Blindspot (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

So, I'm a killer.
Thank you all for coming.
It's been one year
since the tragic death of Zoe Mason.
Some nerve, showing up here.
It's a bloody insult.
Any progress?
We're doing what we can
with the evidence.
You have to get someone there
right away.
He's gone into an alleyway.
It's a blind spot.
None of the cameras cover it.
There's trouble brewing. Go home.
It's the same man.
He had a dagger tattoo on his wrist.
Stop and think about
what you're saying.
'I'm not imagining things.
He was here.
'You know there's something wrong.'
Help! Help!
Come on, then!
Hello, Hannah.
Would you like a coffee?
Would you?
You all right to begin?
For all the good it will do.
This is a witness interview
with Hannah Quinn,
conducted by
Detective Sergeant Anthony Warden.
All right, Hannah. Can you
take me through what happened?
There was a man waiting for me
outside my flat.
He attacked me.
Can you describe him?
He had a facemask with a skull
on it, just like before.
So you think this is
the same man that attacked you
and killed Zoe Mason last year?
But you didn't actually
see his face on this occasion?
So how can you be so sure?
He had a similar build,
an identical mask,
and he tried to kill me,
so, unless I attract a type,
I'd say it was the same guy,
wouldn't you?
Any idea why he attacked you?
I assume because of what I saw
on the CCTV last week.
And what was that?
You took a woman into an alleyway,
and she never came out.
Getting back to what happened
today No, this is important.
It was the same alleyway
where he attacked me.
I know you have your theories,
but I searched that location myself.
No body was found.
And there's been no report
of a missing woman.
So she just disappeared
into thin air, did she?
That's not what we're here
to determine.
Let's not get caught up
in some convoluted conspiracy, eh?
Now, let's take it from when
you got back to your flat.
Thanks for coming in
and reporting this.
Where am I meant to go?
He knows where I live.
Haven't you got some friends
you can go and stay with?
Amber and Louisa might put me up,
but I've gotta go back to flat
and get my meds.
What if he's waiting for me
to come back?
I'm not a taxi service.
You're not much of anything,
as far as I can tell.
Just scared.
How does your wife like it up north?
I'm sorry?
Your wife.
You're wearing a wedding ring.
None of your business.
That door was wide open when I left.
Well, go on, then.
I meant to call it in.
Oh, give me strength.
Just stay behind me.
All right?
This was my parents' flat.
My safe place.
Kind of offended. My laptop's
so shit, they didn't nick it.
I'll drop you off at Louisa's.
I've got work to do.
This is the bin you didn't
check properly last week,
and that's top I saw the woman
on the CCTV wearing.
So if the top's in the bin,
where's the body?
Are you sure that's the right top?
If you'd bothered to check
the footage, you'd know.
All right. Leave it with me.
Good one.
I said I'll handle it.
Yeah, like you rushed to check
the CCTV last week
I didn't have the time, I was
up to my eyes in other cases, and
And what?
I thought you were a crank.
That was probably the first
honest thing you've said to me.
Get your things.
I need to show you the footage.
I need to prove to you
that's what she was wearing.
Will it shut you up?
Unlikely, but you might get
the warm fuzzies
for doing the right thing.
I think they look good.
What? Be honest.
I'm not sure about those photos
any more.
You look mumsy.
Well, that's the point. I'm a mum.
Yeah, but not in a good, MILF-y way.
Not in that photo anyway.
You said "honest".
I think it's time to pretend
I didn't mean it.
Anything else?
Your daughter's weird friend has got
the police station on speed dial.
She's spouting off about a murder
to anyone who'll listen.
Has anyone taken it seriously?
Course not.
I spoke to Tony Warden.
I hope you were polite.
Now, where's the fun in that?
Anyway, he said there's
no evidence anything happened.
I think Hannah is just
being a drama queen.
Yeah. Poor thing.
She's had a difficult year.
Yeah, well, that's very sad and all,
but we'd be screwed
if someone really had been killed
after we put
all those bloody cameras in.
Yes. Thanks for your astute
political analysis.
Is there anything else
I should know about Hannah?
I don't think so.
You've been distant
since that woman phoned.
Dolly Fletcher.
What does she want?
No, nothing.
I can't protect you
if I don't have all the facts.
She just wanted me to have a word
with somebody about her bins.
Yeah, thanks, Geri.
I've seen him on the cameras.
Something to do with the dealers.
He surprised them.
And all you do is nod at him?
Knowing what he is and proving it
are two different things.
That's convenient.
It really isn't.
Give me that.
Who's sending you retirement cards?
Are you always this bloody nosy?
Keep your hair on.
It's just some of the lads
down the station taking the piss.
They think
I'm a bit long in the tooth.
That's what they think of you,
is it?
What the hell is that?
What is your problem with me?
You don't DO anything.
You've had a year,
and you still haven't got
the faintest idea who killed Zoe.
That's not true.
Have you ever heard of the name
Max Carter before?
No. Who's he?
He's a dealer.
Small-time conman,
and extremely violent,
by all accounts.
And what of it?
I think he's the man that attacked
you and killed your friend Zoe.
You see, I haven't been
sitting on my arse all the time.
Why you only show me this now?
Because I've been gathering evidence
against him, building a case,
and I didn't need you charging in
on some crusade.
How do you know it's him?
He's about the right age and build
as the man you described, and
..he has tattoos.
A dagger on his wrist?
So why isn't he locked up?
He disappeared the night
your friend Zoe was killed.
I'm guessing he went somewhere else
until the heat died down, but
..if he is back,
you have to keep a low profile.
He's dangerous.
Screw that. I've got a better idea.
How about we catch
the bastard instead?
This is the footage of Max
and the woman
approaching the camera's blind spot.
It's the same.
I told you. We were right there.
We could have found her.
Don't gloat.
And it's torn.
There must've been a struggle.
So the man who did this
is the one who just attacked you?
Well how many people
has he done this to?
He's only ever been sent down
for minor offences.
That wasn't what he asked.
Too many.
You grew up on the estate.
You've never come across him before?
Just cos I live here doesn't mean
I know all the local villains.
Fair enough.
Look, is there any way that
that could have been staged,
put on,
knowing that you were watching?
No. We swapped shifts last minute.
No-one knew we were here.
Yeah, I had to storm
the wizard's fortress that evening.
You get used to it.
Well, it's not exactly
a smoking gun.
It's a start.
Don't get too excited.
We've got a long way to go yet.
Come on, show me
the rest of the recording.
So, the budget meeting tomorrow,
if the councillor looks like
he's settling in for a monologue,
I'll give you the sign.
What do I do when I see it?
Oh, ideally, shoot me in the head.
But I'll settle for anything
that stops me having to listen to
him mansplaining how money works.
Hannah. You all right?
Well, at least you weren't hurt.
Did Tony Warden drop you off?
She's, er, got held up at college.
She'll meet us at home.
I'll just get my stuff.
Louisa Bradfield.
How do you know Dolly Fletcher?
She's my cleaner. Why?
She called here earlier.
Seemed to upset Louisa.
What's that got to do with me?
Well, they were talking about you.
I can't help you.
Louisa is trying to get herself
I can't have her distracted
by whatever mess
you've got yourself involved with.
Sounds more like you're
looking for a reason to be nosy.
Lou'll win by a landslide,
just like last time.
Yeah, but we've got our eyes set
on a higher prize.
And I won't let you screw that up.
Have the police find out anything
about that woman
you claim was killed?
You could at least pretend
you give a shit.
Sorry about that. I'm all done.
I can lock up.
Good night.
Thanks for this.
Oh, don't be silly.
You can't go back to your flat
while that man
is still on the loose.
Glass of water? Tea?
Nah. I'm good, ta.
Have you got anything plainer?
What does it matter?
You're going to sleep in it.
You're not going clubbing.
That was kind of my point.
I'm up early, as I have a meeting
at one of my hair salons.
But I'll leave my mobile on
if you need me.
Have you heard of someone
called Max Carlton?
Who's he?
He's the man who killed Zoe.
It's just
Well, he was a dealer.
I didn't wanna drag it all up,
but you must have bought
from someone.
There were a bunch of people
we'd use.
I didn't always get their names.
But you knew Zoe's family, right?
God, will you let it go?
That man Max was outside my flat.
So unless you want me sleeping
on your sofa for the next decade,
I need to get him off my back.
Or you could just leave it alone
and hope that he goes away.
And if he doesn't?
What do you want with Zoe's parents?
If Zoe knew Max,
maybe her parents did, too.
Her dad won't talk to you.
I know.
But a friendly face
might change his mind.
You know I loved Zoe to bits.
I wouldn't have the life I do now
if she hadn't got me into rehab.
But I don't want to keep
putting her family through it.
I understand.
You're gonna do it anyway,
aren't you?
Fuck's sake.
Hello, Mr Mason.
Sorry to show up like this.
We just wondered
if we could have a word.
You know Hannah.
What do you want?
I know who killed Zoe.
He's back on the estate.
I've seen him.
So, who is this bastard?
He's called Max Carlton.
Have you heard of him before?
Are you sure?
Cos when I came across him
that night,
Zoe was helping him rob passers-by.
I think what Hannah means
is that Zoe didn't meet him
for the first time that night.
Never heard his name before.
It was a long shot.
We should go.
Do you remember anything about
anyone she was hanging round with?
She didn't talk to me
about her life.
Not since she started working
at that cafe.
On Rose Lane.
That's where my cleaner Dolly works.
It was just a Saturday job.
Earn a bit extra.
She started
a couple of months before
Well, before
What happened to her there?
I don't know.
But she fell in with a bad crowd.
She always spoke highly of you.
Zoe was a lovely person.
She helped me
when I had some stuff of my own.
So why did you let her
throw her life away like that?
You were her friend.
She helped you.
So why didn't you do the same
for her?
I had my own stuff going on.
Zoe wasn't my responsibility.
That's not fair.
You dare come here
and talk to me about fair?
I know you're grieving,
but we're trying to help.
My beautiful daughter dead.
For someone like you.
You can't tell me that's fair.
That was a mistake.
He's just hurting,
looking for someone to blame.
But he's right.
I should have stopped Zoe
getting involved with those people.
You were still sorting your
own shit out when she took that job.
She wasn't your responsibility.
But it was my fault.
What do you mean?
Dealers weren't happy with Zoe
for getting me clean.
I think they targeted her
to punish me.
I don't know the details,
but they obviously found some way
of sucking her in.
She saved my life.
Some friend I was in return.
Why didn't you tell me this?
Cos I'm fucking ashamed
all right?
Go home, sort yourself out.
What are you gonna do?
Poke the hornet's nest.
They did this to her.
It wasn't your fault.
I need to talk to you about Zoe.
Don't know a Zoe.
She used to work here.
Oh. Zoe.
You've been coming round my flat
for months,
and you never once mentioned
that you knew her.
You paid me to empty the bins
and dust round the place.
The rest ain't my business.
Do you know who Max Carlton is?
Keep your voice down, will you?
Did Zoe meet her
when she was working here?
It's more than my life is worth
to start talking about Max
behind his back.
Well, I'm not leaving
till you tell me what the score was
between him and Zoe. I'm in no rush.
He used to come in here sometimes.
One day, he took a shine to Zoe.
Knew she was broke,
offered her some work on the side.
What kind of work?
Legit stuff at first.
But then gradually
more and more dodgy,
till she was trapped.
And you were all right with that?
I didn't let any funny business
happen on the premises.
Once they were out that door,
it weren't my responsibility.
But you could have
called the police.
He's got the police in his pocket,
you stupid girl.
All I'd have done
is got myself killed.
Kept out of it.
You should, too.
Amber'll meet us there.
Can't say she's thrilled about it.
We just need as many warm bodies
as we can get.
She can sulk about how draining
beauty college is later.
I'm not sure I like you
talking about my daughter like that.
It only hurts cos it's true.
Hi. I'm, erm I'm after a favour.
What do you need?
I wondered if you wouldn't mind
looking through some council records
for me?
What sort of records?
Whatever you've got
on a Max Carlton.
I wanna find out
if he's been claiming any benefits,
something that will show that he's
been active in the area recently.
You could find that out
at the station.
Not without leaving a trail.
What are you playing at?
I don't wanna tip anybody off
until I've got exactly what I need.
Yeah, that assumes we believe
you're not bent, of course.
I know I'm not
your favourite person, Geri.
At least Louisa's more reasonable
and not such a pain in the arse.
Talk about being damned
with faint praise.
We can't go giving out
private information.
If you're legit,
then go through the proper channels.
Louisa, this is to do
with Zoe Mason's murder.
Carlton was involved,
I'm sure of it.
Tony, I would love to help.
But while I'm running
for re-election,
I have to do things by the book.
Have a good afternoon, Tony.
I'm sorry I couldn't help.
I feel like I've just punched
a kitten. Ignore him.
Come on, you've an election to win.
Are you sure you should be here?
I'm fine. Stop fussing.
Any fresh sightings of Hot Guy?
If you need anywhere to stay
while all this is going on
Oh. Amber and her mum
are gonna put me up.
You could do me a favour, though.
Get me a black Americano
from the place down the road.
I always spill it when I go
over the bloody kerb. Sure.
Who is this?
'You've been looking for me.'
'I don't like people
nosing around in my business.'
I just want you to leave me alone.
We can do a deal.
'No deals. You fuck with me,
you pay the price.'
What do you mean?
'Watch the cameras.
I'm gonna get one of your friends.'
What do you mean, my friends?
'Hang up, and I'll get another.
'Call the police, another.'
Oh, God.
'Don't think I won't.'
Come on.
Where are you?
Stop, please!
What is wrong with you,
you limp-dicked bastard?
I'll stop, I promise.
I'll tell the police I made it up,
that I just wanted attention.
'Nice, clean flat you've got.'
Oh, no, Dolly.
I see you.
Please don't hurt her.
'Or what?'
What do you want? I'll do anything.
'Turn on your video.'
'Delete the recording of me
from last week, the whole evening.'
Don't know how to do that.
'Stop fucking with me.
'Delete it, permanently.'
All right, all right.
'Let me see.'
'Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock,
ticktock, ticktock. Do it.'
There. I've done it.
Please don't hurt them.
'Oh, it's too late.'
'You got the message?
Back the fuck off.'
I hear you.
You ruined Zoe's family, you know.
Why'd you do that?
What do you get out of it?
'Don't make me call you again.'
Where are you, Max?
Oh, come on, come on, come on.
There you are.
There you are.
Sweet or salt?
What are we doing here?
You said it was an emergency.
I overexaggerated.
I just don't like
seeing movies by myself.
The Dead And The Dying?
Are you shitting me?
It's good. Probably.
I just need something
to keep my mind off things.
It already started.
I'm very sure we'll catch on.
Come on, my treat.
Your treat, my arse.
You got a carer's ticket.
You don't have to look caring
or wipe my bum or anything,
so it's a win-win for everyone.
Why do you want to see this?
What the hell is going on?
Who's that?
Watch the movie.
Oh, my God, Hannah,
what did you call him for?
I didn't.
What the hell's he doing here?
We shouldn't be here.
Shh. They're in on it together.
It's dangerous.
So is leaving my flat
and walking in the street.
These bastards have ruined my life.
Don't do that.
I need to get proof
that Warden's bent.
They all are.
What difference does
another crooked cop make?
He stopped his men
from searching that last bin.
He made sure they didn't find
the missing woman's body.
Put that thing down.
Is he giving Max money?
What's he paying him for?
Come on, let's go.
You can't even hear
what they're saying.
Do you wanna get closer?
No. Find out? No.
Simon from work can lip-read.
Can he also see in the dark?
Cos I'm here,
and I can't see their lips.
We should get out of here.
Where's he gone?
Where'd he go?
What if he's waiting outside?
What if he's behind us?
Is this all big game to you?
Why did you bring me here?
Because I didn't know
who else I could trust.
You always take things too far.
Selfish cow.
We're on to something.
Can't you see that?
No, and I don't care.
He killed our friend
and got away with it,
and now he's murdered
another woman,
and the police won't even admit
it happened, and it's not right.
What is wrong with you?
You've already got Zoe killed,
and you still won't stop.
That's not fair.
You're so bloody stubborn.
Why didn't you just stay
in the taxi that night?
If you hadn't got out
and pushed home,
Zoe would still be alive.
I didn't kill her. Max did.
You always have to have things
your own way.
Once you get an idea in your head,
you just cant stop.
We can't let him get away with it.
I'm begging you. Move on.
Because I can't take
any more of this.
I can't let it
all have been for nothing.
Then you're on your own.
How did you know where I lived?
I literally spy on my neighbours
for a living.
What do you want?
I think you might be in danger.
Please can we not do this
on your doorstep? It's not safe.
What have you done?
Pissed off Max.
You stupid cow.
Get in.
At least someone's pleased
to see me.
Keep your paws off my bloody dog.
The way you're going,
you'll get the poor thing murdered.
Max threatened to hurt you earlier
to get at me.
I'm worried he'll do it again.
How did I get mixed up in this?
I only clean your bloody flat.
Max isn't exactly
a very rational person.
Have you got any coffee?
Kettle's in there.
Don't use the milk, though.
I'm not made of money.
Where are you going?
Need to get this dog out
before he shits everywhere.
But didn't you hear me?
You're in danger.
I won't be scared
in my own hometown.
Stay here. Don't touch anything,
don't let anyone in.
Just stop being you.
Come on, Wolf.
Louisa Bradfield's office.
'It's Dolly Fletcher.
'I need to speak to her.'
What's it concerning?
She knows.
'Is it about Ruby again?'
I'm Louisa's right hand.
Anything you say to her,
you can say to me.
She doesn't trust you that much,
dear. Now put me through.
Well, she's gone home.
Is this to do with Hannah?
No, no, no, no, no!
What's going on in there?
What have you done?
Hannah, how could you?
Oh, shut up!
This is not Max.
You stupid, stupid girl!
I should never have let you in.
How could you do this to me?
Get away from me!
You told them where I was.
What? No.
Liar. That's why you went out.
I swear.
You can't go.
You're not thinking straight.
Look, it's just a misunderstanding.
Must be.
Er I've got to go.
Are you hurt?
Can I do anything?
Hey, it's all right. You're safe.
You're safe.
Now, what happened?
I killed someone.
'There's been
a serious incident
'involving a local drug dealer.'
We suspect she killed him,
and I need to bring her in
for questioning.
'You can't keep running from this.
You're gonna make it worse.'
'I can't defend myself if I'm locked
in a cell. They're all in on it.'
Come back to the station with me,
and we can work this out.
I don't trust you.
You let Max's cronies get to me.
I am one of the good guys,
believe me.
It's usually the bad guys
who feel the need to say that.
If you don't help me
get her off the streets now,
and she finds Carlton,
he will kill her.
Try The Red Lion. Ask for Chris.
You don't get it, do you?
See, you were dead the moment
you rolled through them doors.
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