Blood and Oil (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

The Art of the Deal

Previously on "blood & oil" We have a deal -- Immunity of any past indiscretions In exchange for A digital confession from your father That links him to the stolen report.
This phone is an exact replica of hap's.
The only difference is the fbi has this one bugged.
You've got to distract him long enough to make the switch.
Consider it done.
I haven't been telling you the whole truth.
There was this new play with hap's ex-wife.
He flew me down to houston to seal the deal, that's all.
To houston? I didn't want to tell you until the deal was done.
So you lie to me instead? I'm gonna go stay with jules for a while.
Oh, my god.
Jules! Jules! Wake up! I never should have sold you that report.
You will do what's necessary, or you'll go down, too.
Fbi! Carla briggs, you're under arrest.
Hi, babe.
Leave it to you -- even make jail look glamorous.
How are you holding up? I'll be fine.
Nothing a warm bath and a mimosa won't cure.
Uh, the feds -- They say they have a recording of you.
Do you know what you said? I was talking that weasel myron off the ledge, And I got careless.
I must have said something inflammatory enough To land me here.
Well, I've got a whole team working on your release.
Carter thinks their recording of you Is outside the scope of the warrant, So he's pretty confident that everything will get thrown out And all the charges dropped.
Hap, what about the fbi bug? It's probably still in the house.
How do you think it got it in? I'm working on that, too.
My father's wife? It was supposed to be hap.
I'm not at liberty to speak with you About ongoing investigations.
Well, that wasn't the deal, okay? The reason I agreed to work for you people Was to take my father down.
No, the reason why you agreed to work with "us people" Was for immunity from prosecution, Which we awarded you.
So as far as I'm concerned, Our business with you is finished.
Unless, of course, you would like for us To look deeper into all of the unsolved crime In rock springs.
Hello? It's cody.
Jules is in the hospital.
You need to come down here.
Your security detail went over every inch of your house When you were gone, And they still can't find the listening device.
It's got to be here Somewhere.
Everybody that came in or out went through security.
Maybe it's somebody on your staff.
My team vetted everyone.
I mean, there's got to be somebody who wasn't checked.
Me and carla, but we didn't go through security.
we know it wasn't her.
Son of a bitch.
They cloned my phone.
How'd that happen? Jules.
You want to come join me? I'll be right there.
I know.
I, uh, brought you these.
Calla lilies.
My favorite.
You know it's harder to find calla lilies in rock springs Than it is to hit a gusher? I mean, who knew? I was thinking -- if we just quit the whole oil business, Start a chain of florists, what do you think? I know I screwed up, all right, in more ways than one.
And, uh, I just want you to know that I love you, And that you're still my wife, And I just want you to come home.
I told you, billy.
I just -- I need some time.
Yeah, but we can't fix anything if we're apart.
Yeah, but I can't fix it if we're together.
So just -- just give me some time, please.
Whatever you need.
Hap briggs' phone just went dead.
He must have found the bug.
Wants an update.
I'll be back.
When I agreed to aid this investigation, I only had three stipulations.
Don't get my son involved, Don't let hap briggs get off easy, And handle the -- Get you the u.
Report Before it was admitted into evidence.
Your terms couldn't have been clearer, ms.
Well, you failed to come through on the first two.
So hand over the report, and we'll call it even.
I wasn't able to get it.
Hap's lawyers are playing hardball.
But don't worry.
I'm still on it.
You still on it is what has me worried.
What are you doing here? I thought you two had broken up.
Well, isn't this a picture? You're both here.
I must have fallen asleep waiting on the big reunion.
Wait a minute.
You're -- you're okay? I thought -- you thought what, hap? That I tried to kill myself over one of you two? In your narcissistic dreams.
But cody said that you -- Cody's a friend.
She's worried about me.
She thinks I'm in denial.
But the truth is, I was pissed off at the both of you, So I drank too much and took a couple pills, all right? I'm just a lightweight.
So you're okay.
And I'm about to be a whole lot finer once I get a few things off my chest.
First things first, wick knows about us.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he forgives you.
Wick? I don't.
Which is why he asked me to bug you for the feds.
He's trying to put you in jail.
Well I'd expect that from you, sadly.
But what's your angle? Well, wick here enlightened me to the fact That I'm not the only woman you've been screwing.
Apparently, there is quite a list.
I don't know why you're smiling.
With your lies, you're as bad as he is.
Jules, you should have talked to me.
I am done talking to you, hap.
And now that the air is clear, I'm feeling surprisingly better, So the two of you can take your manipulative asses And get out of my room.
Go on.
Go to hell.
So, you're the one that got her to do it, huh? Wick, now is not the time to be walking away from me.
What kind of a son did I raise that betrays his father? You were sleeping with my girlfriend! Do you understand that?! She cared about me, and you sabotaged it.
It was the one thing that I cared about, And you -- you had to ruin it, didn't you? My relationship with jules started a long time ago, And it had nothing to do with you.
Why do you think I tried to get you to end it with her? I wanted to avoid causing you any pain.
Do you listen to yourself? Do you believe the words that you say? I wanted to make you pay for all the times That you made me feel like crap.
I wanted to see you rot in jail.
And you even screwed that up.
Because your wife took the bullet for you.
You don't need to bring my wife into it.
Okay, then how about your daughter? How about lacey? How do you think she's gonna feel about you After she finds out You were sleeping with my girlfriend, huh? You are an old man, hap, blessed with one gift -- Finding oil where people can't.
You know, at some point, You're gonna look back on your life And the only thing you're gonna see is oil, The only thing that you love And maybe the only thing that loved you back.
Well, at least it didn't disappoint me.
Always in the middle of it, ain't you, wick? Damn.
Hey, tip.
Give me the good news.
There is no good news.
I've been forced to close the case on the rig fire.
Why? Well, I'll tell you, But you're not gonna like it.
What's up, man? Hey.
Can I speak to my mother? Yeah, come on in.
Wick! Hi.
Is everything okay? Dad knows.
I had it out with him.
We're done.
So if your offer still stands, I'm in.
Well, of course it does.
I'm so happy to hear this.
Billy, emma, say hello to our newest partner.
Welcome aboard, man.
Emma's our geologist.
Well, hopefully, you're the man who can answer our riddle.
We bought the piece of land next to your father's, But it turns out both parcels are bone-dry.
Are you sure? I mean, all my dad ever talked about Was how this land was gonna be the play of his lifetime.
Yeah, well, what does he know that we don't? The u.
Yeah, all roads seems to lead back to that, don't they? Did you ever see it? No.
I wish I did.
He never trusted me enough to let me fully in.
Well, I'm just thrilled you're with us.
And don't worry.
We'll get our answers another way.
I'm gonna tell you something, lacey, And you're not gonna want to hear it.
Wick was the mole.
Daddy, you're wrong.
He promised me that he would never help the feds.
He lied.
He admitted it to me himself.
In fact, he took great pleasure in telling me.
Why? Why would he do that? Well, he's going to tell you that it's because I'm evil And that he found out that I Have a relationship with jules.
What? Yes.
He's gonna try and spin this in the worst way, lacey, But the truth is, My involvement with jules started a long time ago.
I'm not perfect.
I admit that.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm also angry about this.
What is this? That's the police report from the rig heist.
Wick is the one who stole from me And left me there to die in the rig fire.
But there's no proof.
This is still unsolved.
It's unsolved because tip found out That the feds gave wick immunity.
Now, why would wick need immunity if he wasn't guilty? I just don't believe that he could do this to you.
Dad, immunity can be granted for anything.
Maybe the feds think that he was involved With the stolen u.
Maybe it has nothing to do with the rig robbery.
God, you two are always looking for the worst in each other, And it's got to stop.
If you knew for certain That wick had nothing to do with that night, Could you forgive him? I could try.
Then I'm gonna prove it to you.
Oh, thank god.
I am dying to get out of here.
This place is full of sick people, Not to mention the patients.
Well, luckily for you, As soon as your discharge papers are ready, I can take you home.
Aww, I'm about to leave.
You didn't have to get me flowers.
These aren't for you.
oh, okay.
Billy brought them to the pharmacy.
Mm, really? HeApologized, and, uh Well He asked me to come home.
Yeah? What did you say? I told him I needed time to think.
I don't know, jules.
It's just with all the lies he's been telling.
He's just lost, you know? This town does that to people, cody.
So don't make a mistake you'll regret.
Good guys -- they are in short supply around here.
Take it from me.
Thanks, jules.
You got it.
where is that nurse? I feel like your discharge papers Were supposed to be ready about an hour ago.
Updating your facebook status? Or are you swiping right on your new tinder match? Uh, excuse me? See, I'm trying to figure out what is so compelling To distract you from the cancer patient in room 323 Who's been waiting for a fentanyl patch For the past half-hour.
I don't think that I'm the person you're looking for.
Wait, wait, wait.
Let me guess.
You're on break.
The downfall of society in a nutshell -- Nurses who care more about their instagram feed Than their patients.
Well, for your information, doc, I'm not a nurse.
I'm a pharmacist, and I don't have instagram.
But if your cancer patient's in pain, You should prescribe her morphine in an I.
Drip With a pain button.
She'll get relief four times faster Than she would with a patch.
I see you've met my friend cody.
Cody, this is my doctor, alex white.
Well, that explains why you want to go home.
Tell me you found a way to make it up to me.
And then some.
I'm sending it to you now.
Backdate the visitor's log in your office To show that lacey briggs was there.
When pressed, you'll remember that you left her alone Long enough to steal the report.
You want me to alter state records And commit perjury? Have you lost your damn mind, carla? Oh, now you have a conscience? Heard enough? What do you think happens when hap hears this recording? My husband loves me.
He'll understand that what I was doing Was necessary to protect us.
Carla, there are only two things That hap loves more than his wives -- His money and his kids.
If you think he's gonna welcome you home After he hears this recording, Then you don't know how an alley fight with hap briggs ends.
What do you want? Give me the u.
I'll get you out of here, And hap will never hear this recording.
You have that kind of power? What do you think? Give it some thought.
It's not every day someone hands you a "get out of jail" card.
Cody, hey.
What's going on? What are you doing? I thought about what you said, and I think you're right.
Taking time apart isn't the answer.
We need to be together to work through this.
that's great, babe, but, uh -- Billy, I finally found The last two cold beers at the back -- oh.
Uh, cody, this is -- this is emma.
And, uh, emma, this is my wife, cody.
I've heard so much about you.
I'm billy's new partner.
New partner? Mm-hmm.
Wow, a lot's changed in the last 24 hours, huh? Well, I'm not new, actually.
I'm clifton's granddaughter From the land auction and the trip to houston.
Huh, houston.
I'm guessing he didn't tell you about me.
No, he did not.
No, I haven't, but, uh, I was gonna talk to you about it.
I actually think I understand.
No, you don't.
Emma's a geologist.
That's all she is, just a geologist.
And emma's leaving.
Cody, just so that you know -- There's nothing going on between us.
Nothing more than trying to beat hap.
She's right.
That's the, uh -- that's the truth.
There's nothing going on.
I'm sure it is.
But if it's not an issue, Then why didn't you tell me about the hot geologist? cody.
No, and why neglect to tell me That you flew to houston with her? You are blowing this way out of proportion.
No, I'm actually trying to save our marriage, And I just keep finding more lies.
Well, if you'd let me explain it to you -- How do you not get this? The fact that you have to keep explaining things -- That's the problem.
That's why we're broken.
You know, I thought hap would have Poisoned you against me for what I did.
Well, you got carla out of the house, so it wasn't all bad.
I know dad's always been hard on you, And I've never listened to him.
You know that.
But you lied to me.
If you'd put dad in jail, I mean, I wouldn't be talking to you.
If you only knew what he did than you would -- I know.
He told me.
About jules.
Yeah, it's horrible.
It's unforgivable.
He said that he did it Because he was angry at you about the rig fire.
What do you mean? I mean, he thought that you had something to do With what happened that night.
So that's why you invited me here.
To play "good cop"? no.
Is that it? No! I invited you here because I want the truth.
So tell me.
Did you do it? He sleeps with my girlfriend, and you take his side.
I'm -- no, this isn't about taking sides.
All that bull about having my back.
You've never had my back.
You had hap's back.
That is not true.
I'm just -- I'm just giving you an opportunity to come clean.
Just tell me.
What really happened that night? You are definitely his daughter.
Well, I've been back-channeling this judge.
So, sam, you're my lawyer.
You tell me how hard is it to set a new bail hearing? He can't because I'm already home.
I'll call you back.
How'd you get out? Hap, what's going on? I thought you'd be happy to see me.
well, I -- I've been working with the lawyers day and night To try and get you a new bail hearing, And you walk in here free as a bird.
The feds over-reached.
It turns out their warrant precluded them From recording anyone but you, So they had no choice but to send me on my way.
Tell me the truth, carla.
Did you cut a deal? A deal? No, hap.
Don't you see? They want you to be suspicious of me.
That's why they did it this way.
They want you to turn on me.
You know how they work.
Luckily for us, they underestimate The strength of our relationship.
I'm your wife and your partner.
And you love me.
I do.
They're coming for us, hap.
Your ex-wife, too.
She is relentless.
No one is more aware of that than me, carla.
I've decided to expedite plans on mccutching.
I was hoping you'd say that.
We're gonna drill 24/7 Before annie gets her hands on that survey.
Well, thanks for waiting.
How'd you get that survey? What survey? All right, so here it is.
If this is hap's parcel and this is ours Then this is the oil.
of beautiful black crude.
That would make it The biggest untapped oil reserve in the world, Located under the black elk reservation Here.
But that's sacred land.
The tribal council will never let us put rigs there.
That's what hap was banking on, Which is why he bought the land next door.
No doubt he was planning on slant-drilling.
Right under the reservation, We siphon out their oil with our straw from our land.
The reservation remains pristine, and we all get rich.
But we would still need the rights.
Don't you worry about that.
We'll get them.
And when we do, we will be The richest oil family in the country.
All we have to do is persuade the chief That we are the only partners that can drill that oil, And this is her.
Chief elaine whitecloud.
I've got a meeting with her tonight.
So put the champagne on ice.
'cause we're this close to the pot of gold.
She's this drop-dead gorgeous woman in my house Getting my husband a beer Like it was the most natural thing in the world.
All right, come on, cody.
Do you really think something's going on between them? I don't know.
They've been working together for weeks.
If there was nothing going on, Then why wouldn't he tell me about her? Who knows why the hell men do anything they do? All right, look, you know what? We've both had a bit of a bad run lately, But we're not gonna let heartbreak kill us.
We're gonna get over it, and we're gonna move on.
Can we move on eating ice cream in our pajamas? No.
Come on.
I've got a better idea.
is this the way you go? is this the way you go? is the way you show me? you want one of these? I'm good.
No? All right.
you don't know me thanks, though.
it's just the way you show it's just the way you show cody, come on.
It's impossible to live vicariously through you when you're so miserable.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's just -- Billy and I have been together for so long, I don't know how to do this whole "single lady" thing.
Okay, well, then here's to new adventures.
Well, I'll drink to that.
Vodka martini, shaken, extra dirty, please.
Rough day at the office? You mean other than sticking my foot in my mouth In front of a beautiful pharmacist? So, doc, what are you doing at this fine establishment, eh? Actually, I was hoping with speak to you, jules.
And, while I'm at it, to apologize to your friend For my bad behavior today.
Oh, well, I'm used to men being jerks, so you fit right in.
is this the way you go? well, how about when I'm done with my patient, I spend the rest of the evening Trying to disprove your theory? On that note, shall we? it's just the way you show it's just the way you show it's just the way you show tired of fighting day and night you always end up the only one I wanted tried to like it every time Well, I should have expected this.
You always could catch the scent of a good deal Long before anybody else.
Everybody but you.
So you're here to see chief whitecloud, too? Great minds.
Well, while you're here, I think you should know That our son is going to be working for me.
Well, it was only a matter of time Before he went running back to mommy.
I'm sure he'll blossom Under your tender care.
Well, his father sure as hell didn't do him any favors.
You did everything to break the boy.
How'd you expect him to behave? That boy was born broken.
That is not true.
You're the reason he's the man that he is today.
He betrayed someone he loves.
who do you think he learned that from? Good.
You're both here.
Elaine whitecloud, black elks tribal council chief.
Annie briggs.
Hap briggs.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
As I'm sure you can imagine, you piqued my curiosity.
It's not every day two oil companies Come chasing after our mineral rights, Especially when we've been told time and again There is no oil on our land.
So, what do you two know that I don't? Hey.
I'm not here to start a fight, okay, cody? Look.
I just -- I want to apologize, okay? You were right.
I mean, this place changes people, And I got caught up in it, I admit.
Okay, but I-I'm the same guy I always was, the same person.
It's me, cody.
Doesn't seem that way from here.
Hey, hey, cody.
Listen to me.
Just please give me another chance.
I'm asking you.
Is this guy bothering you? Excuse you.
I'm trying to have a conversation with my wife here.
Billy, this is alex, jules' doctor.
He's a friend.
Yeah, I don't care who he is.
I'm trying to have a conversation with you.
And I told you I need some space.
And now I really need some air, so I'm going outside.
Alex, you're welcome to join.
I'll bet you that my ex-wife here Was gonna come in here and give you that same party line, That's there's no oil under your land, And then she was gonna lowball you.
But I'm gonna tell you something that no one else will.
In a matter of weeks, every oil company From here to dubai will descend upon this place With their hat in hand, And they'll be looking to take what I think Is a giant pool of oil underneath black elks.
How much oil? Twice the middle east.
Oh, my.
Let me tell you something about these people.
They only care about the money.
They don't care about the land, And they damn sure don't care about the people.
But you're different? You sign with me, you'll all get rich, And you won't even know I'm there.
I'm sorry.
I was just remembering the promise You gave to the farmer in oklahoma.
Now the only thing that lives on the land is misery.
well, you've heard half the story.
And you have a better proposal? I do.
The difference being, there's a limit to my greed, And I'm willing to put it in writing.
Oh, I'd pay very close attention to that writing, Especially the fine print.
See, 'cause her middle name is "loophole".
You two are charming, butThe bottom line is If I want to make a deal, the only deal I'll make Is in the best interest of my people.
Of course.
Now, I've asked my son to join us while I hear you out.
He's my best adviser And especially good at cutting through the bull.
Unfortunately, he's running late, So can you two manage not to tear each other pieces Before he gets here? A.
Oh, lace -- You were there that night, at the rig fire, weren't you? What? You were spying on my father.
You followed him there.
You're the vehicle that's unaccounted for.
Tell me the truth.
And you know I'm not proud of that.
But you were there.
Yeah, but it's not like I saw anything That would help the investigation, lacey.
The men wore masks.
And? And what? It was pitch-black.
I've gone through the photos a dozen times.
You took photos? Yeah, w-which show nothing, really.
I want to see those.
Hey, mom.
Got your message.
I came as soon as -- Wick.
What is he doing here? Same thing your mother's doing -- trying to close a deal.
You know what? I think I'm just gonna go.
Why? Did you forget your recording equipment? Wick is here to learn the right way to do business, Because unlike you, harlan, I look at every deal as a teaching moment.
Is that what she told you? Because if I know your mother, and I do, She invited you here to try and rattle me.
Any edge in a negotiation, right, annie? But I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna invite my whole team here Because this should be fun for the whole family.
Hey, can I, uh, get one more over here, please? - Thank you.
- Coming up.
What, uh -- what are you doing here? Annie texted us.
She wants us at the meeting.
But I'm guessing you were focused on other things.
You okay? I asked cody to give me another chance, You know, but she made up her mind.
She, uh, wants time apart, so Well annie can wait.
Talk to me.
My husband and I are having problems.
It started when we came to rock springs.
I grew up here.
I've seen what it can do to people.
Well, billy used to be the most honest man I know, And now I feel like I can barely believe a word he says.
And I don't know if I'm just being too judgmental Or if he's really changed.
I guess I have changed, you know? I mean, I wanted to succeed in the oil business so badly That, uh Been willing to do stuff I normally wouldn't do -- You know, lie, cheat, and blackmail.
Don't be so hard on yourself, billy.
You're a great person.
You're ambitious, but you're in a cutthroat business Where people don't always play by the rules.
I wish she could see what it takes to succeed here, you know? I mean, we -- we gave up everything to start a life here.
I guess I just miss our old life, you know? It might have been dull, But at least we didn't have any secrets At least any good ones.
You still love him? Of course I do.
We've been together since we were kids, practically.
Every dream I ever had included him.
Then I don't think you can give up on him.
I'm not saying you should give up on her.
You can't give up on yourself, either.
Yeah, what does that mean? The oil business is not for the faint of heart.
You think hap briggs became hap briggs by playing nice? ask my grandfather.
You're gonna be a success some day.
I knew it from the moment you tried to con clifton Out of his nest egg.
You need to do it your way.
Trust your gut.
Trust your instincts.
Don't give up on yourself, billy.
You can't give up on him, cody, or your marriage.
But what do I know? I'm just an e.
Doctor with a poor bedside manner.
That's true.
Thank you.
For what? For being a friend.
Just when I needed one.
Oh, I should probably go back inside now.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
Here's a good idea.
Annie's expecting us, So why don't you get yourself some black coffee? Come meet us when you're ready.
Yeah, sounds like a -- sounds like a good idea.
But, uh, hey.
UhThank you.
For what? Just listening.
You know, being here.
It means a lot.
It's my pleasure.
It's nice to talk about things other than Oil derricks for a change.
Yeah, ain't that the truth.
I told you.
Those photos reveal nothing.
Come on.
Let's go get dinner.
It's on me.
Lacey, what -- What is that? You can't see anything.
It's just a watch.
That watched belonged to my grandfather.
I'm sorry, lacey.
I'm sorry.
God, how could he do this? He almost killed our father.
You always said you wanted to know the truth, right? Not this truth.
That's dad.
He wants us at the tack room for a meeting with that chief.
Now that you know, what are you gonna do? You know, carla, it's a lot more fun on my side of the table.
You're welcome to join any time.
Hard to imagine anybody could be happier without you, isn't it? s-sorry we're late.
Yeah, what'd we miss? The fireworks are just getting started.
Well, hello, billy.
If it isn't hap's pride and joy.
Well, if it isn't the original evil step-monster? Hey, annie.
Hi, babe.
Well, this is quite a crack team of wildcatters You've put together, annie.
Well, I'll bet on heart and hunger every time.
Why don't you just go ahead and underestimate us again, hap? That's always worked out well for you.
Why does it seem like I'm about to sit down With the hatfields and the mccoys? Oh, don't worry.
We're nothing like them.
We just turn on each other.
Everybody say hello to chief elaine whitecloud.
And speaking of family, where is this son of yours? He'll be here any moment.
I actually believed him when he said There was nothing going on between them.
I feel like such an idiot.
Don't do that to yourself.
Maybe it's all a misunderstanding, And this is just gonna be a funny story You'll end up telling your kids someday.
For what it's worth If you were my wife, The only use I'd have for another woman Would be to tell her how amazing you are.
Thank you, alex.
I got to get out of here.
Good night.
Good night.
Here's my son.
W-w-wait a minute.
He -- he's your son? Yes.
Alex white, meet everyone.
- Doctor.
Hap briggs.
- Pleasure.
Jules? So much for a fun girls' night out, huh? Yeah, sorry I disappeared on you.
What'd I miss? Uh The end of my marriage.
What's wrong? Um When, uh, alex said he needed to see me, It was to tell me that I'm Pregnant.
What? And I don't know if it's hap's or wick's.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.