches the service stairs.
Plus, I lifted the keys from the janitor, so I could slip out.
That being said, would you check in there? See if there's a dolly or a hand cart we could use.
Uhh! Hey! [GRUNTING] What are you doing? The plan was to kill whoever showed up to sell us that thing.
Cleaner that way.
You taught me that.
But I could never kill you.
Yeah, well, let me out.
I can still help.
Sorry about your partner.
He seemed nice.
What are you talking about? Well, I don't know him.
I can't take that risk.
Neither can Greta.
Kurt Kurt, Greta's coming for you.
[STATIC ON HEADSET] [JANE] Kurt, can you hear me? Greta Kurt [GUNSHOT] [GRUNTING] [GRETA GRUNTING] Gibbs got away.
But Dave sabotaged the device.
So Gibbs doesn't have a working nuke.
Yeah, he'll figure that out soon enough, though.
When he realizes the device doesn't work, a guy like that'll know he can make one heck of a dirty bomb with all that plutonium.
Can Gibbs really improvise a dirty bomb that quickly? I mean, the guy, he likes exploding things that much, I'm sure he's got something on hand to build it with.
We gotta find him-- Weller, you gotta get Greta talking.
All right, so what is the target? Go to hell.
Why are you protecting him? You've only known Gibbs for a few months.
Gibbs is going to kill a lot of innocent people.
Do you really want to be a part of that? [WELLER] What you do right now has everything to do with how you'll be tried when this is over.
[SIGHS] I was just helping with the deal and the getaway.
What he does in between, that's on him.
Greta, if you work with us right now the FBI will take that into account.
This is years of your life you're playing with, Greta.
We're supposed to meet in front of the Howard building in Queens.
Okay, Rich, Gibbs said the attack is gonna be today and that he's settling a score.
All right, and we know that his main beef is with the military.
Put those two things together with the rendezvous point in Queens.
Oh, okay.
I got it! Uh There's an event honoring the military at the Hutton Center tonight.
It's gonna be packed.
And look who the guest of honor is.
It's gonna be Colonel Alan Spiegel.
He's the man who signed Gibbs' discharge papers.
[RICH] Oh, and then there's this.
A construction truck full of debris was just reported stolen from right near the venue.
That gives Gibbs everything he needs to make a dirty bomb.
[PATTERSON] The event's starting soon.
Wait, the Hutton Center's just around the corner.
That blast is gonna kill a lot of people.
There'll be nuclear fallout for miles.
Let's move.
Frank, you take her in.
[SIREN WHOOPING] I caused this.
This is my fault.
Just put that out of your head.
Okay? There's too much at stake here.
No, I didn't just ruin one man's life, - I've - [SIREN WHOOPING] I've endangered thousands of others.
No, Jane, that wasn't you.
If I don't start taking responsibility for the things that Remi did, I don't know what's going to happen to me.
[READE] Just a heads-up, The Hutton Center will not, I repeat, will not be evacuated.
Even though the clock's ticking, local PD doesn't want to cause mass panic.
Or tip Gibbs off and detonate the bomb.
And if an explosion does happen soon, it won't really matter if they evacuate or not.
[WELLER] All right, so we gotta stop him.
Almost there.
Cover more ground.
I'll take upstairs.
[STATIC] [PANTING] [GIBBS] Don't move! Gibbs, just listen.
You sold me a dud! You played me! Why are you doing this? I'm hoping nobody else has to die today.
What happened to you? [GIBBS] Who are you? Jane! Tell me where you are! Put down the detonator.
Let's leave the service tunnel and work this out.
Service tunnel.
Got it! [GIBBS] We're not going anywhere.
There's only one way outta here now.
That's not true.
I know what you're trying to do and why.
But think about all the innocent people that are going to die.
They are not just collateral damage.
Collateral damage? The Army didn't care about collateral damage when they ruined my life! The Remi I know would've cheered me on for this.
You've changed.
So can you, Gibbs.
Army was all that I cared about.
When I got blamed for everything, no one, no one, not even my family believed that I was innocent, no one except you.
You gave me a new purpose.
You told me, "Make them pay.
" Would your family want this? My family! I'm dead to them already.
You can't detonate that bomb.
Why's that? Because the Army didn't do this to you.
Jane, no! Don't say it! It was me.
What do you mean, you did this to me? I took your access codes.
I stole the classified documents.
I got you fired.
And when I saw how far you'd fallen, I knew you'd be useful to Shepherd.
You're lying.
I befriended you.
I groomed you.
I recruited you.
I was your problem and your solution.
I am the one who ruined your life, not the Army and not those people at the ceremony upstairs.
Why are you telling me this? Because I was a different person back then.
I did terrible things.
And I made a decision to change.
To be better.
Cameron, it is not too late to be better.
To correct the mistakes of the past.
You lied.
For years.
You You were my friend.
No, I wasn't.
It's me you wanna hurt not them.
You're right.
[SNIFFLES] I do wanna hurt you.
And it sounds like the best way to do that is for you to die knowing that you killed me and all the people upstairs, too.
No, I can help you.
We're good to go.
How you holding up? I don't know if I can do this.
I thought I could, uh close the door on my past.
Quarantine it.
But I can't.
You just gotta keep fighting.
Keep trying.
I'm so tired, Kurt.
I'm tired of fighting.
Tired of trying, tired of remembering.
I just wanna forget.
Hey [SOBBING] Come here.
- [SOBBING] - Shh, shh, shh.
Any new leads on Madeline's whereabouts - or what she's planning? - Not yet.
But the night is young.
What about Keaton's USB drive? - [SIGHS] - What's wrong? The file doesn't exonerate both of us.
It just clears me.
I was the one crossing the lines out there doing what I thought I had to for the mission.
But he claims I was blindly following him, and he was calling all the shots.
Why would he fall on his sword like that? My guess, maybe he realized how much damage he was doing to your life.
He put you through hell.
Maybe that was starting to weigh on him, and he wants to make it right.
[TAPS ON DOOR] Okay, pretty sure visiting hours are over.
Just here to say one thing.
[KEATON] Well, that doesn't sound good.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I won't let you sacrifice yourself for me.
- Look, Tasha, I - Keaton, shut up! It was my choice to go undercover and work off the books.
You didn't make me do anything.
And I won't be responsible for you getting thrown in prison or somewhere worse.
As if either of you has much say.
I'm gonna clear both of our names by taking Madeline down and getting the truth out of her.
So you just focus on resting up and getting strong.
Good night.
That was more than one thing.
You coming? Give us a minute.
We need to get something straight.
Okay, this is not restful.
Keeping me in the dark when Zapata was out there, lying to my face about it I get it's the job, it's part of the business.
But it felt pretty damn personal to me.
It was.
Excuse me? It was personal.
I didn't loop you in because I knew you, of all people, would be able to talk her out of it.
Have you met the woman? No one can talk her out of anything.
You word carries more weight than you think.
But I think part of you probably knows that.
Welcome back, Keaton.
Thank you.
"Very not good.
Ambushed by henchmen.
" - Better make that roll.
- Okay, all right.
Well, what do I need? Between a 14 and the symbol for Gemini? - Ah - Almost.
Wait, okay.
I got a commendation from the bigwigs card.
It's not enough.
I still get tied up and lose a turn at the Docks.
- Brutal.
- Yes! Okay, your go.
So that is a 14.
And I'm gonna use my "Help from a Deep-Web contact.
" That makes 17.
Did I solve it? Ah, you cracked the tattoo! You know what, this is actually a pretty decent game.
- Oh, really? - Um I'm impressed.
I will pass that on to the designer.
Oh, and you know what? I, uh I found this lying around.
I thought you might want it.
Hey, no more melty face.
And you're still taller than Weller.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] NYPD finally gave us access to the security cam outside the Sandstorm hideout.
Uh, let me run a program to see if there's been any activity the last few weeks.
[COMPUTER CHIRPS] [RICH] Oh, mysterious hooded figure.
Dramatic much? Who the hell is that? I don't know.
They must have the same kind of key Shepherd gave to Jane.
According to the timestamp, this was taken just before we raided the place.
Is that an old member of Sandstorm? Whoever it is, we must have just missed them.