Blood and Oil (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Rats, Bugs and Moles

Previously on "blood & oil" How long have you been screwing my father? No, I care about you.
But you love him.
We're being investigated by the u.
They think that we got our hands on a u.
Report illegally.
This case you're building against my father, It's airtight, right? Absolutely.
I'm in.
We found a financial backer to stake us.
Annie briggs.
Hap's first wife.
So, you're backing billy? Not so much backing billy, as I am coming after you.
We leave him here.
We walk away.
Oh, god.
They found the man that attacked me.
Did you do something to him? I had nothing to do with that.
They don't expect gary to live.
What? Or to ever wake up.
We don't have to worry about it.
Need a little help in here.
I need somebody to hold his arms.
Got to get this tube in.
No, no.
I got to get this tube back in.
billy! -He's getting hypoxic.
-Billy! What did he say? Svt! I need 6 of adenosine, stat! Billy lefever! Yes, I know.
I said I'd never set foot back in rock springs, But I think this is really gonna be a good time.
You know what? I got to call you back.
Turn the car around, now.
Yes, ma'am.
You can't go in there! I can and I will.
What is she doing here? Mr.
Briggs, I'm very sorry.
Manhandle me and I won't hire you After he fires you for letting me in.
I'm not gonna fire you.
He might not, but banker barbie certainly will.
She's right.
You're supposed to keep this house safe from lunatics.
Uh, I got it, pete.
Thank you, sir.
Hello, annie.
What do you want? I just got an e-mail from my head geologist About the land I bought with clifton and billy.
He tells me I just spent a lot of money on dry land.
Just as dry as your parcel, harlan.
If I listened to every scientist that told me no, I wouldn't have half the fortune I have.
Yet you'd also never spend your time and money On anything that wasn't a sure bet Women or oil.
I want to know what you know.
I know the feds think you've gotten your paws On a classified u.
Report, A report I'm quite certain would explain Why that land is so valuable.
Hap's told the feds, and he will tell you.
He doesn't have the survey, annie.
It is so nice to hear you defending your man.
But I think I know how my ex does business.
Give me a copy of the report And I'll make the problem with the feds go away.
I can't give you what I don't have.
But why don't you sit down and have some dinner? All that hostility must have made you hungry.
The problem with you, harlan, Is you've always underestimated your wives.
And I've already eaten.
Uh Are you sure about this? One of my deputies overheard the federal agent on the phone And it was crystal clear The informant is in hap briggs' executive ranks.
I need a name.
I can't give you a name.
They thought there was a leak.
They moved their operation.
I don't know where they set up shop.
Come on.
We're friends.
I need a name.
Don't you understand I'm telling you this 'cause we're friends? Okay.
I'll find the damn mole myself, And hopefully I won't commit a felony when I do.
Sheriff hamilton.
Hey, sheriff.
Um, I'm sorry to bother you, mr.
C-can I come in for a second? Oh, yeah, for sure.
You can come on in.
Uh, is is everything all right? I wanted to talk to you about something real curious Just happened at the hospital at the while ago.
Oh, really? What happened? Gary laframboise started talking.
Did he? Yeah.
Wakes up, pulls out his breathing tube.
He's real desperate to be heard.
But he only gets out two words Before he goes into cardiac arrest.
"billy lefever.
" Yeah, yeah.
You Have any idea why he would have said your name? Yeah, well, if I had any idea What made that son of a bitch do anything, I mean, he wouldn't have attacked my wife, so I-I hear you.
I was just thinking that maybe it could be a clue As to what happened to him in the woods.
No, I-I can't help you there, sheriff.
I'm sorry.
So, look, if he wakes up, starts talking again, I'll be sure to ask him directly what he meant.
All right.
You think he will? Will what? Wake up.
I don't know.
Doctor says it's touch-and-go.
All right.
Why did gary say your name? Tell me the truth.
All of it.
I wasn't lying.
Okay, I don't know why he said my name.
It makes no sense that he would say my name.
-It's just -something's going on, billy.
And I feel you lying and acting like nothing's wrong.
I'm not crazy.
I haven't been telling you the whole truth, all right? I-I didn't take the job with hap.
I was on my way to doing that, A-and clifton stopped me, all right? There was this new play with hap's ex-wife.
He flew me down to houston to seal the deal, that's all.
To houston? -Yes.
-What? With hap's ex-wife? Wait, y-you didn't think that that would interest me? I didn't want to tell you Until the deal was done, honey, okay? I didn't want you to get your hopes up, you know? I mean, listen, baby, with everything That you've been through, all right, I just I didn't want to I didn't want to fail you again, that's all.
So you lie to me instead? Yes, I know, I did.
It was it was stupid.
Look, I messed up.
All right, and we've been through hell With this whole ordeal between hap and the baby.
I mean, I've made some some bad choices.
I have.
But, uh You know, with this deal, I mean, we're finally gonna be able to breathe again.
I promise.
So, I want the briggs corporate logo Projected up in that space right up in there.
This is a big anniversary, So I think the decorations should be over-the-top.
You got it? Yes, mr.
Thank you.
Given current circumstances, I should cancel the briggs oil anniversary party.
Sends the wrong message.
A party says it's business as usual.
Or that nero is fiddling while rome is burning.
until we find the feds' informant, Hap, everything else should be secondary.
Call briggs corporate headquarters.
Get all the senior staffers out here within the hour A.
And lacey, too.
I'll call wick.
Should I give them a reason? Yes.
Tell them we're gonna give them a confidential briefing On the stolen u.
Hap, why would you do that? Because you're right.
Nothing should stand in the way of a good party.
Are you listening to me? Yeah.
Every word.
This is a wireless transmitter.
It has a recording radius of several yards.
Get your father talking About how he illegally obtained the u.
Report, And we'll have enough evidence to put him away for 25 years.
Oh, piece of cake.
My father's not just gonna come out And start admitting to anything.
He's too smart for that.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Hello? Hey, I was just heading out to the rig.
Right now? Okay, yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can.
My father's asking the top brass over at briggs oil To head to the house asap.
He wants to talk about the report.
Don't screw it up.
You are briggs oil, each and every one of you.
So when the times get toughest, you need to know the truth.
And you need to hear it from me.
There's no shortage of rumors About what the government has said I've done.
I'm here to tell you that those rumors are not true.
You've all heard the phrase That a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Well, we have a weak link in our company.
A traitor, in fact.
So today, we're gonna find out which one of you it is.
That means nobody leaves here until we do.
Thank you all very much.
As soon as you're checked, you're free to go.
Tell me you don't hate this.
It'll be over in a minute.
It's okay.
Has he busted the transmitter? Don't know.
But if the bug's still on him, they'll find it.
Is this really necessary? Her, dad? She's your daughter, not some stranger.
Wick, relax.
It's fine.
No, it's not.
It's garbage.
This is your family.
Nobody's special here.
Okay, well, I'm not doing it.
It's wrong.
You either trust people or you don't.
Pete, stop him.
All right, if you want to make a big show out of this, Dad, why don't you come check me yourself? Happy to.
Are you satisfied? You can go.
Your father driving you to drink already? Mom.
What are you doing here? Annie's here to make everything better.
Make everything better for who? For you.
I'm not going back to houston.
I'm doing fine here.
I love you.
You're a dreamer.
When you were a boy, you dreamt of being a cowboy.
And now that you're a man, you dream your father Will be capable of seeing who you are.
This speech again.
The same one you gave me five years ago When I came here to live with dad.
Look, I know how seductive he can be, How he can convince you that it's our job to please him, But it's a game that can't be won.
You know what is so confusing to me? I can't tell if you hate dad or love him.
Some days I can't, either.
But you I always love.
Every day.
Which is why I want you to come work for me.
I'm setting up shop here.
Best way to get your father to notice you Is to beat him at his own game.
Mom, I can't.
Why not? It's complicated, but just Trust me.
I'm doing fine here, okay? And you can forget about dad.
He's gonna get his.
Ever the dreamer.
Call me when you wake up.
So, I have something to tell you I'm sure you're not gonna want to hear.
And that's stopped you When? It's wick.
He's the mole.
Haven't we been over this? Yeah, but now I have proof.
Look, I found this in the planter.
A wireless transmitter.
It's deactivated, of course.
He must have thrown it in there when he made that scene today.
This could have been anybody.
Wick was the only one close enough to do it.
Look, I'm telling you this so you can protect him Before he does something he'll regret.
I'm sorry, lacey.
Look, I-I just thought you should know.
We're screwed, man.
Hey, calm down, all right? Just have a drink.
Look, you realize if gary wakes up and talks, we're done.
That's it.
That is a really big "if," okay? And what if he does? It's our word against his.
It's attempted murder, wick.
That's what it is.
Do you realize that? I don't know about you, but I don't want to go to jail.
Nobody's going to jail.
Yeah, well, I can't take that chance, all right? We have to handle this.
We have to handle this now.
What are you gonna do? You gonna go walk into That hospital full of people and kill him? Look, the last thing that you and I Need to do right now is panic.
I can get us out of whatever goes down.
How? I can't say.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
Yeah, well, trust Is a luxury I can't afford right now.
Commissioner stipple to see you, mrs.
Nice to see you, mr.
What do you think of my new beretta, myron? Perfect for hunting small game, wouldn't you say? You listen to me, carla.
I had some visitors yesterday of the federal variety Mm-hmm.
Asking me questions They seem to already have the answers to.
You're always so nervous, myron.
Let's say the feds think that briggs Got an early draft of the u.
It wouldn't be the end of the world.
The hell it wouldn't.
Use your imagination.
I said briggs.
There are four of us.
You would pin it on one of the kids? Sometimes to win, a queen has to sacrifice a pawn.
Can you do that? Myron, when it comes to protecting briggs oil, I can and will do whatever it takes.
Wheelchair to admitting, please.
Wheelchair to admitting.
You're the last man I'd expect to find here.
Yeah, well, can you blame me For wanting to get a glimpse of the man who took my son? Hell, I wouldn't blame you If you were the one who put him here.
What are you getting at? You know, it's It's really rare for a man To just walk off the edge of a cliff in the woods, Particularly a local man, like this one.
He's been in those same woods just dozens of times.
Unless he was running for his life.
Well, that's an interesting theory, sheriff.
It really is.
There's just, you know, one problem with it.
You see, if I was the one who put him here, I'd have finished the job.
And there's no way that you or anyone else Would have been able to find him.
That's her? Yep.
That's one of hap's.
Been shagging her for three years, apparently.
Well, have you been able to reach wick yet? No.
Won't take my calls.
Thought he'd at least pick up the phone to tell me to stop calling.
I behaved badly, And I blamed it on wick, And I like to try and justify it, but it's on me.
If this was a lifetime movie, I'd be the villain.
You can only beat yourself up so much, jules.
You got caught between two men.
Yeah, and I trusted the wrong one.
You went dark on us.
Yeah, well, my father has things locked down tight, okay? Super-max tight.
What the hell was I supposed to do? We have a deal Immunity of any past indiscretions In exchange for A digital confession from your father That links him to the stolen report.
But my father is not some amateur.
Do you really think he's made a billion dollars By breaking the law then bragging about it? He talks about very few things with very few people.
So if I'm gonna get this done I need you guys to sweeten the deal.
I need you to extend immunity to a friend of mine.
I'm sorry.
This isn't buy one, get one free.
Tell them they're on their own.
And let me be clear You better hold up your end, and soon, Or our deal doesn't work for you, either.
I'm so jealous.
Well, perhaps you can visit sometime.
Billy, you didn't tell me how incredible your wife was.
Well, annie brought tea and your partnership contracts.
And then she tried to explain to me For the last half an hour Why you've been acting like such a weasel.
Hap sucks everyone into the vortex.
I call it the hap briggs revenge syndrome.
But I think billy's cured of it now.
Yeah, well, thanks to you and the new contracts.
I mean, I can't wait to start drilling for oil.
About that Turns out that land is not as flush As we thought it was gonna be.
Are you saying that hap screwed us again? No, there's something else going on.
I think it's a much bigger play, Which we will find out tonight And finally see hap briggs get his due.
I don't understand.
Put on your finest.
I'm gonna send you a car around 7:00.
We're going to hap's anniversary party For briggs oil.
Wait, an anniversary party The first one was 30 years ago.
It was the best night of my life.
Tonight's promises to be even better.
Look, you have every right to be furious.
I treated you badly.
Worse than that, and I'm sorry, wick.
If it makes you feel any better, hap played us both.
I can see now what a bastard he is.
Do you? Yeah.
And I guess I finally see What drove you to hold that gun on him.
Nobody can inspire hatred quite like hap briggs.
You really feel that way? Yeah.
What if I told you there was a way to get back at him? To punish him for lying to you, deceiving you.
Go on.
The feds are investigating him For stealing some classified documents.
They came to me first, But obviously I can't do anything.
You know how paranoid hap is.
Can't even get close enough to bug his phone.
So you need someone he trusts.
And who hates him as much as I do.
Just tell me what I need to do.
Call him.
I need to see you.
Yeah, I think I can make that happen.
Invite him over here.
The only way this is gonna work Is if he thinks nothing has changed.
You've got to put him at ease.
And then what? This phone is an exact replica of hap's.
The only difference is the fbi has this one bugged.
-Now, he keeps his phone in -his jacket pocket, yeah.
You've got to distract him long enough to make the switch.
And what if he can't be distracted, wick? I'm sure you'll think of something.
This is our chance, jules, to put an end to his lies.
For good.
Jules? You want to come join me? I'll be right there.
Consider it done.
Hello, baby.
How was your meeting? Productive.
How was it around here? Mm.
Surprisingly quiet.
Thankfully, your ex-wife didn't feel the need To ambush me today.
I wouldn't worry about hurricane annie.
She'll peter out before she hits land.
We're in.
Hello? He woke up a few minutes ago.
He's still groggy, But he won't be for much longer.
Does anyone else know? You're the first person I called, Like you asked.
But I'll need to notify the sheriff soon.
Okay, thank you.
Um, I'll be there as soon as possible.
Is everything okay? Uh, yeah, I just have to go help jules with something.
I'll meet you at the party, okay? Sure.
I'm sorry.
Um, I should have knocked.
Old habit.
No, that's fine.
I'm glad you're here.
Yeah, I just, um, came to get my tux.
Um, I did it, so It's done.
Yeah, I know.
Wick, um It was, uh Fun remembering what we could do together.
I sort of let myself forget about that.
I let myself forget about a lot of things.
Things like, um I love you.
I think maybe I always have.
That's funny.
Last week, you loved hap.
But he he messed with my head.
That wasn't And today, you made it possible to put him in federal prison.
Wait that's a hell of a way to love someone, isn't it, jules? I think I'll get out while I can.
Wait, this was all you You played me.
Played you? You know what they say about a rock springs whore, Don't you? If they'll do it for you, they'll do it to you.
Kind of fits, huh? Oh, and by the way, Don't go crawling back to my father.
Once he finds out it was you who switched the phone He'll never forgive you, either.
Betrayal's a bitch, isn't it? good evening.
Um, yeah.
Thank you.
well, let there be no question As to one of the many reasons that I married you.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
Be careful tonight, okay? You never know what the feds have up their sleeve.
Ah Don't worry about the feds or anyone else.
I've got eyes and ears everywhere.
If anything goes down, I'll hear about it.
You look very handsome tonight.
Thank you.
Are you sure I have to go to this party? If you don't show, hap suspects you're the mole.
He suspects you're the mole, He doesn't talk about the stolen report He talks about his idiot son.
Well, you better get him on tape, quickly, Because hap's a smart man.
If you don't move now, he's gonna slip away.
We're confident he'll talk tonight.
Yeah, well, let's hope you're right.
Nice to see you.
Well, look who's here.
Carla, don't look so surprised.
I must have missed your names on the guest list.
How could I miss a briggs oil anniversary party? I started this company back when hap married for love.
And I never forget an anniversary.
I'm happy to see that your advanced age Hasn't caused memory loss.
You know, I got into the oil business On my own two feet not on my knees.
Come on, billy, I'll give you a tour of the house I built.
You really want to watch your back with that one, son.
Well, I've been watching my back for a while now, hap.
Got to get better security.
How are ya? Hey.
Dad scored a bottle of stagg.
So I saved you the last shot.
Thanks, lace.
Yeah, cheers.
Come here.
So, listen.
The feds are hell-bent on getting dad.
And we both know that they've targeted An informant that's close to him.
Briggs oil is dad's life.
And if he were to lose the company And you had anything to do with it, You'd lose him for good.
And you'd lose me, too.
Lacey I love our family.
We're all in this together, okay? I prayed you'd wake up.
I was pregnant.
Did you know that? You took that from me.
From us.
I need to ask you something.
The sheriff told me that when you woke up You said my husband's name.
Why? I'm not gonna leave until you tell me.
I was hiding out that night.
And wick came for me.
He had a gun.
Your husband showed up.
Billy was there? I knew if they caught me They would kill me.
So I ran.
They chased me off a cliff.
I was bleeding.
I begged for help, for mercy.
What did billy do when you begged? Nothin'.
He just walked away And left me for dead.
So, I talked to wick.
Look, I don't know what your angle is, Or if you're just trying to keep the heat off you, But wick's not the mole.
Look, I'm sorry, lacey.
I-I just wanted to help you protect your brother, that's it.
That's it? Yeah.
You're not gonna tell me I'm wrong Or try and convince me That my brother's a criminal mastermind? No.
You should enjoy the party.
Hey, can I talk to you for a second? Excuse us.
Just, uh It's about gary.
Look, if he doesn't wake up, we're home free.
Right? But if, whatever reason, he does, You said you had a way out of this, right? Yeah, uh, about that.
Um I wasn't able to pull it off.
Yeah, well, you don't seem too worried about it.
Well, maybe I'm becoming an optimist.
Briggs? Yes.
M-may I have a word with you? In private? Anything for you, handsome.
No, no, no.
It's all good.
Okay, buddy.
Yes? I need you to stop doing business And come and dance with me.
Little girl, doing business is what makes Big old parties like this possible.
Okay, but right now, I'm gonna need you To take your jacket off and come and show Your boring friends how to have fun.
Yes, dear.
We can do that.
Hey, pete, would you put that In the master bedroom for me, please? Thank you, pete.
Damn it.
We lost him.
What do you mean, we lost him? He ditched his phone.
I'm getting nothing.
I lost myself at the bottom of the throttle got caught up in your lies I'll drive this road till I reach the other side of your love I'm still screamin' from above your heart heart you'd know I'm better off alone you'd know I'm better off alone Hey, you made it.
Is is jules okay? I wasn't with jules.
I was at the hospital with gary.
Come here.
Why would you do that? He's awake, and he's talking.
And he said that you're the one who put him there.
H-he's a liar, cody, and a murderer.
Okay, well, then you won't have a problem Coming to the hospital with me And telling him that to his face.
You're serious? If you don't, then how can I trust you? All right, well, let's go.
There's something you need to know.
Having fun? Mm-hmm.
What was so urgent? It's myron.
He says he's heard that the mole is at the party.
The feds want to take you down tonight, hap.
We need to plan "b" this.
Myron needs to understand That we've got it all locked down.
This is nothing but a witch-hunt.
You're wrong.
We need to protect ourselves.
He says they want a briggs.
What if we gave them one? I'm not gonna hang one of my children out to dry.
But you have to admit it'd be a lot easier To get one of them out of this mess than to save ourselves.
Carla I'm only gonna say this once, But I'm a little disappointed that I even have to.
I already have one ex-wife.
If you ever even think About throwing my kids under the bus again, You'll be the second.
Good evening.
And mrs.
Lefever I was just about to call you.
Gary laframboise passed a half-hour ago.
He's dead.
What? Yeah, the nurse said he was conscious earlier, And that he spoke with you? Yeah.
Can you tell me what he said? He wasn't making much sense, sheriff.
He was really weak.
He apologized for attacking me.
But he he didn't say anything else about The night he was injured? No.
The rest was gibberish.
That was it? Yeah.
Good night.
What? You idiot! You're the mole for the feds' case against your father! What? What are you talking about, mom? I knew something was going on with you, But I couldn't put my finger on it.
Your sister's booty call seemed to know all about it.
What were you thinking? He is gonna get what he deserves.
Wick! He was sleeping with my girlfriend.
I loved her.
Nobody wants to see your father burn more than I do, But he's your father.
If he finds out you're betraying him It doesn't matter.
He's going down, And that's all that matters to me.
We got nothing.
Let's say we shut it down for the night, Live to fight another day.
Get in here, myron.
I take it you don't have good news.
Hap won't give up the kids.
Doesn't hap know they're gunning for him? Sometimes my husband doesn't know what's best for him.
That's why I'm here to protect him.
Yeah, well, I am not going down because of hap's Misguided sense of paternal loyalty.
Neither one of us is going anywhere, myron.
East wing.
Master bedroom.
Here's what you're going to do.
Backdate the visitors' log in your office To show that lacey briggs was there.
When pressed, you'll remember That you left her alone long enough to steal the report.
You want me to alter state records and commit perjury? Have you lost your damn mind, carla? Oh, now you have a conscience? I knew this was a mistake from the beginning.
I never should have sold you that report.
I never should have gotten involved with you people.
Stop acting like a little bitch.
What's done is done.
You will do what's necessary, or you'll go down, too.
Okay, let's move.
I'm gonna go stay with jules for a while.
I don't know if you did what gary said you did, But the fact that I don't know, That's a problem.
Cody, hey.
Just listen to me.
Just I don't want to start talking now, Because if we do, then I'm worried That I'm gonna say things That I'm just not ready to say, so Just Just give me some time, okay? Fbi! Ladies and gentlemen, stay where you are.
What the hell's going on? Excuse me.
Step aside.
Stand back.
Do not move.
Hands where I can see them.
Carla briggs, you're under arrest What? For bribery of a public official, Trading in influence That's my wife.
And violation of the rico act.
What the hell is this? It's a federal investigation.
Step back, mr.
Well, we knew they wanted a briggs.
I'll get ahold of the lawyers in d.
And I'll get you out as soon as possible.
Carla I love you.
I love you, too.
Could you allow the lady some dignity And take her out the back, please? Take her out the front.
And you are? Agent reese.
in the storm, before the calm is where the player meets her pawn she's been ready she's been waiting don't be late don't be late too unaware to see the truth the loss of a girl's wasted youth and you can't save her no more and you can't save her no more Jules? Jules? Oh, my god.
Jules! Jules! Jules! Wake up! Jules! Talk to me, jules.