Blood and Oil (2015) s01e01 Episode Script


you won't see me runnin' oh, my blood's been burning cold What are those flames from? and secrets, honey Natural gas.
Just comes up with the oil.
They're just burning it off.
Why don't they collect it? They're making so money up here They don't bother picking up loose change.
billy! Cody and i would just like to say thank you For the big send off, And for investing your hard-earned money in us.
We're opening three laundromats in north dakota, 'cause that place is booming.
We're not gonna let you down.
I promise.
-We won't.
-That's right.
We're gonna return I want you to have it.
But this was memaw's.
She went to orlando in the '20s during the land rush.
You take care of yourself.
I'm scared.
I want to thank the pretty girl over in the corner My wife, cody.
She is my high-school sweetheart, My wingwoman, and my best friend.
So, thank you for joining me On this grand adventure of a lifetime.
Cheers! Well, for better or for worse, billy.
For better or for worse.
Cody! Cody! Cody! Are you okay? Hey, talk to me.
Nice driving, dale jr.
Oh, thank god.
Due to the overwhelming call volume, It may take rock springs police department 24 hours to respond.
Thank you for your patience.
we'll call home in the morning And tell them we hit a rough patch.
and say what? "sorry you invested $37k in our big entrepreneurial plan, But we screwed the pooch before we ever got up there"? i don't think so, cody.
Well, we had these machines insured, right? Because i remember, we could've either insured All the equipment Or you could've purchased three more washers.
And i distinctly remember we decided to insure them.
i need help, babe.
What? To pick up our insurance.
Billy! can't wait for night to come that's when the fun really begins We're not even there yet And we've already lost everything.
We got knocked down.
We did.
But listen to me.
Come here.
There's no going back for us.
Only forward.
and i'm beginning to realize it i can't have everything oh, hey, hey, hey! everything stop! Stop! Stop! why can't i? rock springs? let's all make memories Someone in there we can ask.
Knock it off! I mean, look at this place, c.
I told you it's going off, huh? turn down for what turn down for what, what turn down for what, what 'scuse us, uh -Hi.
Uh, we were just looking for a place to stay around here.
let me guess, You rolled into town with no reservations.
-What? -You got no place to crash.
-Yeah, yeah.
Well, we were actually just planning on, uh -- On, uh, camping in our truck, but, um But we totaled the truck, so All right.
Well, your best shot is probably the patchwork hotel Out by the train station.
-You're gonna love it.
-Yeah? Hey, anybody want to see cowboys versus indians Better get outside! Oh, my god.
You're such an idiot! I just don't care, lady.
-Oh, my god.
Ain't no one cares what you got to say.
Pipe down, lady.
I don't want to hear it.
Go home, lady.
Go home.
-You know what? -Do it.
You have no idea what you've done.
yeah! We are taking this animal.
Get away -- get away from the moose.
We're taking -- -Step back away from -- -no.
No! -Lady! -No! -Move along, lady.
-Step away from the moose! -You're making a huge mistake! -Come on, now.
-Garry! Garry! I was laying out.
He just posted up.
Pow! I had to show my hunting buddy first.
You shouldn't have taken a white moose, wick.
What are you talking about? This is a state record, i'm telling you.
Look at it.
You're gonna have to leave the state To keep from getting your head kicked in.
-Oh, you -- -you see this? Whoever kills a spirit animal is cursed.
-Really? -Yes! That's right.
Well, then the spirit animal shouldn't have been On briggs land.
-Calm down.
Get your hands off my trophy, lady.
Hey, hey, hey.
No! -Untie it.
-You want to get shot, lady? -Wick, come on, buddy.
You want to get shot? Get off the moose! Hey! Everybody just take a real deep breath.
How you doing, wick? That carbine ain't down.
I will shoot you.
Show's over, everybody.
I recommend everybody just get on back To some civilized drinking, huh? yeah! Everybody have a good time.
Let's go.
Let's go, son.
Come on.
-Me? -You.
What are the charges, tip? Drunk and disorderly.
disturbing the peace.
And being a constant pain in my ass.
So, this is the patchwork hotel.
I guess so.
-This is like a campground.
-Come on.
Seriously, next time you got to promise me We're gonna make reservation before we get here.
Oh, cheer up, kid.
-This ain't bad.
This is bad.
Don't move.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
She has a cut on her forehead.
What? You have a cut on your forehead.
My wife has a first-aid kit.
Thank you.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm kess.
Oh, man.
So, what brings you to patchwork? Well, what brings you? I mean, probably the same thing, right? we wanted a better life.
-For us.
For our children.
-Our children.
The real question is what'd you do to this barbecue? -Yes! -It's unbelievable, kess.
Come on, man.
That is my secret red-pepper sauce.
-It's got that kick.
Don't give it away.
All right.
We're saving to open a restaurant.
-That's great.
-That's nice.
Well -- We'll be the first in line, right? -Yeah! Every day.
-Come on, now.
Well, we're gonna find a way to pay you guys back One way or another.
-We are.
Just give it to the next one coming.
That's how it works at patchwork.
I like that.
- -cheers.
See? It's not so bad.
Just when i'd lost all faith in humanity, You meet someone special.
You okay? Yeah.
Kess is taking me to where they parcel out Rig jobs in the morning.
You're just gonna jump in, start roughnecking? Yeah, well, those washing machines Aren't gonna replace themselves.
surprised my old man didn't bail me out himself.
Briggs was too upset to come.
Yeah, i bet.
You're better now.
Come on.
Let's go.
You are aware of how much land The mandans control around here, right? Just how excited do you think they're gonna be Seeing a briggs oil truck come rolling over the hill After what you did last night? I guess i'm not current On my native american superstition, pops.
Hey, you've taken trophies all over the world.
I figured you'd be proud of me.
The next time i'm proud of you, wick, it'll be the first.
I wasn't proud when you quit college.
I sure as hell ain't proud that you're running around All over town scamming deals that are never gonna play out, Trashing the family name.
You think i'm just gonna toss you the keys to the kingdom And watch you drive it over the cliff? I'm taking a different tack with you.
You're going to work on a rig.
Duchess, here.
So, the bitch got to you, huh? Keep talking about my wife.
You start pushing mud first thing.
Come on! Sorry, boys.
All the roustabout gigs are gone, all right? Aw, hey, man.
Listen, listen.
I need a job that pays cash today.
All right.
You can push mud.
It pays 100 bucks per.
A lot of guys can't last half-day doing that.
Yeah, well, how hard can it be, right? Come back tomorrow, you tell us.
I retrofitted each unit with a kitchenette, So it's really more like an apartment.
Don't you work at the tack room bar? I own it.
Around here, you've either got two jobs or two houses.
Yeah, well, right now we don't have either.
I promise you, with the demand up here, This place won't last the week.
Somebody stole the frame on that one.
Sleeps just fine.
How much is it? $2,000 a month.
I'm feeling sick.
That's what everyone says when they hear the prices up here.
Ben, you want to grab them? Go on.
-I missed you.
I missed you, baby.
You remember that, uh, weasely v.
From goldman? Isn't that every v.
At goldman? You mean singer.
He mentioned a bombshell coming out of u.
Since when do new york bankers have patch intel we don't? Since they got new thermal mapping technology.
Singer acted like i already knew about it, So i stovepiped him and he kept going.
We got to get that report, hap.
Before it comes out.
Well, i'm betting you already invited Our old buddy the oil commissioner To our party, now didn't you? He's seated right between us.
I knew there was a reason i married you.
-come on, man.
Keep it moving.
-Right there! -Hold that thing down.
-Get it going.
Get it going! Slow down, son.
They're not paying you by the shovelful.
Last time i saw you, you were in a bit of a situation, huh? Yeah, i wasn't worried.
What were the mandan indians gonna do, huh? Nothing.
Your last name's briggs, yeah? Too bad you're not hap's son.
Yeah, that's too bad.
The baron of the bakken's your old man? I've read all the stories.
Dirt farmer's son.
Man's a legend.
Yeah, only if you don't know him.
What are you doing out here with the fish? What'd the bastard say? Oh, yeah.
"learn the business from the muck up.
" What the hell does he know, anyway? I could blast through this shale faster Than any tool pusher he's got.
Waste of my damn time.
Carlson, i'm gonna do your refill, But you got to follow these tags.
You cannot drink alcohol with this.
It's gonna be as long as it's gonna be.
-My eczema's killing me.
-I am sorry.
Doc, come on, put a rush on it.
Okay, i'm not a doctor, And everything in here's on a rush, all right? Oh, come on, man.
Why you got to be such a jerk? Uh, 'scuse me, sir? What? Corticosteroid cream mixed with coconut oil Will knock back eczema.
What? All right.
Coconut oil.
Cortico's in five, coconut oil's in the grocery store.
Thank you, young lady.
No problem.
There's got to be something in there! Hey, hey, hey! Whoa! Whoa! Stop! The wire! Stop! What are you whining about man? what are you doing? You're gonna knock the whole thing down! -Whoa! -Watch out! Bloody hell! You could've killed us! What are you doing?! You were on the rocks! It's not on me! He was backing me in! I am not his spotter! You are fired! Go to the office and turn in your credentials.
Hey, cost me a job, slick.
Pushing mud? Please.
I just did you a favor.
Wick briggs.
I saw you back that truck in.
Wha-- You weren't paying attention, boy.
That's a million-dollar mistake.
I had nothing to do with it.
It wasn't my fault.
You're a lying son of a bitch.
Get up, man.
Stop acting like a damn coward.
You are out, boy.
No cards, no clubs, no cash.
Are you hearing me? You're out! You don't deserve to be my son.
You look good.
Is this -- is this ours? Yeah.
Yeah, 1,000 bucks.
-What are you doing? Robbing banks over here? Yes, i am.
I got offered a job at the pharmacy in town today.
Youngerman advanced me my first paycheck, so But you dropped out of pharmacy school after two years.
Yeah, well, apparently that's good enough up here.
Said he'd take every waking hour i could give him.
it's a foot in the door.
Yeah, you like it? Christmas lights and everything.
-Oh, thatagirl.
Look at cody lefever marching down the field, Throwing first downs.
Yeah, that's me.
Well, um, i had a little setback today.
What's that? I got fired.
You got fired.
Hey, yeah -- How? It's your first d-- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Listen to me.
It's okay.
It was just a job pushing mud.
It's still a paycheck.
This place is hopping.
I'll find another one.
I'll find something.
Promise? Babe.
I'm sorry.
I haven't felt this bad in a while.
Must've caught a bug or something.
Hey, you look at me.
I'll do anything to take care of you, you know that.
A lot of promises.
I know.
But this one i really mean.
You know, those other ones Time to flush some mormon pheasant, don't you think? Give me the gun.
you don't need one, honey.
Commissioner, hap and i are so glad you could join us.
Thank you.
Happy birthday to you, hap.
Well, thanks, myron.
So happy you could be here.
Thank you.
I'll be with you two in just a minute, all right? I hear salt lake's putting a squeeze on you To get a temple built in rock springs.
Oh, i'm, uh -- i'm squeeze-proof, carla.
Of course you are.
But i guess you've heard the rumor That our dear governor's been hiking the appalachian trail.
I have.
And when that rumor goes public, there's gonna be a recall.
Then i shall, uh, pray for spiritual guidance.
You don't need spiritual guidance, myron.
You've got me.
A smart oil and gas commissioner With the right backers Could be sleeping in the governor's mansion.
And that temple, Well, the governor gets to approve whatever he wants.
You're a little crooked.
Hap, this is unbelievable.
According to myron's report, the richest areas Of the bakken shale are on land previously thought barren.
That's the four bears indian reservation.
Those plots been drilled harder than a tulsa whore.
The old wells didn't go deep enough.
The bakken reserves are at least Bigger than the saudi ghawar field.
Come on.
Hey, now! WellExcept Tribe is gonna be pissed because wick shot that damn moose.
Doesn't matter what they say.
This property will give us access to the oil.
You're good.
May i help you, sir? Prescription pick up.
Richard ford.
Sir, are you in our system? As is my phone number.
What time do you get off, darlin'? I'll get your prescription.
Ford here.
Yes, sir.
Driving out to mccutching ranch right now.
Yes, mr.
Buying the property is my top priority.
I will close it asap.
Crash job.
Thank you, mr.
Here's your hemorrhoid cream, sir.
Apply twice a day.
You usually only come around my place When you want something.
you gonna kick me out, too? You know me.
I'm a giver.
Hap cut me off.
Oh, baby.
That'll blow over.
You two fight all the time.
Well, it's different this time, apparently.
Cut you off like how? cut me off.
I'm out of the house.
I'm out of the will.
I'm cut off.
So what if hap cut you off? There's opportunity everywhere up here.
I started this place with nothing but a keg of beer And $2,000 in cash.
Hap doesn't think i can do it on my own.
But he's not the only one that can make money.
Who cares what hap thinks? I'm here for you, wick, no matter what.
You know that, right? Well, i'm glad he did it.
You take his money and he owns you.
Well, fine, then, you son of a bitch.
I'll make my own way.
So, what's your play? To get mine.
To get mine.
Oh, boy.
You get on the wrong side of briggs oil, Nobody will touch you.
Well, you know what you need? Besides help with that boot? Wife who loves me? Oh, i was gonna say a steady job.
Oh, what was that? A steady job? -Yeah, a steady job.
-What is that supposed to mean? Well, you know what, i overheard this land man In line today at the pharmacy.
He was talking to hap briggs on his -- on his cell.
Are you listening to me? I'm listening.
He was telling him to pay top dollar For this mccutching ranch or something.
It sounded like some real big secret.
-Yeah? -Mm-hmm.
Was in line today? Mm-hmm.
Said it had to be done today.
Crash job.
Are you listening? Mccutching ranch.
Mccutching ranch, huh? Uh-huh.
Yeah, i'm listening.
I'm just trying to get a job.
I hear you're hiring.
Well, you know, we have a very intense vetting process.
Oh, is that so? So i don't know if you're gonna make the cut.
-Oh, really? -Mm.
-Well, we'll see about that.
Oh How's the job interview coming? you're hired.
So, if i understand this correctly, The only way in or out of the mccutching ranch Is through this parcel here? That's right.
That plot is currently owned by A mr.
Clifton p.
Clifton p.
Clifton p.
Got it.
Hey, thanks.
I never knew them mineral holders held the right of way.
Even on a person's front porch.
Which one of them oil thieves you working for? Well, i did a spell on the rig.
But, you know, i'm branching out on my own now.
You're pissing up a rope if you think You're gonna be wildcatting around here.
Well, listen, i'm just looking to develop this land.
For a car wash.
Car wash! I'm serious.
I haven't seen a clean car or truck Since we got here, you know? Hell, i've been here 70 years.
I-i ain't seen one yet.
Do realize we're 10 miles out of town, don't you? Yeah, well, hey, rock springs is booming.
I mean, this here could be a retail strip in a few years.
You know that, right? Tell you what i'm gonna do for you, young buck.
I'm gonna sell you that option.
But it's gonna cost you a pretty penny.
That's too rich for my blood, sir.
Every time you try to counter, the price is gonna go up.
Just keep talking.
Well, let me see what i can do.
$100,000 and it's yours today.
I can put $10,000 down.
We might could make that work.
Let me guess.
You're doing it for the frequent-flier miles.
Something like that.
You sure there isn't anything wrong? It just seems so cheap.
I know.
But it's a liquidity crisis.
I got to let her go for $75,000 cash today.
I mean, did i tell you our luck was gonna change Or did i tell you it was gonna change? Look at this.
I mean, we got a line on a bottleneck plate That hap briggs is gonna have to pay up the nose for.
I mean, i already locked up a $75,000 deal With the guy that owns the parcel.
Oh, you made dinner.
It looks great.
I have -- yes.
I-i have news.
That cash is gonna look like pocket change When we lock up that parcel.
I mean, i had to borrow from peter to pay paul, But, look, when it all works out, it's gonna be golden.
You -- you borrowed $75,000? Yeah.
I had to.
No, no, no.
I know -- i know it sounds crazy, but look, baby.
I mean, a miracle just fell into our lap.
It's a sign, c.
I mean, this is it.
This is the reason we came down here.
Billy I mean, you roll the dice in a town like this.
And it is just boom! You know? I'm pregnant.
You're what? I'm pregnant.
Are you sure? Yeah, i'm sure.
Oh, baby.
Come here.
That's wonderful, sweetheart.
Pretty boy land man from briggs oil dropped by here.
He offered me $150,000 for the option on that easement.
Wait, what? So We had -- we had to go all-in to get your money.
You can't back out on us right now.
What -- i'm not backing out.
See, those briggs people, They're the ones that screwed me last time.
I can't give you that discount for nothing.
Tell you what.
You bring me $100,000 and cut me in for 25% Of whatever business you're gonna put in out here In east nowhere -Sir -- Which i know damn well is not a car wash.
We cannot do $100,000.
We can't.
We -- we definitely can't.
Well, suit yourself.
Briggs people will be out here tomorrow at noon.
You get here before 'em We got ourselves a deal.
We gave it our shot and it didn't pan out.
And there's no shame in that.
But we are living in a parking lot -It's okay.
-With our unborn baby.
It's not okay, billy.
It's not okay.
Listen, i-i know that this was our dream, but -- But, you know what, this -- it -- This changes things, you know? This is -- this is a sign.
This is -- this is a real sign.
A sign for what, cody? Wh-wh-what are we gonna do, go home? Tail tucked between our legs? Why not? Because we've lost all of our friends' and families' money! I mean, we are buried in debt.
I can't do it.
I'm not gonna do it.
I mean, you -- you promised me a year, And it's been a week, cody.
Well, the baby changes that.
It doesn't have to.
-Don't quit on me.
-I'm no-- Don't quit on me.
Your time's up.
Your family's leaving in the morning.
Hey, garry.
Rumor has it a halliburton semi Got jacked south of 85 last week.
I hadn't heard that.
Whose gear's this? Just a little deal i run on the side.
Strictly to the trade.
How much would a jacked truck net? Hypothetically speaking? Depends on the equipment.
Used rigs and rods, $25k per.
that's chump change, man.
You're playing pickpocket when you got a jewelry store Right across the road.
What are you talking about? Siphoning.
That's a whole other deal.
Rig keys, codes, inside access.
One tanker of dakota's sweet crude's worth about stagecoach jobs.
I'll get us in.
You get it sold.
You're gonna steal oil from your old man? I'm getting into business.
You in? I guess everyone wants to kill Their old man sooner or later.
come on, baby, let me take your troubles away some mean old mama's got your head all in a horrible way still, for all your cryin' and all your pain you're just the sweetest little woman that i've seen in my day so come on, pretty mama Let you take your troubles away What can i get ya? Oh, just $25,000 in cash in the next 45 minutes.
And a black coffee.
Opportunity of a lifetime, huh? Yeah.
Maybe five lifetimes.
Well, you can't swing a cat in this town Without hitting a loan shark.
A lot of folks would be happy to stake you for a modest 200%.
Yeah? You know any? You're looking at one.
You have $25,000 in cash? Slow down, there, cowboy.
I'm not into flyers.
And i'm serious about that interest.
That's 200% per week.
As in you bring me $50,000 on my $25,000 next week.
And i'm gonna need some collateral.
You know, just in case you -- -yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have an insurance policy that i can put up right now.
You mean you've got nothing of actual value to put up.
This one -- look at me.
This one can't miss.
Don't worry, love.
You're not the first pilgrim this place has spat out.
-I-i'm telling you -- -wait.
Okay What about this? C.
J It's platinum.
That's over two carats of diamonds right there.
For better or for worse, billy.
For better or for worse.
No speeding, please.
I won't speed much.
Okay, not funny.
Be careful.
I love you.
Keep it off the wall, dale jr.
! Seat belt! drown my woes in a lake of fire sing a song gonna take me higher drown my woes in a lake of fire come on! come on! sing a song gonna take me higher it's a mean world that i've known never got no good doing what i'm told Seriously? it's a mean world that i've known now you'll find me where the devil don't go where the devil don't go Clifton! Clifton, i'm here! Clifton! cast me down where the devil don't go devil don't go where i make my home cast me down where the devil don't go clifton! devil don't go where i make my home Clifton! it's a mean world clifton! that i've known never got no good doing what i'm told - Our offer's more than fair, mr.
You just need to sign it.
where the devil don't go Traffic was horrible.
Took briggs 24 hours to track us down.
That's how important this access road is to hap.
We're gonna have a house as big as this one day.
I don't doubt it, t.
Well, you got some brass ones on you, don't you son? Let's get down to business, son.
Do your worst.
Look, i'm prepared to offer you a three-year lease For $1 million, sir.
Non-starter, son.
We don't even know if there's oil down there yet.
Well, you bet big on the mccutching land, And that's right next door.
Why'd you do that? Yeah, without our access parcel, Your mccutching land is pretty much worthless.
So, it's, uh, the price of the ticket.
Billy, that's an ambitious play you're attempting.
But you got a little problem.
We're just gonna wait you out.
We can drill on that land next month, next year.
Do you have that kind of time, cody, With a new baby on the way? It's just a wild guess.
I noticed you weren't drinking.
Have you two picked out a name yet? We were leaning towards hap jr.
, as a matter of fact.
that's good.
You know, i've come to learn that these leaseholders Have 60 days to commence drilling Or the mineral rights get transferred To the next highest bidder.
Turns out that's a law.
Seems like we're both short on time.
We'd also like a working interest going forward.
-A piece of the -A piece of the -- A piece of the pie -Pie.
I think it's called, right? -Yeah.
So, how's, uh, 2.
5% of the cut of whatever oil you bring up On the mccutching land on the -- Let's make it 5%.
You want to make it 5%? I'm gonna give you $500,000 flat.
No percentage.
Well, the price goes up every time you try and counter.
So, please, keep talking.
-Hi there.
We'd like to deposit this check, please.
Oh, my.
They say the first million's the hardest.
Aah! -Hey.
You, uh -- you take a check? From you? Mm-hmm.
Just this once.
$50,000? It's to invest in your new restaurant.
Aah! Oh, my -- how -- what -- how did you -- Oh, look.
How did you pull this off? This is amazing! Well, your man knows his way around a punch list.
I love it! I love it! You like it? I thought you were gonna get us A big fancy house with a helipad.
Well, let's be careful now so we can be filthy rich later, huh? Okay.
Hey, i want to show you something else.
What? What do you think? I Hey, come here.
I got something else for you.
I got it back.
You got it back.
Open it up.
I love it.
Yeah? Thank you.
Christen her later.
Come on, partners.
I want to show you something.
You serious? Can't be too careful.
I got to be honest with you, son.
That little bottleneck play of yours reminded me Of myself back in the old days.
Yeah, well, i got to be honest with you, too, sir.
I was sweating bullets negotiating with you.
come on.
Well, and by god, i hope we hit us a howler.
Make a pile, billy.
Seem like you got a good head on your shoulders.
Wish my boy was a little more like you.
Okay, guys.
Enough with the mutual admiration society.
let's get on to celebrating.
Kind of unusual to have one of our oil tankers Out here this time of night.
There it is.
Get back in the truck.
Somebody's here.
-Go, go.
-Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, boys.
I got your keys.
Now get your thieving asses out here.
Go around that side over there.
Oh! -Get -- call the police now.
-Oh, my god.
-Call now.
Oh, my god! Watch the gun!