Blindspot (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

'I saw it happen.'
'I saw him kill her.
'You have to get someone there
right away.'
He's gone into an alleyway,
it's a blind spot.
None of the cameras cover it.
It's the same man, and I bet he had
a dagger tattoo on his wrist.
Louisa Bradfield's office.
I need to speak to her.
Is it about Ruby again?
'Delete the recording
of me from last week.
'The whole evening.'
I just want you to leave me alone.
What have you done?
This is not Max.
'I got Max's number,
told him to meet me here.'
I told you, I said he killed her.
It isn't a woman.
It's Max Carlton.
The CPS has decided not to press
charges over the death of Mr Dove.
They accept that you acted
in self defence.
Finally, some common sense.
But they are still considering
whether to prosecute you
over your involvement
in the murder of Max Carlton.
What involvement?
There was CCTV footage of him
approaching the location
where his body was found.
He was in the company
of an unidentified woman
believed to be his killer.
You destroyed that evidence.
You have got to be shitting me.
The system at the CCTV centre
clearly shows
it was your login that was used
to delete the recording.
Do you deny this?
I was forced to do that.
Who by?
Max phoned and threatened to hurt
my friends if I didn't delete it.
But Max was already dead
at this point.
And yet was seen running
from the blind spot.
So who made this alleged call?
Don't do this, don't make it
look like it's all my fault.
Who was the woman on the CCTV,
and where did she go?
I don't know.
Look, we know that Carlton worked
with various women on the estates.
Do you know any of their names?
Why would I?
Because you seem to be
his biggest fan.
When he killed Zoe,
you all looked the other way.
Why do you suddenly care now
the bastard's dead? He deserved it!
What are you doing here?
Making sure you get home
without causing any more chaos.
I don't need baby-sitting.
Yeah, really looks like it.
I don't want things to be like this.
Bullshit. You're trying to bully me
into helping you.
You're up to your old tricks.
Using me like you used
that poor sod
you sent to his death in London.
I just want to get to the truth.
Then do your bloody job. Stop piling
all this bullshit onto me.
Meet me halfway, then.
If you want me to believe that
you weren't involved in any of this,
then give me something to go on.
Let's get out of here.
Someone might have mentioned a Ruby.
Who is she?
Another woman who worked with Max.
Do you know anything else about her?
No. Just heard her name somewhere.
But you're the one
who claims to be a detective.
I can't believe I'm actually picking
you up from the police station.
What are you like?
You need to talk to your mum.
She knows something about Zoe.
It's best you hear it from her.
No, get lost
before somebody sees you.
Call her off.
That nasty little viper
who works for you.
What's her name? Geri?
How dare she threaten
to have my dog taken away.
You told Hannah what we did.
You may as well have gone
to the bloody newspapers.
She won't blab if it hurts you.
She will tell Amber.
I will never forgive you
for making me seem weak
in front of my daughter.
I hope Geri burns
your pathetic life to the ground.
Remember this day, dear.
It's when your whole life
started to fall apart.
the recording of me from last week.
'The whole evening.'
Hello, love.
Hannah said you had something
to tell me about Zoe.
Sometimes we do things we regret.
I'm not ten.
There was a witness.
When Zoe was killed,
someone saw it happen.
Dolly Fletcher.
She never went to the police.
How do you know about it?
An officer I'm friendly with
at the station.
She tipped me off.
Why didn't Dolly make a statement?
Because I
..I paid her not to.
Why would you do that?
Max Carlton, he came down
to my office, bold as brass,
and told me about all the things
that would come out about you
if he went to court.
He was making it up.
Was he?
It was just some stuff
from a few posh houses.
People who could afford it.
Yeah, we both know that's bullshit.
I moved us out here
so you wouldn't have to be involved
in a life like that.
Don't you get it?
You would have gone to prison.
And even after you got out,
it wouldn't end.
Everything you did would
be plastered over the internet.
Preventing that wasn't worth
letting Zoe's killer get away.
You would never have escaped it.
Every job interview,
every new friend you made,
they'd be able to find out
what you did with a click.
That's my problem.
No, no, it's mine, too!
The scandal would have ended
my political career.
You're only the leader
of the bloody council.
It's not like you've got
the nuclear codes.
It is important to me.
Look, I know you meant well.
But I didn't ask you
to stick your nose in.
Yeah, well
Someone had to save you
from yourself.
Because you sure as shit
weren't making a great job of it.
You don't know what you've done.
No. No, Roy.
On the house today.
How come?
I might be able to put some cash
your way if you're interested.
Need someone with your skills
to do me a little favour, dear.
I'm listening.
Thanks for coming.
You're still talking to me, then?
I know you only told the police
where I was cos you care.
You wanted to get me help,
and I appreciate and respect that.
You want something, don't you?
Look at this, "Judas".
Could they really
have a back-up of the CCTV?
Give them five grand,
and you'll find out.
I don't have that kind of money.
Forget about it, then.
I can't! The police are gonna charge
me with destroying evidence,
but if I had a copy of the CCTV
to give them It's a scam!
Oh, let it go.
Obsessing over all this
is giving you nothing but misery.
I can't. It's who I am.
Well, not to me.
Can you find who sent the email?
Depends if they knew
what they were doing.
Then, try. Please.
I'm in big trouble.
I got some bad news, I'm afraid.
Before Jim Dove died,
he gave up your entire operation -
names, numbers, the full nine yards.
Yeah, I don't believe you, mate.
Well, let's talk about it
down the station.
All right, sure, whatever.
I said, "Let's talk about it
down the station."
Well, if this was a proper arrest,
you wouldn't have come here
on your own, would you?
So, go on,
just tell me what you really want.
Information about
Max Carlton's girls.
What's it worth?
Come on, man.
You know how this works.
You scratch my back,
I scratch yours.
All right, you help me,
and I'll give you an hour
to put your affairs in order
before I bring you in. Deal?
Yeah, fine.
All right, just get off me.
So, talk.
Look, I don't much about these tarts
of Carlton's, yeah?
They just came and went.
Do you remember one called Ruby?
No, I don't remember
any of their names.
I didn't bother learning their names
cos once they was with him,
that was it, they were off limits.
You'll have to do better than that.
Look, there was this little cafe,
yeah, down on Rose Lane.
That was where they used to go
and look for marks.
That's it. That's all I know.
All right.
So, an hour, yeah?
Nice one. Yeah.
No wonder you're a joke
down at the station.
Don't even know
how to play the game, mate.
Arrest and charge him.
Yeah, it's fine!
I know where I'm going.
Get off me. I know where I'm going!
There you go.
If I ever teased you
about computer club after school,
I take it all back.
You made endless jokes about it.
Well, a normal teenage boy
would spend that time
learning how to unfasten a bra,
but I am glad
you never got the opportunity.
Er, the email was sent
from the IP address
linked to this address.
Do you know it?
It's Louisa and Geri's office.
Won't your mum miss the keys?
She doesn't usually come in
at the weekend.
Still, be quick.
It has to be Geri's doing.
I can't believe your mum
would mess me around like this.
I'll get Mum
to crucify her for this.
Do you think the footage is on here?
What if she's got it with her?
Then we'll kill her
and loot her corpse
Oh, don't worry. It's just plan B.
What the hell?
Shit! Hide.
You get under there. I'll
Come on, you as well.
You're kidding!
Who is that?
No! Wait!
Come out.
Who are you?
What do you want?!
I've called the police.
We have to go.
What about the files?
You can't be here.
Someone's bound to see the door
broken in,
and then the police will come.
Hannah, now!
I'm going!
You finished
scraping that boy off my rug yet?
I've come about something else -
Max Carlton's girls.
I don't get mixed up
in Max's business.
Yeah, well,
we found Carlton's body yesterday.
I've been told that he used
to meet his women in here.
Free country, in't it?
Did any of them know Hannah?
What's that girl gone
and got herself involved in now?
She's covering the tracks
of the woman
we believe killed Carlton.
I need to know why.
Does the name Ruby
mean anything to you?
She was Max's favourite,
but I've not seen them together
for a while.
You'll have to ask her.
Well, do you know
where I can find her?
Try asking Louisa Bradfield.
Thank you, Mrs Fletcher.
Who the hell was he?
Why was he smashing up Mum's office?
Unhappy voter?
Do you really think
the back-up copy exists?
I don't know.
And why would Geri blackmail me?
She knows I ain't got any money.
She also knows you're desperate.
Let's have another.
I know Councillor Bradfield.
I'll call her,
let her know what happened.
I told you.
I have never seen it before.
That coat looks a lot like the one
that Max Carlton was wearing
the night he died.
It's got blood on it.
When it comes back from the lab,
I'd lay odds on it being his.
If I'd killed him,
why would I keep his coat?
Think, for God's sake!
Why would somebody
turn your office over?
Well, how should I know?
You have a reputation for being
Councillor Bradfield's fixer.
Are you aware of any link
between her and Max Carlton?
There was CCTV footage
of Max Carlton
approaching the location
where his body was later found.
There was a woman with him.
She matches your height
and your build.
Well, have you got a copy
of this video?
Right, so you've no actual evidence?
Have you ever used the name Ruby?
We believe a Ruby was involved
in Max Carlton's crimes.
Now, I've been told
that she's someone
that Councillor Bradfield
might know.
Well, that's not me. It's
What's so amusing?
Can you access
the electoral register from here
or do I have to spell it out
for you?
Another drink?
No, I better keep a clear head.
I guess.
I'm supposed
to be getting my nails done at four.
Expensive life
being a fashion victim.
I'm off home.
You all right?
I don't think
this slogan's gonna stick.
Speak soon.
Love you.
What now?
Is Amber here?
I've tried her house.
I've had enough of your lies.
What are you talking about?
She is Ruby!
And I'll bet she's the woman
on the CCTV,
and you lied under caution.
I I didn't know.
You must be wrong.
I'm sick of the pair of you
giving me the run-around.
I need to bring her in
for questioning.
Look, let me talk to her first.
I'm sure she can explain all this.
Absolutely not.
If you shove her
in an interrogation room,
she'll clam up.
With me, she'll be honest.
No, you were right.
The last time I used someone,
put them at risk,
they died, and I'm not prepared
to do the same with you.
Let me try.
No! Where is she?
And no more lies.
She said she was going to college.
There was a book
she needed to pick up.
All right.
But you and I are not done.
Warden's after you.
You need to ditch your phone.
We need to meet.
What the hell is going on?
Why did you want to meet me here?
Warden's hardly gonna look for you
on the swings.
I needed to talk to you
before he does.
I need you to tell me I'm wrong.
I need you to tell me
that you didn't kill Max.
Of course I didn't.
Are you recording this?
Oh, for fuck's sake.
You're my oldest friend,
the person I love the most
in the world.
I wish to God I hadn't seen this.
That, that top
That's the same one
the woman on the CCTV was wearing
the night Max was killed.
Loads of people must have that one.
It's off the rack.
Then let's go to yours.
Show me you've still got it.
I gave it to a charity shop.
I spoke to Jules from school.
You said you went
to her birthday piss-up in Leeds
the night Max was killed.
Jules said you didn't arrive
till well after midnight,
and when you spoke with me
earlier that night,
you said you were already there.
I decided to go to the hotel bar
and hang out for a bit.
No, no.
You were somewhere near here,
getting cleaned up before he left.
You would've got away with it
if I hadn't seen Max on the CCTV.
You knew
I was afraid to go out at night,
so you thought
I wouldn't be at work,
didn't realise
I'd swapped shifts with Simon.
The cameras
were your mum's big scheme
so you knew she'd done them
on the cheap.
You knew they were no good at night.
No-one was gonna recognise your face
on that crappy night vision.
Even me.
Somehow, you convinced Max
to recreate the same scam
he tried to pull with Zoe.
Yeah, this looks good.
Just like old times, eh?
You had him alone, off-camera.
No-one was gonna miss him.
I reckon we're gonna make
a killing tonight
For Zoe, you prick.
But your top got torn
in the struggle.
Your top was torn.
You took Max's coat to cover you up.
You used to live
in a neighbouring block of flats.
You knew what was under the bins.
You threw away your ruined top
and scarf,
knowing the bins would be emptied
the next morning.
He deserved to go in that sewer the rat he was.
That's why you did it there -
to humiliate him in death.
I thought I saw Max leaving.
I saw what I wanted to see.
Have you heard yourself?
You've not been well.
Do not start that shit with me!
When you heard me
tell Warden that name, you panicked,
tried to set up Geri.
So, you must've gone to
your mum's office earlier that day,
planted the coat, sent the email
Hannah, please. Stop.
The one thing I couldn't resist
was a copy of the CCTV footage.
You knew that.
So, you pretended she had one.
I suppose you were gonna discover
the coat in her desk.
But we were interrupted.
Lucky for you,
Warden still recognised it,
and she was arrested.
Well, this better be good.
Hannah's just sent me
on a wild-goose chase
to some beauty college,
and Amber's ditched her phone.
What the hell are they doing?
Tell me I'm wrong.
You were my friend,
practically my sister,
and you sent your boyfriend
to hurt me.
Who does that?!
You kept questioning
what had happened.
Getting too close to the truth.
Jim was only supposed
to scare you off.
Why were you with him
in the first place?
I found out Max had killed Zoe
..and I knew no-one was gonna do
a damn thing about it.
Max was laying low.
So I started hanging out with Jim.
Cos I knew
we'd cross paths sooner or later.
How did you persuade Max
to go to the blind spot with you?
I told him
I wanted to get back at my mum.
Finally given a damn
about her bloody career.
Said I wanted to show how stupid
her security cameras were.
Like pulling a con
right under their noses.
And he went with that?
He was a cocky bastard.
But this was my way of showing
I'd learnt my lesson
for getting clean.
Now what?
It's up to you.
You're never gonna let this go.
You'll go to the police.
Once you know the truth,
you can't ever look away.
It's always been your problem.
Well, then, don't make me do it.
I'm giving you the chance
to do the right thing.
The right thing?
I did the right thing
when I killed that bastard.
"I did the right thing
when I killed the bastard."
It's all over, isn't it?
Will you come with me
to the police station?
I can't do this alone.
Whatever you need.
The last time I saw them
was when they left the playground.
It's no good. I've lost them.
There's some we don't have cameras.
Why couldn't the silly girl
just have stayed out of it
like I told her?
That's kind of her thing.
I'm not losing somebody else.
Yeah, look,
this is Detective Sergeant Warden.
Do we still have an active trace
on the phone of a Hannah Quinn?
Please find her.
Suspects were last seen
travelling out of town in a white
But the police station's that way.
I need time to think.
You're making a huge mistake.
You can't prove anything.
I've got your confession.
It doesn't record sound.
Simon can lip-read.
Warden was with him at the CCTV.
You set me up.
I'm sorry.
I need back-up.
I am in pursuit of a suspect
heading south on Atkins Road.
Heading towards Aylesbury Quarry.
Vehicle is a black Audi A3. Over.
Amber! Where the fuck are we going?
Stop the car!
Slow down!
Shut up!
I'm not going to prison.
Slow down!
Amber, help me.
Amber, don't leave me!
Amber, come back.
Get away from the car!
I'm all right.
No! No!
Stop it, let me go!
Let me go!
It's too late.
Nice service.
It was horrible.
I'm sorry I misled you.
I just needed to hear her
say the words myself.
You tried to give her a chance.
I get it.
I was a selfish cow.
If we'd have done things properly,
we wouldn't be here.
You arrested Lou.
Hasn't she suffered enough?
Well, you're the one
that told me what she'd done.
What did you expect?
But you let me off the hook?
No. That was the CPS.
I don't make the rules around here.
That's news to me.
I guess you get to retire in peace,
skulk off to some allotment
or somewhere.
I'm staying in the force.
You really must need the money.
It's not about the money.
What, then?
Maybe to make amends
for all the times I screwed up.
How noble.
Truth is, I'm a cop.
I don't know
how to do anything else, so
I may as well try
to be a good one.
Well, good luck.
You too.
Oh, and don't take this
the wrong way, but, er
I hope I never see you again.
Feeling's mutual.
See you tomorrow, Ro.
What do you want?
Are the council still going ahead?
Either I leave my house
or they take him away.
How can they do that?
This estate isn't my home.
But Wolf's my family.
Give him to me.
Let me look after him.
You can see him whenever you want.
I thought you were moving away.
It's not far.
And I promise we'll visit.
Will you miss it round here?
Maybe. Never lived anywhere else.
At least you'll have
a friendly landlord.
If you put the rent up
after the first month,
you'll have hell to pay.
And I won't stand
for any funny business,
or I'll do you
for sexual harassment.
No, no, of course not.
Unless I'm in the mood
for funny business
and then I'll let you know.
OK. How?
You'll know.
God, modern life is so confusing.
I didn't know
you were bringing a dog.
Well, he's well-behaved. Kind of.
Well, I am allergic.
Just try and keep him in your room.
Yeah, that's really gonna happen
You better not be one of those
blokes who leaves the loo seat up.
Oh, no, don't worry. I often
sit down anyway, it's way comfier.
No, no. Complete turnoff.
Oh, and you're doing the bins.
Oh, no. We can make a rota.
Make it fair when we switch over
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