Blindspot (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I saw him kill her.
Max Carlton. He's dangerous.
Screw that.
How about
we catch the bastard instead?
You have to get someone there right
away. He's gone into an alleyway.
It's a blind spot.
None of the cameras cover it.
There's nothing in there
but rubbish.
You know
there's something wrong here!
He stopped his men
from searching that last bin.
He made sure they didn't find
the missing woman's body.
We shouldn't be here.
- Hello?
- 'You've been looking for me.'
I just want you to leave me alone.
What have you done?
This is not Max.
I killed someone.
You missed a bit.
There you go.
What am I gonna do, Simon?
You have to go to the police.
God, no!
I saw Warden meeting in secret
with Max Carlton.
If he locks me up,
God knows what will happen to me.
Well OK, OK,
we'll go to another police station,
somewhere they don't know him.
I can't spend the rest of my life
looking over my shoulder.
And you can't spend it
hiding from the police.
What you doing?
The man who just attacked me,
I stole his phone.
You stole a dead man's phone?!
It's not like he's gonna be
bloody using it, is it?
What do you need with the thing?
I thought maybe it has Max's number.
A way to contact him.
Max and the dead man,
they must be linked.
Great And you can tell him
where you are, and he can kill you.
For God's sake!
There's no saved contacts.
Texts, call history, all deleted.
You can stay away from that psycho.
I can't.
This all kicked off
when I saw Max on the CCTV.
If anyone can call off the dogs,
it's him.
You think you can make a deal
with him?
What other choice do I have?
I'm gonna need your help.
Have you seen Hannah this evening?
Er, no. Why?
Well, there's been
a serious incident
involving a local drug dealer.
Shit. Is she OK?
I dunno.
She took off.
But we suspect she killed him,
and I need to bring her in
for questioning.
Er What? How?
The incident occurred
around a cleaner's house.
A Dolly Fletcher. Do you know her?
Er, yeah, everyone on the Hawthorn
knows Dolly bloody Fletcher.
What is the story with Mrs Fletcher?
She's a nasty piece of work.
She loves stirring things up
just for the sake of it.
Hi, Mum.
Have you seen Hannah, love?
I think you'd better sit down.
Sooner or later,
the police are gonna think
to come here and use the cameras.
I need you to keep them off me
until I've sorted things with Max.
I don't think I can do that.
I realise you probably never
had a single detention in school,
but I need you
to embrace your inner rebel.
Come on, please.
For me.
Shit, they know I'm here.
I'm sorry. Well
Well, they said
What the hell, Simon?!
Well, they called and said
you were in trouble
and-and that I had to
keep an eye out on you.
So you told them I was here?!
Well, when I saw you outside
on the cameras
You bastard!
You can't keep running from this.
Well, I can't defend myself
if I'm locked in a cell.
They're all in on it!
You're gonna make it worse.
If you give a shit about me,
you'll buy me some time.
Help me while I sort out this mess!
If you don't,
I guess I know where we stand.
Don't put me in that position.
I thought you were my friend!
I am.
Then act like one!
I can't believe it.
Do you have any idea
why she may have run off?
Yeah, if she's hiding,
it'll be because she thinks
she's doing the right thing.
I think maybe
Amber could do with something
to calm her nerves.
Yeah, of course.
Did you enjoy the film?
You saw us?
What the hell were you doing there?
Indulging Hannah.
She wasn't too happy to find out
you were hanging out
with Max Carlton.
Listen, it's important that you
don't tell anybody what you saw.
Who'd care?
Just another bent copper.
Nothing special.
It wasn't what it looked like.
Yeah, right.
That wasn't Max Carlton.
Then who was it?
A man called Jim Dove.
D'you know him?
Did Hannah follow him
when he left the cinema?
Because not long after
..she killed him.
'Thank God.
The police are here.
'They said you'd been killed
by Hannah.'
What the fuck, Amber?
What the fuck, Amber?
'Oh, my God. Hannah?'
How the hell
did you get this number?
Look, I can explain.
'The man who owned this phone
just tried to kill me.'
Just meet me.
Not until you tell me
what's going on.
'I will. It's not what you think.'
Who's Jim?
The guy I was seeing, all right?
'He attacked me wearing a mask!'
I know what you did.
'I know you killed him.'
I didn't really have much choice.
The bastard was trying
to strangle me at the time.
'The police are looking for you.'
Let's meet.
I can explain everything.
Just you and me, I promise.
'Jim was my boyfriend.
'But you're like my sister.'
I'm not gonna turn you in.
All right.
Thank you.
'Greenwood Hospital.'
We ought to put out a statement
condemning violence and all that.
But we need to reassure people that
it was just an isolated incident.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Hannah's in trouble,
and your first thought
is to put out a press release?
Look, I know it's shitty, love,
but I really should say something
publicly about it.
Don't you even
wanna speak to Hannah first?
Find out what really happened?
Oh, we'd love to. Where is she?
How should I know?
Yeah, that was kind of our problem.
Look, where are you going?
To get some air.
Before I go crazy.
There's something else.
Dolly Fletcher phoned the office
again earlier.
What did she want?
You tell me.
I can't protect you if I don't know
what's really going on.
You know I've got a military-grade
bullshit detector, right?
I did something stupid.
You came alone.
Promised, didn't I?
I don't want Mum
knowing about me and Jim.
Why not? He seemed like a keeper
Why here?
Cos nobody notices
someone in a wheelchair.
Is your phone off?
They can trace it otherwise.
I know. I've watched telly before.
Jim was no saint, but
I never thought
he'd try and hurt you.
Are you all right?
Should have seen the other guy.
Too soon?
Don't fucking joke about it.
The bastard tried to kill me.
I refuse to feel bad about him.
Why were you with
someone like that?
It was just a bit of fun.
Your mum would lose her shit if
she knew you'd been with a dealer.
That was part of the appeal.
Knowing it would piss her off
if she found out.
If attention's what you wanted,
there's better ways to get it
than hooking up with a psycho.
You never mentioned him.
Not once.
Normally, when you meet someone,
you won't shut up about them.
I'm allowed a private life,
aren't I?
He wasn't even your type.
It wasn't me.
He must have followed me here.
Yeah, sure.
Go, I'll keep him busy.
Get out of my way.
This is harassment.
You can't just
go following me around.
And I can arrest you
for obstructing police. Go on, then.
DS Warden.
'Sir, the suspect
has turned her phone on.
'Sending tracking data.'
Thank you.
Stay out of this.
'You there?'
I'm here.
Look, I know that you're frightened,
but we can sort this out.
'Don't flatter yourself.
You don't scare me.'
I saw you at the cinema.
You're as bent as the rest of 'em.
Look, if I tell you something,
you're gonna have to promise
that it will stay
between the two of us. Deal?
Sure, why not?
OK, that man that you saw
in the cinema,
he's been trying to pay me off.
And you let him?
No. He left that money for me
at the station.
I gave it to him back,
and I told him
that I couldn't be bought.
'Do you think I'm an idiot?'
I know that you're not.
Now, did you kill that man because
you thought he was Max Carlton?
That was the man who I
I know you didn't mean
to hurt anybody.
Come back to the station with me
and we can work this out.
No, I don't trust you.
You'll let Max's cronies get to me.
Look, I am one of the good guys,
believe me.
Funny how it's usually the bad guys
who feel the need to say that.
Why were you demoted?
How d'you know about that?
Cos I can read and I'm not stupid.
All right.
I had an undercover officer
embedded in a drugs operation
in south London.
One of the gang members
became suspicious.
The officer contacted me and asked
to be taken off the investigation.
But you left him there?
'We just needed
a little more evidence.'
What happened to him?
We found his body
on some waste ground a week later.
'Everybody rightly blamed me.'
I lost my job, my family.
He lost his life.
I thought he'd be all right.
I was wrong.
So Max Carlton's
been getting a free pass
cos you've been sitting round
feeling sorry for yourself?
I'm gonna bring him in.
If only you'd spent as much time on
that as you have on finding me, eh?
What the hell
do you think you're doing?!
I'm here on police business.
'Judging by your silence,
I'm guessing you found the phone.'
Well played.
Are you going after Carlton?
'You will get yourself killed.'
Well, that's my problem.
I don't know whose side you're on,
but it's not mine.
There's something you don't know
about the night that Zoe was killed.
'You were right.
'There was a witness.
They saw what happened.'
'But they refused
to go on the record.'
Now, you turn yourself in
maybe you and I
can convince them to talk.
Why? Who was it?
'Tell me.'
Dolly Fletcher.
How did you know I'd be here?
Your house is a crime scene,
and you've got no friends.
Where else were you gonna go?
Not too popular yourself right now.
I ain't got long.
Have the police
come looking here for me yet?
Why would they?
Your name came up.
For God's sake!
You've already killed a man
on my best rug.
Just leave me out of all this.
It's too late for that.
Come here, love. Come on.
You saw Max kill Zoe.
Who told you that?
Tony Warden.
Put him down.
It was you I called out to
that night, wasn't it?
Here, Wolf.
Answer me!
How could you come and work for me
after that without saying anything?
I didn't know what else to do.
I saw your advert and thought
at least it was something.
So instead of getting him banged up,
you thought
you'd come and empty my bins?
What's wrong with you?
You don't go ratting on people
to the police!
about somebody like Max Carlton.
But you were gonna.
Couldn't keep lying
once I saw what he'd done to you.
Wanted to put it right.
I went to the police.
How come your statement
isn't on the record?
This young WPC,
she put me in a side room
while I were waiting.
Sat me down with a nice cup of tea.
Offered me a biscuit.
Proper one, too, with chocolate.
Oh, I don't care
about the bloody biscuit!
Next thing I know,
I'm being offered money
to forget the whole thing.
Who by?
No. Someone else.
Your friend the councillor.
I-I don't bloody know.
I just took the money
and kept my trap shut.
Please don't hurt Wolf.
He's all I've got.
Then tell me how to find Max
before the police get here.
I don't know where he is!
Bullshit! You know everything
that goes on around here.
He's ruined tougher people than you.
The ones who really upset him,
he keeps alive.
Well, that's better, isn't it?
No. Not for them.
You might be a pain in the arse,
but I don't want you
being fed through a tube
for the rest of your life.
Nor do I.
But unless I can persuade him
to back off,
it's only a matter of time.
I don't know where he is these days.
He used to come in here sometimes,
but I had as little to do with him
as I could.
There was always something
broken in him.
What about his friends?
He doesn't have any friends.
People he worked with, then.
If you're really determined
to get yourself killed,
try The Red Lion. Ask for Chris.
Who's he?
One of Max's suppliers.
Should be able to contact him.
Wasn't that hard.
Wolfie! Wolfie.
Oh, pup, come to Mummy.
If you go into that pub
you might not come out again.
Well, then, you can write
"Told you so" on my gravestone.
Looking for Chris.
Clear off.
I wanna talk to you
about Max Carlton.
Who are you, the police?
Yeah, wheel cavalry.
I was told you know how
to get in touch with him.
Seen you round the Hawthorn,
haven't I?
I'm quite conspicuous.
Yeah, you know that cop, don't you?
Tony Warden.
In fact, I seen you two together
the other day.
He sent you in here, has he?
No. He doesn't know I'm here.
Is it, yeah?
Perhaps I should tell him.
He's after you, in't he?
I'm only messin' with you, darling.
I'm no snitch.
You play pool?
I know how to point a stick
and hit a ball,
if that's what you mean.
Get 'em racked up, then.
I'll buy you a drink.
I just want his number.
And I wanna get to know you first,
So, lager all right?
Give us two of the same,
please, love.
Have you seen Hannah this evening?
You've just missed her.
And you didn't think to stop her?
Do you know how old I am?
Where'd she go to?
How should I know?
She wasn't best pleased to see me.
You've been telling stories.
It's not like I had to
make anything up, is it?
And DC Osborne tells me
you refuse to make a statement
about what happened at your house
That's getting to be
a bit of a habit with you.
They wouldn't let Wolf
in the interview room.
He's a dog!
This is a murder inquiry.
Get your priorities straight.
is in a lot of trouble.
And you might be able
to dig her out of some of it
if you actually
do the right thing this time.
Come on, Wolfie.
We'd better go with the nasty man.
Hey, not bad.
So, Max's number.
I lost it.
You don't really know him, though,
do you, darling?
Sure I do.
Dagger tattoo on his wrist.
Yeah, but
you're not one of his girls,
are you? You're not
not like Ruby and the rest of 'em.
Or like Zoe was.
I didn't know her.
Heard she had a nasty accident,
It was no accident.
Apparently, she got in
a little bit of trouble
trying to help out a girl
who was
a little bit like you, really.
What are the chances of that?
Look, it's more than my life's worth
to give you a way
for the police to trace down Max.
They wouldn't know what to do
if they got him.
I just wanna talk, that's all.
Got balls, you have -
coming in here on your own.
I'll give you that.
Then just give me his number
and I'll leave you in peace.
And what are you gonna do?
Cause a little scene?
You sound desperate, darling.
That's a terrible place
to negotiate from.
Tell you what
I am feeling charitable.
Cos of your
Oh, go fuck yourself.
I like a woman
with a bit of fight in her.
Makes things a bit more exciting.
You know what,
I'm feeling a bit reckless,
so how's about you win this game
and I'll give you Max's number.
For real?
Oh, I don't welch on deals, love.
It's bad for business.
And if I lose?
That's the best bit.
That's when you give me what I want.
All right.
You hustling me, are you?
Just not shit at pool.
So, what is it you want
with Max's number?
Got some information
he might be interested in.
About a woman
who disappeared last week.
Oh, yeah? What's the information?
Like I'm just gonna tell you.
Max wants it, he can pay for it.
Pfft. Fair enough.
I just need someone
to go on the record
and tell me your side of the story.
A press officer, a trained chimp.
Whoever you've still got
kicking about at this time of night.
Er, Andy, would you find DC Osborne
for me? Tell him
Mrs Fletcher here
has had a change of heart.
he's dealing with my request first.
Er, I'll make sure
there's a room available.
It's always a pleasure, Geri
Won't be a moment.
Any reason you're still
sitting there doing nothing?
I'm waiting.
Well, that's saved me a trip.
What do you want?
Did you tell Hannah
about the money Louisa gave you?
I had to.
So, here's what happens next.
In a few hours, my colleagues
in the housing department
will get into work.
Then I'm going to pop over
and have a little word with them
about section 43c
of your tenancy agreement.
What you talking about?
The rules of the house
you sponge off the council.
You're not allowed to keep pets.
That can't be right.
Well, I know it is.
Because unlike you,
I went to school and learnt to read.
So, by this time tomorrow,
you'll have two options.
Get rid of that rabid mongrel
or piss off and live somewhere else.
It's win-win,
as far as I'm concerned.
You can't do that.
You broke the deal,
so you didn't give me a choice.
Although, to be honest,
I'd have done it anyway,
for the LOLs.
I'll tell them what Louisa did.
And admit your part in it?
I don't think so.
You opened your stupid gob.
This is the result.
Come after me and I'll end you.
You do anything else
to make Louisa look bad
and this is just the beginning.
You're going to be turned
into sausages, you lucky thing!
What's the delay?
Not bad, kidder.
What you doing?
You said you wanted to speak to Max,
I'm texting him,
telling him to come meet us here.
That's not what we agreed.
You promised
You don't get it, do you?
You were dead the moment
you rolled through them doors.
You know, Max had to
skip town for a year cos of you.
You're just lucky
he didn't finish you off
like he did your mate
before he left.
Why didn't he?
Didn't think you were worth it.
I suspect he will have
formed a different opinion
by the time he gets here.
I don't feel right.
Oh, darling
It's OK.
It's just a little something
to help you relax.
What have you done to me?
You see
Sometimes, it takes old Maxie boy
a while to reply,
so I thought, in the meantime,
me and you could
get to know each other a bit better.
You bastard.
Probably am.
So, I will, er
I, erm
Oi! Oi!
You switched the drinks, didn't you?
Yeah, sorry about that.
Unlike your girlfriend
I know when I'm being screwed.
She's not coming back to the estate.
Don't lie. You're not good at it.
That one, put it on the main screen.
You care about her, don't you?
So, there is no happily ever after
If you don't help me
get her off the streets now
and she finds Max Carlton,
he will kill her.
Bravo Oscar three.
Suspect is about to enter
Mistletoe Lane.
Please intercept.
'Received and understood.
We're less than a minute away.'
There are cameras on Mistletoe Lane.
Er, yeah.
Well, come on, then.
Hang on
Where'd she go?
She was coming from Acorn Avenue,
Er, she was.
Well, that's right there,
so where is she?
I-I don't know.
Bravo Oscar three,
please give visual confirmation
that suspect is in Mistletoe Lane.
'Now approaching.'
no visual on the suspect.'
Bravo Oscar three.
Please give your location.
'Mistletoe Lane.'
Put the live feed on now!
Sorry, speak slower?
Don't pull that shit with me.
That is old footage!
Put the live feed on now,
or I will arrest you.
'No, suspect's not here.'
If she gets hurt
because you messed me around,
I will make sure
that you pay for it.
This isn't a game.
There she is. Zoom in.
What's she saying?
How should I know?
You lip-read.
What did she just tell you?
Why are you letting her
throw her life away?
Because I trust her.
She'll know what she's doing.
You saw what he did to Zoe Mason.
Do you think he'll hesitate
to do that to Hannah
if he gets his hands on her?
Don't test me. Wind it back
and tell me what she said.
What did she say?
The community centre.
She wants
She wants me to keep the cameras
off her while she gets there.
All units, suspect is heading
to the Hawthorn Community Centre.
Max send you?
Then how did you find me?
You knew we were with
your friend Simon.
I guessed that he'd lie for you
just to throw us off the trail.
Then I thought,
whatever you were planning,
you would end up in this place.
I got Max's number.
Told him to meet me here.
If he sees you, he'll run.
You've done really well, Hannah,
but I can take it from here. No way.
Is that how
you intend to deal with him?
What else can I do?
I can't let you hurt him.
No matter what he's done.
Oh, he'll be here soon.
You've already killed somebody.
I'm gonna have to arrest you.
I'll tell Max not to come.
You won't do that. You want him
locked up as much as I do.
Try me.
Hannah Quinn, I'm arresting you
for the murder of Jim Dove.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
A body?
I TOLD you! I said he killed her!
It isn't a woman.
It's Max Carlton.
Who was the woman on the CCTV?
I don't know.
If you want me to believe that
you weren't involved in any of this,
then give me something to go on.
The police are gonna charge me
with destroying evidence.
Well, let it go.
Obsessing over all this has given
you nothing but misery. I can't.
Please. I'm in big trouble.
Remember this day, dear.
It's when your whole life
started to fall apart.
What's that girl gone
and got herself involved in now?
She's covering the tracks of
the woman we believe killed Carlton.
Does the name Ruby
mean anything to you?
But you and I are not done.
Warden's after you.
Need to ditch your phone.
We need to leave.
I need back-up.
I am in pursuit of a suspect.
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