Blindspot (2015) s04e16 Episode Script

The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend

1 [MADELINE] It's in the air as we speak.
Your task is to bring it down before its scheduled landing in DC in three hours.
[ALARM BLARING] Restore access to the Bradley analytic servers! Restoring access now! [BEEPING] [WEITZ] We're leveling off.
We're back.
We're on autopilot, baby! [WATER DRIPPING] [READE] Tasha, where are you? [TASHA] I'm on my way to Zurich I know where Madeline keeps the documents she won't destroy.
[PINGING] Uhh! [BEEPING] This card has been inserted into an unauthorized device.
Your friend was just putting it into her phone when I got there.
It was in her phone? For like one second.
I'm pretty sure she didn't get anything off it.
Pay the woman.
[CHUCKLES] From the Remington fund.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Pretty sure.
Wait, Dominic, what are you [GROANS] We could have used her help.
You're right.
We do need help.
And I know just how to find it.
Drone has been authorized.
[WHOOSHING] [EXPLOSION] [DISTORTED VOICE] You thought you could use a drone to solve your problems, but you just made a bigger one for yourself.
Once I found out your dirty little secret, I knew it was the perfect patsy.
You exceeded our wildest expectations.
"Our" expectations? What do you want? In the near future, I'm gonna call for a favor, and you're gonna do everything I say.
I'll be in touch.
[CLICK] [DISTORTED] If I had this app, what did I need you for? My winning smile.
[CHUCKLES] We stopped Zapata from getting the Helios file.
Now we have the director of the FBI in our back pocket.
And to think, two days ago, I thought we were in trouble.
Don't call it a comeback.
People who could still be a liability.
I don't see Zapata's name on here.
I have something special planned for her.
You lose a contact? Madeline left in a rush she could have left something here that could help us find her.
Forensics scoured every inch of this place.
There's nothing here.
Forensics don't know Madeline Burke.
What Whoa, oh okay, I get it.
This place wasn't exactly a safe haven for you.
You don't know the half of it.
I know the half that got me tied up and beat down in my own apartment.
Uhh! [PANTING] Her cruelty, her mind games.
If Madeline gets away Then you'll think you will have done this for nothing.
But that's not the case.
Thanks to you, she's on the run.
We're taking apart HCI Global piece by piece.
She's got no one to turn to, nowhere to go.
Her back's against the wall.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Uhh! [PANTING] Patterson's log, entry 44074.
The Mystery of the Hooded Figure continues.
It's been three days since they entered Shepherd's secret bunker.
We have no idea who they are.
[RICH] You're never gonna believe this.
Wait a second, what were you just doing? It's nothing.
What's what am I not gonna believe? The mystery person's jacket is a Housley's Ribs exclusive, sold only in their restaurants.
Okay, great, if we can just access their sales database Their 578 restaurants across 48 states.
Also, that line was discontinued seven years ago, but their records only go back six.
Plus Okay, okay, I get it.
It's a nonstarter.
Okay, so, uh, speaking of that bunker full of Remi mementos that send Jane into an emotional tailspin, how's she doin'? [KNOCK ON DOOR] Good morning.
You sure that you don't want me to stay at home with you today? No.
No, go ahead.
Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready.
That's exactly what you said to me yesterday.
I know, it's just that every time I think about leaving or going outside, my body freezes up, and it's like it's warning me that the whole world is just one, big time bomb, waiting to explode in my face.
You can't hide from these Remi memories forever.
Well, I wish it was just memories.
I think about her lying to you, and how close she was to What are you hiding behind your back? [SIGHS] It's poison.
I've done some calling around.
I've been searching for a therapist that is the best at helping someone that's going through the things that you are.
And one name just kept coming up.
All right, now it's totally up to you.
I'm just letting you know.
Thank you.
[CLANKING] Well, at least now you know you never have to come back here again, right? What's the deal with this tree? It's creepy.
It's called the Tree of Death.
Of course.
Hey, if we leave now, we can still make it to Mabel's for some fresh scones.
Get down! [MACHINE GUN FIRE] [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] [BOTH PANTING] What the hell was that? They trying to take out Madeline? Madeline's on the run, and the whole world knows it.
Those are for us.
I thought everything was fine, until I ran into Gibbs.
Cameron Gibbs.
I recruited you.
The harmless pencil-pusher that Remi turned into a killing machine.
And every time I think about him, I feel I'm sorry, it's hard to put into words.
It's not the memories themselves that are paralyzing you.
It's the internal conflict between Remi's emotions and your own between her rage and your remorse.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
Uh, so what should I do? Honestly, this would be uncharted territory for me.
- Hmm.
- The good news This is a cognitive behavioral therapist out of Columbia.
An expert in, well, unusual diagnoses.
If I give her your case history I believe she'll be willing to see you today.
So you're saying you can't help me.
I just don't want to promise you something I'm not sure I can deliver.
Oh, man, it's like the last scene in "Scarface.
" Is this Madeline's handiwork? A high-caliber machine gun in broad daylight? Doesn't fit her M.
too sloppy, too impersonal, and she's on the run, keeping a low profile.
Ballistics tracked the path of the bullets back to their source.
The tenth floor of the building across the street.
And the cameras there caught a glimpse of this man.
He was the only person to enter and exit the building in the timeframe of the shooting while also carrying a case that was large enough to conceal a high-caliber weapon.
Officially, he is Alonzo Cruz, international businessman.
And unofficially? The DEA believes he's Alonzo Cortez.
[ZAPATA] Cousin of Franco Cortez, the leader of the Sabinito drug cartel.
We want to borrow your hacker.
It's a deal.
He's the cartel's chief hit man, their one-man death squad.
So the cartel's gunning for you.
I did kill their man, Del Toro.
This could be about revenge.
You're not the only friend of the FBI that was involved in the murder, though.
Boston was there, too.
Maybe we should bring him in, you know, like for protection? For protection, or so you can get reacquainted with your newly-freed ex? Excuse me, would you ask Kurt that about Jane? - How dare you? - That's not even Okay! Rich isn't wrong.
About Boston.
He could be in trouble.
[WELLER] All right, fine.
We'll bring in the little guy.
It's the right thing to do.
And the only person that knew that ZIP had fatal side effects was my brother, who was Sorry, sorry.
Uh, your brother, that's - Roman.
- Roman.
Yes, the psychopath.
Of course.
And And Alice was She was who I used to be.
Uh, I thought you used to be Remi.
[SIGHS] I did, I-I was Alice before I was Remi.
Got it, got it.
And these glowing tattoos that you mentioned, was that a metaphor? What did you mean by that? I mean, they glow.
Uh I don't think this is the right fit.
And Shepherd, your mother I mean, not your mother-mother, but your, um uh, whatever she was.
Is that name a metaphor as well or [SIGHS] The cartel just struck again.
What? Please tell me it's not Boston.
It's not Boston.
Okay, but is it actually not Boston, or are you just saying that because I said so? Patterson, please continue.
Former HCI Global exec John Siracusa was just found dead in the trunk of his town car.
An ATM camera found Mr.
International Businessman a block away, and the lack of fingernails on our victim suggests torture, - cartel style.
- [RICH] Ugh.
Why was Siracusa targeted for torture, but not me? [WELLER] Siracusa might know how to find Madeline.
I mean, she has to be a cartel target, too.
And, uh, Boston? I feel like I heard his name mentioned.
We're still looking for him, Rich.
Would you relax? Boston is a free man.
For all we know, he could be on a beach somewhere, drinking away his memories of house arrest - with a bunch of new friends.
- Wait, what? - What new friends? Is Chet there? - [PHONE BUZZING] Because if Chet's there, I swear to God Another HCI Global exec just turned up dead.
- What? - She was dropped from her balcony, fell 50 floors onto a bus.
That's another cartel trademark.
- [WELLER] Was anyone else hurt? - No.
So this is getting out of hand.
We have to stop Cortez before any innocent people become collateral damage.
[PATTERSON] When you went to Madeline's office this morning, you didn't have any plans to go there, - right? - No, I just went.
So for Cortez to know that you'd be there, he'd have to be following you.
Rich, you wanna take your mind off Boston and go start searching the traffic cams.
Yeah, okay.
All right.
You gonna join me? There are two dead HCI Global execs and one shot-up office.
The cartel isn't playing around.
- We need to relocate.
- Not yet.
What do you mean, not yet? A hit man is torturing and killing anyone who can lead him to us.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Okay, so this sedan was definitely following Zapata and Reade from our offices to Madeline's.
The heads straight to the Queens Midtown tunnel.
You know, Boston and I used to play a game called "The Queen's Midtown Tunnel.
" The car heads straight into the Queens Midtown tunnel and never comes out how is that even possible? We used to wonder the same thing.
Where did the car go? [BOSTON] Check the traffic cams at Center and 51st.
Look who I found.
Boston! You're alive? You smell like the beach.
You haven't been with Chet, have you? Excuse me, you're not excited to be back here? In FBI custody? This is not the definition of "free" that I'm familiar with.
Okay, wait, wait.
Go back to the traffic cam thing you were talking about.
Uh, if you drive on the shoulder and turn right just as you exit the tunnel, the tunnel's cameras can miss you, but the cameras at the next intersection will not.
Oh, my God, you're right.
There's the car! You know, you could at least pretend to be happy that we saved your life.
Saved my life? I was out scoping galleries for my new exhibition when two federal crew cuts pulled me out of there.
Oh, suddenly you don't like guys in crew cuts? Okay, okay, okay! Boston's tip worked.
Look, found the car.
It's parked in front of a hotel by LaGuardia.
We gotta get down there.
Where's Weller? He went to check on Jane.
Should I ping him? - No, Zapata and I can handle it.
- Okay.
[KEYBOARD BEEPING] Finally got people to buy up your, uh, flightless birds and horned whales and whatnot? The work I did while on house arrest happens to be selling like hotcakes.
That is fantastic that Motel 8 is redecorating.
[CHUCKLES] You know, the old me would have been really hurt by that, but I'm an actual artist now, and I no longer need to engage with the peanut gallery.
[LAUGHS] "Peanut gallery"? What What are you, you You're what what [SCOFFS] Can you believe that guy? He's here for two seconds on your request.
- Yeah.
- And you can't stop insulting him! What is wrong with you? Don't you take that tone with me.
[DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS] [KEYS JANGLING] [SIGHS] I take it things didn't go well with the therapist.
And none of 'em even knew where to begin with me.
You need to take time.
I don't have time.
I'm paralyzed, Kurt.
I need somebody who could help me now, someone who has experience with a case like mine.
That might be a little tough.
No one's dealt with a case like yours before.
Oh actually There might be one person.
I need your help.
You didn't give me much of a choice.
I've told the FBI everything I know.
I'm not asking for the FBI.
I'm asking for me.
You've come to me for therapy? I have nowhere else to go.
Think of this as your chance to help make things right.
The last time I tried to help you, my reward was getting sent here.
This isn't fun for me, either.
This is a bad idea.
We never had a real doctor-patient relationship.
My job wasn't to keep you mentally healthy.
It was to keep you in the FBI to keep you in Weller's orbit.
No one knows Remi and me like you do.
You don't need a cheat sheet, you don't need a a recap.
You're not just my best option, you are my only option.
No, I can't do this.
I'm ready to go back to my cell! No! We're not done yet.
I'm not leaving here until you talk to me.
And neither are you.
[KEYS JANGLING] Well, I guess you're not the only one without an option.
Look, as far as how you got here, there's a lot of blame to go around.
All I'm asking is to let me tell you what I'm going through.
And then, if you still don't wanna help, so be it.
But right now just listen.
What a surprise I hope we didn't catch you at a bad time.
Hello to you, too, Dominic.
[DOOR SHUTS, LOCK CLICKS] Going somewhere? - Just upstate.
- Hmm.
With HCI Global execs dropping like flies, I thought it might be a good idea to get out of the city for a bit.
What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in like Venezuela or something? Or something.
All clear.
He's alone.
So aren't you gonna offer me a drink? Thanks for your help earlier.
De rien.
[PHONE CHIMES] Ah! Look at that.
Another one of my pieces sold.
Hey so we got Alonzo? Reade and Zapata brought him in within incident, but he's sticking to his story that he's just a businessman in town for a convention.
Here's a case that he was spotted with.
[LATCHES UNSNAPPING] Alas no machine gun.
We've got no physical evidence tying Alonzo to the murders.
It's almost like he's a professional.
- Hmm.
- We have to find something concrete.
Otherwise, we gotta let him go.
And then everything seemed fine for a second.
Until Shepherd sent me a key to a bunker filled with things from Remi's life.
And that opened the flood gates.
It was like Remi's thoughts, her-her emotions, were holding me hostage.
Really? You don't have anything to say after all of that? You told me to listen.
Forget it.
This was a mistake.
You talk about Remi as if she's a different person.
She is a different person.
How so? I didn't do all of those horrible things! Of course you did.
You said you came to me because I'm the only therapist on the planet who knows both you and Remi, right? Well sit down and let me tell you a little something about both of you.
Jane left the apartment today.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Uh, it was to see a therapist.
Whatever she needs to do.
So that therapist is Borden.
She wanted me to tell you before you found out from anyone else.
Uh, I was not expecting that, but I just want Jane back, so whatever she needs.
- Same here.
- Ditto.
Three more HCI Global execs are dead.
Looks like Alonzo was even busier than we thought.
No, you don't understand these three were killed after we took Alonzo into custody.
What, so we've got the wrong guy? No, we've finally found Cortez's weapons stashed in a hotel basement.
- He's the guy.
- Maybe they sent a second assassin.
This fast? You said it yourself, Cortez is a one-man death squad.
Yeah, but, Cartel or not, someone else is on the war path.
You can be honest with us, Casey.
We're not the first meeting you've had lately.
I'm telling you, the FBI hasn't made a move for me.
[MADELINE] Well, they will.
And when they do you will be tempted to cut a deal.
I won't have to cut a deal because they won't have anything on me.
The team that saved Air Force One, they're very good, and they will find something.
And they're gonna come after you looking for me.
They're gonna offer you a way out.
You will be tempted to take it, but I promise you, if you reject any offer they make, even if it means serving jail time, we are all gonna get out of this scot-free.
Please don't take this the wrong way.
How could you guarantee that? You're just gonna have to trust me on that one.
Look, I don't know if you can still pull off Helios or not, but I can tell you this, I will never make a deal with the FBI.
So, you know how Zapata uploaded some of the data off that SD card Madeline stashed in Zurich? Yeah, but I thought it was scrambled.
Well, today's events unscrambled a bit of it.
The word "Helios" appears followed by half a dozen present and former HCI Global execs.
"Helios" mean anything to you? No, but I'm guessing all those execs were killed today.
And here's a twist they were all killed after we brought in Alonzo.
What, so Madeline was the one that was killing them all? Okay, think about it, you're Madeline.
You're in hiding, you have this kill list, but you're also wanted for a thousand crimes and not looking to up your rap sheet.
But the cartel shows up, gunning for you and the people connected to you.
And instead of running away from them, you decide to use the opportunity to cover your own killings.
So she got lemons and she made, uh, super-bloody lemonade? Why would she kill the only people that are willing to help her, though? Because they know too much.
If we leverage them, we could figure out where she is and what she's up to.
So this is Madeline's final purge before she disappears for good.
Is there anyone on that list that's still alive? [SIGHS] Just one.
Casey Marco.
Thank you for speaking with me in person, Casey.
I guess I'm old-fashioned.
I still believe in doing things face-to-face.
Well, I'm just glad we're on the same page again.
And I'm the same way.
It always feels better to be able to look someone in the eyes.
I agree.
[GAGGING] Unfortunately, I saw too much fear in yours.
That was the last of your naughty list.
Now what? Now we vanish.
Yeah, Madeline doesn't strike me as the type to do her own strangling.
Dominic? That'd be my guess, but she was here, too.
And with her kill list complete, Madeline's next move will be to get out of the country.
Check this out.
He was hiding a piece of paper with a phone number and the word "fuchsia" on it.
[ZAPATA] That's not a phone number.
It's a pager.
How can you tell the difference? Because I've seen a slip like that before.
It belongs to Madeline's pilot, J.
That's the pilot we used to track you.
- He's a pilot? - Yeah, yeah, James B.
His signature's on a lot of these things.
Flights and dates match up with the places we know that Madeline and Zapata have already been.
It's how he communicates.
You page him, and he only responds when you send the correct code, usually a color.
And he changes it frequently.
Well, if that's still his current pager number, we can use it - to track him down.
- If we can track him, that might lead us to Madeline.
You really think there are two distinct and separate people living in that body? Two minds? Two hearts? Why don't you want to answer the question? I thought it was rhetorical.
Your notion of Remi as "the other" is just a construct.
- Remi was real.
- Yes, but the division between you isn't.
It's an invention, designed to deflect any blame you might feel for the things you've done - in your past.
- No, I I came out of that bag a clean slate.
What you're going through, this anxiety and paralysis, it's a schism caused by this most basic rejection of reality.
And it's time for you to accept the truth.
That what, I'm a monster? I always have been? Always will be? I know this isn't easy to hear.
And it's something you need to accept in order to move forward.
No, the ZIP made me a new person, a-a better person.
That's just a narrative fed to you by me.
If you had come out of that bag having to wrestle with all the crimes you've committed, if the FBI had to treat you as a criminal, it never would have worked.
You had to stay a victim.
I'm not her.
I'm not Remi! [PANTING] The look on your face right now, I've seen it before.
I saw it the first time you came to me for help.
When, after after you found me in Times Square? No, after my wife and I found you in Afghanistan.
[GRUNTING] What's so complicated? She's hurt, I found her.
We have an obligation to treat her.
See, I look at you now and I see the person I met back then.
Sure, the hair's a little different, the skin more illustrated.
But everything else is essentially the same.
The fear, the vulnerability, the expression on your face.
You remember that day, now don't you? I have to go.
It's not safe for you if I stay.
- Wait, not safe how? - What happened to you? Is there someone we can call? Don't call anyone.
I just I have to go.
You will die on your own, do you understand me? You're staying here until you're well.
No, please.
I met this you a long time ago.
And the love of my life was wiped off the face of the planet.
Chris? Chris? Chris! - No! - Chris! There is nothing you can do! They're here for you! Because you came into my life.
Not Alice Kruger.
Not Remi Briggs.
Not Jane Doe.
Just you.
[GASPING] - I'm sorry.
- For what? - For what I went through? - No.
No, for bringing my enemies into your life and changing it forever.
I thought I could make it right by recruiting you to work for Shepherd, but I just made it worse.
I'm really sorry for what I did to you.
Please say something.
Doesn't it feel better to talk about yourself as one person? James "J.
" Kelley got his pilot's license at 15, spent over a decade as a medevac pilot before Hank Crawford recruited him to work at HCI Global.
has no family, no roots.
He practically lives in the sky.
His only connection to the ground is via that pager.
- [READE] Can we trace it? - Well, it's an old-school, one-way pager.
It uses a radio network.
I have no way of tracing it, but I was hoping that maybe Boston might know some tricks.
So, once again, you and Rich are stumped and need my infinite wisdom to get you out of a jam.
[WELLER CLEARS THROAT] Can you track a one-way pager or not? Not.
Look, I say we just call him.
The pager might not be traceable, but his callback number could be.
If we call J.
, we give up the element of surprise.
He'll know we have his number.
A number that's not doing us any good.
Our best play here is to get him to give up his location.
I'm with Tasha on this one.
Okay, let's reach out and touch someone.
- [PHONE CHIMING] - Oh, sorry, heh.
Oh! Another sale.
At this rate, I won't have anything left to exhibit.
[CHUCKLES] Selling for 90 bucks? Oh, okay.
I knew it.
You're the one who's buying Boston's art.
What? No.
Okay, yes.
But I can explain.
Explain how this is one big, vicious mind game? The second that Boston finds out that he's not making real sales, this is gonna devastate him.
It's not a big mind game, okay, numb nuts? I have a very good reason for what I'm doing.
- Okay.
- Look, the art world is not interested in a reformed forger who's been out of the legit game as long as Boston has.
So I am just creating a buzz, you know, getting his name out there.
- Oh, sure.
- Yeah.
Hey, wait a second.
Okay, listen.
One could argue that Boston's life went off the rails because of me.
Okay, so it's the least I could do.
You say that now, but I know you.
You are your own worst enemy, and I can guarantee you the second he pushes one of your buttons, you're not gonna be able to resist throwing this back in his face.
And whenever that happens, I don't know if he's ever gonna be able to forgive you.
If I was so bad, how can I ever truly become good? I think you need to stop looking at yourself through this prism of good and bad.
Then how should I look at myself? All right, when you joined Orion and then Sandstorm, you were on a search for justice, correct? A pretty warped view of justice.
But justice nonetheless.
You wanted to right what you saw as a world of wrongs, which isn't all that different from your role now at the FBI, is it? I guess not.
It's just that now the the wrongs I wanna correct are my own.
And that's a problem because There's so many of them.
Too many to atone for.
I I don't even know where to begin, and when I think about it, it just completely paralyzes me.
Well, let me tell you a story someone once told me when I was in a dark place.
A boy walks along a beach, when he comes across a thousand starfish, all washed up on the shore, baking in the sun, dying.
So he picks one up and he throws it back into the sea, saves it.
A man walks up to the boy and says, "You can't save every starfish on this beach.
- "It's impossible.
" - And then the boy says, "No but I can save that one.
" I told you that story when we were fleeing Afghanistan to get you to join Sandstorm.
Regardless of your intent, it was still good advice.
Stop thinking about the whole beach.
Just focus on what you can save.
He's calling back.
That's a voice I thought I'd never hear again.
Is this traceable? Yeah, Madeline and I had a falling out.
Not easily, but I have my ways.
But that doesn't mean that we can't still be friends.
Yeah, do friends try to trace each other's calls? By the time you get a read on me, I'll be halfway across the globe.
- So buh-bye.
- Wait! You're in danger.
And what, you're gonna help me? I heard the Sabinito Cartel already made one attempt on your life today.
Yeah, and Madeline and I weren't the only people in Mexico who met up with them you were there, too.
You think you don't have a target on your back? Madeline'll protect me.
Just like she protected Casey Marco? And all her other allies she killed today? What happens when you outlive your usefulness? You've got one path to safety.
Come and help us take down Madeline.
I'll come in.
For $10 million.
- We can't do that.
- Look, if he's really got something, it's worth it.
Even if he does, getting $10 million out of the FBI ain't gonna be easy.
Aw, come on, J.
That's a big price to pay when we don't even know what we're getting.
What if I told you exactly how Madeline's getting out of the country and when? Then I'd say you've got a deal.
You're doing the right thing coming in, J.
[WELLER] Where's Madeline? So what is this? - Coordinates? - Nah, it's my Bitcoin wallet.
Soon as I see 10 million in it, I'll start talking.
The deal was money for intel.
How's Madeline getting out of the country? We need the intel before the FBI - can authorize this transfer.
- You're right.
Madeline's leaving the country in an hour.
You got one chance to get her.
And that one chance is gonna cost you $10 million.
It's that simple.
You know this guy.
Can we trust him? I think right now he's the best chance we've got.
- Come on with me.
- Okay.
Wait a second.
You can't go.
Madeline's still out there.
Yeah, but she's leaving the country.
But she could still find you.
Just hang on for a little bit.
It's fun out here.
It's Make Your Own Pasta Day.
Wait a second! You remember when you were trying to steal my job? You could do that again.
That was fun.
All right, okay.
I see what's happening here.
- You do? - Yeah.
You don't want me to go back to my art career because you can't stand how successful I am now that I'm out from under your shadow.
That could not be further from the truth.
I love that you're finally getting your due.
You are so transparent, I can see your uvula piercing.
- Wha - You are oozing jealousy right now.
- You hate that I don't need you.
- Okay.
Well, hold on, hold Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Okay, if you only knew - What? That I've always been the ace up your sleeve? That it's always me coming in at the last second to save your unflattering pants-wearing ass? - Yeah, well - Face it, Rich.
Without me, you'd be nothing.
I would be nothing? You know what? Without me, you know where you would be? No, please, tell me.
Tell me your cutting, pop-culture reliant retort.
Who am I from "Caroline in the City"? - You - I need your help.
I need you to make it look like this account just received an influx of $10 million in Bitcoin.
And I stress the words "look like.
" I don't need it to be a real deposit.
I need it to appear legit.
I need you to do it in five minutes.
Well, on that kind of deadline, it would probably take the both of us.
Okay, I'll stay and help.
For Assistant Director Reade.
Have you ever considered wearing a turtleneck? Something to think about.
All right.
What you're going through isn't as unusual as it seems.
Sure, the details are extraordinary, but family drama is family drama.
And combat-induced trauma is combat-induced trauma.
Underneath it all, we're just dealing with good old-fashioned PTSD.
And that's a good thing, because there are proven treatments for it.
No, I hear you.
It just feels so impossible.
It isn't.
It isn't easy, either.
But you have the strength to do it.
I know you.
ZIP'd or not, the one constant throughout your whole life has been your strength.
If it helps, think about your team.
Think about Kurt.
How much they need you.
It feels good to be needed, doesn't it? Not gonna lie, I'm surprised you're still alive.
That makes two of us.
All right, it's done.
[LAUGHING] I'm impressed.
You know, for a second there I was worried I was gonna have to lower my price.
Madeline is leaving the country on a private jet out of Westchester in 50 minutes.
How do you know that? 'Cause I'm the guy who's supposed to be flying her out.
All right, Watchtower's ready.
Bear Trap is ready.
Wait a second, why don't we have a cool code name? Uh, Pistol Shrimps are ready.
[TIRES SCREECH] [DOMINIC] Are you sure we should be depending so much on one person? You can count on J.
How can you be so sure? Because J.
would never bite the hand that feeds him.
- It's been an hour.
- [CHUCKLING] Relax.
Listen, I always keep my plane's bar fully stocked you want a drink? She should be here by now.
[CHUCKLES] Madeline keeps her own time.
No, not for something like this.
She'll be here.
[SCOFFS] He's lying.
What? - You're being conned.
- How do you know that? Well, because he's saying everything I would say.
I mean, listen to him.
How quick he is to dismiss Madeline's lateness.
Not breaking a sweat that she might not show.
He has too little doubt.
You know, Bob Ross over here is making some decent points.
You still don't believe me? Here.
Let's run an experiment.
To catch a con, you gotta hatch a con.
Remember? Zapata? Boston has a theory.
There's something we want you to say to J.
Uh-huh, copy that.
That was Watchtower.
Get ready.
Madeline just arrived.
She wha You were never expecting her to show.
What if I told you exactly how Madeline's getting out of the country? And when.
Then I'd say you've got a deal.
Good work.
[WELLER] Is this one giant stall? Keep us looking one way while Madeline runs the other? Ah, it's too late now.
You'll never catch her.
How 'bout that drink? State Police has checkpoints on highways, and I've got my algorithms working overtime on airports, seaports, and traffic cams.
If Madeline or Dominic are spotted anywhere near a method of mass transportation, they will be detected.
What about non-commercial helipads and runways? We convinced the FAA to issue a code red, which grounds all the aircraft in the area.
Really? That is impressive.
But if all the aircraft is grounded, what are these blue dots? Uh, those are medical evacuation choppers.
They're not affected by a code red.
Does anyone else find it curious that J.
was a medevac pilot, and that's the only aircraft still in flight? [WELLER] So we need to know who's flying those medevac choppers.
We need to know now.
Okay, getting a read on every pilot currently heading into the city.
Cross-referencing that with all of J.
's known flight history.
We've got a match.
There's an inbound copter being flown by J.
's old co-pilot from his medevac days.
[ZAPATA] This is how she's getting out of here.
A medical chopper performing a bogus rescue mission.
It's heading to Brooklyn West Medical Center.
Okay, so that is the extraction point.
- [WELLER] Jane! Hey.
- Hey.
- Does this mean - Yeah.
I'm back.
Look, recovery is gonna be a process, but I'm ready for it.
You ready to get back in the field? - I thought you'd never ask.
- All right, let's go.
Fill you in on the way.
Where are we going? To take down Madeline.
Wait, seriously? How long have I been gone? FBI just entered the lobby! They're headed towards the roof.
You make sure that helicopter gets here before they do.
Go! You, stay! Everyone else, come with me! [WELLER] Hey! FBI, FBI.
Find somewhere safe, lock the doors.
Ready? Go, go.
[GUNSHOTS] Back! Back! We'll take these guys.
You two find another way to the roof.
On my signal, run for the roof.
I've got Madeline.
I'm bringing her down.
And on that note, looks like I'm a free man.
Well, this was fun.
And then it was tedious.
And then I left.
Wait, hey, Boston, wait up.
I-I gotta tell you something.
I'm really proud of you.
And all your success.
Thank you.
All right, everyone.
Check your inboxes for invites to my exhibition.
If you don't find them, just check your spam folders.
Okay? [CHUCKLES] Oh, uh, Rich I had no idea your apartment had so much empty wall space.
Wait he knows you're buying his art? - Yeah, I guess so.
- And, so he knows, and you know that he knows, but neither of you are saying anything about it? I love us.
Tasha, what's your 20? Right here.
Jane, where are you? [GRUNTS] Just finishing up with Madeline's friends.
- I'll meet you in the lobby.
- Meet you down there.
It's nice to have you back.