Blood and Oil (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

The Ripple Effect

Previously on "blood & oil" We're not even there yet And we've already lost everything.
I mean, look at this place, c.
I told you it's going off, huh? We were just looking for a place to stay around here.
The patchwork hotel out by the train station.
We are living in a parking lot -It's okay.
- With our unborn baby.
Wh-wh-what are we gonna do, go home? I can't do it.
You think i'm just gonna toss you the keys to the kingdom? You're going to work on a rig.
Your last name's briggs, yeah? The baron of the bakken's your old man? Wick briggs, you're a lying son of a bitch.
You are out, boy.
No cards, no clubs, no cash.
Hap cut me off.
So, what's your play? To get mine.
The richest areas of the bakken shale Are on land previously thought barren.
You're good.
You bring me $100,000 and cut me in for 25%.
Without our access parcel, your mccutching land is worthless.
I'm prepared to offer you a three-year lease for $1 million.
We'd also like a working interest, going forward.
You're gonna steal oil from your old man.
Oh, my god.
Stay down.
Stay down! Get my coat! It's in the back seat! Oh, my gosh! Billy! Stay down! Stay down! stay down.
Your legs.
Your legs! We got to get back.
Let's go.
Billy, get up.
Get up.
Come on.
Yo! Yo! Yo! Hey! Hey! Told you not to bring the gun.
Now it's armed robbery, assault.
Look, i didn't know they were gonna show up.
Hap jumped me in the cab.
You pulled a gun on your father, man.
-On hap briggs! -I know what i did! But the main question is, are they okay? Did they get out of the pool? I don't know.
I think so.
You think so.
What were you thinking?! Supposed to be a skim job dip our beaks in a little bit.
Weren't supposed to go out like this! We got to line up our alibis.
Alibis? Yeah, we should just skip the hell out of here.
Go down to mexico, anywhere but here.
We run, we look suspicious.
You know that.
We run, we don't get caught.
You think hap knows it was you? Do you think he recognized you? I don't know.
You got second-degree burns on your calves, hap.
Let's get you to mercy, let them have a look at this.
I'm not leaving.
Wrap 'em up.
It's no use.
Trust me.
It's okay.
There's vicodin in there.
Tonight, rinse the burn with sterile water.
Here's my card.
Hap insists you call me if you need anything.
Thank you.
You'd have been better off, you hadn't been looking after me.
If i'd known it was gonna hurt so bad, i wouldn't have.
You jumped that guy that Had the gun on me.
I owed you.
Did you get a good look at the thief? No.
Hey, babe.
Tack room was a madhouse out of control.
Three different crews Celebrating three different oil strikes.
When we ran out of bourbon, I thought they might torch the place.
I hope your night was better than mine.
Yeah, yeah.
Just had a couple drinks over at gary's shop.
Sounds dangerous.
Your hair smells like smoke.
Oh, yeah, well, gary was burning a bunch of old tires.
He was too lazy to take them to the landfill.
That guy is a menace.
Oh, can't argue with that.
I'm taking you to bed.
What would i do if something happened to you, billy? First, there was a car accident, and then a rig fire, -And who knows what's next? -Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Listen, we made it, all right? We both made it.
Look at me.
You've already given me the greatest reason To get up in the morning.
Blessed me with a second one, here, too, didn't you? We're gonna be okay, all right? All three of us.
Ow! Okay, ohh.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay? yeah, i'm fine.
It's just third-degree burns is all.
No big deal.
i'm sorry.
It's okay.
Is there anywhere where it doesn't hurt? Matter of fact, yeah, actually.
It's right about there on my backside.
-O Kay.
-Okay? Okay.
That'll do.
They knew we were tracking the tankers.
They disabled the g.
, And the security codes could have been used by Dozens of our employees.
Give me a minute, hank.
You all right? I'm good.
I survived the '80s, i can survive this.
You want to walk me through this? Came out here last night with carla And another young couple Rolled up on a siphoner with hose in hand.
He pulled a gun and shot out that work light.
Sparks went everywhere And ignited this pool of oil and boom.
With you in the middle of it.
Whose tanker? Any markings? One of mine.
I'm drawing up a list of internal suspects.
I'm putting out a $50,000 bounty for information.
Well, even in the bakken, That'll get folks' attention, huh? Uh, tip.
There's one more thing.
-Yeah? When the thief was running away, His shoulder was lit up pretty good on fire.
Might want to check the burn units in the hospitals.
What's that? Best guess It's the bullet that almost killed you.
You better find that son of a bitch before i do.
I'll kill him.
you're selling broken hearts still i feel -Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Briggs? I'm a.
Your father sent me.
How's my dad? Is he gonna be all right? oh, he'll be all right.
You know, you can be honest with me.
Carla called me Which means it's obviously serious.
I was just with him at the rig.
He said he'd kick the roughnecks' asses From here to missoula if they didn't move any faster.
So he's back to normal.
oh, yeah.
move, move with me, baby something in the way there's something in the way that you move - Wick, have you spoken to your dad? No.
Why? Everyone down at the bar's talking about How he fought off a siphoner last night.
getting golden rolling in the hell they're all saying he could have died.
rolling in the way that we know There was a fire a big one.
Was he hurt? I, um i don't i don't know.
Everyone's telling a different story.
heal i'll heal your broken parts Wick, don't you think you should find out? i want you to love i want you to love me well Yeah.
move, move with me, baby something in the way there's something in the way that you move bullet or crazy hey, guys.
No thanks, man.
something in the way you're holding on the record of hell Babe, those guys been drinking out there Since you left this morning.
Oh, babe, they're blowing off steam.
They probably just got off a 10-day shift.
Uh, they're drunk, and it's 2:00 in the afternoon.
They're not all drunk, honey.
Some are just hung over.
Oh, wow, maybe you should go have a beer with them.
You know what? That sounds like a real good idea.
listen, i don't think it's a great idea To have a bunch of drunk roughnecks from our baby's crib.
We are from the florida panhandle, did you forget? just a touch of home.
Listen, i was thinking that tomorrow maybe we should Oh, hold on one second.
Hold on.
Hey, mr.
How are you? Yes, sir.
Hey there, billy.
How you two holding up? Yes, sir, we're doing fine.
How are you doing? How are the, uh how are the burns treating you? You okay? As i was saying, we should go house hunting! Ah, it'll take a hell of a lot more than a couple of Oh.
Oh, no, no, no.
That's great.
-That's great, uh -Bright and early tomorrow.
-Find a good spot for the baby.
-That's good to hear, but, uh Hey, what's your day looking like tomorrow? No, i'm not doing nothing tomorrow.
I'm not doing anything tomorrow.
How about you? Well, i'm having lunch at the oil man's club and i'd like you there.
No, that sounds great.
That's i can be there.
Yes, sir.
I'll be there.
Thank you, sir.
See you then.
-What? -Did you hear what i said? -No! -House hunting tomorrow.
Can't do it.
I got lunch with hap.
Did you not hear that? Mwah! Have to do a rain check, baby.
Whoo! Come on! i'm holding onto hell as we go o-oh, baby holding onto hell i'm holding onto hell as we go All right, thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
-Look who's here.
-Daddy! -Hello, sugar plum.
- oh, god.
Hi, baby.
Mm, oh, how's my girl? Oh, god.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Come on.
You don't think i'm gonna let some rig fire Take your daddy out of the game, do you? Besides How do you know i didn't just pull that stunt To get my baby home? Because your manipulations are much more subtle.
We're happy you're here, lacey.
Thanks, carla.
I see you're getting better at sounding like you mean that.
Lacey, claws in today.
Wick! -Hey.
-Oh, i'm so happy to see you.
They had me outnumbered.
Oh, no.
Where you been? Hell, your sister beat you home all the way from california.
Yeah, sorry.
Uh, my phone was dead.
I-i came as soon as i heard.
Are you okay? Well, i don't know, wick.
You tell me.
Daddy, that looks awful.
Oh, my god, pop.
your dad's lucky to be alive.
No, we're the lucky ones.
I don't know what we'd do if we lost you.
Boy, we we've had our share.
Haven't we, wick? But in spite of it all, You'll always be my boy.
And i love you, pop.
And i'm really sorry for all the messed-up stuff Between you and i.
Well, i I'm sorry, too.
Uh, i-i got an idea.
In honor of your sister beating you home from california, Why don't you come over for dinner tomorrow night? We'll have a briggs family dinner.
Maybe i can talk carla into whipping up something elegant.
And by "whip up" he means make marina do it.
Each one of these kegs holds 165 beers.
Any shortfall comes straight out of your paycheck And then i cut your hands off, you got it? Okay.
Remind me never to work for you.
They seem to steal less if they fear mutilation.
Give us a hand, will you? Uh, sure.
Just Here? -Yeah.
Uh, i was, uh, actually wondering if maybe I could get you to put your realtor hat on for a minute.
You mean the charm of drunken roughnecks on your porch Is wearing off already? Yeah, well, for me, at least.
Billy hardly notices.
He's so focused on hap briggs.
Well, i was hoping i could get you to set some properties up For us to look at tomorrow, maybe? I had a feeling that oil money'd burn a hole in your pocket.
Well, real estate's my way of doing A little wildcatting of my own.
Who says capitalism's only for the boys, eh? Exactly.
What's that? It's a list of of our employees That had access to the rig codes out at nirvana.
Wick's on the list.
Yeah, so? You crossed him off.
-I'm not blaming him, I'm just saying we shouldn't Automatically discount anyone.
Anyone? Or just my son? Carla.
It's very clear how you feel about wick.
I just wish you were a little better at hiding it sometimes.
Hap, you misunderstood me.
No, i did not misunderstand you.
No son of mine would put a gun in my face.
You saw the way he reacted today.
Told me he loved me.
I don't remember the last time he said that.
No, you're right.
Your son would never try to hurt you like that.
I'll see you upstairs.
So, let me just ask you a question.
Did you, um, get that jacket online? Oh, this? No.
I, uh, usually only wear this for weddings or easter.
i'm just messing with you.
I like you, billy.
-How you doing? -Hap.
Well, well, well.
Hi, mr.
How are you feeling? Oh, i'm gonna be fine.
Thank you for asking.
Say hello to my friend, billy lefever.
Now, we're doing some business together, so Go easy on him.
You got it.
Let's go get your table.
Can you apply to join this place? You cannot.
Invitation only, my boy.
Don't worry.
You'll get there soon enough.
So, about the robbery, mr.
Briggs We at rock springs response Estimate you lost That's at $18 per gallon.
There's also the oil tank that's $250,000.
So your total replacement cost is $850,000.
That's highway robbery.
It is what it is.
With all of the regulations It's not the regulations.
It's a scam.
Billy What would you do? Well, it sounds like a pretty good business, right? But you should charge those prices rather than pay them.
I mean, why don't you start your own outfit? You can do the job better than this guy.
Be vertically integrated.
I mean, that's what i'd do.
Since you asked, sir.
That's interesting.
-Hello? -Hey, jake.
-Hey, hap.
-How we doing on that deal? Hammering out the details now.
It's gonna make for our number? Better than expected.
-Oh, that's good.
-It sure is.
Make sure you stay focused on the fine print.
You got it.
I'm buying your company, sparky.
Excuse me? Your company It'll now be a wholly owned subsidiary of briggs oil.
I think that makes me your boss.
I like the way you think.
We may have to upgrade that jacket.
Belongs to a wildcatter who got margin called.
If he doesn't come up with a quarter million By noon tomorrow, bank takes over his rig.
That's crazy.
Well, that's the bakken.
One man's crisis is another woman's opportunity.
How much is it worth? $500,000, at least.
I'd offer half.
You think he'll take half? As long as you get it to him by noon tomorrow.
Otherwise, it'll go to public auction and it'll get bid up.
You're gonna lose it, cody, if you don't Okay, okay, okay.
I love it.
I-i'm gonna call billy right now.
I love it! Love it.
Hi, love.
Hey, what are you doing for dinner tonight? Why don't you, um why don't you join me at my dad's house? Sorry, love, i can't.
I got to take care of the inmates at the tack room, You know.
I-i'd really like for you to be here.
Jules, you're the best thing i've got going on right now.
All right.
I'll be there.
Just call me later, okay? answer your phone.
Bobby, one more thing.
Don't even think about taking on another job Until you get nirvana 22 up and running.
We'll get right on that, mr.
Very good.
Thank you, bobby.
Looking forward to working with you.
I mean, owning all parts of the process, It just it makes sense.
Rock springs response is a great investment on its own.
It's a 10 bagger in 2 years.
You mean 10 times the investment.
At least.
So, would you be willing to sell me a piece? Billy, i'm not accustomed to giving my profits away.
But, um, since i probably wouldn't be sitting here I'd be a pile of ashes without you I'm gonna let you in.
But it's not cheap.
A share of this deal's gonna cost you 500k.
Who you gonna be, billy? You gonna be the guy that doubles down, Or the guy that gets up when the table is hot? So, you're sure nobody at briggs oil Has made any reports about disgruntled or unhappy workers? Not that i'm aware of.
I'm just relieved you think it could be an employee.
No problems there at all? Recently, wick was fired, But obviously he's more than an employee.
It's nice everything is in your capable hands, sheriff.
I'll do the best i can, carla.
So, how long are you in town for? Long enough to remember why i left in the first place.
Business school your mother must be proud.
Yeah, she would be If she weren't dead.
Don't be sorry.
It happened a long time ago.
She was one of hap's side projects.
They met, fell madly in love For eight or nine weeks.
And, yeah, i grew up with her in I.
Until she died, And then hap brought me up here.
My dad and i spent six great years together.
And that's when you left for college.
No, that's when he married carla.
College came later.
How's this? Carla's gonna hate it.
You know, if you hate shopping, You can just go wait in the truck.
Oh, i don't mind.
It's all part of the job.
We can't have this oil just sitting around.
's 97 per i'll go 40 on the dollar.
This is briggs oil.
What does that matter? Oil is oil.
No, it ain't.
There's oil that puts money in your pocket And there's oil that puts you in a corner cell at leavenworth.
All right, what about 50 per? No, i'm not touching that.
There's already a cash reward for you fellas.
You know that, right? You boys are probably worth more than the oil.
What did you say? I said you're probably worth more than the What the hell has that got to do with anything, huh? -Just a joke, brother.
-I don't joke! You little bitch! Hey, hey! Hey! -Back it up, chief.
-Back it up?! Gary, stand down, man, come on! We can play! Sorry.
We'll take our business elsewhere.
A reward? It's my father, all right? Just relax.
Hey, we need to stay calm.
We're fine.
Before long, they're gonna forget all about this rig.
You better hope so.
But from what i hear, your pops has a real long memory.
What do you mean, you bought it? What do you mean, what do i mean? It's a great house.
It's our dream house And it's worth twice what i just paid for it.
-I what? -Cody.
That's something you would do.
I don't Understand.
I-i committed to something with hap today, okay? Something something big.
Okay, so why can't we do both? Because there's not enough money to do both.
Okay, well, then You're just gonna have to call hap And and and back out.
I can't just back out of it, all right? -Why not? -Because I persuaded him to let me in on the deal in the first place.
You didn't talk to me about the deal, so i don't Yeah, well, you didn't talk to me about the house! I tried! I called you five times! You didn't even tell me you were looking at it.
I was you know what i was doing.
I know exactly what you were doing.
You didn't pick up your phone, you were too busy for your wife, Hanging out with hap briggs at the oil club.
No, that is not what happened.
No, i am trying to do the right thing for this family.
And yu don't think what i'm trying to do Is the right thing for this family? Come on! Okay, well I already gave jules the deposit, so It's too late.
It's done.
Yeah, well, you know what? You're gonna have to call her and undo it.
-Well, it's not only your decision.
That's not just come on.
We're late for dinner.
Dinner? Yeah.
Hap invited us.
We're going.
Hey, wick? It's tip hamilton.
You in there, man? Thanks.
So, let me guess.
It's my turn to discuss my whereabouts The night of the rig fire.
Wick, i'm following up with Everybody who had access to nirvana.
Yeah, and i'm glad.
It's nice to see the department is taking this so seriously.
Dad could have died out there.
All right, so Friday night, around 10:00.
Yeah, um, i was just hanging out at my friend gary's shop.
Gary laframboise? Mm-hmm.
You never left? Not till after 2:00.
You know, we were just hanging around, Drinking, lamenting our lost potential.
Yeah, i hear you.
All right, i'm done.
Look Forgive the intrusion.
Sheriff? Yeah.
I'm counting on you to find the guy who did this to my father.
I will.
And i agree.
Agree with what? It was a guy.
Are you sure that i look okay? I told you a million times, you look great.
Just ask your date hap briggs.
Oh, very funny.
-Hey, now! -Hi! Well, look who's here.
-Nice of you to come.
-How are you? How are you? -Good, billy.
How are you? -Good, good.
Thanks for having us.
You know, we had so much fun last time, We, uh, just couldn't resist.
Oh, that's 'cause you took me for a million bucks last time.
Yes, it is.
I thought this was a family dinner.
Well, it is.
You know, family and friends.
Say hello to billy lefever and his wife, cody.
Yeah, we've met.
Pushing mud.
Yeah, we sure did.
Hell of a time, right? Oh, yeah, that's right.
Um, billy and i are partners on a new play out at mccutching.
Come on, you're empty handed.
Let's go get a drink.
Thought you'd never ask.
Is that right? Well, i guess my dad'll work with anyone these days, huh? Yeah, anyone except for you, i guess.
Oh, i just got ahold of a parcel.
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.
I got lucky.
When hard work meets opportunity You make your own damn luck.
It's what a boomtown's all about.
I agree.
Everyone, this is jules jackman My girlfriend.
When did that happen? Um, i'm not actually quite sure.
So, uh, you own the tack room bar, right? Yeah.
I understand you do a quite nice piece of business in town.
Well, you know, you can't go wrong Selling beers to drunks, mr.
Oh, my gosh.
So, uh, how's the investigation coming along? Ah, it was an inside job.
They had the codes.
Well, that should narrow it down.
We have some leads.
It won't be long.
Criminals like that usually screw up sooner or later.
And when tip finds them, i say we string the bastards up.
Don't worry.
We will.
Hey, everybody.
Sorry i'm late.
Oh, this is my daughter, lacey.
-This is wick's half-sister.
You didn't wear the dress i put out for you.
I-i think you look beautiful, sweetheart.
-Thank you, daddy.
Now, i remember that we were talking about petrus.
What do you say we get in to some? Okay, dear.
Marina, would you get the petrus, please? Yes, mrs.
Marina has enough to do, so i'll get it.
and every story and every lie it won't sa Who lied and said money buys happiness? Can buy big houses, though, built right next to happiness.
We can't do it, jules.
What? The house you showed me earlier.
I Billy wants to do another project with hap And we can't afford both, so Just can't get enough of hap briggs.
He does seem to have that effect on people, doesn't he? What? Spinks is thinking about flipping us.
What? How? Talked to my contact about the reward Said he was gonna go to the sheriff.
Okay, gary, listen to me.
That cannot happen.
Do you understand? Th Ah! Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, no, no.
It was it was nothing.
Doesn't sound like it.
What happened to your shoulder? I just tweaked it a little bit During our scrum in the rain.
But i, uh, want a rematch.
Does hap ever let you go home? I am home.
Just live in the back house.
Why am i not surprised? what? i'm sorry.
It's it's not you.
It's just everything's different now.
I mean, my dad and wick are barely speaking.
Carla treats us like houseguests.
I don't know.
This used to be a big, warm house.
Now it's just big.
well, you're home now, right? At least for a few weeks, anyway.
Hey, you never know.
Maybe you'll find something that makes this house warm again.
Are you a driver or a shrink? I help as needed.
i got a few things i want to say.
That was a hell of a scary thing out there at the rig.
But we we got through it.
We survived.
An ordeal like that reminds me of how lucky i am To be surrounded by people that care for me And that i care about so much.
We're all lucky To live in a place like this In a moment like this In an honest-to-god boom.
We can never forget that.
To love Friends Family And oil, by god.
What the hell would we do without them? -Cheers.
So, uh Billy, did you tell cody about our new venture? Mm, he did.
Sounds like a wonderful opportunity.
Oh, it's a good one.
It has was we call "an asymmetrical upside.
" Okay.
And that's a good thing.
Actually, hap, uh, I don't think i'm gonna be able to go in with you after all.
You're kidding me.
-You hustled me for that piece.
-No, i know i did.
I-i, uh, may have gotten in a bit over my skis on this one.
I got to take care of some things on the home front first.
I, uh, hope you'll understand.
I think you're making a mistake.
I wouldn't want to make a bigger one.
Hey, pop.
I didn't hear you.
Want to ask you a question, wick.
Where were you the night of the rig fire? Just getting some drinks with some friends.
Ended up back at jules' apartment.
Why? Senñor! The sheriff is here to see you, mr.
Everybody Tip thinks he found the thief.
Yeah, this boy's been on my radar a long time.
He used to move most of the stolen oil up here, Usually right across the res.
Found this on the body.
His name is clay spinks.
38-cal snubnose.
Slugs in him will match the slug i found out at your rig.
And, uh, what about the tanker? that tanker's gone.
This individual, here, and whoever shot him Tangled over the price.
Spinks got the worst of it.
It's over, pop.
For your dad.
Me, i got a murder to solve.
Gary, what the hell did you do? Didn't have a choice, man.
I told you he was gonna flip us for the reward money.
Oh, my So you you killed him? Couldn't take the chance, man.
I've done a stretch up at state three years.
-No way i'm going back.
-You s Listen They can't trace the gun.
And you said the sheriff thinks spinks stole the oil, right? All right, so We're good.
All we got to do is ditch this tanker And we walk away clean.
Hey, mr.
Wh-what can i help you with? Who are you people? Wh-what? Sir, mr.
Lundegren, we'll just You come to my house and tell me a pack of lies! Lies? Sir, wh-what exactly are you talking about? You flipped that easement to hap briggs.
Oh! Oh, yeah.
No, that's true.
I mean, no, we got 5% coming out of the mccutching ranch.
A quarter of that's yours.
I gave you that easement for less Because i swore i'd never do business with hap briggs again.
No, i remember i remember you told me That he rolled you pretty good once, yeah.
You'll never know how bad.
I'm gonna tell you something, laddie.
You're in bed with the devil now.
Who was that? Oh, no one, babe.
Just some roughnecks talking crazy.
Hey, look.
I promise, we're gonna get out of here real soon.
Okay? Come on.
Let's go inside.
Hap briggs.
Twice in two days this is starting to become a habit Again.
You're angry with me, so you want to hurt wick.
What's it like, eh, hap, Going through life believing that every move Every person makes is all because of you? Because of hap briggs' gravitational pull? I stopped being angry with you a long time ago.
And then i realized that pity was a much more fitting emotion.
Oh, that's rich.
You don't have any real feelings for my son.
You know what? My feelings are no longer any of your business.
It's all my business.
Not anymore.
You lost your privileges a long time ago.
Stay away from my son.
I mean it.