Blindspot (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Oh, it's stupider
than what it sounds, it is.
Oh, we should've stayed longer.
I think he liked you.
Steve. The tall one.
Everyone's tall to me.
Wispy little beard.
Baby Satan?
No-one ever dreamed of waking up
next to a software engineer.
Here's fine, ta.
Don't be daft.
It's really late,
and anyway, it's not far.
If I stay in here any longer,
I'll chuck.
Stop fussing.
I'll walk with you.
In those shoes?
It'll take half the night.
Get back in the cab.
Go, shoo!
Right. Love you.
Go on. Go!
Help me, please.
Oh, please, please, help.
What's wrong?
Oh, shit. Hannah.
Hannah, get out of here.
Hannah, get out of here!
Go, go, go, go, Hannah!
Bag and phone, bitch.
No, I know her! I know
I said give me your things.
No, please, I know her!
Screw you!
No, no, no.
Go, Hannah, go!
Help! Help!
Let her go!
Get away!
Please, somebody help!
'please attend an incident
at Birchlands play park.
Bravo-Oscar-12, receiving.
'Serious assault confirmed
at the location.
'Suspect has not been apprehended.'
Understood. On my way.
You can't come through this way.
I said you can't be here.
I saw it happen.
I saw him kill her.
Shit. There, emergency.
Camera seven.
It's hot guy.
It's amazing the excuses you'll find
to get out of doing something.
So I've got a good imagination.
Sue me.
Come to Mama.
You're really creepy.
What's he saying?
Does it matter?
Last week, it looked like he was
having trouble with his girlfriend.
If they're gonna split,
I need to know ASAP.
What is the use
in being diversity hires
if we don't abuse our superpowers?
I wish you'd sit on the ear
that I can't hear out of.
My destiny is in your hands.
Lip-read now.
He says he's finished
with his girlfriend.
You're shitting me.
And that he'd rather be with a woman
that does literally nothing useful
when she's at work.
I think you're in with a chance.
You're a dick, you know that?
What'd he really say?
Er, he's going to the gym
and then to drink a protein shake.
Classic hot guy.
Hannah, get out of here.
Hannah are you all right?
I've gotta go.
It'll be all right.
Nothing about this is all right.
I shouldn't have come.
It's supposed to be
for close friends and family.
She was your friend, too.
Zoe's dad's looking at me.
It wasn't your fault.
You sure about that?
Mum is in her element.
When I suggested it
..thought this would be a nice way
to remember Zoe.
Only Mum would turn a memorial
into a canvassing opportunity.
He's got some nerve showing up here.
It's a bloody insult.
His so-called investigation's
been a joke from start to finish.
Mum reckons he's just
counting his days till his pension
and that he's not even trying
to catch Zoe's killer.
I looked him up, you know?
Found some local news stories from
when he was down in South London.
They called him Detective Inspector.
He was a high-flyer,
but the Met demoted him.
I couldn't find out why.
Thanks for coming.
I just wanted to pay my respects.
Any progress, actually?
You do know he's still on the loose,
don't you?
We're doing what we can
with the evidence that we have.
But so far,
we've got nothing concrete.
Well, guess we can all sleep safely
in our beds
knowing that you're
all over this
Give me a break, eh?
If you let this sort of thing
go unpunished,
then it looks bad for us,
which makes you my problem.
I think I better get things started.
Good to see you, Tony.
You don't have to be so mean to him.
Why can't they give us someone
more competent to liaise with?
Like the work experience kid
can I have your attention, please?
Thank you all for coming.
It's been one year
since the tragic death
of Zoe Mason in this very spot.
As a mother myself, I can't begin
to imagine what her parents,
Richard and Natalie,
have been through.
We can't bring Zoe back,
but as Leader of the Council,
I have worked flat out
to make sure
that a decent security system
is up and running across
the whole of the Hawthorn Estate.
I genuinely believe
that the extensive CCTV
we have installed
is our best chance
of making sure nothing like this
ever happens again.
She should just get on her knees
and beg people to vote for her.
Today is about Zoe
Be more honest.
..and I hope that we can all
share our memories of her,
as some of her school friends
are here,
including my own daughter, Amber.
What happened was a tragedy,
but we mustn't let that
cloud our memories
of what a special young woman
Zoe was.
Richard, Natalie.
All right, lads?
Move out the way, you little shit!
Dolly, move this dog
before I cook it.
He's just being friendly.
No Argh! I need to get to work.
But he's happy there.
I know you're my cleaner, but
you don't need
to bring Wolf with you every time.
He doesn't exactly contribute much,
except getting hair over everything.
Don't listen to the nasty lady.
Come here. Here we go.
Come on. Oh
Er, Dolly?
You know how you're
the nosiest person on the planet?
Don't know what you mean.
You must hear stuff at that caff.
Do you know anything
about Tony Warden?
The copper.
There was someone else there
that night, they saw what happened.
And I told him,
but he never followed up.
I wanna know if he's bent
or just shit at his job.
Does it make a difference?
To me, it does.
Do you know why he left the Met?
How would I know?
But a little bird did tell me
he's been put out to pasture.
That's why he moved up here.
No other sod wanted him around.
What did he do?
If you find out, let me know.
Have you got a minute?
What are you doing here?
Just checking in, making sure
you're getting maximum exposure
for all your good work.
Maximum exposure for
your re-election campaign, you mean.
I think we all get the message.
You're a self-made businesswoman
who cares deeply about the area
she grew up in.
Yeah, it's true.
Just so long as you don't actually
have to live here.
I wanted to ask you about Amber.
You know, how's she doing?
Obviously, everything with Zoe's
affected her, but
She's been even more distant
recently, staying out late.
You mean, "Is she using again?"
Oh, I guess
she's been a bit moody,
unreasonable, so
business as usual, I'd say.
Don't joke.
As far as I know,
she hasn't touched the stuff.
I swear.
Look, well, I won't keep you.
Are you sure you're all right
covering for me?
I can stay if you want to.
I know you don't like
working nights.
I could use the cash.
You go play at being a wizard,
or whatever it is you do.
Well, actually, I'm an Elven bard.
Or as most people call it, a virgin.
Which must be hard
because you're not bad-looking.
He's back again.
He's been hanging round all day.
Creeps me out, that smile.
Luck of the bloody Irish,
I'm saddled with him this evening.
But you're not Irish.
I'm more Irish
than you're a bloody elf,
and look how you spend
your evenings.
Go have fun at
"Never Touched A Girl" Boot Camp.
I will.
Hello? Control?
'Control?' You have to get someone
there right away.
The police have been looking
for this man for a year.
'Understood. Where are they now?'
They can't be.
'Please clarify.'
He's taken her towards
the Birchland flats, where he
How is this happening again?
It's the same place
where he attacked me last year.
He's taken her into an alleyway
off of Birchland Square.
No, no, no No, no, no, no!
This can't be happening.
He's gone into an alleyway.
It's a blind spot,
none of the cameras cover it.
'Please clarify.'
I can't see him.
'Dispatching units now.'
Where the hell are they?!
'Officers are en route.'
He could be doing anything to her
while you lot piss around!
'Please moderate your language.'
Oh, fuck off, the man's
a known killer, he's gonna hurt her!
'Is there another exit
from the location?'
No, it's a dead end.
Solid walls all round.
'Can you describe the man?'
He has a coat on,
er, military style?
It's got the things
on the shoulders.
Yes! And he's wearing a facemask.
'So you can't see his actual face?'
No, but
Probably wouldn't be able to anyway.
These cameras,
they were bought with backhanders.
They're a piece of crap at night.
Everyone looks like ghosts.
He's come out.
'Is the woman with him?'
No, he's alone.
He's heading to the other side
of the Birchland block
towards Sycamore Avenue.
The CCTV isn't up and running
there yet.
'Officers report
they are arriving at the scene.'
The-the woman, she's in the bin area
to the left of the flats.
'..left of the flats, over.'
'Thank you.'
What's happening? Is she hurt?
'Officers report
there's nobody in that location.'
'There's no-one there.'
Well, then you can't have
looked properly.
'They're absolutely certain
the area's deserted.'
Where did the woman go?
'I don't know.
Perhaps you were mistaken.'
Oh, you fucking muppets!
'There's a detective en route.'
There's trouble brewing, go home.
I know, I called it in.
Lou got me a job at the CCTV centre.
The man who killed Zoe was here.
You sure?
Well, he had the same clothes,
and it's the exact place
I found him hiding last year.
Look, I know you had
a bad experience Oh, no.
And I bet he had a dagger tattoo
on his wrist, it's the same man.
Stop and think
about what you're saying.
I'm not imagining things.
He was here!
And so he hurt someone else.
Come on!
The woman followed him in here,
but she never came out.
So, where is she?
The bins. What?
I was watching the cameras
the entire time,
and she didn't leave
before your officers arrived.
Her body must be in the bins!
Did you find him?
She's in one of these.
There's nothing in there
but rubbish.
What about the others?
It's a busy night.
We've got lots of calls
to attend to.
What if I'm right
and she's still alive?
You're a DS,
you don't come out to any call.
You know
there's something wrong here.
All right, lads.
Take a look in the bins.
Thank you.
Anything for a quiet life.
You have to get
right down inside them,
she might be covered up.
If it is him
Which it isn't.
But if it is,
this is your chance to catch him.
Make up for letting him get away
last year.
I didn't let him go.
Please. It'll take two minutes.
Look at the CCTV, you'll see
that I'm not imagining this.
He was here.
You heard the woman. Get digging.
Bravo-Oscar-12, receiving.
We've gotta go.
There's a suspect with a knife
on the loose.
Some have-a-go hero's
gone and got himself stabbed.
Did you find anything?
What about this one?
There's nothing in there.
Oh, you've barely looked.
We've got proper police work to do.
Useless bastards!
Go home.
It's not safe out here.
'Han, are you all right?'
He came back.
'The man who killed Zoe.'
How do you know?
I saw him on the cameras.
He was by the flats.
I'm there now.
On your own?
For fuck's sake, Hannah. Go home.
I think he's hurt someone else.
I don't know, a woman
'I think her body's in the bins,
but it's too high for me to check.'
Can you come?
I'm in Leeds.
'You remember Jules.
'It's her birthday,
she lives here now.
'So a group of us
are going clubbing.
'I'm just getting ready.'
Just go home.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I'll come and help then.
All right.
Look who we have here.
That's a bit rich, considering
what you serve up in that caff.
I'm gonna find someone to help
Oh, the body's in there.
Wait! There's a body in there!
Stop! Please!
You're not still staring at that.
Don't start giving me grief.
Lips. Especially if you're gonna
start mumbling at me.
Don't give me grief.
You don't look at that when
you're off duty as well, do you?
I can't.
Tried to record it on my phone,
but you can't make out anything.
Well It's my shift now.
It's all right, I'll stay.
I'm sorry, but I need the money.
You can have the money.
Just leave me in peace.
Here, someone left this for you.
Thanks, Colin.
I've got CCTV evidence.
Not again.
Just come and look at the footage.
Then try and tell me
there's nothing strange about it.
It's on my list.
I'll do it when I get time.
When's that likely to happen?
There've been no new reports
of any missing people.
I've got enough proven crimes
to investigate
without chasing after phantoms.
I don't wanna see Miss Quinn
in this building again
unless she's in cuffs.
Is that clear?
We are done here.
A murder?
It's the same man as before.
But bloody DS Warden
won't even look at the footage.
Why not?
Well, he's a useless,
washed-up has-been.
He just keeps going on about how
there's been no
new missing persons reports filed.
Thing is, I've got proof
that something happened.
The woman on the CCTV
was wearing that
when she went into
the camera's blind spot.
She never came out,
but that was torn up
and thrown in one of the bins.
Can you have a word?
Amber's been trying to call you
all week.
Has something happened between you?
She says you won't call her back.
I try, but she's busy,
off at pretty girl college,
learning how to paint nails,
or whatever it is they do.
She's worried about you.
All right.
I'll call her.
And I'll see if I can find out
why Tony Warden hasn't
followed up on this.
Why didn't you
return any of my messages?
I've been worried sick about you.
I don't understand you, Hannah.
You've been pissy with me
ever since I got back from Leeds.
I've just had stuff on my mind.
Is this because I didn't help you
root through some bloody bins
last week?
I was in Leeds,
and I'd been drinking.
What was I meant to do?
I don't know.
Go on a big girls' night out,
I guess.
So you thought you'd, what,
punish me
because I didn't come running?
Yeah. Something strange happened,
and no-one seems to give a shit.
That's not my fault.
But I needed someone to hurt,
and you were available.
For fuck's sake.
I'm sorry.
Forget it.
If I was gonna give up on you
for being a twat,
we'd have fallen out long ago.
I saw him again.
I swear.
But everyone's treating me
like I'm losing my mind.
It's OK.
I believe you.
'This is a voicemail service.
'Please leave a message
after the tone.'
I got the letter
from your solicitors today.
I gave you the house.
Why are you doing this?
Come on, Amy. I'm living
in a shitty little bedsit.
My pension's gone through the floor
since I got demoted.
I don't have the things around me
that I once loved.
I don't have you.
We can sort this thing out.
We don't need
to talk through solicitors.
It's breaking me.
I'm still the same man
that you married.
Call me. Please.
I wanna pick your brains.
They don't pay me
to sit around gabbing.
Well, I'll buy a mug of coffee,
then, if it'll keep you in business.
We're closed.
That's £2.80.
For lukewarm filter coffee?
Have you seen how much they charge
on the high street?
Yeah, but they're
..on the high street.
No, sit. Please.
Just for a minute.
Have you heard anything
about the missing woman?
Who do you think I am,
Mystic bloody Meg?
God, you're young.
People come in here and they talk.
Mostly about arthritis
and self-service machines.
You're the only one I've heard
squawking on about a missing woman.
Are you sure?
Sort of thing you'd remember,
in't it?
Better get to the shops.
You haven't finished your coffee.
See you tomorrow.
That nosy old cow
Dolly Fletcher's on the line.
She said you'd know what it's about.
Shall I get rid of her?
What does she want?
She said to tell you
it's about Ruby.
Yeah, put her through.
'What do you want?'
'I've had Hannah here.
'Rabbiting on about a missing woman.
'Raking up the past.'
'What's she playing at?'
'Yeah, I'll deal with it.
Don't call me again.'
Help! HELP!
He took a woman into an alleyway,
and she never came out.
No body was found, and there's been
no report of a missing woman.
Oh, so she just disappeared
into thin air, did she?
Stop, please!
You don't go ratting on people
to the police.
He's got the police in his pocket,
you stupid girl.
You're gonna make it worse.
They're all in on it!
You've not been well, Hannah.
You need help.
I thought you were my friend.
Go home. Sort yourself out.
What are you gonna do?
Poke the hornets' nest.
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