Blood and Oil (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Hustle and Flow

Previously on "blood & oil" All we got to do is ditch this tanker And we walk away clean.
There's already a cash reward for you fellas.
You boys are probably worth more than the oil.
Slugs in him will match the slug I found out at your rig.
Briggs? How's my dad? Is he gonna be all right? oh, he'll be all right.
I'm gonna let you in.
A share of this deal's gonna cost you 500k.
What do you mean, you bought it? I committed to something with hap today, okay? Why can't we do both? Because there's not enough money to do both.
I don't think I'm gonna be able to go in with you after all.
I got to take care of some things on the home front first.
This is jules jackman -- my girlfriend.
Hap briggs.
Twice in two days -- This is starting to become a habit again.
We shouldn't automatically discount anyone.
No son of mine would put a gun in my face.
Another nightmare? Yeah, well, that's what you get For trying to kill your own father.
Another nightmare? No, it was quite the opposite, actually.
Oh, yeah? What was it then? Well, I could tell you Or I could just show you.
You okay, hap? I can't stop thinking about that night and wick.
You were wrong.
No way.
No way would he have done something like that -- Steal from me and put a gun in my face.
You're right.
I'm sorry I ever suspected him.
I got to bring him back into the fold And remind him of what it means to be my son.
Goldman's coming in with the numbers for the mccutching deal.
I'll set a meeting for tonight.
I think I'll ask lacey to join us.
She may as well sit in while she's home, Learn a little about the business, How it works in the real world.
The more briggs, the better.
ah-ah-ah, ah ah-ah-ah-ah All right, tip? - No breakfast today? - Mnh-mnh.
Got a case to solve.
Yeah, I heard about the dead guy.
Bang, bang.
Yeah, it's dangerous Being an oil siphoner in the bakken.
I'll count on you to solve this one, sheriff.
Murders are bad for my business.
And they are even worse for mine.
But trust me, whoever did this, I'll get 'em.
See you.
Babe, do you know where we unpacked the hot sauce? I need to put it on my frosted flakes.
Billy? Hmm? Hungry, pregnant woman -- help.
I just can't stop thinking about That environmental deal with hap.
Just feels like we missed the boat on that one, you know? No.
No, you didn't.
You took care of your family, You bought us this house, And you invested in your friends, And I'm really excited to go into the restaurant business With kess and ada.
look, I just want to be able To give you everything you deserve, Whether it's this house or hot sauce for your cereal.
I know.
And inside deals with hap briggs Is a way I can make that happen.
Good, you're here.
Get that can and paint the other side.
I want this tanker out of here asap.
What are you talking about? We can't move anything right now.
I got a buyer lined up on the reservation.
I want this oil gone, and I want my money.
Garry, listen to me.
There is way too much heat.
Do you understand? You think I don't know this?! I should've never listened to you.
Genius idea getting back at your old man By stealing his oil.
Hey, hey.
You're the one who upped it from grand theft to murder! Spinks was gonna turn us in! And you didn't even think about Offering him a piece of the profits, huh? Make him a partner instead of killing the guy?! Listen to me.
Listen to me.
We're gonna sell this oil, okay? I promise you, But we have got to let things cool down.
We got to be smart Because the guy who's looking for us, I assure you, he is.
Hard to believe, isn't it? Two weeks ago, I was gonna open up a laundromat.
I can tell you, It's a hell of a lot more fun making profits in the millions Than it is in quarters.
Yeah, well, I, uh Still thinking about the one I left out there on the table -- Rock springs response.
Well, that one didn't work out Quite like I thought it would.
Wait, you lost money? Oh, no.
No, no, no.
No, but I only tripled my profit on it.
Wait, what do you mean? You sold it already? Oh, yeah.
I flipped it to schlumberger this morning.
That's the funny thing about a boom.
What goes up just Keeps on going.
Don't worry, son.
You'll get yours.
Jules? You okay? You've been somewhere else all morning.
Yeah, just Running through stock in my head.
Think I forgot to order a palette of old milwaukee.
Well, you'd better get on that Before the roughnecks start to riot.
rolling over hills and the roundabouts Well, this is it.
Day one of the wick briggs' redemption tour.
Wish me luck.
Um, yeah.
Since when are you shy? Okay.
I'll call you if I need a ride home.
That's, uh, jules, right? Been seeing quite a lot of her.
Getting serious? Yeah, I wouldn't have predicted it.
I'm pretty sure it was just a three-month booty call, But, I don't know, something changed.
She gets me, you know? I'm not sure I knew what that was like before.
Well, I'm happy for you, son.
Nothing better for a man than a good woman.
Why don't you go check in with the tool pusher? All right.
Hey, sheriff tip, We got reports of a speeding tanker On croy canyon road.
There's that stolen tanker.
Damn! They're headed toward the res.
You'd better stop him, or we're gonna lose jurisdiction! Get closer! Can you see him?! Now I got you.
He's on the reservation! Ugh! Where are we, pop? We've never been here before.
How you doing, ed? I remember standing on a parcel of land Just like this one, Looking out over all of our rigs.
You must've asked me a thousand times, "daddy, how do you get that oil out of the ground?" I was so damn busy back then, II never answered you.
So, what'd you want to show me? Right there.
Koala 1? You were born premature.
Koala was the incubator they had you in.
And I, uh I bought this parcel of land the day you came home.
It was always meant to be your first well.
Why didn't you ever tell me that? We haven't been talking that much lately, have we? This is the one we do together, son.
That all right? Yeah.
Ha-ha! Hey! Whoo! Now it's a party.
I'm so excited for you guys! You know, once koala hits, You're gonna have to make A very important decision, lace.
Tell me.
Do you want your g650 in glossy or matte? I wouldn't count my profits just yet.
The oil business works in mysterious ways.
So, lacey, are you excited for Your first meeting at briggs oil? Yes, it's a dream come true, pop -- A Friday evening looking over earnings reports With old men in suits.
Yes! Maybe you should skip it then, Spend some time with your friends While you're in town.
I would, But I think my father's grooming his kids To take over the business, So one meeting can't hurt.
Right, carla? Uh, this is jules.
I got to take this.
Oh, make sure you tell her the good news.
What? I'm in the middle of something.
Good news.
I unloaded the tanker.
You what? Went off without a hitch.
Your share comes to eight large.
Look, just keep it, all right? I've got something better going with my dad.
He's bringing me into the business.
What, you're going straight? Come on, man, that ain't like you.
It is now.
We'll talk when the money runs out.
Missing the party.
Yeah, sorry.
I'm done now.
Let's get another drink.
I used to think it wasn't bad Hey, ashley, could you tell jules I'm her? Sure, cody.
Okay, thanks.
I used to think that I wouldn't go too far If any of these roughnecks give you a hard time, You just say the word.
I'll take care of them for you.
Uh, that's quite an offer, But I think I can take care of myself.
I'm sorry.
My mother raised me better.
I'm finn wyler.
And I told you there were no jobs, finn wyler.
I just thought, You know, maybe if we talked face-to-face -- and now we have.
And the answer's still the same.
I don't need a chef.
What can I help you with, love? Realistic question -- Why don't I cook you a meal? You're gonna love it, I promise.
You don't even have a résumé! I ran a food truck in chicago, And I swear to you, they were lined up around the block.
All right, great.
Tell you what.
I'll give you a call when someone quits or needs a ride.
go on.
Get out before I stop being polite.
Hey, uh, maybe you could put in a good word for me, You know, on account of our palpable attraction and all.
Oy! The boom brings all kinds.
Ah, you don't say.
So, what can I do for you? Uh, our friends, ada and kess -- We are helping them start a restaurant, And, uh, we can't find a place.
Affordable space in this town? What you need is a miracle.
Oh, well, that's why I came to you.
Come on, head up to the office, and I'll see what I can do.
Yes! How's your education coming? Oh, you know I'm learning how to join pipe for the drilling rig.
Of course, that's not quite the education I had in mind.
Heard you and wick have a new play in the works.
Koala, I think it's called.
Listen, if you're looking to sell any equity, I'd be interested.
You don't give up easy, do you, son? Well, would you? well There's always more money to spend on a drilling rig.
That's for sure.
Hell, I spend half my time raising financing.
How are those geo reports looking? Productive.
Well, maybe I could help you cover some of the final costs, If you're open to it, sir.
Wick?! Take billy over to koala 1 and show him around! The new rig? Why? He's thinking about coming on board as an investor.
Oh, oh, wow, man! This is so much further along than my other play.
It's already pumping fluid.
I mean, how much longer till this thing's online? This isn't a guided tour, okay? You got questions, ask the tool pusher.
You really don't want me in on this, do you? You're not in on this.
All right, this is a father/son project.
Look, man, I'm not trying to come between you and your dad.
I'm here as a potential investor.
That's all.
I'm not your enemy.
You know what else you're not? My partner.
What? Hey wait, buddy, look, I'm trying to be cool, man.
But let's be honest.
I wouldn't be here if hap didn't want me to.
I'm sorry.
What are you saying? I'm saying that maybe your problem isn't with me.
It's with your dad.
What is this -- a little frontier therapy? Look, my father and I, We've had our differences, okay, for sure, But that's behind us now, And the last thing I need is you poking your head around, Reminding him of all the things that I'm not.
Well, you don't need my help in that department, do you? I think you remind him of what you're not All by yourself.
You son of a Get off me! Wick? - Wick? - Oh, god.
Wick, you all right? Just get the hell out of here! Fine, man.
Where's billy? What the hell happened out there? Nothing.
I told you to take him out there and show him around, Not give him an mma demonstration.
You told me this was our play, That we were doing this together.
We're bringing it online together.
Capitalizing it is my department.
You said this was my birthright.
Shouldn't I have a say on who's gonna be involved, Or at the very least -- no! Hell no! You told me you wanted a second chance To prove that you could be responsible, That I could trust you! What happens? You proved anything but.
So, what do you want me to do now? Now just stay out of it.
Hello, jules.
You scared me.
What are you doing here? I just want to talk.
Yeah? About what? About what I should've talked about four years ago.
The way I treated you, It's not right.
It's one of the few regrets in my life.
We sneak around here for nearly two years, And then you bugger off to new york for a month, And you come back with a ring on your finger And carla on your arm -- No word to me, no apology or "we should talk.
" I can see you're still hurt.
Yeah, and I can see you're still perceptive.
I'm sorry.
I-I can't make things right in a day.
But I can be a very patient man, Especially when something's really important to me.
Just go.
Hey, you.
Where are you headed? Hap's got me running errands in town.
Well, do you want some company? Uh, I'd love for you to come, But hap wanted this stuff done since yesterday, So there's no time for distractions.
Not even beautiful ones.
I'm sorry.
when the call hasn't come let me sit with you and wait when the other kind does let me help you bear the weight Service here is slow.
On all fronts.
Yeah, well, things are More complicated than I expected.
Those photos prove nothing.
There's a lot of people that you're letting down.
Get those soil samples and get what we need.
Hey, baby, it's me.
Just calling to say hi and I love you.
We're out looking at places with, uh, ada and kess.
So, I hope you're having a good day, And call me back when you can.
Okay, bye.
Not exactly sure how to say this, But, um, you and billy -- it'sNauseating.
Let me guess -- high-school sweethearts, right? Junior high, actually.
We met in 7th grade -- p.
Said he knew he was in love with me When I beat him in the rope climb.
When you meet the right guy, you justKnow.
Yeah, I met that guy once.
Wick? Oh, no.
No, before wick.
He was older.
Just sort of had this Spark Like no one I'd ever met.
When I was with him, nothing mattered, And then when he ended it, nothing mattered, And couldn't sleep and -- sleep or eat? Yeah.
I'm sorry about that, jules.
No, no, don't be.
I lost 10 pounds.
I look fabulous.
So, is it amazing? Oh, yes, amazing -- If you don't count the busted plumbing, The leaky roof.
Or the colony of rats squatting in the kitchen.
Sorry, that's the last one.
Really? I mean, there's -- There's got to be another listing, right, jules? Maybe we're coming at this the wrong way.
I have an idea.
The confidential numbers from goldman.
Hey, now, look at these terms You negotiated for mccutching, miss carla! Carla had me shop the deal.
The other bids will be in tomorrow.
So, not so confidential.
It'll make goldman sharpen their pencils a little more.
Show hap and lacey the projections.
Oh, this is the foreman out at the site.
Excuse me one second.
Hello? Is this a bad time? Well, it was, and then you called.
Is there a problem? I need to know if you meant what you said today.
I did, and I do.
Are you saying you need me out there now? Yes.
Don't tell me you have to go out to the site? That was the driller at mccutching.
He's busted five bits on the basalt rock.
Oh, geez.
Needs me out there right away.
What about the meeting? I'm gonna leave it in your capable hands, my love.
See you, matt.
You, play nice.
All right.
How long will you be? Don't wait up.
let me escape in your arms baby, I'm yours baby, I'm yours love don't come easy at all I miss you so much I miss you so much tell me, is this freedom, baby? chasing after danger making my heart race whoa maybe if the stars align maybe if our worlds collide maybe on the dark side we could be together, be together Mmm.
What? Four years, And you still haven't painted that spot.
I missed you.
Yeah, I missed you, too.
Once I stopped hating you.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
What'd you tell her about where you were going tonight? Out to one of the drill rigs.
She was a banker, right, in new york? Mm-hmm.
Word is, she modeled, too -- How she put herself through wharton.
That's right.
So she's basically perfect.
She is.
So, if you've got this perfect wife at home, Then why are you here? Because when I lie in bed at night With my perfect wife in the perfect house With everything perfectly in place, I keep wishing that I was in a room With an unpainted spot.
So much for the one that got away, huh? Well, you can understand how he feels, can't you? Wick was counting on that parcel to be his.
Oh, that's a bunch of garbage, all right? Hap's taking investors in the deal.
What wick doesn't want is me.
Hap's mentoring you.
He's taking you under his wing.
Of course his son is gonna get jealous.
Did you have to hit him? No! I didn't even mean to -- Look, things just got a little out of hand, okay? Look, what's getting me Is what a great opportunity this is.
well, you always say There's no shortage of those up here.
Yeah, I know I did, but this one's different, okay? I've been out to the rig.
I've talked to the foreman.
I did all the research.
I mean, this parcel is drilled And ready to throw off cash from day one.
Yeah, with a partner who hates you And you probably can't trust.
What could possibly go wrong? So, you're saying we shouldn't invest? No.
What I'm saying is Based on everything you've told me Kind of sounds too good to pass up.
Cody lefever, huh? Well, all right.
Your father and I are going to new york next week.
Maybe you can come.
We'll see a show.
I'm making an effort here.
Yeah, so am I -- To not tell you exactly what I think of your offer.
What's this hostility about? Look, it's obvious I threaten you.
So let me put your mind at ease.
I have no intention of dropping out And working at briggs oil.
Plus, I know how much your merger -- Sorry, your marriage -- Means to you.
And I know how hard you work on a nightly basis To please my father.
So relax.
I have no intention of messing that up.
We'll have the jet come back for you -- Take you to california.
Careful, carla.
I don't think wine mixes well with antidepressants.
What are you doing? Amazing -- a guy who's actually more fickle than I am.
I went home, and I did some research, And then I called jules, And, of course, she came through.
So Here it is! I know it's not exactly what you had in mind.
But okay, well, think about it, ada, okay? There's a huge, untapped market out there.
You could feed oil workers right at the rigs.
Let's say we were interested, and we had the money ready.
Then I say there's only one catch.
$50,000 only gets you half.
What?! But the good news is, I've got the other half Right here.
Finn? Meet finn wyler, your new partner.
Finn was a chef in chicago.
But he got a bit cocky and ended up trading his restaurant in for this.
Your recipes, me behind the grill.
In a year, we could have a fleet of these.
What do you say? Partners? Partners.
Yes! Hey, mr.
Briggs, I need to talk to you.
Oh, hey.
There he is.
I was just about to call you And apologize for wick's behavior.
He's just like my first wife.
She's down in there in houston, Making the oilmen down there wish they were oilmen up here.
What's that? Everything we've got.
For koala 1.
Billy, I'm sorry.
I should've been more clear.
The minimum buy-in on that piece is $500,000.
We bought a house with the money you paid me, sir.
$250,000 is all we have left.
Koala 1 is almost already up and running.
Why don't we just look down the road? There will be others.
I'll trade you! Couple weeks back, we partnered here on this land.
Oh, I remember.
I'll give you my stake here for a share of wick's parcel.
It's a fair trade.
So $250,000 in cash And your 5% stake in mccutching? You gonna tell me this isn't worth 10 times that? You want to go all in on koala 1? I'm all in.
I'll have legal draw up the papers.
There's just one thing, though.
Wick -- he's not gonna be too happy about this, is he? Well Wick's a big boy.
He'll just have to get over it, won't he? I mean, after all, It's just business.
That was the driller.
Koala is gonna hit today.
Ah! Mwah! Come here! Is dad in his office? Yeah.
Okay, we need to get out to the rig right now! And you're sure it was my tanker? Oh, yeah.
Logos were painted over, but the tags matched.
So, we chased the tanker, but they got away on the res.
No jurisdiction, huh? Exactly.
So, I got my deputy checking the traffic cams, But, uh, here's the thing, hap.
Whoever stole your tanker also murdered clay spinks.
Sounds like a win-win to me, sheriff.
You I.
The driver.
I get my tanker.
You get your killer.
All right.
I'll see you.
Less than 60 feet, boss! Basalt's breaking up! Keep digging! It's holding.
It looks good.
It's all set.
Briggs! We're getting close, hap.
Hey, pop, carla.
You guys remember jules, right? Of course.
So nice of you to come out and support your man.
Wouldn't miss it.
This is amazing, isn't it? It's not just a start-up like mccutching.
I mean, this is -- this is actually happening.
It's like out of a movie.
and it's ours.
I know, right? Let's go say hi to your partners.
Hi! Hi.
Very exciting, isn't it? Yeah.
This must be your first oil strike.
Sure beats the hell out of a rig fire, though, doesn't it? Sure does.
Are you two ready for the first day of your new life? We'll see.
Hey, man, I'm sorry about the other day.
Sometimes ISpeak before I think -- hit, too.
It's a bad habit.
Hey, listen, my bad habits are a hell of a lot worse.
Hey, you want to go see the control room, See where all the magic happens? Sure.
Uh, yeah, actually, if you'll excuse us, too, I want to go show billy our new food truck.
He's not the only smart investor in the family.
We know.
You're the one who negotiated us up 5% on the mccutching deal.
I bet they think they have the golden touch.
It sure seems that way, doesn't it? Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Ahh! $400 a bottle? Hell, I'm worth it.
Today, you're all worth it! Give me a case of cristal, sweetness.
You win the lottery, laframboise? It's not a crime to put some money Back in the local economy, sheriff.
No, it's definitely not a crime.
Why don't you take a look at these photographs right here? And I want you to tell me if you think that is a crime.
'cause I think it is.
I can't believe this! Seriously?! That's amazing! I think it's closer to 150 meals.
In an hour! We're out of red chilis.
I'll get some from the van.
Hey, babe, come on.
Hap says we're almost there.
Let's go.
I'll be back, partner.
I need another special! One special -- all day.
Hey, uh You got something.
Thank you.
Ada's married -- happily married.
I know that.
Do you? Because you flirt -- a lot.
I don't want you messing things up around here For any of us, so Keep it professional, got it? Got it.
Strictly professional, darlin'.
It's really happening? Yes, sir.
Kind of like watching your dreams come to life, Isn't it? It never gets old.
Hey, come on.
This is it! Aah! Aren't you glad I decided to invest in this? Oh, you did? Yeah, right.
Isn't it supposed to keep going? yeah.
It is.
Hap? Why'd it stop? What happened? What the hell happened? Why'd it -- why'd it stop? It was a spike hit.
A-a spike? A -- what's that? It's a little pool of oil under pressure.
A little bit pokes through, and it makes a little spout.
That's it.
That -- what do you mean that's it? That's -- there's no more oil? Not today.
Go ahead and cap it, tommy.
Yes, sir.
Hey, hey, hey, w-w-what about our investment? Oh, well, yeah, that's a -- that's a tough break.
But we'll use the money and continue to drill and Push deeper.
Maybe in a few years, This well might produce something yet.
Ah, damn it.
You knew this well was a dud, didn't you? All that b.
About wick and the investors -- You played me.
You asked me to get in on this deal, remember? Yeah, because -- You promised me it was gonna be a hit.
Not every well is a gusher.
Sometimes you drill a dry hole, But that's not on me.
That's reality.
When you met me, You told me you wanted to learn the oil business.
Well, guess what, son? You just learned.
The samples I tested were negative.
I'm sorry.
If you can't deliver on this, There are others who can, ahmed.
I'll give them what they want.
I have another way in.
You used me, pop! YouSaid that koala 1 was our well -- The one that we drill together! It was our well.
Then about six weeks ago, I discovered that it might be dry.
I wasn't for certain until today.
Damn right I used you.
I needed to get mccutching back.
That's the prize.
a trillion dollars' worth of oil.
Billy had no business having that in his hands In the first place.
So, why didn't you just say that before? We've left a lot of blood on the floor, you and me.
I didn't always have time to teach you, And you damn sure didn't want to learn.
But you impressed me today With billy.
You were the bigger man.
And I know you didn't want to do it, But you did it for me.
Well, now it really is time for me to teach you.
I want you as my partner on the mccutching play.
That's the one we do together.
Pop, I want that.
I want that more than anything in the world.
You know that.
We're gonna achieve great things together.
One thing, wick.
If you're gonna be in this with me -- I mean, really in this -- You got to stay focused.
Yeah, of course.
You've got to eat, drink, and sleep oil.
When you go to bed at night, you got to dream about oil.
When you rise in the morning, You got to be thinking about oil.
You can't let anything -- Not a woman, not even a good woman -- Pull your eyes from the prize.
Wait a minute.
What are you -- What are you saying? You got to end it with jules -- now.
Get some rest.
Big day tomorrow.
What? We got a problem.
I got popped for boosting the oil.
You got to get me out of here.
Well, w-where are you? I'm in jail.
The sheriff thinks I had something to do With spinks' murder.
Are you listening? They're gonna want me to flip, And you know what'll happen if I do.
I can't believe I was so So stupid.
I lost all of it.
We have a house and a food truck.
Kess and ada make some damn good chicken.
It's you and me, billy.
That's what -- that's what counts.
you and the baby Our family Will never want for anything.
I did not see this coming today.
But you know what? When the time comes, Neither will hap briggs.