Blood and Oil (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

The Birthday Party

Previously on "blood & oil" Whoever stole your tanker also murdered clay spinks.
I got popped for boosting the oil.
You got to get me out of here.
The sheriff thinks I had something to do With spinks' murder.
I missed you.
Yeah, I missed you, too.
That's, uh, jules, right? Getting serious? She gets me, you know? I'm happy for you, son.
Couple weeks back, we partnered here on this land.
I'll give you my stake here for a share of wick's parcel.
You want to go all in? I'm all in.
I'm gonna tell you something.
You're in bed with the devil now.
Isn't it supposed to keep going? You knew this well was a dud, didn't you? Not every well is a gusher.
That's reality.
If you can't deliver on this, There are others who can, ahmed.
I'll give them what they want.
I have another way in.
la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la Aah! God.
That was amazing.
Trying to convince you not to go back to I.
You're very persuasive, Especially your oral arguments.
planets change, like clothes every year I'm sorry, but I have to go.
we are a starry sky Your flight's in two days, right? Mm-hmm.
and we know that we go on 'cause I'm imagining all the things we can do In 48 hours.
Why leave it to your imagination? you were born to overflow Marta, please bring me the perrier-jouet.
I feel like a little champagne in my juice.
Yes, ma'am.
Well, someone's in a festive mood this morning.
Well, of course she is.
I'm leaving town.
Actually, the price of oil is up again.
And despite what you might think, lacey, I'm sorry to see you go.
Hold on.
I'm still trying to understand Why you have to leave at all.
Daddy, we have been over this.
I have to finish my degree.
There's nothing that business school Is gonna teach her that she can't learn faster and better Right here at briggs oil.
Thank you, a.
, would you please tell my stubborn little girl To listen to her father and stay home? Mr.
Briggs is right, lacey.
You should stay.
He's not very persuasive, is he? I'll say.
Hey, stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
What? What is this? It's what previous generations called a newspaper.
"help wanted.
Tool pusher at tedesco.
" Really? Mm-hmm.
The job you learned working mccutching.
Oh, you mean like when I owned mccutching? Is that is that what you mean? Yeah, I signed you up for an interview.
Might suggest a shower.
last week we had everything That bakken could offer, all right, Possibilities, land, oil and then I s Yeah, and then you got into business with the devil.
I know.
I know you hate hap.
So do I.
But in order to get back what we had, You have to start somewhere, Besides this bed.
You okay? That toast is my specialty.
Oh, nothing.
It's lovely.
Just Not that hungry.
You know, I know what's wrong.
It's your birthday this weekend.
That's why I'm throwing you a birthday party.
Uh, no, wick.
Come on, that's sweet, But it's entirely unnecessary.
All you have to do is show up and have a blast.
I'll handle the rest.
Did you hear that they, um They arrested gary for that robbery at your dad's rig.
Yeah? No, I hadn't heard that.
You were with him that night, weren't you? I was, yeah.
Till I hit my limit, you know.
And gary decided that I was killing his buzz, And so he took off, you know? Sounds like gary.
It's sad, you know? You think you know someone, and then they Go and do something like that.
You still looking at spinks' phone? Thought you'd be done by now.
Need evidence to charge our suspect with murder, right? Huh.
What is it? Number looks familiar.
And spinks dialed it the night he was killed.
Someone's calling our crime tip hotline.
Sheriff's department.
Line's outside.
Hey, uh, how long you been waiting here for? Two hours.
Just hoping they get to us before they run out of jobs.
A question why would our dear friend mr.
Spinks Call our criminal hotline Less than two hours before he was killed? I give up.
Why? Glad you asked, gary.
I have a theory, and I want to get your opinion 'cause it involves you.
I think you siphoned that oil from hap briggs.
And you propositioned our dear departed mr.
Spinks To take the oil off your hands.
But when you realized he was planning on Turning you in for the reward money, You killed him.
You know, you should write fiction, sheriff.
I told you I found that rig Abandoned up on croy canyon.
I'm not one of the dudes who robbed hap briggs.
You don't say another word.
I'm sorry, sheriff.
I trie And you.
Quit it with the summary judgment crap And let him go.
I have a 48-hour hold for grand theft.
You have nothing, sheriff.
So unless you want to call the a.
And give him a good laugh, let my client go.
That was a waste of time.
Not entirely.
How? He denied everything.
But he talked.
He said, "I'm not one of the dudes Who robbed hap briggs.
" "dudes" plural.
That boy had a partner.
You know, we've all been so impressed with you lately, Especially your dad.
Really? He's been talking a lot about his kids, both you and lacey.
So, hap hasn't Complained about me lately, Or about how my, um, girlfriend isn't good enough for me? Not that I'm aware of.
I'm sure he's glad you found someone.
It's her birthday this weekend.
I promised her I'd throw her a party, But then I remembered the only thing I know about parties Is how to stay too long at them.
Well, you know throwing parties is my specialty.
Text me your guest list, And I'll take care of everything.
Really? You'd do that for me? We're family, wick.
It's nice to see you're waiting for me for a change.
Come on, wick.
We got to go.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Thank you.
Clifton, hey.
Look, all right, you were right about hap, okay? I should've listened to you.
But you didn't.
And you let him screw us out of mccutching.
I know.
I know I did, okay? I did.
I'm sorry.
I realize that now, but I need your help.
Okay, you know the oil business better than anybody.
Please, just teach me.
And I promise you I'll get back what hap took from us.
Look, look, we can do this But only together.
'cause I know how much you hate him.
You're right.
I do hate hap.
But right now I hate you more.
Clifton, I jus Ah, damn it! my intentions ain't a mystery so much as the words that you say to me like a sinful sin, I can't sniff out Hey.
Hey! Sweetness.
How about you come on over here And I'll, uh I'll show you how my drill works? see, I would rather be a beautiful corpse So, you're a roughneck? Damn straight.
Then why's the mud on your boots peat and perlite? That's potting soil, einstein.
The closest you've come to pushing mud Is in your mama's flower garden.
And from what I'm seeing, You don't have much to drill with anyway.
I'm just minding my own business, ma'am.
I'm not here to give you a hard time.
I'm here to bring you back.
He wants to apologize.
And who's that? Clifton.
I'm his granddaughter.
Emma lundegren.
Billy lefever.
Nice to meet you.
You know you can't keep coming here like this.
Someone's gonna see you.
Wick's gonna see you.
Well, that wouldn't happen if you'd break it off with him.
Well, when you break things off with carla, I'll break things off with wick.
Baby, you know that there's nothing I'd love more Than to see you openly, but we can't do that to wick.
So, what are we doing here, hap? When you ended it, I was screwed up.
But then I put all of that anger into my work, And I expanded the tack room, I got myself a real-estate license, I learned how to trade stocks.
And suddenly, everything I've done just seems like Little because all I can seem to think about Is when I'm gonna get to see you again.
And I get no say in that because now I'm the other woman.
You're not that.
Not to me.
Jules, this is as real as it gets.
It always has been.
Happy birthday.
I couldn't wait until the weekend.
you remembered.
I never forgot.
Hap, this is I'm never gonna let you go again.
You've disappointed us, ahmed.
You said you had a new way in, yet here we are empty-handed.
I'm sorry.
I'm doing the best I can.
Well, lucky for you, you have another chance.
We've learned that hap briggs has an advanced copy Of a u.
It shows every drop of oil on the bakken.
We want it.
Everything classified is on hap briggs' personal computer In a secure office with a digital lock.
I don't have access.
Not yet.
But I know how lucky your son is, ahmed, To have a father as resourceful as you.
You have 36 hours.
Let's get all these barrels out of here.
All right.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Hey, wick.
Gary? yeah.
Really? Huh.
You know, I thought those days were behind him.
Well, since he was your alibi, You know, on the night of the robbery, I Well, you see why I'm here.
Yeah, no, sure.
I was actually, uh, thinking about that night, you know.
Um, gary and I were drinking, like I told you before.
But, uh you did.
I Passed out early.
I don't really remember much After the fourth tequila, you know? Wick, I'm gonna need you to account for the whole night.
You know that.
Yeah, um Hey, tip.
Hey, hap.
Am I interrupting? No, no, no.
I was just, uh, telling wick about This new suspect I had to release this morning In your, uh, siphoning job.
New suspect? Actually, there's two of them.
What does that have to do with wick? One of the suspects is an acquaintance of your son's.
Uh, gary laframboise.
You know anything about that, son? I wish I did.
Gary runs around with a really Rough crowd.
It could be lots of people, you know? Yeah, look, look, look, let's, uh Let's leave this alone for now.
And we can revisit this at another time soon.
All right? Yeah.
All right? Yeah.
I'm gonna get back to it.
this second suspect, you got any leads? I'm getting closer every day.
January 1983.
Young fella, not much older than you, Knocking on that front door freezing his ass off.
He came in, said, "I've got the equipment.
You know the land.
" That's how we became partners Me and hap briggs.
Well, first well came in.
My share come to practically nothing.
He referred me to his lawyers, and his lawyers referred me To the small print on the contract.
Seems like the only one to get rich In a deal with hap briggs is hap briggs.
Ah, hell, kid.
I'm as mad at myself as I am at you, Which is why I'm gonna help you.
You want to be a wildcatter, listen up.
You're gonna need land.
There's a weekly land auction in town.
Good geologists like emma here, She can study the trace minerals and rock formations, And maybe spot oil where nobody else can.
There's, uh, just one problem.
I'm flat-ass broke.
Well, that does present a problem, doesn't it? Yeah.
Well, look, clifton.
I know you want to beat hap briggs just as much as I do, So what about that money I gave you for the easement? I mean, we could start with that.
Wait a minute.
That's $100,000.
No way.
Why not? Because that's all the money my grandfather has in the world.
Yeah, well, you heard him.
I bet he still loses sleep over that deal with hap It's his retirement, billy.
They don't offer 401s out on the prairie.
All right, that's enough.
I'm in.
Always liked that photo of the two of you.
From our fishing trip to glenwood springs.
I wanted to teach my son All the things a father teaches his son.
But wick He didn't care.
I spent my whole life expecting that boy To be something that he just wasn't born to be.
Where's this coming from? I hate to say it, but you may have been right about him.
The sheriff arrested a guy driving the stolen tanker From nirvana.
Guy that used to run with wick.
Hap, that doesn't mean wick was involved.
You said yourself.
Your son would never hold a gun on you.
You know, you could take a parenting lesson from me.
Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.
Wick wants to throw jules a birthday party, So I offered to take care of everything.
We're gonna have it here, Tonight.
You're right.
You've really outdone yourself.
Ahh! Ooh.
What? I got an idea.
Wait, where are you going? No questions.
It's a surprise.
What are you doing in there? Yeah, just one more second.
Come on, I'm curious.
? It's very romantic.
Pop it right into that slow pull And slowly strip your line, Giving it better flying presentation.
Now, the overhead cast Who's there? Down with the natural current Gary laframboise? Do I know you? Well, I don't know.
You tell me.
What do you want? My oil for starters.
I had nothing to do with that, sir.
Sheriff seems to think otherwise.
I don't care about that.
You're just a scumbag.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
He also seems to think you had a partner at the siphon job.
Who was it? Wasn't even me.
How would I know anything about a partner? I think you do.
I'm gonna ask you one question.
Was wick with you at nirvana? No.
Neither of us were.
Lie to me again.
I'm not lying.
Was my son With you at nirvana? Tell me.
Neither of us were there.
I swear.
I'm telling you the truth.
If I find out you're lying Next time, you won't hear me coming.
I mean, he said he said lot 20, right? Is there a problem? It's a baseball diamond.
Not even listed in the mineral section.
It's under "grazing land.
" When I was a kid, there was a dip in the land And a spring right there.
After a rain, that mud smelled like rotten eggs.
That means there's an oil seep.
The rotten egg smell is sulfur, And this low point where these shale formations come together, Oil could gather there.
this is under the radar.
If we can get this for $100,000, it's a win.
If you want to beat hap briggs, this is the starting line.
Time to get back in the oil game.
Your pops is crazy, man.
He showed up at my garage, and he put a pistol in my face.
What did you tell him? That I had nothing to do with it, But he wasn't really interested in me.
What did you say? I lied my ass off.
Wouldn't do you like that.
but hap's loco, man.
He finds out the truth, he's gonna come back to kill me.
You need to disappear.
Not a problem.
But I'm tapped, and I need cash and a clean set of wheels.
All right, listen, just give me a few hours.
I'll figure out a way to get you those things.
Just sit tight, all right? I'll handle this.
I got $165,000 going once, going twice.
Sold! $165,000 to number 12.
And we're moving on to lot number 20.
It's the south spring field.
Hey, that's us, right? You see it here.
You have it in your brochures.
That's it.
Start me out.
Bid $40,000, now $50,000.
Bid $60,000.
$60,000, now $70,000.
Now $80,000.
Let the cattlemen find their top bid.
We're after overpriced grazing land.
This is not an oil play.
Now $90,000.
$80,000 bid.
$80,000 bid.
I have $85,000 up front.
$85,000's their top.
Now give me $86,000.
I have $86,000 in the back.
Now $87,000.
I have $100,000 up front.
Damn it.
He's overbid.
Bid bid $105,000.
We don't have $105,000.
I've got your grandmother's ring.
Bid $110,000 and shut this thing down.
A deal like this doesn't come along every day.
At $125,000, this is a steal.
$100,000 once, $100,000 twice $110,000.
Ladies and gentlemen, $110,000.
I have $110,000 in the back.
Now $115,000.
$110,000 going once.
$110,000 going twice.
Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats.
Right there on the internet, guys.
Looks like we have an internet bid of $150,000 To an internet bidder.
I have $150,000 on the internet.
Anybody else? I have $150,000 going once.
I have $150,000 going twice.
Sold on the internet! $150,000.
moving on to lot number 11.
Somebody start me out.
Get me a $200 start.
Hello? Sorry, billy, but your bidding Caught my land scout's attention.
I told you, son.
An oil man never telegraphs his moves.
Now $235.
Let me guess.
The devil.
Going once, going twice.
Sold lot 11 for $235.
Well, hey, billy.
Wick, look who's here.
It's rock springs' newest wildcatter.
I just want to know one thing.
How do you live with yourself? You drove all the way out here for that? Seems like an awful lot of effort For a rhetorical question.
You have everything, man.
But that's not good enough for you, is it? I mean, no one else can have anything.
No wonder you're despised by half this town.
I'd watch that temper, son.
A good oil man never shows his emotions.
People see your moves a mile away.
Spare me the mentor act.
The only thing you know how to teach Is how to lie and when to steal.
Let me tell you something, son.
This is the oil business.
They don't hand out trophies just for playing the game.
For every gusher, there's 1,000 dry holes.
And for every me, there's a million you.
That's the way it works.
You're not even dressed yet.
You're not getting out of this party.
Listen, babe, I'm exhausted.
And I've got a million things on my mind.
I-I won't be any fun.
Look, I know you don't like being the center of attention, But you know what I like? You.
So, please, just let me do this for you.
Where'd this come from? Oh, it's, um it's nothing.
It's just a birthday present.
I got it for myself.
Mad splurge.
Should probably just return it.
Well, I wish I'd gotten it for you.
It's beautiful.
And you are gonna look beautiful wearing it tonight.
I mean, hap did it to us again, you know? Just snaked a parcel right out from underneath us.
He had a guy there the whole time.
Did exactly what he thought I was gonna do.
What? You're not ready.
Put your suit on.
Get dressed.
Let's go.
Seriously? After everything this man's done to us, You're gonna go to the party? You're still gonna go? I'm not going for hap.
I'm going for jules.
She's our friend.
That's something we've got a shortage of around here.
Yeah, ain't that the truth.
Well, there is zero chance of me showing up At that man's doorstep.
Okay, come on.
Let's go.
We'll celebrate jules' birthday, okay? It You can dance with preggo here Before she's too big to dance, And you'll still be home in time for 10:00 "sportscenter.
" No.
I can't do it, babe, okay? I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm serious, billy.
I'm going, with or without you.
Well, have fun.
bad, bad, bad, we're in trouble now or so, so, so they say Bloody hell.
I don't even know this many people.
Well, good evening.
- Evening.
- Nice to see you.
Hi, jules.
Hi, son.
Wick only sent me And I didn't think that was much of a party, So I invited some of our friends.
Carla never does anything by half.
I hope I didn't overstep.
No, no, not at all.
Just Not really sure how to thank you.
Well, you can go to lunch with me, just the two of us.
Come on.
Let's go check out the cake.
Hap, would you mind showing jules around? With pleasure.
You didn't get my text? I tried.
He wouldn't have it, and any more excuses, He would have known something was up.
You wore it.
It's stunning on you.
I think you're supposed to show me around.
Let me show you around.
bad, bad, bad, we're in trouble now I've been looking everywhere for you.
Come on, have a drink with me.
It's my last night in town.
I can't, lacey.
You know I can't do that.
I'm hap's driver.
I mean, you may be leaving tomorrow, But I'm still gonna be here.
I'm still gonna need this job.
Hm? Mm.
More for me.
Marta, please pay the caterers before they leave.
The envelope is in the kitchen desk.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Heck of a party, huh? yeah.
Hey, look, uh I know what you said about jules.
But if you just knew her, I promise you'd feel the same way about her as I do.
just give her a chance, huh? What about this gary fella? You still running with him, too? No.
Pop, I'm not, I swear.
All right, I even tried to straighten him out, But he wouldn't listen to me.
And now he could be part of this heist.
It's just sad.
Most of the time, you can't change people No matter how hard you try.
lesson learned, pop.
I wonder why, baby you know for you I'd give my faith back I know for you I'd do anything happy birthday.
Oh, you didn't have to.
That is so sweet.
Thank you.
You look gorgeous.
Like one of those women that should always been pregnant.
Oh, my god.
Don't tell billy that.
Where is he? Um, something came up last minute.
Couldn't convince him, huh? Nope.
Well, I can't seem to find wick, either, So looks like we're both going stag tonight.
Oh, well, good.
I'm starving.
Let's go eat.
This will last me a week.
How am I supposed to get a car? It's a gold band.
Don't accept less than 5k for that.
Should get you a beater at one of the used lots.
See you when I see you.
No rush.
I'm sorry to bother you at home, But my grandfather wanted you to have this.
Look at that.
It's a wildcatter's guide.
Look at this.
It's almost, uh, 60 years old.
The technology has changed, but the same principles apply.
I used to read it at his house when I was a little girl.
I was a really weird little girl.
Look, I-I know I was skeptical About my grandfather throwing his money in with you.
But he felt alive again.
If that's what it takes, It would've been worth every penny.
Yeah, well, just didn't work out the way I'd hoped.
Don't sell yourself short.
You're gonna take hap briggs down, billy.
I can feel it.
See you around sometime.
Oh, hey.
You're out of breath.
Yeah, well, I didn't know There was so much to being a host.
I was just checking on the cake.
Here, come with me.
Excuse me, everyone! No, no, no.
Can I have your attention? I think I may be wrong, But I think it's time to sing happy birthday To the most beautiful barkeep of the bakken.
but before we do, before we do No one here could possibly think That I'd know how to throw a party That didn't involve a keg of beer happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear jules happy birthday to you Mwah.
Now, you got to blow out those candles before I do.
Give you some help.
There we go.
Okay, now, before we cut into this delicious-looking cake, I have a few words I'd like to say, if you don't mind.
I grew up with great privilege The biggest houses, the finest schools, the fastest cars.
I had every imaginable advantage.
And I squandered every one of them.
But now I have a chance To prove that I'm worthy of my greatest privilege you.
One I promise I will never squander.
Hear, hear! Are you okay? Yeah.
Just, um Feeling a little overwhelmed.
Just think I need some air.
Okay, sure.
You okay? Yeah.
Just getting older.
You'd think I'd have my act together by now.
Wick's toast was nice.
Didn't think he had it in him.
Yeah, he's a better guy than he lets on.
He's falling in love with you, And you're still hung up on the guy you told me about, The one you can't get out of your system.
And that's why I should learn to keep my mouth shut.
My advice light another birthday candle And wish that guy out of your head So you can move on with the one who's toasting you.
Come inside? Yeah.
Just give me a minute.
You going somewhere? I-I was just about to say goodbye.
I'm headed out for a couple days.
Just a family thing.
Really? Well, what kind of family thing? Do you mean in saudi arabia? God, you really had me.
Until my key stopped working.
You know, the c.
Of exxon's kid Took me to the prom in high school.
Got me really stoned, Tried to get me to spill on my dad's next big play.
I have been schooled in corporate espionage My whole life, and I nearly missed this one.
Kind of off my game.
I'm gonna need you to step aside and let me out.
Or what Ahmed? When lacey made you, it only took my guys a few hours To track your story.
You should be proud of yourself, son.
You got further than most.
Briggs, I know you'd do anything to protect your family.
If I don't give these people what they want, They're gonna kill my son.
Your son? I was meaning to tell you about that.
You're gonna give them what they want.
They're looking for oil.
That should satisfy them.
They won't have a clue that it's fake.
Besides, I've always wanted an inside man on my payroll, One the saudis trust.
Put your bag down, son.
You still work for me.
Well, look who it is.
You came home early.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Oh, nothing.
Just getting all dressed up to come meet you.
Thank you.
So, how was it? Oh, well, I didn't hip check hap into the cake, If that's what you mean.
That's good.
What did you do tonight? Well, you know, just a little reading, A little getting over myself.
Promise me you'll always hold me to be my best, Even if I'm not always easy on either of us.
I promise.
Yeah? You did a good thing, lacey girl.
Well, growing up a briggs trained me well.
Wick grew up a briggs.
He couldn't have done what you did.
Wick is trying, dad.
I mean, he really wants to make you happy.
Yeah, I know.
And maybe someday he'll get there.
But you You're already there.
I meant what I said this morning, And I mean it now.
Come work for me.
Briggs oil needs you.
And I need you.
- Sorry.
- It's not funny.
No, it's my fault.
It's my fault.
I've never seen that many people in all my life.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, that was Wick, that was Thank you for tonight.
That was the most beautiful thing Anyone's ever done for me.
You need to get that? No.
How about a drink? Mm.
Yeah? I'll get a bottle from the bar.
All right.
Back in a minute.
Your friend gary's gotten real scarce.
I mean, he flew the coop.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
I hadn't heard that.
That's all right.
He won't get far.
Plus, I'm zeroing right in on his partner.
Who's that? dude, come on.
I can't tell you that.
What I can tell you is I got my eye on him.
Just a matter of time, he'll slip up.
And then I'll get them both.
I hope you do.
ooh, you gotta pay the piper You lit the fire.
What now? Let it burn.